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Exam First Assessment

Kantipur Engineering College Level BE Full Marks 40

First Assessment Program Civil Pass Marks 16
2076 Magh Year/Part III/I Time 1.5 Hrs

Subject: Theory of Structure-II

✓ Candidates are required to give their answers in their own words as far as practicable.
✓ Attempt All Questions.
✓ The figures in the margin indicate Full Marks.
✓ Assume suitable data if necessary.

1. Find the degree of static and kinematic indeterminacy for the following structure. (2)

2. Determine the end moment and draw BMD using slope deflection equation for the
following beam. Support A rotates anticlockwise 1/20 degree and support B and C
settles down by 5mm. Take E=200kN/mm2 and I=4*108 mm4. (12)
3. Generate stiffness matrix for following truss. Take A=2000mm2, E=200kN/mm2 for all
members. (8)

4. Solve by using compatibility equation. If support D yields horizontally by 1mm and

displaces vertically by 2mm. Take E=200kN/mm2 and I= 5*108 mm4 (12)

5. Derive equation of Three Moments. (6)