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in Exclusive for NEET

History & Political Science
Time : 2 Hours Total Marks : 40
Course : State Board

History Woman
Q.1. (A) Choose the correct option from the given (iii) Dr. Sharmila Rege Stri-Purush Tulana
options and complete the statement. [3] (iv) Meera Kosambi Crossing Thresholds :
1. The wooden dolls made in Maharashtra were Feminist Essays in
known as ______. Social History
(i) Thaki (ii) Kalichandika
(iii) Gangavati (iv) Champavati Ans. Dr. Sharmila Rege : Stri-Purush Tulana
Ans. The wooden dolls made in Maharashtra were Q.2. (A) Complete the given concept maps. [4]
known as Thaki. (Any Two)
2. ______ is an audio-visual medium. 1.
(i) Television (ii) Radio
(iii) Newspaper (iv) Magazine
Ans. Television is an audio-visual medium.
3. ______ is supposed to be the first keertankar in
(i) Saint Dnyaneshwar (ii) Saint Tukaram
(iii) Saint Namadev (iv) Saint Eknath
Ans. Saint Namadev is supposed to be the first Ans.
keertankar in Maharashtra.
(B) Identify and write the wrong pair in the
following sets. [3]
Newspaper Founder
(i) Bengal James Augustus Hicky
(ii) Darpan Balshastri Jambhekar 2.
(iii) Deenbandhu Mahatma Jyotirao Bhajan Lalit
Phule Characteristics
(iv) Kesari Lokmanya Tilak Examples

Ans. Deenbandhu- Mahatma Jyotirao Phule Ans.

Column ‘A’ Column ‘B’
(i) Louvre Museum France
(ii) British Museum England
(iii) National Museum of U.S.A
Natural History
(iv) National Museum Kolkata

Ans. National Museum – Kolkata

Column ‘A’ Column ‘B’
(i) V. K. Rajwade Marathyanchya
Itihasachi Sadhane
(ii) Pandita Ramabai The high Caste Hindu Exclusive for NEET
3. developed by the Italian historian Antonio
Temple architecture Nagara Dravida Gramsci.
Characteristics ii. The seeds of subaltern history are supposed to be
Examples found in the Marxist historiography. One of the
important sources of writing subaltern histories
Ans. is the folklore.
iii. Mahatma Phule drew attention to the
exploitation of women, shudras and atishudras
done under the name of religion. In his book,
Gulamgiri, he unfolded the history of the
shudratishuda community. The terms shudra
(B) Write short notes on. (Any Two) [4]
and atishudra indicates the bottommost ranks in
1. Sports and Movies
the caste system.
iv. Similarly, Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar wrote about
i. Some movies on sports and biography of players
the role of people belonging to Dalit castes in
have been released in various languages in the
shaping the various cultural and political aspects
recent times.
of India which was neglected in the colonial and
ii. For e.g. ‘Mary Kom’ is a movie based on the life
nationalistic historiography. His two books
of Mary Kom, the first Indian female boxer
‘Who Were the Shudras’ and ‘The
whereas ‘Dangal’ is a movie that is based on the
Untouchables’ are examples of the history of
life story of the first Indian female wrestlers, the
Subaltern type.
Phogat sisters.
v. The Indian historian, Ranjit Guha, played a
iii. The process of making a movie involves deep
major role in establishing subaltern history as an
study of the particular period to be depicted, the
important academic school of historiography.
language, dressing style, social life, etc. of that
Q.3. Explain the statements with reasons. [4]
(Any Two)
iv. Students of history, who are well-trained to do
1. Knowledge of history is essential for newspaper
research of this kind, help in making movies.
2. Village of Books
i. Newspapers provide current news to its readers.
i. Bhilar is a village near Mahabaleshwar.
While reporting news in detail, sometimes, the
ii. It was long known for its natural beauty and
reporters compare it with parallel events which
strawberry cultivation. But now it is declared as
happened in the past. These events are then
India’s first ‘Village of Books’.
printed in separate columns. The writer, while
iii. Every household in Bhilar has a library of its
writing these columns, take help of historical
own. This scheme was implemented by the
documents or written history.
Maharashtra State Government with a view to
ii. In order to commemorate certain special
accelerate the ‘Reading Culture’ movement and
occasions, newspapers publish supplements or
for making the reader-tourists enjoy the beauty
special issues to their regular edition.
of Marathi literature enriched by the works of
Therefore, knowledge of history is essential for
old & new authors and saints.
newspaper articles.
iv. The books include various types of texts in
2. Toys can tell us about cultural history.
Marathi like biographies, autobiographies,
fiction, poetry, literature on sports, literature for
i. Sometimes toys are used during certain festivals.
kids, literature by women, etc.
Their use gives a glimpse of the religious and
3. Subaltern history
cultural traditions of a particular country. For
e.g. Model forts are made as a part of traditional
i. Subaltern means the ‘bottommost ranks’ and
Diwali celebrations in Maharashtra. Through
subaltern history developed from the idea that
this tradition, the memory of the importance of
history should be written from the bottommost
forts in the history of Maharashtra is kept alive.
rank of people in the society. This idea was Exclusive for NEET
ii. Similarly, an ivory doll made by Indian and policies of welfare but he should also write
craftsmen was found in the excavation of about the ruler’s failings and incorrect policies.
Pompeii, an ancient city in Italy which is dated Barani further says that a historian should also
to 1st century C.E. This artefact throws light on take into consideration the impact of the
the Indo-Roman trade relations which existed teachings of the wise, the learned, and the saints
even during the ancient period. It also tells us on the cultural life of people. Thus, Barani
about cultural contacts which existed between expanded the scope of historiography.
nations in ancient times. For the historians in the Mughal courts
Thus, the use of toys by a particular country tell praising the emperors and exhibition of loyalty
us its cultural history. became more important. The custom of adding
3. It is important to take a few primary precautions suitable poetic quotes and beautiful pictures was
in order to preserve the historical heritage sites. also introduced. Babur, the founder of the
Ans. Mughal empire wrote an autobiography, entitled,
i. The concept of natural heritage gives importance ‘Tuzuk-i-Babari’. It contains the descriptions of
to the thought of biodiversity whereas cultural the battles fought by him. Babur also recorded
heritage gives importance to human creation. For his minute observations of various regions and
e.g. western Ghat is the natural heritage whereas cities travelled by him including the local
many monuments are cultural heritage. economy, customs and the flora.
ii. The historical sites help in understanding the Questions :
contributions or achievements of our ancestors. 1. What influenced the historians in the courts of
Hence, they should be preserved for future Muslim rulers in the medieval India? (1)
generations. Moreover, when a heritage site is Ans. In the medieval India, the historians in the courts
declared as a World Heritage site, it makes of Muslim rulers were influenced by Arabic and
everyone feel proud about it. Persian historiography.
Therefore, it is important to take a few primary 2. In which book has Ziauddin Barani stated the
precautions in order to preserve the historical purpose of historiography? (1)
heritage sites. Ans. Ziauddin Barani has stated the purpose of
4. Historical research was driven to focus in depth historiography in his book Tarikh-i-Phiruz
on various aspects of women’s life. Shahi.
Ans. 3. ‘Ziauddin Barani helped in expanding the scope
i. The restructuring of the history from the of historiography’. Justify.
perspective of women based on this ideology is (2)
known as feminist historiography. The French Ans. Ziauddin Barani, in his book, Tarikh-i-Phiruz
scholar Simone de Beauvoir established the Shahi, stated the purpose of historiography and
fundamentals on feminism through her writings. also wrote about the duties of the historians
ii. The feminist historiography emphasised not only which helped in expanding the scope of
on the inclusion of women in history but also on historiography.
the rethinking of the male dominated perspective i. According to him, a historian should not limit
of history. himself only to the recording of the ruler’s
It is this change of perspective which drove the valour and policies of welfare, but should also
historical research to focus in depth on various write about the ruler’s failings and incorrect
aspects of women’s life. policies.
Q.4. Read the following passage and answer the ii. He also mentioned that a historian should take
questions based on it. [4] into consideration the impact of the teachings of
In the medieval India the historians in the the learned, the wise and the saints, on the
courts of Muslim rulers were influenced by cultural life of people.
Arabic and Persian historiography. Among them Q.5. Answer the questions in detail. (Any Two) [6]
Ziauddin Barani holds an important place. In 1. How can we correlate applied history with our
‘Tarikh-i-Phiruz Shahi’, a book written by him, present?
he has stated the purpose of historiography. Ans.
According to him the historian’s duty is not
limited only to the recording of the ruler’s valour Exclusive for NEET
i. Applied history helps to overcome the medieval period. This led to the creation of
misgivings and makes history meaningful in several beautiful buildings.
everyday life connecting people to history. ii. The building of Qutub Minar started in 12th
ii. It is a field of study which is concerned with the century C.E. and completed in 13th century C.E.
application of history for the benefit of people in It has a height of 73 meters (240 ft.) and is
the contemporary and future times. considered the highest minaret in the world. It is
iii. The visible and invisible relics of the past exist also declared as a World Heritage site.
even in the present. We nurture some kind of iii. Taj Mahal, the paramount example of the beauty
curiosity, attraction towards these relics. We of Islamic architecture in India was built by the
intend to know more about their history as they Mughal emperor Shah Jahan in the memory of
represent the creative thoughts and traditions of his queen Mumtaj Mahal. It has also been
our ancestors. declared as World Heritage by UNESCO.
iv. It is our heritage. It helps in building our iv. The Gol Gumbaz at Bijapur in Karnataka,
identity. Our origin is linked with the history of another example of a grand building, was built in
our heritage. Hence, it is important to preserve the 17th century C.E. It houses the burial of
and conserve this for our benefit. Mohammed Adil Shah of Bijapur. It has a round
v. To do the same, we have to take help of applied gallery inside the dome and its construction is
history as it is concerned with the preservation such that even a slight whisper by a person
and conservation of our heritage and make it standing in this gallery can be heard everywhere.
accessible to people. Also sound gets echoed many times in this
vi. Moreover, heritage management creates building.
employment opportunities. Thus, the Islamic architecture in India shows a
For e.g., opportunities are created for historians, combination of beauty along with science.
architects, archaeologists, museum curators, 4. What is Feminist Historiography?
sociologists, skilled photographers, etc. Ans.
2. Why is library management important? i. The restructuring of the history from the
Ans. Introduction: Libraries perform various tasks perspective of women is known as ‘Feminist
like collecting books, arranging them Historiography’. It emphasised the inclusion of
systematically, conserving and preserving those women in history as well as the rethinking of the
books, disseminating information sources, etc. male dominated perspective of history.
i. Libraries are the store houses of knowledge and ii. The fundamentals of feminism were established
information. They house periodicals, various through the writings of French scholar Simone
kinds of literature, research articles and papers. de Beauvoir.
These are to be made available to a reader as per iii. Feminist Historiography also led the historical
his requirement. For this, libraries need to be research to focus in detail on several aspects of
managed systematically. women’s life such as their employment, their
ii. Library science is very closely related to role in trade union, their family life, etc. Due to
management science, information technology this, post 1990, women were portrayed as an
and the field of education. independent social class in the historical
iii. Today, various tasks are carried out by using writings.
computerised systems. Due to this, it becomes Political Science
easy to make the appropriate book available to Q.6. Chose the correct option from given options
the reader when he needs it. and complete the statements. [2]
Conclusion: To make a book available to a 1. The major challenge faced by all democratic
reader as per his requirement is the most nations in the world is ____.
important aspect of library management. (i) religious conflicts
3. Explain the characteristics of the Islamic (ii) naxal activities
architecture in India by giving examples. (iii) deepening the roots of democracy
Ans. (iv) importance to muscle power
i. The Islamic style of architecture was a result of Ans. The major challenge faced by all democratic
the blend of Persian, Central Asian, Arabic and nations in the world is deepening the roots of
pre-Islamic native Indian styles during the democracy. Exclusive for NEET
2. The most important link that connects common Q.8. (A) Explain the following concept. [2]
people, democracy, representation and elections (Any One)
is a _____. 1. Types of party systems
(i) Political ideology (ii) Political procedure Ans. Party systems are of three types:
(iii) Political party (iv) Political movement i. One party system: If power remains with a
Ans. The most important link that connects common particular political party for a long time and if no
people, democracy, representation and elections other political parties are influential, it is called
is a Political party. one party system.
Q.7. State, whether the following statements are ii. Two party system: When two political parties
true or false. Give reasons for you answer. [4] are influential and if political parties enjoy
(Any Two) power alternatively, it is a two party system.
1. The state government decides as to when and in iii. Multi-party system: When many political parties
how many stages the elections would be held in compete for political power and more or less
a particular State. they are equally influential, the party system is
Ans. The above statement is False. called multi party system.
Reasons: 2. Policy of reservation of seats
i. In India, Election Commission is central to the Ans.
process of elections. i. Policy of reservation of seats is meant for those
ii. It is under the direction and control of Election sections of society who have been deprived of
Commission that the whole process of election the opportunities for education and employment
right from the declaration of the date of elections for a long period of time.
to the announcement of results is carried out. ii. Accordingly, in educational institutions and in
2. Consumer movement came into existence. government service, some seats are kept
Ans. The above statement is True. reserved for scheduled caste (SC) and scheduled
Reasons: tribes (ST). There is also a provision of
i. Consumers face different problems on account reservation of seats for other backward classes.
of the changing nature of social and economic iii. Thus, the policy of reservation of seats enhances
systems. Some of these problems include the social and educational status of
adulteration, increased cost of items, frauds in underprivileged communities and thus, improves
weight and measures, etc. their lives.
ii. The Consumer Protection Act that came into (B) Complete the following activity. [2]
existence in 1986, led to the emergence of the (Any one)
consumer movement in India. 1.
3. Indian democracy is considered the largest
democracy in the world.
Ans. The above statement is True.
i. In democracy, there is direct representation of
the Indian people in the Parliament, State
legislature and local government.
ii. Free and fair elections are held at regular
intervals in democracy. Ans.
iii. Everyone has the right to vote irrespective of
religion, gender, caste, etc. Earlier the voting age
was 21 years. It was later reduced to 18 years.
This lowering of voting age led to an increased
participation of younger generation in the
political process. Today, India has the largest
number of voters compared to any other
democratic nation. Exclusive for NEET
2. 2. What are the effects of criminalization of
i. The rise in participation of criminals in political
process is a serious problem for democratic
systems. People with criminal background,
criminal allegations and allegations of corruption
Ans. are given candidature by the political parties.
ii. This leads to the increase in the role of money
and muscle power in politics and may also lead
to violence during elections. Thus,
criminalization of politics can lead to serious
effects on democracy.

Q.9. Answer the following in brief. (Any one) [2]

1. What are neo-social movements?
i. The movements which started after 1980 were
known as neo-social movements. They were
different from the earlier movements like tribal
movements, farmers’ movements, etc.
ii. These movements were issue-based i.e. they
were based on each issue individually.