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1) Decision to Invest in STIF on daily basis is taken by

Investment Manager
Fund Accountant

2) . Reporting in TLM is being carried out through

Both MYSS & Acutate
None of the above

3) . What does ISITC stands for

International Securities Association for Institutional Trade Communication

International Securities institue for Trade claims
International Service Institue for Trade claims
International Service Institue for Trade Trade communication

4) Which Icon on TLM gives us the liberty to find out the Operating Intervention in Cash

Cash and Asset Maintenance

Case Dashboard
Trial Balance
Asset Position Proofing

5) What does SEDOL stands for

Stock Exchange Daily Official List

State Exchange Daily Official List
Statutory Exchange Deadline Official List
6. What is the first activity in any recon process

Checking swift messages for swift accounts

Checking our side data for all accounts
None of the Above

7. The purpose of proposing accounts in TLM

To load position data to TLM

To match off the position
To run the position data report
None of the Above

8) Who has designed TLM

Smart stream
It is an In-house product developed by State street with the help of Syntel INC.
None of the above

9)On TLM ‘Our side’ represents ___ and ‘Their side’ represents ___ side

Our side : IM Their side : Custodian

Our side : Custodian Their side : IM
Our side : Custody Their side : Accounting
None of the above

10. What is Set Short Name in TLM?

Custody Name
Fund Number
Broker name
Non of the above

11. CDO/CMO's are traded on the exchange


12. Fund which invest in other mutual funds is called

Hedge Fund
Superior Fund
Fund of Funds
Giant Fund

13. Collaretals are given only for Derivative products

Cann't say

14. What is STIF?

Short Term Investment Funds

Separate Terms Investment Funds
Small Term Investment Funds
Non of the above

15. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are ________ sponsored agencies

Non of the above

16. The process which is linking the portfolio with dailies prices and the difference
between the prior day’s value and current day’s value has to be actually paid or received

Mark to Market
Initial Margin Deposit

17. SEC stands for

Securities Exchange commission

Stock Exchange commission
Securities Exchange Committiee
Non of the above

18. OTC transcations are

Over the exchange

Over the counter
Over the custody
Non of the above

19. An Asset back security like FNMA, GNMA and FHA are backed by


20. What is Static Data in TLM?

Data set up on TLM after the fund goes on line

Data set up on TLM before the fund goes on line
Data set up on TLM during the fund goes on line
Non of the above

21. The exceptions which are not considered as Real Position break

Cash in hand of IM/Bank, Collateral, STIF (Short Term Investment Fund), Repo
Derivatives Breaks
Bank Loan Breaks
Fixed Income / Equities position break

ISIN stands for ?

Indonesian Securities Identification Number

International Securities Identification Number
International Share Identification Number
Internal Securities Identification Number

23. How many basis point make One percent?


24. TLM Receives feeds in which Format

PDF Data Files
Swift Feeds
None of the Above

25. Europen options can expire before month end.