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This marketing plan forms the basis for the introduction of an innovative new

product by Garnier Company. The analysis allows us to the best strategies to

follow for the achievement of the company¶s strategic goals.´Hair& style´ will be

marketed as a unique product and would maintain the company¶s status as brand

leader in hair care industry. The marketing strategies will enable us to reach the

market of estimated 315,534,716 (targeted) with the forecasted sales growth of

6.6% over the last year.

This product will not only satisfy the need of the unnerved market for easy to use

colorant and 2in1 formulation of shampoo and colorant, but also capture market as

market leader in hair care industry.

 V V

 Fructis is experts in hair care and hair styling. The complete Fructis Style

range allows you to create head turning styles whatever your hair type or look and,

enriched with Fruit Micro-Waxes, it cares for your hair whilst styling. Constantly

innovating and creating new technologies for styling, Voffers a vast array

of creative products. Whether you're going for that 'not a strand out of place' look

to that ' just out of bed' looks, Fructis Style have the right product for you. 

Fructis Style is the solution for healthy-looking, shiny, styled hair.



 V VV  V

- 7
V will be a shampoo which would maintain hair color along
with strengthening and shining them, and will be positioned as  V V  V V

!V  with long lasting effects, initially available in four most admirable

colors, "V  V # , $!V  V # , V #$%&'# "V

!(, $!V $ V #  Its unique formulation enables its consumers to

maintain their hair color upto six months, firstly one would have to apply hair &

style¶s colorant application of one¶s own choice and afterwards with only use of

shampoo (available in pack and also you can buy only shampoo relevant to the

color from market)can maintain hair color without any botheration. Now there is

no need to apply colorant and harm your hair time and again. So look stylish ever

with Garnier - 7


 V !V #)* V

ËV To maintain market leadership in natural hair care and skin care

cosmetics products.

ËV To serve customers with convenience they ever had.

ËV To serve style seekers with convenience and be the market leader with

maximum market share.



  V  V

V  V

   Vù .S. retail dollar sales of hair care products amounted to over $6.2

billion in 2006, for a 4.3% improvement over the $6.0 billion posted for 2009.

During 2006-2010, the overall hair care market¶s compound annual rate of growth

(CAGR) was a robust 4.2%. Total growth for the same four years was 17.9%, or

$942.0 million. In 2009, the 4.3%²or $259.0 million²increment was produced

by shampoo, styling products, conditioners, accessories, and hair color, while the

two smallest categories, home permanent/relaxer kits and hair growth products,

both continued to lose ground. The overall .S. hair care market is projected to be

worth nearly $7.5 billion at retail in 2006. That record sum will result from steady

growth of roughly 3% or 4% during each year of the period 2006 through 2010.

The compound annual growth rate (CAGR) for the time frame will be 3.7%.´

 V"V+V  VVV$ ! V

As evidenced in the brief summary from the Market Watch report, the size of the

S hair color market is a small portion of the overall hair products market ± just a

portion of the 4.3% comprised of shampoo, styling products, conditioners,

accessories and hair color. With the above statistics in mind, the hair care coloring

segment was one of the most dynamic product categories in 2009 ùas baby



boomers, gen X, gen Y women, as well as more men than ever before, is more

frequently experimenting with hair color. Coloring has generated some $1.4 billion

worth of business through food, drug and mass, according to IRI; primarily due to

new product introductions in the segment, such as Gamier's Lumia, L'Oreal's Open

and Clairol's Herbal Essences hair color, said Katie All, category manager at Longs

Drug Stores. "These products are targeted to a younger (18- to 24-year-old) first-

time user and appear to have hit their target by heavily advertising on MTV and in

print media directed [toward] the younger consumer," she reported.´ Read ùMulti-

functional offerings fuel growth in beauty,´ by Alicia Zappier. DrugStore News.

(9/10/2009) As quoted from a 2009 article: ùDespite an economy on the brink of

recession, it seems retailers can still feel good about the future of the hair care

category. Worth more than $5.5 billion in food, drug and mass, according to data

from Information Resources Inc. for the 52 weeks ended July 15, many of the same

factors that have grown the business in the last several months--including a

growing fascination with hair coloring products across a widened range of


 $!, the emergence of salon-inspired mass market products and items

developed to repair damaged hair--should continue to drive sales in the category

well into 2009.´« ùIf anything, when dollars get tight, consumers tend to forego

expenses such as salon visits, turning to mass market products that allow them to



affect the most current styles at home. Products such as White Rain's recently

restaged Toni Home Perm line and the continued emergence of new hair color

brands, such as Revlon's High Dimension, L'Oreal Open, Gamier Lumia

Brightening Color Creme and Clairol Herbal Essence, speak to this need for

consumers to take hair care matters into their own hands.´

Statistics from Information Resources for the 52 weeks ending July 1, 2009, show

these  V#V V,V :

,V V-.+%./01VVV230/4V' VV  (V

Read ùFashion Driven Hair-care Category Stays Strong.´ Drug Store News

(10/8/2009). Industry estimates placed .S. salon hair coloring revenues at $10

billion out of a total of $46 billion in 2009. Read µNew fashion of salon has

Subway as model.´ Palm Beach (6/6/2008). The incidence of hair color

has been rising and is now at 50 percent+5VV67V

+V V V V!V

 V"$V   0V58V! V! V +V31VV V!V!VV

! 05

Read ùHair Color Garners Broader Customer Base,´ by Barbara White-Sax.

Drug Store News (3/26/2009), L¶Oreal¶s casting color Spa brand for women ùgrew

over 40 percent in unit and dollar sales last year (2009), according to Information

Resources Inc. Read ùHair Color Garners Broader Customer Base,´ by Barbara

White-Sax. Drug Store News (3/26/2009). ùWith annual sales of about $1.6 billion,



Clairol controls 39 percent of the .S. hair-coloring market, according to the

Stamford-based market research firm ACNielsen. France based L'Oreal SA

controls 50 percent.´ Read ùA Market to Dye For,´ by Peter Healy. The Advocate

and the Greenwich Times (5/27/2001).


ùBy the year 2009, the hair color market is expected to increase to 55 million

consumers, or about 1 in 5 Americans, according to L'Oreal.´ Read ùColor-Coded

Hair,´ by Sara Cormeny. ù2009 was marked by more innovation in hair color than

any other year of the past decade. But what really set 2009 apart from the prior

year was the target audience of the hair color category. Teens, males and working

women received most of the attention from suppliers, a shift from 2008's focus on

baby boomers.´ Please see chart of 2009 Sales in Thousands for Top Hair Coloring

Brands in the article, ùExpanding the Market for Hair Color,´ by Andrea

Grossman. Drug Store News (5/22/2009)

 V V

ùMen¶s hair coloring is one of the fastest growing segments of the hair-coloring

market.´ Read ùHair Color Garners Broader Customer Base,´ by Barbara White-

Sax. Drug Store News (3/26/2001) at ùTrend-watcher Roger Selbert notes that men

have turned to hair color in response to a changing workplace, filled with young

colleagues and superiors, a growing number of whom are female. ùIn the past,



looking older and more experienced was a benefit,´ says Selbert, who publishes

the Century City, California-based Growth Strategies newsletter. ùNow, you have

to keep up with all the changes in technology and look vigorous and youthful to

succeed. From ùAmerican Demographics´,Younger men are beginning to use hair

color as a fashion statement. ùL'Oreal has targeted that consumer specifically with

its four-SK Feria for Men line, launched last year. Two new Feria For Men SK s

are slated to be added to the line this spring«.Last spring, L'Oreal introduced

Casting Color Spa for Men, a seven-SK line of tone-on-tone color for men who

want to blend away their first signs of gray. Read ùHair Color Garners Broader

Customer Base,´ by Barbara White-Sax. Drug Store News (3/26/2001).

 # V   V

ùGray hair is increasingly passé in men¶s hair fashions, and dye purveyors have

launched an advertising push to get the word out. Television and print ads aimed at

getting men to dye the gray out of their hair have tripled over the past decade, in

line with an explosion in sales of hair-coloring products for men. Those sales

soared to $129.3 million last year from $39.6 million in 1989, according to

estimates by market researchers A.C. Nielsen.And while dyed males are still

outnumbered about 10-1 by their female counterparts, they are narrowing the gap.

According to pollster Roper Starch Worldwide, 36% of men recently questioned



indicated they had either tried coloring their hair or were open to it«.´There¶s a

whole new generation right behind us that¶s pushing real hard, so men want to stay

on top of their game,´ says Dominic DeMain, senior vice president of .S.

marketing for Combe.As a result, men¶s sales have become the hottest segment in

the .S.¶s $1.3 billion a year hair coloring industry. According to officials of one

national drug retailer, which asked that their company¶s name not be used, the

store space they devote to men¶s hair dyes has grown to six 2-foot shelves from

two over the past decade. Stoking the interest is a barrage of product advertising,

which grew to $32 million last year from $10 million a decade ago, according to

Competitive Media Reporting. Read article from ùThe Wall Street Journal´

(1/17/2009) at t

 *$V!V V

ùFashion statements aside, hair color have long been used to camouflage gray and

the majority of users are still using color for that reason alone´. L'Oreal's

Preference and Excellence held the top two brand spots within the category

followed by Clairol's Nice N Easy.´ Read ùHair Color Garners Broader Customer

Base,´ by Barbara White-Sax. Drug Store News (3/26/2009). "More men than ever

are eschewing gray, and for a variety of reasons. For example, according to a study

conducted via the internet by Colomer¶s Just for Men in cooperation with National

Family Opinion Research, Inc. (NFO), non-gray-haired men are viewed as more



successful at dating than gray haired guys. !V*+V9V$+:VV

 V V $V;<<V V$V3<=%>VV;<<VV$V3;=;%0V



9# 0:V

Even more interesting is the fact that of those surveyed, both men and women

perceived the non-gray-haired men as more confident, suggesting that a youthful

appearance influences various aspects of life and is not confined to attractiveness

alone. ùLuckily for men, more than 57% of women surveyed also felt that it was

acceptable for men to color their gray hair. Nearly one-third of men stated that they

have made changes to their hair, including hairstyle and coloring, and an additional

15% said they would be willing to do so in the future. Read ùA Man¶s World: The

Male Personal Care Market.´ (10/2009).

# !$V!VVV

L'Oreal introduced Gray Chic in 2000.. The seven-SK translucent color tone line

erases yellow tints and boosts natural gray. Always fashion forward, packaging

uses age-appropriate, but fashionable models. Read ùHair Color Garners Broader

Customer Base,´ by Barbara White-Sax. Drug Store News (3/26/2001).




ùThe biggest growth (in the hair color industry) is in the 13- to24-year old market.

Hair color is a way for teens to express themselves, and they are willing to

experiment. "Permanent hair color and products that offer special effects are

currently hot in the market," says Johnna Manca, vice president of global hair care

and hair color at Revlon. Young women ùhave shown an interest in very vibrant

color and in coloring effects. In fact, younger consumers have shifted to colors so

vibrant they are unnatural. For these consumers, color is about being noticed--not

covering gray«.Clairol's XtremeFX, which allows users to color or bleach chunks,

strands or tips of hair, L'Oreal's Feria and Laboratories Garnier's Nutrisse

Nutricolor Masque are all marketed specifically to younger consumers who want

bold and vibrant hues. Those new launches, which are ethnically diverse and

nongender specific, have been successful. In fact, L'Oreal's Feria was the fourth

most popular brand in the category last year. Read ùHair Color Garners Broader

Customer Base,´ by Barbara White-Sax. Drug Store News (3/26/2001). Some

teens love to go to extremes with vibrant, unnatural hair colors. Some excerpt from

the article ùColor Coded Hair,´ by Sara


5!V!V V"V!V? +5VV V



Moffitt, spokeswoman for L'Oreal. Teenagers see hair color as "an accessory," she

says, using bright funky colors "more and more." "Hair color has become

something you can change as easy as lipstick."«. John Robert Dale is a manager

at Commander Salamander, a punk-flavored store in Washington, DC's

Georgetown shopping district. Commander Salamander carries several brands of

semi-permanent hair dyes, all in extreme shades with names like Vampire Red and

Lagoon Blue«Girls are buying purple and red dyes, says Dale, and boys prefer the

greens and yellows. Brands like Manic Panic and Punky Colours are the most

popular. "A lot of people are doing assorted colors on the head," says Dale, putting

in large stripes of two or more different colors«..For many teenagers, high school

is a time with different pressures than those of adults. TJ, age 16 dyes his hair

white-blond. He says that he can experiment now, because he won't later. "Now is

my leisure time.If I went for a job with colored hair, they'd look at me and laugh."

He plans one day to put on a suit and go to work. "Conformity will always be

there," he says. "I will conform one day when it is time...conformity is a part of life

to get jobs and other things you need.´

V9./=3<V !$:V V

Clairol recently launched Herbal Essences Color, directed toward consumers in

their 20s and 30s. "The launch will include three new iridescent blonde shades that

have a pink undertone and some true red tones that are very vibrant," said Read.



The no-ammonia formula and Herbal Essences' fragrance should play well among

younger consumers, the company expects«Pearlescent, and shimmery blonde

shades are a big trend this spring. "With celebrities such as Sarah Jessica Parker

going blonde, we see a trend toward the light to dark blonde shades," said Tom

Dean, vice president of Gamier. "It is also becoming increasingly easier to go

blonde with easy-to-use home blending/lightening kits such as the new Nutrisse

Lightening kit we are launching in June." L'Oreal will add three new blonde shades

in its new Feria Iridescente line extension this spring. Read ùHair Color Garners

Broader Customer Base,´ by Barbara White-Sax. Drug Store News (3/26/2009).

 V V'$!V@V"+V  V@V!(V

Strengths Weaknesses

Brand strength Reliant upon line extensions

Effective stride in new markets Reliant upon particular colors

strong existing distribution channels Entrance into difficult non-core


Saturation of hair care segment

Opportunities Threats

New product introductions Strong competition



Brand is attractive to global partners Potential health issues

Explanation in appendix

88A V

Garniers top competitors would be

ËV Godrej, with 30-35%

ËV Wella, with 08%

ËV Revelon, 10%

ËV Polycolor,10

ËV Redken 6%,

ËV keune25% ,

ËV LO¶real with 25%

ËV These brands would be strong competitors of hair & style.

  V V


GodrejV >>V  VV!V


Wella &3;V Contains vit c to

strengthen hair

PolycolorV />V 6 $V $V V



RedkenV ;/<V 6 $V $VV*VV

keuneV 3<<V V

LO¶real 3>>V 6 $V $V V

Revelon &;<V  VV


$V  V

Hair & style (hair color maintaining shampoo) is to established in hair care product

market with the objective of serving customers with convenience, we say

9$V!VV V VV# : V

$V V

This product will serve its consumers with convenience of managing their hair

color, hair color is becoming part of our live rapidly day by day, This product will

serve customer¶s need and become market leader.

$V V

ùThe biggest growth (in the hair color industry) is in the 13- to24-year old

market«Hair color is a way for teens to express themselves, and they are willing

to experiment. "Permanent hair color and products that offer special effects are

currently hot in the market," says Johnna Manca, vice president of global hair care

and hair color at Revlon. V



$V$ !V  V

VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV "The hair color market has exploded," said CarleneV

ù .S. retail dollar sales of hair care products amounted to over $6.2 billion in

2006, for a 4.3% improvement over the $6.0 billion posted for 2009. During 2006-

2010, the overall hair care market¶s compound annual rate of growth (CAGR) was

a robust 4.2%. Total growth for the same four years was 17.9%, or $942.0 million.

In 2009, the 4.3%²or $259.0 million²increment was produced by shampoo,

styling products, conditioners, accessories, and hair color,




4- 7

c  : ; ;*96

9 c  

å V  V nited states of America (All States ) with emphasis on

  V urbanUVmetropolitan areas, and adapted strategies for all

geographical groups

m  VV Ô 

X  V rban, suburban

 V All (East, west)

V  V 13to upwards

  V å  V Male-female

V All over $20,000

  V All (young and old, teen)

Education All

Race All: Asian, Black, White, Native, other with adapted strategy

for Asian consumers already familiar with Garnier

Home All apartment/ condo, living with parents

ownership (Highly discretionary in personal spending)

Psychographic Personality Brand conscious, anchored in popular culture, inclined for

segmentation differentiation and sophistication, very tolerant towards



Multiculturalism and internationalism

(Open-minded), quick maturation with modern products.

Lifestyle Both dependent and independent, highly influenced by peer

group, active life, importance of social and modern life.

Behavioral Benefits Easy to use without any botheration

segmentation sought No botheration of time and again applications of colors.

Strengthens hair and give them shine along with maintaining


Easy to afford.

sage rate Daily basis, weekly basis

ser status Regular user of dyers


  $V$ VV

The only shampoo available in the market maintains hair color, with its unique

formulation. Beautiful and attractive packing, with premium price and high

quality. Available in attractive colors. Now it¶s easy to and maintains your hair

color and shine with Garnier Naturals ùHair &style´ colorant and shampoo.




Based on analysis above, Hair& style would not only become a profitable product

but also it would lead hair care market with its unique formulation and easy to

maintain strategy. It is an innovative product which not only provides convenience

to its consumers but also would become a high profitable product for the company.

"$V #)* V

The objective of the marketing plan is strategically centring around four criteria:

To create a strong consumer awareness towards a completely new product Garnier

natural hair and style, to establish worldwide brand recognition by capturing

maximum market share in hair care industry, and to become one of the best market

leader in that particular segment and achieve forecasted sales figures.

"$V $



Hair and style is a product available in attractive packing easy to use and maintain

long lasting hair color format.



!V V  V

ËV Packing and labeling : see picture below

ËV Branding : colorful in bottle and tube (attractive packing) prominent hair and

style logo and beautiful graphics, attractive phrases ùlook stylish ever with

hair & style´ ùmaintaining hair color was not so easy before´

ËV Brand personality: attractive easy to use , healthy hair, high quality, natural,


ËV Brand equity: Garnier always provides high quality and natural products for

the convenience and style for its customers.





6!- 7

4c  ! 8

+   .5




8#)* V

ËV To create strong avarness about this new launch of hair & style shampoo +

colorant throughout generation Y & X (13 to upwards of age).

ËV To secure maximum market share over top colorant brand leader product


$ V

ËV The promotional strategies will convey a clear message that ùhair & style´ is

a product for all age group mostly for the people who cares for their social


ËV The promotion would also make it clear in the mind of people that ùhair &

style´ is the only easy to use product which not only maintain long lasting

hair color and gives you a beautiful and attractive look but also strengthen

and shine your hair.


ËV ùLook stylish ever with hair & style´

ËV ù Take care with Garnier´

ËV ùBe gorgeous´

ËV ùBe natural Have natural´



V   V

It is very important to analyze generation and age group to whom you are going to

launch a product. After analyzing age groups and activities of expected consumers

we resulted in the decision to advertise this product through different mediums at a

time that is often called multitasking. We realize that all groups of consumers

doesn¶t give their full attention to one single message thorough single media, so

our advertising mediums would be,V

Output Examples


Radio Almost all channels , FM(Almost all channels)

Magazines Leading fashion magazines.

Internet Chetoos and banners on selected fashion and cosmetic websites.

Outdoors Bill boards, Streamers, Sign boards, Buntings(in selected areas)

Others T-shirts, key chains, pen, diaries.

Personal Direct contact with retailers.


Public Organize and sponsor different event and activities.


Publicity Print and online mediums.




Pricing is that factor which gives us revenue and while other three marketing mix

(other three Ps) Product, Place, and Promotion become cause in increasing cost and

expenditures of firm and firms set their prices by considering these three ps.

ùPricing is the amount which people pay for a product or services for fulfilling

their needs and requirements. They also exchange values with producer against

their charges for any product or service.

$V V9,V@V :VV

Hair and style is a new product of Garnier in SA market. Garnier prefers its

customer needs and values and provides products which fulfill the customer¶s

needs. In this product 9,V@V :VGarnier is setting its price by considering its

cost. As Hair and style is a new product with a lot features and with new

technology that¶s why its manufacturing cost is high and because of its cost the

price of hair and style is somehow high but it is a first time cost for the customer

because there are not any extra charges for shampoo. The price also covers the

costs of the facilities. Price of hair and style would be ù$7dollers´ .




Garnier is determining both internal and external factors for setting the price of

hair and style. V



Pricing, being an important tool in accomplishing the company¶s objective at many

levels, Garnier¶s marketing objective is ùproduct Quality Leadership´ means that

we are determined to provide the best quality and set the price to increase initial

profit and increase revenue and lead the market by achieving ùMarket Share



As the marketer of Garnier we are setting its price with the coordination of other

three marketing mix elements.

*$V CV

As our product is new in the market and it¶s a business product so, our main

objective is to convey our clear massage of hair and style to targeted audience. We,

being the marketer of Garnier will aggressively advertise our product to educate



our target audience especially our main focus is on young and fashionable class. So

keeping this element as our key consideration, our communication cost will be a

major factor for our pricing strategy.


As Garnier is going to launch its new product, we researched and designed this

new formulation for the convenience of our customers. As Garnier claims for

natural products it is very difficult to maintain quality and be natural and effects

cost. So its designing and manufacturing cost factor will be relatively high and

become an important part in determining the price.

8$7 V  CV

The price of Garnier hair and style will be set by the top management and the

product managers through mutual agreement with company¶s decisions.



Garnier has monopoly in the market for his natural products because Garnier is

introducing first time a easy to use shampoo which will maintain hair color along

with strengthening and shining them, and has no competition in the market.




By our analysis and research we observe that Gasrnier has a great demand in all

over the world¶s market because of its natural hair care and skin care products and

this modern world has a great demand of such a new and innovative product.

ùA New Hair Color Segment is born: a low ammonia permanent hair color´ at to

see Loreal¶s response to consumer desire for hair color which closely matches their

own, natural color.

 VV V* C

Macro environment has a great influence on any market. So we will set the price of

Garnier hair and style by consider the macro and micro environment such as

Government policies and laws about pricing, inflation, political situation, and

international market environment etc.

  V* C

As our product is a business product that¶s why we highly concern with the

economic condition because it has a great effect on our cost and our buyer

perception. We also must consider the economic condition of our intermediaries

and its reaction to price.




The pricing decisions of our product are cost based because as we explain earlier

that the overall cost of Garnier hair and style is a bit high that¶s why we initially

charging the high price to cover our cost but we also providing a good quality

product and different facility to fulfill our customer¶s needs. Our high price has no

effect on our customers because today, according to the research and analysis

steated above by leading organizations and market researchers hair color market

has a great demand of such a unique product .

m V V m  V



We set high price for our product to increase our initial profit and revenue to cover

its high cost and we observe from our market analysis that our target audiences are

also willing to pay high price. We set this high price under some conditions. As

Garnier has good image in our customer¶s mind that¶s why we are providing a high

quality natural product and giving different facilities to our customers, and they

provide a great support to its high price and Garnier hair and style has monopoly in



the market for some future years, competition entry is not possible and not easy to

undercut the high price.


*V V$C

Garnier hair and style is the combination of three major things (like semi-

permanent hair color with fortifying fruit complex to make hair not only strong

shine but also maintain color of hai) which is called its captive product, and the

price of captive products is high when customer wants to purchase them separately.