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letter from the editor

Dear reader,
Welcome to Issue 17 of Sparks ority to always help with anything I needed. From
UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH FLORIDA Magazine. We present this magazine as proof of designing spreads, tabling for recruitment, and
EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Samia Alamgir our hard work, resilience, and sleepless nights. With sharing what she knows from her prior experience
MANAGING EDITOR Jhoanna Estrada endless visits to advisors, piles of paperwork, bud- as managing editor, she is the glue that held Sparks
UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA geting, planning, and unconditional support from our together this semester. I would next like to address
team and coffee we have managed to pull through. CJ Close, who worked hard to design and create
For a long time, the word Asian did not sit spreads while in Britain, in a completely different
EDITORIAL MANAGING EDITOR Kaylyn Ling well with me. As a Bengali-American I never referred time zone. My managing editor, Jhoanna Estrada
CONTENT EDITORS Samia Alamgir, CJ Close, Trianna Nguyen PROGRAMMING DIRECTOR Hiya Chowdury to myself as Asian. To many Americans I am simply juggled family responsibilities and health and really
PHOTO EDITOR Sophia Thai PROMOTIONS DIRECTOR Nabiha Azaz Indian, and the connection between India and the put in effort to make Sparks. Although what you are
FINANCE DIRECTOR Trianna Nguyen CONTENT EDITORS Mumtaz Abdulhussein, Emma Ross Asian continent is lost. It wasn’t until I began col- reading feels like paper, it is made from raw emotion.
DESIGN EDITORS Allyson Martinez, Esther Zhan lege and joined Sparks that I developed the strength Emotion that wants our voices to
PHOTO EDITORS Laura San Juan, Hye-Jin Min to confront my biggest insecurity, self-identity. be finally heard and accepted.
CONTENT FINANCE DIRECTOR Dominic Wermuth Becoming the editor for an Asian American orga-
WRITERS Eileen Calub, Vanessa Celino, Alexandra Giang, Michelle Lee, nization allowed me to realize that ethnic labels
PRINT WRITERS Amy Nguyen, Zahra Saba
David Park, Zi Zheng were made to divide, but can be used to unite. An
PHOTOGRAPHERS Duyen Nguyen, Sophia Thai ethnicity is shared between many diverse cultures,
DESIGNERS CJ Close, Dencie Devora, Trianna Nguyen PHOTOGRAPHERS Ella Choi, Kylee Gates, Jamie Lee,
and it just so happens that Asian stretches beyond
Lauren Witte very distinct cultures and physical appearances. To
DESIGNERS Stephanie Chang, Brianne De Los Santos, Christine Kim, Lucy Nguyen, me, Sparks represents growth in self. I realized I did
PUBLIC RELATIONS Anusha Rao, Ashley Somchanhmavong, Rachalle Way, Caroline Werner not need society’s validation to fit a certain ethnicity.
PROMOTIONS DIRECTOR Amy Nguyen Sparks is very important to our chapter,
and that is evident in the actions of my wonder-
ful team. I would like to address Cynthia Lai, who
UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL FLORIDA facilitated me through this semester. She is funda-
EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Nica Ramirez mental to our team, and despite graduating very
PHOTO Sophia Thai soon and working on her thesis, she made it a pri-
Model: Cynthia Lai PROGRAMMING DIRECTOR Maria Gabriella Montoya
WRITERS Zohra Qazi, Julie Wan
PHOTOGRAPHERS Isabella Billiones, Paola Chinchilla, Sterling Lee-Jones,
NATIONAL BOARD Natalie Nguyenduc, Helen Lian
EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Jason Liu DESIGNERS Ann Dang, Anusha Ketepalle, Alice Zhang Samia Alamgir
EXPANSION DIRECTOR Rikki Ocampos PROMOTIONS STAFF Jared Diago, Jasmine Gabriel, Natasha Han Editor-In-Chief
Heather Cabrera, Ricky Ly, Lawrence Mabilangan

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