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Week: 29 Day : Thursday Date: 22 August, 2019

Time : 11.10 am – 12.40 pm Class : 3 Arif Subject : ENGLISH LANGUAGE
Theme: World of Knowledge Topic: No Smoking!!
Core value: Responsibility
Skills Main: Language Arts Complementary: Writing
Content Standard: 5.3-Express an imaginative 4.2- Communicate basic information
response to literary texts intelligibly for a range of purposes in
print and digital media
Learning 5.3.1. Other imaginative responses 4.2.4 Describe people and objects
standard: as appropriate using suitable words and phrases
By the end of the lesson most students will be able to:
Objectives Knowledge: state the danger of smoking.
(Civic Literacy) Socioemotional: appreciate themselves if they can refrain from smoking.
Action: refrain themselves from smoking.
Teaching aids Flashcards, puzzles, worksheet, poster template
CCE : Values HOTS: Application
Differentiation Strategies: Type and amount of support 21 CL : Pair / Group Discussion
Pre Lesson  Students talk about the flashcards shown to them.
 Students sit with their group members.
 In their group, students assemble a puzzle set and make it a poster.
Activity 1
 Student study the poster and discuss about the danger of smoking
stated on the poster with their group members.
 Students refer to the poster and fill in the blanks by writing the
Activity 2
correct answers in the provided worksheet.
 Students make a mini poster about the danger of smoking for
Activity 3
themselves by completing the poster template given to them.
Assessment Task


The lesson was carried out successfully.

Remarks The lesson was postponed due to meeting/ briefing/CRK/public
holidays/school programme.