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Robert Holmes Swan is an

American business executive. He has

been the CEO of Intel Corporation since
January 2019. He joined Intel as CFO in
October 2016 from General Atlantic, after
spending years as CFO at eBay,
Electronic Data Systems, and TRW Inc.

Intel Corporation is an American

multinational corporation and
technology company
headquartered in Santa Clara,
California, in Silicon Valley.

Intel Corporation (commonly

known as Intel and stylized as intel)
is an American multinational
corporation and technology company
headquartered in Santa Clara,
California, in Silicon Valley.

Name Intel Corporation

Location Santa Clara, California, U.S.

July 18, 1968; 51 years ago


Bob Swan

110,200 (2019)[2]
Number of employees

Componentes Intel de Costa Costa Rica
Rica, S.A.
Intel Americas, Inc. Delaware, U.S.
Intel Asia Holding Limited Hong Kong
Intel Capital (Cayman) Cayman Islands
Intel Capital Corporation Delaware, U.S.
Intel China Ltd. People’s Republic
of China
Intel Copenhagen ApS Denmark
Intel Corporation (UK) Ltd. England and Wales
Intel Electronics Finance Cayman Islands
Intel Electronics Ltd. Israel
Intel Europe, Inc. California, U.S.
Intel Holdings B.V. Netherlands
Intel International California, U.S.
Intel Investment Cayman Islands
Management Limited
Intel Ireland Limited Cayman Islands
Intel Israel (74) Limited Israel
Intel Israel Holdings B.V. Netherlands
Intel Kabushiki Kaisha Japan
Intel Malaysia Sdn. Berhad Malaysia
Intel Massachusetts, Inc. Delaware, U.S.
Intel Mobile Communications Germany
Intel Overseas Funding Cayman Islands
Intel Products (M) Sdn. Bhd. Malaysia
Intel Semiconductor (Dalian) People’s Republic
Ltd. of China
Intel Semiconductor (US) Delaware, U.S.
Intel Technology Sdn. Malaysia
McAfee, Inc. Delaware, U.S.
Mission College Investments Cayman Islands
Wind River Systems, Inc. Delaware, U.S
Intel Corporation (commonly known as Intel and stylized as intel) is an
American multinational corporation and technology company headquartered
in Santa Clara, California, in the Silicon Valley. It is the world's second largest
and second highest valued semiconductor chip manufacturer based on
revenue after being overtaken by Samsung Electronics, and is the inventor of
the x86 series of microprocessors, the processors found in most personal
computers (PCs). Intel ranked No. 46 in the 2018 Fortune 500 list of the largest
United States corporations by total revenue. Intel is incorporated in Delaware
Blockchain is a distributed
ledger technology that has the potential
to transform the way enterprises,
governments, and consumers
exchange data.

Multi-access Edge Computing

(MEC) in Retail. ... Multi-Access Edge
Computing (MEC) offers potential
benefits in a retail environment. In this
total cost of ownership study, see how
retail businesses and enterprises can
use 5G network advances in various
use cases for applications

Intel® SOA Expressway

SOA Expressway is a soft-appliance
deployed as an XML gateway to
address common XML and
SOA problem areas such as
security, service mediation and
Nature of Intel Corporation
Intel Corp. is the brains of the operation. One the biggest computer
chip companies, Intel controls roughly 90% of the market for
microprocessors that act as the brains of desktop, notebook, and server
computers. It has dominated the PC chip market from the early x86
processors to Pentiums to today's Core technology. Intel also makes chips
for smartphones and tablets as well as embedded semiconductors for the
industrial, medical, and automotive markets. The company develops its
chips and makes most of them itself in one of the industry's biggest
manufacturing systems. While PC chips account for most sales, Intel has
shifted focus and resources to chips for the data centers that power cloud
Corporate Social Responsibilities

Reducing environmental impact

Intel must be creative in how to
manage, recycle, and re-use a diverse
range of waste from manufacturing
waste to construction waste, food
waste, and everything in between.
Taimur Burki, Intel’s Global Green
Building and Waste Program Manager,
says that it’s important to determine
how to manage this waste responsibly
so we don’t just leave issues for future
generations. For example, the employee cafes at Intel are a great success story.
Thousands of Intel employees now use reusable plates, forks, and cups daily instead of
disposable paper. Intel also purchases sustainably grown and local food where possible
– up to 30 percent of the food served in their cafes is sustainably and locally grown.
Oakland Schools Partnership Yields Impressive Results
Intel partnered with McClymonds High School and the Oakland Unified School
District in California to develop and improve computer science and engineering courses.
Programs include work-based learning, mentoring and internships, education and
awareness for parents, and professional development support for teachers. As part of
Intel’s five-year, $5 million investment in two OUSD schools, Intel helped launch a new
engineering pathway program for students an McClymonds, encouraging them to
pursue future education in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields.

In 2018, 31 McClymonds graduating seniors completed the engineering pathway

program and headed off to colleges and universities such as the University of Southern
California; the University of California, Los Angeles; the University of Nevada; and the
University of Hawaii. Their success demonstrates that with support and investment,
school districts can dramatically improve educational outcomes and prepare students
for success in today’s high-tech workforce.
Intel Employee Service Corps in Puerto Rico
In 2017, a category 5 hurricane struck Puerto Rico with sustained winds of 175 mph. One
of the 10 most intense Atlantic hurricanes on record, it caused USD 103 billion in damage to
property and infrastructure and resulted in 4600 deaths. As part of the rebuilding effort, Intel
partnered with World Wide Technology, Camera Mundi, the governor, and the CIO of Puerto
Rico to aid schools in Puerto Rico. Intel employees organized, hosting a STEM hackathon, and
planned deployment to 30 schools. USD 2.5 million in equipment and services was donated,
including 1000 Intel® NUC kits, and 15,000 students were reached.