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Dates Course Title Curriculum Log on to:

Feb. 5-7 Supervisory Development Leadership
Course (SDC) Track I
1. Go to “Training” and click “Pre-registration”
Feb. 12-14 Alay sa Bayan (ALAB) Foundation 2. Click the title of the training you wish to attend on the
Induction Program calendar;
Feb. 18-20 Training on Appointments HRM 3. A text box will appear with the details of the training,
Preparation (TAP) click the title of the training again and you will be di-
rected to the registration link;
Feb. 26-28 Leave Administration Course HRM 4. Fill-out the registration form and click “submit.”
for Effectiveness (LACE) 5. A notification will be sent to your email account
Mar. 5 Gender Sensitivity Seminar Foundation confirming your registration.
“Slots are limited!”
Mar. 11-12 Values Orientation Workshop Foundation
(VOW) For inquiries, you may reach the
March 25-27 Supervisory Development Leadership Human Resource Division :
Course (SDC) Track I
RONALD R. DANCEL , Supervising Human Resource Specialist
Integrated Course for ANNA KHARIZZA T. VILLACETE, Senior Human Resource Specialist
Attaining Responsive and Foundation
Mar. 30-31 CAMILLE P. SORIANO, Senior Human Resource Specialist
Excellent (ICARE)-
Service in the Government LLOYD REDRICK H. HERNAEZ, Administrative Aide VI

Supervisory Development Leadership

Apr. 13-17 Course (SDC) Tracks II and III via:

Apr. 21-23 Supervisory Development Leadership

Course (SDC) Track I
Apr. 27-29 Seminar-Workshop on HRM
Administrative Procedures
May.5-7 Supervisory Development Leadership Region-Wide Learning
Course (SDC) Track I Interventions
Services Agency-Based Learning
May. 18-22 Supervisory Development Leadership
Course (SDC) Tracks II and III Offered Interventions 1st Semester
June 18 Regional Executive Forum Leadership Technical Assistance Training Calendar
(SDC) TRACK I This intervention will enhance the competencies
GSS introduces to the consciousness of
participants the scientific effects of gender bias of Human Resource Management Practitioners on
to individual’s workplace and public service, the It is designed to make supervisors better decision- appointments processing. It gives updates and
economy and society in general, and recognizing makers, problem solvers and best counselors to their consolidates the various CSC issuances, which
the fact that language is the most subtle but most were released after the publication of the Revised
subordinates. It further makes them attuned to the
pervasive form of gender socialization. The Omnibus Rules on Appointments and Other Hu-
changing and diversified demands of their supervisory man Resource Actions. Further, it addresses
program was also designed to provide
participants the skills and alertness in using job. pressing issues, problems, and changing policies
gender-fair language. and procedures related to appointments and other
HR actions.
(VOW) It is designed to continuously develop the EFFECTIVENESS (LACE)
This course reinforces the public service values supervisor as the best decision-maker, problem-
This intervention updates all implementing rules
rooted in the Filipino Culture and articulated through solver and counselor to their direct reports and
and regulations on leave administration to make
social artistry. It is adopted as a continuing program define the job competencies of a good leader. them more relevant and responsive to current reali-
pursuant to RA 6713 and RA 11032. This course is ties and concerns. The Omnibus Rules on Leave
also harmonizes the various rules when needed in
intended to all levels of employees. INTEGRATED COURSE FOR ATTAINING the interest of equity and fairness.
SERVICE IN THE GOVERNMENT The CSC hopes that with the discussion of
SEMINAR-WORKSHOP ON Omnibus Rules on Leave, the unresolved issues
ADMINISTRATIVE PROCEDURES and gray areas relative to leave administration will
This is designed to explain the role of frontline be clarified and thus enhance the efficiency of the
service providers towards the attainment of the over- government HR administration system.
This course is designed to give better all organizational thrust; demonstrate various
understanding to the participants on the different frontline service skills and techniques in the
rules governing the administrative cases in the successful handling of public needs, problem or ALAY SA BAYAN (ALAB) INDUCTION
civil service. This will also give them the oppor- complaints whether by telephone or in person; PROGRAM
tunity to digest cases through case analysis and express their appreciation of government reform,
case presentation which will be part of the learning programs of public service delivery, and get involved A Seminar-Workshop for new entrants in the
session during the training. in it as observers and exemplars of service government service aimed to build commitment to
excellence and manifest to the general public the
value of courteous and efficient services. public service through values-centered activities.