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Unit 4 - Pay

fat cats Top managers who receive huge pay packages and (pre)dobro plaćeni izvršni
bonuses; a wealthy and privileged person direktori (i ostale
privilegirane osobe) koji
So until we reform the way pay levels are set, it looks as
uživaju brojne povlastice i
if the fat cats are going to carry on getting fatter..
an executive a person with senior managerial responsibility in a visoko pozicionirani
business menadžer (izvršni direktor)
the board board of directors upravni odbor
shareholders a person or organization that owns shares in a company dioničari
remuneration committee / A remuneration committee is established to ensure tijelo koje određuje visinu
compensation committee that money paid to senior executives supports the naknade koja se isplaćuje
strategic aims of a business, enables their recruitment, visoko pozicioniranim
motivation and makes sure that they stay with the menadžerima
(negotiate / sign / break) a binding agreement between two or more persons (ispregovarati / potpisati /
a contract that is enforceable by law raskinuti) ugovor
step down resign or retire from a position dati ostavku; odstupiti s
The CEO had to step down because of poor
evaluate / appraise / measure see how well or badly you do sth ocijeniti radni učinak,
performance kvalitetu rada
(take) legal action court case (poduzeti) pravne mjere;
(pokrenuti) sudsku parnicu
binding decision binding decision (↔non-biding = recommendation, obvezujuća odluka
This vote is purely advisory, with no binding force
(pay) damages Damages are the official amount of money awarded to (platiti) odštetu
the winner in a lawsuit. If you're hurt in a car accident
that's another driver's fault, you may end up collecting
He sued the state, seeking at least $2 million
in damages.

different terms for money earned (earnings):

pay plaća
remuneration payment for work that has been done or services that novčana naknada
have been provided
compensation the combination of payment and other benefits that an naknada
employee receives for doing their job
wage an amount of money that is paid, usually every week, dnevnica
to an employee for their work
salary the total amount of money that an employee is paid plaća (obično mjesečna)
every year to do their job, or one of the payments they
receive each month as part of this:
income money earned by a person, company, government, etc. plaća (obično godišnja)
over particular
period of time
commission a payment to someone who sells homes, products, provizija
investments, etc., which is directly related to the
they sell, or the practice of receiving these payments
fee an amount of money paid for a particular piece of work naknada, honorar
or for a particular right or service
(negotiate) the salary and other benefits (= advantages) such as (is)pregovarati)
a pay package / health visinu osnovne plaće i
a remuneration package insurance or a car that an employer offers to an ostalih povlastica
total compensation (core salary + bonuses, different
kind of benefits, commission, share options)
total compensation = pay / remuneration packages ukupna naknada
benefits advantages such as medical insurance, life insurance, povlastice
and sick pay, that employees receive from their
employer in addition to money
reward to give a payment for services performed or for novčana nagrada za
excellent work or behaviour poslovne rezultate
We like to reward our staff when they reach the
pension / retirement (package) a regular income paid by a government or a financial mirovina
organization to someone who no longer works, usually (+ dodatne povlastice)
because of their age or health:
bonus an amount of money given to an employee in addition bonus
to their salary as a reward for working well;
one-off payment for good performance
(exercise) stock options A contract for the right to buy and ( iskoristiti) opcije
sell shares at a later date or within a certain period at a
particular price
share value the total value of sb.'s shares (ukupna) vrijednost dionica
severance deal / the deal a company offers to an employee who's being otpremnina
severance pay fired
golden parachute / golden type of severance deal; a large payment made to an „zlatni pozdrav“ ili točnije
handshake/ golden goodbye executive if they are forced to leave a company, for „zlatno zbogom“
example, if it is bought by another company
golden hello a large payment made to an executive as a reward for „zlatni pozdrav“ ili točnije
joining a company „zlatna dobrodošlica“