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Stoppard’s spy thriller, p.


Volume 1, Number 19 FREE East and West Village, Lower East Side, Soho, Noho, Little Italy and Chinatown December 2 - 8, 2010

A rose is a rose,
but this Rose is
105 years young
BY ALBERT AMATEAU from Roslyn, L.I., one of her
Rose Padawer was feel- daughters, Saralta (“call me
ing just fine three weeks Salty”) Loeb from Hartsdale,
ago. At a gathering of fam- N.Y., and a granddaughter,
ily and neighbors in her E. Alisson Loeb, from Inwood
Ninth St. apartment she told were on hand for the event.
a reporter, “I’m a healthy Also at the party were Grace
young girl of 105.” Main, who lives downstairs,
“On the first page!” she and Linda Terry, from
exclaimed when she was upstairs, who both have
told that the reporter was known Rose for more than
going to write an article 30 years.
about her Nov. 10 birthday “Last year she asked me
bash. “I can read big print,” when I was going to write
she assured. my memoirs,” said Terry, a
Her son, Gerald Padawer,
a retired nuclear physicist Continued on page 12

Photo by Milo Hess

Citing less need,
A new target for taggers? Children’s Aid may
A new mural by Kenny Scharf went up on the “graffiti wall” at East Houston St. and the Bowery last week.
leave Sullivan St.
In Chinatown, groups battle BY ALBERT AMATEAU
The Children’s Aid
Society is considering the
“serious consideration.”
If the society decides
to sell the buildings at

over a proposal for new BID sale of its buildings on

Sullivan St. where it has
been a part of the Village for
219 Sullivan St. and 175
Sullivan St., it is likely that
its Arts and After-school
BY LESLEY SUSSMAN have a business improvement district and properties owned and occupied by more than a century. Program and the New Acting
A civic association that wants to — known as a BID, for short — of nonprofit groups do not generally pay In a letter to families Company would close after
create a Chinatown business improve- any kind. an assessment. At least 50 percent of who take part in the soci- June 2012.
ment district ran into some strong The Chinatown Partnership L.D.C. property owners must approve of the ety’s Arts and After-school “We are aware that this
resistance at Community Board 3’s full is seeking a BID designation because a plan, though generally BID’s are only Program and the New news will come as a shock to
board meeting on Tues., Nov. 23. $5.4 million government grant that has started when there is much more sub- Acting Company classes and many,” said a Nov. 28 letter
Members of the Chinatown paid for extra street cleaning and garbage stantial support. productions in the Sullivan signed by Richard Buery, the
Partnership Local Development pickup is about to expire. Community The BID’s board would be responsible St. complex, the center’s society’s president and chief
Corporation’s BID Steering Committee leaders are concerned that Chinatown for developing the budget and determin- executives said the decision
were scheduled to appear at the board’s would revert to the conditions that pre- ing the rate of assessment needed to was not final but is under Continued on page 11
6:30 p.m. meeting at P.S. 20, 166 Essex vailed before the cleanup program began. fund the services provided by the BID.
St., to elicit C.B. 3’s support for the The new BID would be a public- Property owners would on average pay
plan. private partnership in which property an assessment of approximately 3 to 5
But before they even had an oppor- owners would pay annual assessment fees percent of their annual property taxes. EDITORIAL,
tunity to make their presentation, for extra cleanup of Chinatown’s streets Members of the Coalition Against LETTERS
steering committee members found and for other business improvements. It the Chinatown BID, however, contend PAGE 14
themselves under attack by a member would also advocate for a fair share of that hiring a private street-sweeping
of C.B. 3’s Chinatown Working Group government services for the district. service that would be paid for by BID
and representatives of the Coalition Landlords may pass on the assess- revenues is not the sole solution for
Against the Chinatown BID, a busi- ment to their commercial tenants. Chinatown’s sanitation problems, and POUNDING BEAT
ness and property-owners group that Residential properties are assessed at PAGE 23
does not believe Chinatown should a lower rate than commercial ones, Continued on page 2


2 December 2 - 8, 2010

Chinatown groups battle over a proposal for a BID

“For Chinatown, it’s a moment of
Continued from page 1 self-determination,” she said. “I urge
Community Board 3 members to be sup-
that the Chinatown Partnership L.D.C. is portive of the BID.”
not qualified to advocate for government Chin later said charges that the
services. They also noted that since the Chinatown Partnership L.D.C. was being
1990’s, Chinatown-area property owners divisive by not participating in meetings of
have twice rejected BID’s. C.B. 3’s Chinatown Working Group were
The fireworks started early at the C.B. simply untrue.
3 meeting when the evening’s first speaker “This BID group has been working on
blasted the Chinatown Partnership for this for the past four years — long before
not participating in the efforts of C.B. the Chinatown Working Group was even
3’s Chinatown Working Group, a com- organized,” she noted.
munity-based planning initiative for the Gigi Li, co-chairperson of the Chinatown
Chinatown area. Working Group, said the clash of opin-
Rob Hollander, a C.W.G. member, ions about the BID was not tearing the
said that the Chinatown Partnership was Chinatown community apart.
being “divisive” by not participating in the “There are very strong opinions on both
group’s efforts to form a comprehensive ends,” Li said. “And I would welcome a
development plan for the area. presentation by them in front of the mem-
“I’m concerned about this BID,” bers of the Chinatown Working Group.
Hollander said. “We have, right now, a That would show an additional level of
Chinatown Working Group where all the outreach to the community.”
different voices in the area are coming Li added that she had already invited
together for the first time. Instead, they’re Wellington Chen, the Partnerhship’s exec-
bypassing the Chinatown Working Group utive director, to attend the Chinatown
and creating a division,” he said of the Photo by Lesley Sussman
Working Group’s next meeting.
Partnership. “He has an outstanding invitation to
Saying clean streets reflect well on Chinatown, members of the Chinatown Part-
come before us, but is not required to do
nership Local Development Corporation turned out to back the BID plan at C.B. 3’s
so,” she said.
Nov. 23 meeting.
Li said the whole issue will be discussed
‘I urge Community Board was being used for sanitation purposes. Partnership had put together a “broadly in greater depth at C.B. 3’s upcoming
“It’s outrageous and unreasonable,” based group in support of this plan, and Economic Development Committee meet-
3 members to be Grossman said. “They’re going to waste we’ve submitted documents to show the ing, when the committee will recommend
any BID grants they get. It’s a bad idea to support we have.” what position the full board should take
supportive of the BID.’ let the Chinatown Partnership go through Yau said Chinatown’s top three commu- on the matter.
with its plan.” nity needs were sanitation, affordable hous- The current government grant award-
Councilmember Margaret Chin A Chinatown Partnership spokesperson ing and jobs. In other surveys conducted by ed to the Chinatown Partnership L.D.C.
later denied the charge. He said Grossman the Chinatown Partnership, he said, “The expires Dec. 31. The Partnership must not
had failed to look at the records of the overwhelming issue for all respondents was only get approval for the BID plan from
city’s Economic Development Corporation, improving Chinatown’s sanitation. Community Boards 1, 2, and 3, but also
Hollander was followed by several which, as part of an arrangement with the “That’s why clean streets will be our from the City Council. The first-year BID
speakers from The Coalition Against the L.D.C., was “making payments directly to number one mission, along with advo- budget would be $1.3 million, the vast
Chinatown BID. Jan Lee, a coalition orga- the contractor” in charge of the cleanup cating for more government money for majority of which would be used for side-
nizer, charged the L.D.C. with misus- effort. “Those payments were not reflected Chinatown,” he added. “We just want to walk cleaning and trash removal.
ing grant money in its quest to form a on the C.P.L.D.C.’s books,” the spokesper- keep our community clean, something The boundaries of the BID district cur-
Chinatown BID. son added. we’re already doing successfully under a rently under consideration are Broome St.
He said that the Partnership had David Louie, a Chinatown Partnership government grant that is about to expire.” on the north; Broadway on the west; Allen
received millions of dollars in post-9/11 steering committee member and chairper- Also supporting the BID plan was City and Rutgers Sts. on the east; and White,
grant money from the Lower Manhattan son of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce Councilmember Margaret Chin. Worth and Madison Sts. on the south.
Development Corporation based on spe- of New York, also denied the charges, and
cific tasks it would accomplish. said it was time for opponents of the BID
“But instead of adhering to their orig-
inal mission, [the L.D.C.] has squan-
dered public funds in pursuit of forming
plan to “calm down.”
“I’ve heard a lot of unkind and untrue
remarks,” Louie told C.B. 3 board mem-
C.C.B.A: ‘Need Sun Yat-sen soon’
a Chinatown BID, which is not what their bers. “A BID is the best way to improve BY LESLEY SUSSMAN year is the 100th anniversary of the Chinese
grant money was for,” Lee charged. the quality of life in Chinatown. The BID At its October full-board meeting, Revolution led by Dr. Sun Yat-sen.
Lee added that more than 150 business- would not be a dividing factor but a unify- Community Board 3 considered a proposal “This statue, which would be erected
es — many of them along the critical Mott ing one. It’s unkind and unfair to say we for the construction of a statue of Dr. Sun adjacent to the Chinatown information kiosk,
St. commercial corridor — have signed a don’t have a broad spectrum of support.” Yat-sen to be erected on the traffic island at would become another world-famous land-
petition opposing the BID. Louie added that in surveys taken on Canal and Baxter Sts. in Chinatown to cel- mark in New York City’s bustling Chinatown
“We do not agree with this attempt the proposed BID, 97 percent of commu- ebrate the 100th anniversary of the Chinese community and, undoubtedly, a favorite with
to ‘unify’ Chinatown under a pay-to-play nity property owners who voted declared Revolution in 1911. tourists,” Tai said.
system of politics,” Lee asserted. “The their support for a BID. Another 600 C.B. 3 gave its support to the resolution He added that the statue would be
dubious track records of many BID’s in business owners and residents wrote let- that called for the creation of the Dr. Sun designed by the New York City architec-
the city stand as testimony against a BID ters of support, he said, including longtime Yat-sen statue. The measure was presented tural firm of T.C. Ho, at 33 Bowery, the firm
for Chinatown.” community groups, such as the Chinese by Gary Tai, assistant to the president of the which designed and engineered the statues
Philip Grossman, an attorney for the Chamber of Commerce, the Chinatown Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association, of Confucius and Lin Ze Xu in Chinatown.
coalition, joined in the attack. He told C.B. American Legion post and the Canal St. at 62 Mott St., who said his civic group is Ho is also the president of the New York
3 board members that an analysis he made Jewelry Association. awaiting city approval for the site. Viet-American Lions Club.
of the Chinatown Partnership’s expendi- Louie was joined by Patrick Yau, “We wish to honor one of the most Tai added that much of the memorial’s
tures revealed that only 31 percent of its executive director of the First American important figures in modern Chinese his- funding would come from money donated by
$5.4 million Clean Streets Program grant International Bank, who said the tory as soon as possible,” Tai said, “as next Sun Yat-sen’s granddaughter.
December 2 - 8, 2010 3

vated theater, the university had “broken this pledge,” not-
BROADWAY PANHANDLER ing that the seat ends, along with the space’s four walls, are
Get Baked for the Holidays virtually all that’s left of the historic theater. Berman said he
never heard back from N.Y.U. following his letter. However,

Cookie Sheets Measuring Cups

& Spoons
NOTEBOOK Hurley explained to us that the seat ends have actually been
installed in the walls at the end of each row of seats. In the
end (pun intended), Hurley said, “Attaching 1940-ish, metal
THEATER REHAB DRAMA: With New York University ends to what need to be new, functioning seats didn’t work.”
poised to publicly unveil the Provincetown Playhouse in its After we subsequently informed him that the seat ends are
Bundt Pans new School of Law building on MacDougal St., preserva- actually set into the concrete walls near the seats, Berman
tionist Andrew Berman on Monday fired off an alarmed shot back he never expected they would be “entombed”
g Stand Mixers
Pins e-mail blast, charging that the university has “broken yet this way. “That Poe House approach to preservation pleases
Lots Of Bakeware another promise” regarding the project, of which he has no one expect the spinmeisters of N.Y.U.,” he said. He was
For Very Little Dough Scales been a strident critic. Specifically, the Greenwich Village referring to what he derided as the “Home Depot-style”
65 East 8th St. (off B ’way) • 212- 966-3434 Society for Historic Preservation director says, N.Y.U. has facsimile of the former Poe House in the School of Law
Mon-Sat 11-7 • Thurs ’til 8pm • Sun 11-6 flouted its commitment on the theater’s seats — and he isn’t building on W. Third St., for which the original Poe House
about to take it sitting down. Berman points to a Feb. 1,
2010, letter that Alicia Hurley, N.Y.U.’s vice president of Continued on page 13
government affairs and community engagement, wrote to
Borough President Scott Stringer in which she stated that
the “end pieces of the chairs, which appear to be from the
1940’s, are being preserved and fastened to the end of each
HAPPY HOLIDAYS! row of seating.” But Berman told us he had it on the word of
a source that the seat ends were, in fact, being sequestered in
a “display area” somewhere inside the theater. He wrote John
Sexton, N.Y.U.’s president, on Nov. 19, saying that, with the
failure to reuse the seat ends on the actual chairs in the reno-

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4 December 2 - 8, 2010





Photos by Milo Hess

‘If these walls could talk’

A new mural, above, by Kenny Scharf, went up on the “graffiti wall” at East Houston
St. and the Bowery last week. The man pictured is an assistant, not Scharf. The
juxtaposition of a heap of garbage and the Monopoly game’s Rich Uncle Pennybags
character, below, at Cleveland Place in Nolita could certainly be viewed as an ironic
commentary on our current economy.






December 2 - 8, 2010 5

Housing Authority tenants want cameras, more security

BY ALINE REYNOLDS minimum of eight hours of community service
The New York City Housing Authority per month, such as Resident Watch, as a term
has neither the funds nor the personnel to of their lease.
implement all the security measures its resi- The Tenant Patrol program, founded in
dents want, such as monitored cameras and an 1968, was renamed Resident Watch this year.
enhanced Resident Watch program. Yet crime NYCHA spokesperson Eric Deutsch
has risen by 2.8 percent in Lower Manhattan’s explained, “While residents have volunteered
public housing developments over the past for more than 40 years to enhance the safety
year. and security of their communities, Resident
NYCHA’s Safety and Security Task Force, Watch is a response to residents’ requests to
created last year, is reviewing security and improve collaboration among them, NYCHA
police issues to improve its services. The task and the N.Y.P.D., and to figure out how best
force will soon release a report documenting to reduce crime in public housing.”
NYCHA’s security problems and solutions. But Smith Houses senior resident Rosa
under the current system, many public housing Ramerez, who patrols her building, said she
residents are afraid. hasn’t witnessed any major crimes during the
At 2:53 a.m. on Sept. 1, armed men con- time she has served. Criminals avoid the build-
fronted Smith Houses resident Anthony Evans, ing because “they know we’re here,” she said.
28, in the playground facing the complex’s An N.Y.P.D. officer who requested ano-
46 Madison St. residence. Evans was shot in nymity confirmed that residents sitting in
the head, torso and right arm. He was taken groups in the lobby deter crime.
to Downtown Hospital, where he was pro- Photo by Aline Reynolds “If the residents send the message that
nounced dead. Carmen Ortra, Seward Park Extension T.A. president, right, with T.A. Vice President they care about their building, someone who
Surveillance cameras recorded the crime Deborah Givens, has been fighting for years to get surveillance cameras installed. appears they don’t belong in the building will
but were unable to produce a clear image of the say, ‘Hey, these people are watching,’” the
perpetrator. Residents of the housing develop- Park Extension on the Lower East Side, don’t provided funds for surveillance cameras. officer said.
ment argue the cameras are unreliable guards have any cameras at all. Carmen Ortra, ten- Mendez, however, points out that there’s Lourdes Leung, head of the Rutgers Houses
against crime. ants association president at Seward Park competition for a limited amount of funds. Resident Watch, said numbers make a big dif-
Association, who has been fighting for cameras This year, for example, her allocations went ference.
for the past year, was told in the spring that toward financing a handicap-accessible ramp “We have a big group here, so usually noth-
NYCHA doesn’t have the money to install at Lillian Wald Houses and security cameras ing happens,” Leung said.
‘Preserving safety is the them. for two of four buildings at Campos Plaza. Daez, who serves as the Smith Houses
“If we have cameras in the building, even if Baruch Houses, on the other hand, put in its Resident Watch chief, organized a recogni-
responsibility of NYCHA they’re not watched every second of the day, at request for cameras too late, and so missed tion dinner on Nov. 13 at St. James Church
least if something happens, someone could go out on the money. Mendez also points out to encourage the program’s 100 volunteers in
tenants, not just the back and look at the tape and see what’s going that some residents might take issue with their efforts.
on,” said Tamara Johnson, 32, a Seward Park surveillance cameras, feeling they violate “We’re working now in conjunction with
police.’ Extension resident. their civil liberties, so these considerations the Borough President’s Office and the poli-
must be taken into account, as well. ticians to try to get an [additional] stipend
Margarita Lopez Around 20 older women and men sat for the residents here, to show appreciation
‘NO MONEY FOR CAMERAS’ in the small, stark lobby of 45 Pike St. in and hopefully get others involved,” said
Rutgers Houses on a recent Friday evening. Daez.
“Nobody’s monitoring those cameras, so it Former local Councilmember Margarita They were chatting and reading newspapers. However, as with the cameras, NYCHA
doesn’t make me feel any better one way or the Lopez, who is now a NYCHA board member, They were without weapons or other protec- doesn’t have the funds to cover such expenses.
other if the cameras are here,” said Mary Daez, contended that cameras are only instrumental tive gear. “It would be asking us one more time to
a Smith Houses resident. in identifying the perpetrators and don’t neces- But guards they were. Like others who get money out of a tree that doesn’t give you
“If they had somebody looking at those sarily prevent the crimes from taking place. serve on Resident Watch in NYCHA develop- blood,” said Lopez.
cameras, and there was a fight escalating, then “NYCHA never had money for cameras,” ments, most of them were there to fulfill fed- She emphasized the importance of resi-
maybe they could have said, ‘Listen, there’s a Lopez said. “That is, again, another dream that eral community-service requirements. Under
fight beginning at such and such a place, send a doesn’t have funding attached to it.” law, all NYCHA residents have to perform a Continued on page 6
patrol car,’ and that could have been stopped,” Local elected officials, such as Assembly
said Mariainez Quinonez, another resident. Speaker Sheldon Silver and Councilmember
Cameras indeed prove more effective when
they are manned, according to Deputy Inspector
Thomas Hogan, who as the commander of
Margaret Chin, secured funding for the cameras
for 12 Lower Manhattan developments.
“I hope very much they’re going to do it for
St. Vincent’s looks to market
Police Service Area 4 is responsible for the
security of 25 Housing Authority developments.
A recent analysis conducted by the Police
us,” Ortra said, noting few residents volunteer
to monitor the lobbies. She planned to bring up
the subject in a recent meeting with Chin.
former Village hospital campus
Department revealed a dramatic drop in crime “We’ll look at how many entrances [the St. Vincent’s Catholic Medical Centers is officer of St. Vincent’s.
after cameras were installed. development] has, how many cameras it needs, seeking to retain CB Richard Ellis to market The property, which occupies eight build-
But camera protection doesn’t come cheap. and figure out if we can get it into budget this its Manhattan real estate assets, accord- ings, at Seventh Ave. between 11th and 12th
The technology is expensive, Hogan said, and year,” said Jake Itzkowitz, Chin’s spokesperson. ing to St. Vincent’s spokesperson Veronica Sts., represents a significant source of value for
“paying police officers to just sit there and So far this year, Chin has secured $800,000 for Sullivan, who issued a brief e-mail press St. Vincent’s bankruptcy estate, Toney said.
watch would be cost-prohibitive.” cameras for three developments — Rutgers, release Wednesday afternoon. St. Vincent’s Hospital closed at the end of
This explains why out of NYCHA’s 334 Vladeck and LaGuardia Houses — which are On Wednesday, St. Vincent’s Catholic April with $1 billion in debt.
developments, only 15 — including Lillian supposed to be installed between now and June Medical Centers filed a motion with the U.S. CB Richard Ellis, an internationally rec-
Wald Houses in the East Village — have cam- 30 of next year. Bankruptcy Court to retain CB Richard Ellis, ognized firm, is well established in the New
eras that are monitored 24 hours a day by the “The priority for [the councilmember] is Inc. as real estate adviser for the disposition York market and accustomed to developing
police. that residents in her district are safe,” Itzkowitz of its Greenwich Village campus. and implementing real estate strategies for
“Deciding which developments got them said. “Right now, cameras are the best way to “St. Vincent’s is exploring all options complex sale transactions, the press release
was based on crime and cost of installation,” do that.” available regarding the Manhattan campus said.
said Hogan of the manned cameras. Councilmember Rosie Mendez and to maximize value for all of its stakehold- The U.S. Bankruptcy Court will consider
Other local developments, such as Seward Borough President Scott Stringer have also ers,” said Mark Toney, chief restructuring the request at a hearing this month.
6 December 2 - 8, 2010

Residents want more security

Continued from page 5

dents participating in the program, whether

they get paid or not. The more that residents
monitor their own developments, the less
likely crimes are to occur, she said.
“Preserving safety and security is the
responsibility of NYCHA tenants, not just
the police,” noted Lopez.
But Michael Steele, president of the ten-
ants association at Rutgers Houses, pointed
out that guarding buildings is potentially
dangerous, and that even additional stipends

Join us for an are unlikely to attract many newcomers.

“Nobody wants to put their life on the
line, and that’s basically what you’re doing,”
Steele said.
OPEN HOUSE at And some tenants said they don’t feel any
safer with residents on patrol.
“They’re little old ladies,” Johnson said.
Tamara Johnson, a Seward Park
Photo by Aline Reynolds

Extension resident, said the develop-

The “If you’re at gunpoint, what’re you going to

do? Sit there and try to call the cops?”
“You going to run and save somebody?
No,” said Stephanie Ortiz, a former Resident
ment needs surveillance cameras.

they are of the drug dealers,” Jenkins said.

Ismael Sidibe, 23, a Seward Park

Watch volunteer at Smith Houses. Extension resident of seven years, was
The security program, Ortiz added, typi- recently detained at his building’s entrance
cally ends at 9 p.m., when the residents by police offices for trespassing.
return to their homes, after which most of “I told them I live upstairs,” Sidibe said.
the crimes occur. “They said they didn’t care about where I

Playhouse The tenant patrol volunteers at Rutgers

Houses were shaken by a May 30 incident,
when one resident stabbed another with a
kitchen knife. The incident happened after
live, they just took me to the precinct.”
The police source maintained that loiter-
ers aren’t legally required to show identifica-
tion, and that the officers are only trying to
the volunteers had finished their shift. do their jobs.
Saturday, December 11, 2010 “The reality is, there are a lot of bad guys
out there,” the source said. “There are some
Noon to 5:00 PM • 133 MacDougal Street
VERTICAL PATROLS people that just don’t like the police.”

New York University invites you to this open house at the newly In 1995, NYCHA entered into a mutual
re-furbished Provincetown Playhouse! Come tour the historic agreement with the city to allocate an annual COMMUNITY POLICING
sum, currently $73 million, to provide above-
theatre and see a new exhibition featuring archival images of some
baseline police services for its tenants. In 1990, Mayor David Dinkins established
of the most famous playwrights and actors whose productions “This means that NYCHA is entitled a community-policing program, in which police
are part of the theatre’s near 100-year history. Light refreshments to receive an enriched level of police ser- officers were assigned to specific housing devel-
vices compared to other landlords in the opments, enabling them to form a rapport with
will also be served.
city,” explained Sheila Steinback, a NYCHA the residents. His successor, Rudy Giuliani, did
From playwrights Eugene O’Neill and Susan Glaspell in spokesperson. away with the program in 1995, when NYCHA’s
the early twentieth century, to Edward Albee and George Bernard Beginning at the ground floor, officers police services merged with the N.Y.P.D.’s in an
work their way up the stairwells of the proj- effort to combat serious crime.
Shaw at mid-century, and to Sam Shepard, David Mamet, Charles
ects, interrogating any loiterers they encoun- Some of NYCHA’s residents long for a
Busch in more recent years, the Provincetown Playhouse has been ter along the way. Since only 72 officers are return to the kind of community policing
one of the most significant theatres in American theatre history. available to patrol the roughly 170 build- Dinkins instituted. Rutgers Houses resident
ings in Lower Manhattan, the police focus Dorothea Cody said under the Dinkins pro-
The exhibition, designed in collaboration with NYU’s
their efforts on housing developments where gram the police “knew who everyone was.”
Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development, crimes have recently transpired. Efforts are being made to alleviate the
will offer visitors a glimpse of past productions at the theatre and “We’re taught to ask three questions: ‘Do problem. At the Sept. 30 Smith Houses
will provide historic context, situating the Provincetown Playhouse
you live in the building?’ ‘Are you visiting Tenant Association meeting, state Senator
someone in the building?’ ‘Do you have any Daniel Squadron asserted that, though the
at the heart of the development of modern drama in America. legitimate business in the building?’” the police N.Y.P.D. can’t revert back to community
officer said of how they approach loiterers. If policing, those tight relationships can be
We hope to see you on Saturday, December 11th! the person refuses to answer the questions, he re-established.
No RSVP is required. or she could be arrested for trespassing. Police Lieutenant Steve Nusser offered
But residents and advocates claim the his cell phone number to the residents in
police are intimidating and harassing resi- attendance at the T.A. meeting.
NYU’s Office of Government and Community Affairs
dents rather than protecting them. “We have to work together,” Nusser told or 212.998.2400. “Tenants don’t feel they’re receiving the the residents.
special police services they pay for,” said “We need as much information as pos-
Marquis Jenkins, a community organizer at sible from you,” he continued. “You’re the
Good Old Lower East Side, or GOLES, an people that live here. Everything people tell
East Village-based housing and preservation us, we appreciate it and we’re going to act on
organization that advocates for tenants’ rights. it. If we don’t get that information, it makes
“They’re more afraid of police services than our job a lot harder.”
December 2 - 8, 2010 7

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8 December 2 - 8, 2010

struction • Best V
pert In
entic Fa cilities • Ex

Photo by Jefferson Siegel

Rob Van Der Hoek, left, and Kristopher Rendon, both sporting facial wounds, leav-
ing Criminal Court on Monday after their arraignment on assault charges.

The Best Sports Programs,
and took him to “The Tombs,” at 100 Centre
Dutch-police dustup St., where he was held 18 hours. Billy told
the East Villager that police at the scene said

Hands Down!
An employee of the Netherlands Embassy they just wanted to take him aside and talk
in Washington, D.C., and his Dutch friend to him, but they handcuffed him and took
were arrested after a fight outside Arthur’s him Downtown in a police car. Talen quoted
Tavern, 57 Grove St., during the early hours the judge at his 11 a.m. misdemeanor tres-
With 10 different sports and over 300 classes a week, of Sun., Nov. 28. Rob Van Der Hoek, 30, pass arraignment on Sat., Nov. 27, as asking
the Field House offers Manhattan’s best sports programs a consular official at the embassy, and his why he wasn’t issued a summons instead
for children of all ages. friend Kristopher Rendon, 31, both resi-
dents of Bethesda, Md., were charged with
of being put through the system. Norman
Siegel will represent Reverend Billy at his
assault. Two women, identified in a New Jan. 11 court appearance.
Little Athletes York Post article as Lenneke Veeninga,
SPRING (12 months – 5 years)
Rendon’s wife, and Roos Kouwenhoven,
Soccer | Gymnastics | Dance | Micro-Sports
SEMESTER Tee-Ball | Flip-N-Kick | Flip-N-Twirl
Van Der Hoek’s fiancée, were also involved,
Holiday home invader
according to the Post, but were not charged.
STARTS Youth Sports Development The incident began around 1:30 a.m. when
JANUARY (5 – 16 years) the suspects learned that Arthur’s, a jazz Police arrested Damont Green, 27, on
24TH Soccer | Gymnastics | Baseball | Basketball | Dance club, does not take credit cards. They said Sun., Nov. 28, and charged him with the
Flag Football | Rock Climbing | Martial Arts | Youth Fitness they couldn’t pay cash and argued with the burglary and robbery of a woman in her bed-
waitress. The argument turned physical and room at 55 Morton St. around 5:30 a.m. on
carried outside when police came to break it Thanksgiving Day. The victim, 27, woke up
Chelsea Shears up. Police said the suspects attacked them, to see a man holding a knife, police said. She
Hair Salon for Kids
NEW but Van Der Hoek and Rendon claimed they struggled with the intruder, sustaining an
AT THE CP Building Blocks were beaten by police, according to the Post. injury to her leg, and the man fled after tak-
FIELD HOUSE (18 months – 5 years)
The two men were released on $1,500 bail ing unspecified items. The victim was taken
Enrichment program for children with developmental needs. pending a Dec. 3 court appearance. to Beth Israel Hospital in stable condition.
Green is being held pending a court appear-

The Field House at ance on burglary, robbery causing an injury,

credit-card grand larceny, criminal trespass
Billy bank bustalujah and possession of marijuana.

Reverend Billy Talen of the Church of

Life After Shopping took his angel choir
23rd Street & Hudson River Park on a protest march from Columbus Circle Left Mom, 93, on floor
to the UBS bank building on Sixth Ave. at
212.336.6520 | 52nd St., on the biggest shopping day of the Police arrested Gordon Dowling, 57, of
year, the Friday after Thanksgiving. They 175 W. 13th St., on Nov. 23 and charged
demonstrated against the Swiss bank for its him with leaving his mother, 93, in the
Golf • Spa • Field House • Sky Rink • Available Online
financing of mountaintop-removal coal min-
ing. Police arrested Talen around 4:30 p.m. Continued on page 9
December 2 - 8, 2010 9


Continued from page 8

apartment they shared for at least two days, on the floor and hiding their faces as they 4@72/GA.%(!>;
lying on the floor in a soiled nightgown amid picked it up and walked out. The victim lost
feces and mold. An Emergency Medical $600 in cash and various credit cards.
Service team found her helpless on the floor 7<B63/<</;/@7/93::3</C27B=@7C;
while Dowling was in the apartment and !#3/AB B6 AB@33B
making no attempt to help her, according to
the complaint. Dowling was charged with Women wallet stealers 03BE33< <2/<2!@2/D3<C3A
<3EG=@9<G!  7   %%%! "
three counts of endangering the welfare of
an incompetent and physically disabled, A saleswoman at LePage New York, the
elderly person. Dowling, who is represented gift shop at 72 Thompson St., told police she
by a court-appointed attorney, was released was busy taking care of a crowd of shoppers
on his own recognizance pending a court on the afternoon of Fri., Nov. 12, and discov- 2313;03@
appearance on the charges. ered when most of the crowd had left around
2 p.m. that her wallet had been stolen. The 3 C0CH0=0B8A>C0^WO\]
victim said she suspected that two women ;CA710G033B6=D3</<2A16C03@B

who were among the last to leave had made
Domestic assault off with her wallet with $15 in cash, her
MetroCard and credit cards.
Police arrested Sebastian Caldwell, 28,
on Fri., Nov. 26, and charged him with stran-
gulation and assault for choking and beating
Chanel bags went
17 =030E;4E
his girlfriend in their apartment on E. 11th ;CA710G0=1163@7<7/<2@3A634
St. at Avenue A at 2 a.m. Wed., Nov. 2.
Caldwell was also charged with choking and The manager of What Goes Around 4@33 8/ < C/ @G
beating the victim on July 15. Comes Around, the boutique at 351 West
Broadway between Grand and Broome Sts., 7 <0A2?>=C7DB ^WO\]
told police that two Chanel bags with a ;CA710G0=C:3H230CAAG/<2=CB7A

14B0A07?A0CCdW]ZW\;  0
total value of $4,950 were stolen from a
Wicked mug shot display case around 2:30 p.m. Fri., Nov. 26. CA71 0G /16
The shop was so busy that employees were
A patron of Wicked Willy’s bar, 149
Bleecker St., got into an argument with two
unable to see how the bags were stolen,
police said.
other patrons around 4:30 a.m. Sun., Nov.
21, and one of them smashed him in the face ;CA710G0/160/@@7Ê@3/<253;7<7/<7
with a beer mug. The other suspect punched
the 37-year-old victim in the eye and both Rock-a-bye bag A>274;;48CI4= ÀcbS=T[[XTBT]V^WO\]
assailants fled, according to reports. ;CA710G0/162CB7::3CF/<2D7D/:27
A female Hudson Square resident told
police she was in Don Hill’s, the music 28E0=4BB050380; ^WO\]
club at 511 Greenwich St., during the early 0a^]IT[Z^fXRiQSZZ]
Religion rip-off hours of Fri., Nov. 19, and had put her bag ;CA710G0/@03@234/:://<2A16C;/<<
on the floor by her chair around 1 a.m.
A visitor from Cincinnati told police on When she bent to pick it up a half hour 4 3 0 @ C/ @G
Fri., Nov. 26, that as soon as he discovered
his wallet was gone around 3:52 p.m. he
returned to the True Religion clothing bou-
later, she discovered it had been stolen,
along with $220 in cash, diamond earrings
valued at $300, her Apple cell phone, credit
tique at 132 Prince St., where he last had it cards and house keys. 
two hours earlier. A surveillance camera at
the shop recorded two men kicking a wallet Alber t Amateau
Precinct beefs up dinner detail ?a^VaP\bPaTbdQYTRcc^

The Annual Sixth Precinct Police Roast Beef Dinner will be held on Tues., Dec. 7, from 6 X]SXeXSdP[bU^d]SPcX^]b
R^a_^aPcX^]bP]SV^eTa]\T]c /4@71/</;3@71/<A>7@7BC/:A/<2;CA710G
p.m. to 9 p.m., at the Our Lady of Pompei Senior Center, Father Demo Hall, at Bleecker and PVT]RXTbcWPc\PZT^da 3::7<5B=</<28=>:7<
Carmine Sts. Food has been donated by local merchants and will be served by members of _a^VaP\b_^bbXQ[TcWa^dVWcWTXa
Greenwich Village’s Sixth Precinct. Admission is $12 at the door. All proceeds go to The Caring
Community’s operating fund. For more information, call Sandy Gabin at 212-989-3620.
7D67B0< ^WO\]
Sun. $3.50 Screwdrivers & our famous Bloody Mary’s,
$2.50 Miller Lite Drafts & Bud Bottles
25 <82704;2A0=4
Neighborhood ;CA710G033B6=D3</<2:7AHB
Fusion! Mon. $4 Mojito’s all flavors Tues. $2 Margarita’s
CHEAP-EEZ COCKTAILS (except Fri. & Sat.) - Coors & Pabst Cans $3, B>=4;8DBB<8C7 ^WO\]0]S5aXT]Sb
Rootbeer Floats $3, Sloe Gin Fizz $2, Tom Collins $3, =@757</:/<23FB3<2321=;>=A7B7=<A0GA;7B6
“One of the 63 best bars
in NYC” — Time Out, 2009 Whiskey Sours $3, Rum Lime Ricky $3
281 W 12th St @ 4th St. NYC 212-243-9041
10 December 2 - 8, 2010

Assembly backs stopgap moratorium against fracking

BY ALBERT AMATEAU in a joint statement with James Gennaro, chair- which could halt all fracking for natural gas in week.
The New York State Assembly voted 93 to person of the City Council’s Environmental the state, not just in the Marcellus formation. Assemblymember Deborah Glick was
43 shortly after midnight on Monday in favor Committee, that the moratorium was an “It could result in the potential loss of among the co-sponsors of the bill, which
of a six-month moratorium on hydrofracture important step forwarding protecting New 5,000 industry jobs, threaten the future of also had the support of Manhattan Borough
gas drilling in the state. York City’s drinking water. The Council last more than 300 businesses and temporarily President Scott Stringer.
The vote during the last minutes of the year called for a ban on fracking in the water- eliminate $1 million in annual revenue that In September 2009 the state Department of
legislative session this year, follows a similar shed area, which supplies 90 percent of the the state collects from traditional drilling per- Environmental Conservation issued for review
moratorium passed by the state Senate in the city’s drinking water, all of this unfiltered. The mit fees,” the association said in a statement. an 809-page draft supplemental generic envi-
summer. The resolution needs the signature of other 10 percent of the city’s drinking water “Hundreds of millions in lease payments and ronmental impact statement on hydrofrack-
Governor Paterson to ban the process known passes through a Bronx filtration plant. The royalties to landowners and tens of millions in ing rules. But New York City officials and
as fracking until May 15 of next year. temporary moratorium goes further and bans tax revenues to local towns and counties in the environmental advocates protested that the
Paterson is expected to sign the morato- the drilling process throughout the state. state also will be lost during this moratorium,” guidelines were largely written by gas drilling
rium soon. Fracking involves horizontal drilling into the association said. companies.
“Even with the tremendous revenues it the Marcellus shale formation, which lies more However, Ling Tsou, a Lower Manhattan Last April, D.E.C. decided to remove the
would bring in, we’re not going to risk public than 5,000 feet beneath New York State’s 27 resident for 40 years, said she became con- New York City watershed and the Syracuse
safety or water quality,” Paterson said last Southern Tier counties near the Pennsylvania vinced in the summer of 2009 that fracking watershed from the generic fracking review
week in an interview on fracking. border, including the six counties that include was a public health danger and not the eco- and required gas drillers in those watersheds
Welcomed by city officials and environ- New York City’s watershed. nomic boon that supporters claim it is. to undertake supplemental environmental
mental advocates as an important but stop- The process calls for injecting millions of “It’s not an Upstate-Downstate issue,” she reviews for each well.
gap measure that protects New York City’s gallons of water laced with a cocktail of toxic said on Wednesday. “If you count the expense Environmental advocates acknowledged
Delaware-Catskill watershed from poten- chemicals under high pressure to fracture the of cleaning up after accidents and repairing the that although the D.E.C. decision would
tially toxic chemicals, the moratorium was formation, releasing natural gas trapped in the roads that will be damaged by heavy truck traf- discourage fracking in the two watersheds,
denounced by gas and oil companies as “a job shale. fic, and add up all the other costs, it’s not such there was nothing to stop the agency from
killer, an Upstate business killer and potentially “It is the first time any state in the country a great economic benefit. We should explore issuing a subsequent executive decision
an industry killer.” has passed any kind of moratorium on this gas more sustainable and environmentally safe including the watersheds in the review once
But Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver said drilling technique,” Quinn said. “As accounts energy,” she added. it is final.
on Tuesday, “I will not let anything stand in of contaminated water, soil and air due to While oil and gas advocates say that drill- The federal Environmental Protection
the way of making sure all New Yorkers have hydraulic fracturing come in from across the ing has been done safely for years in the state, Agency has been holding hearings over the
clean, safe water. By preventing hydrofracking country, New York is in a unique position to Silver said, “When it comes to keeping pol- past year preparing for a nationwide report
from moving ahead without careful study, we show much-needed leadership on this issue,” lution and dangerous chemicals out of our assessing the safety of hydrofracking. A sci-
have protected our water supply and served Quinn said. water, there is simply no acceptable level of ence panel is expected to draft the report early
notice to the industry that the health and safety But the Independent Oil and Gas risk.” Silver thanked Assemblymember Robert next year and complete it in 2012. Silver has
of New Yorkers is our top priority.” Association of New York on Tuesday called on Sweeney of Long Island for sponsoring the said that he favors a statewide ban on fracking
City Council Speaker Christine Quinn said Governor Paterson to veto the moratorium, moratorium and organizing its passage this until the E.P.A. issues the final report.

BVW\Q`cab >`SaS\bbVWaQ]c^]\T]`
 “Fa la la la la la”
^OabO =44
3fbS\aWdS Under the Historic Arch

a community project of
The Washington Square Association
with assistance from the
City of New York Parks & Recreation
and the Washington Square Hotel

^OabO Tuesday, Dec. 7 at 6 pm: sing seasonal songs with song-

leader Mary Hurlbut and the Rob Susman Brass Quartet,
and help Santa with the illumination countdown, as the tree
4@3323:7D3@G lights magically go on.

#% \R/dS Friday, Dec. 24 at 5 pm: celebrate Christmas Eve singing

carols with the Rob Susman Brass Quartet.
 !%#'### Song Books For Each Evening
1]c^]\OZa]U]]R courtesy of The Washington Square Association
^Zc[\gQQ][ T]`RSZWdS`WSa
December 2 - 8, 2010 11

Photo by Tequila Minsky

A nanny, left, talked to a receptionist at the Children’s Aid Society on Wednesday

after bringing two young West Villagers over to use the society’s playroom.

Society may sell its buildings

no longer needs us in the way that higher-
Continued from page 1 poverty New York neighborhoods do.”
The society board of trustees, which
executive officer, and Bill Weisberg, chief oper- meets on Dec. 16, must ratify any decision
ating officer. “The programs are wonderful and to sell the Village buildings.
the staff is comprised of supremely talented Buery said on Wednesday that it was very
and caring people,” the letter continued. early in the process and the society has not
The society, dedicated in 1853 to help yet hired a broker. But he acknowledged that
poor children thrive, now has 45 locations the society has received offers to buy the
in the five boroughs and Westchester. The Village properties.
Children’s Aid Society has been in the The buildings are located within the area
Village since 1892, and was named in 2005 that the Greenwich Village Society for Historic
as the Phillip Coltoff Center in honor of Preservation originally proposed for the South
the society’s retired president. The early- Village Historic District. Although the city’s
childhood annex was opened at 175 Sullivan Landmarks Preservation Commission has
St. 20 years ago, and the main center at 219 designated one-third of the proposed district,
Sullivan St. was renovated in 1994. the Children’s Aid Society buildings were not
“This is really heartbreaking,” Buery said included in the designation.
on Wednesday. “We constantly struggle with “The loss of the Children’s Aid Society,
difficult decisions about which services are an institution which has been in this commu- $1.95
most closely aligned with our mission. We nity for over a century, would be tragic,” said
will be working hard to support families and G.V.S.H.P Executive Director Andrew Berman
staff through this transition.” in a letter to L.P.C. “If its buildings were to be
In a Nov. 30 news release, Buery fur- sold prior to landmark designation, it would
ther said, “While the Greenwich Village likely lead to their demolition and replacement
community shows a continued demand for with either a condo or dormitory high-rise,
quality and affordable early-childhood and which would compound the tragedy. We are
after-school programs, the neighborhood has urging the city to keep its long-overdue prom-
changed radically in the 119 years since this ise and move ahead with consideration of this
center opened, and it’s clear the community area for landmark designation right away.”
12 December 2 - 8, 2010

For a 105-year-old, life’s still coming up Roses

in Pittsburgh, came over to the States a
Continued from page 1 short time later.
“I’m from Pittsburgh, where people
retired singer and emcee who toured with are nice. They smile, not like New York
a troupe that entertained U.S. servicemen where everybody is grouchy and dull,”
in bases around the world. Rose said. “Don’t be dull,” she advised
Rose, who is hard of hearing and has the reporter and suggested that he and
a little trouble making herself understood Grace Main, the downstairs neighbor,
by strangers, introduced the reporter to might get together.
Venice Daniel, her homecare attendant “Rose used to work in Kaufman’s
for the past eight and a half years. Department Store in Pittsburgh,”
“She’s my good girl,” Rose said, put- Markowitz said. “My Uncle Jack and
ting her arm around Daniel. Lewis Padawer were best friends. They
“My mother and Rose were first cous- went to Pittsburgh to visit Rose’s family
ins,” said another guest, Judy Markowitz. and that’s where they met,” Markowitz
“That makes us second cousins.” said.
Rose and her late husband, Lewis “He stayed in Pittsburgh until Rose
Padawer, who owned a carpet store on said ‘Yes,’ ” Gerald said.
Fourth Ave. and E. 12th St., used to live Lewis Padawer was born in Memphis,
in Flushing years ago, Markowitz said. Tenn., in a family that immigrated from
“Rose used to entertain there on a Galicia in Eastern Europe. When Rose
lavish scale. She was a lively hostess,” said, “Yes,” he brought her to New York
Markowitz recalled. where he was in the carpet business and
“I don’t dance anymore,” said Rose. “I where they raised three daughters and
can’t kick as high as I used to.” a son. Lewis died in 1977 at the age
Rose was born Rose Anolik in Trakai, of 69.
near Vilnius in Lithuania, her son said. Rose is a little uneasy about the future Photo by Albert Amateau

She came to the U.S. when she was 6 when she gets old. From left, Gerald Padawer, his mother, Rose Padawer, and Venice Daniel, Rose’s
years old with an aunt. “You’re going to have to find a good homecare attendant for the past eight and a half years, at Rose’s 105th birthday
“She had three brothers and two sis- home for me,” she told her son and party three weeks ago.
ters who lived to maturity,” Gerald said. daughter. They assured her she could stay
“I think there were other siblings who where she has lived for the past 35 years ‘good home’] has to be Jewish. I’m a pendence.
died as children,” he added. with Venice to take care of her. Jewish girl still,” she said. “I’m not looking for a man. I want to
Rose’s father, who owned a bathhouse “Oh it can’t last forever. But it [the Nevertheless, Rose values her inde- be free,” she said.

You are warmly invited to a ST. ANTHONY CHURCH

talk about spiritual healing
Christian Science Healing:
S S :
154 Sullivan Street
New York, NY 10012
(212) 777-2755
Praying with Certainty
Kevin Graunke
Member, Christian Science Board of Lectureship
December 24
Thurs., December 9th, 2010 5:00PM - Vigil Mass for Christmas
7:30 PM
December 25 - Christmas
Tenth Church of Christ, Scientist
171 MacDougal Street 12 MIDNIGHT - Mass of the Nativity preceded
Between 8th Street and Waverly Christmas carols begin at 11:30pm
One block east of Sixth Avenue

During his talk, Mr. Graunke will draw on ideas 9:00AM - Mass of
from the Bible and from Science and Health with
Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy, a book the Nativity
that describes how to find health and healing
through practical, spiritual means. He’ll also draw
from his own experience in learning that when we 11:00AM - Mass of
embrace the law of God, of Truth and Love, here
and now, we’ve actually engaged the full law and
the Nativity
the power of God for ourselves.
As an experienced practitioner and authorized
teacher of Christian Science healing, Graunke has
helped many people find renewed health and
lasting answers to problems of all kinds through the
Scriptures as well as in the practical system of heal-
ing presented in Science and Health.
December 2010


Let it Snow!
Enjoy ski season, even after surgery
PAGE 2 D E C E M B 2010

Roman Dworecki, MD, PC
Comprehensive Ophthalmology
Complete Eye Examinations
Laser Surgery & Microsurgery of the Eye Dear ThriveNYC Readers,
While we all hustle about getting prepared for the holidays, thoughts of a new year
loom over our heads. Usually those thoughts – at any age – are of shaping up and
Attending New York Eye & Ear feeling healthier. We all want to live longer, happier, more productive and energetic
lives and to do so we need to be the best we can physically.
All Insurances Welcome That’s why we at ThriveNYC visited with personal trainer Harry Hanson who
prides himself in the number of fit and happy “Boomers” he exercises every day.
Same Day Appointments Hanson believes in cardio and strength training as the key to strong bones and longer,
happier lives.
We also see the merits of fresh air and fun activities. I hobbled around the city
myself for years, feeling older, weaker and less happy because of a deteriorating knee.
I started saying “No” or mostly, “Uh, too busy” when friends asked me to join them
409 E 14th St., Suite A for a drink, dinner, a movie, shopping or a walk around town. I made excuses that
I didn’t need to go to the store or that I could substitute or subsist. I was in denial.
(Near 1st Ave.) What I was doing was not getting the most out of my life because it hurt to walk and
climb stairs. My excellent orthopedic surgeon, Kenneth E. McCulloch, said these wise
New York, NY 10009 words: “You’ll know when it’s time.” I finally had to admit it was and I’m so sorry that
I waited as long as I did. My knee operation was a life-changer and last season I was
212-677-3200 back on skis. I’m looking forward to the snow again this winter.
The not-so wise say this is the gray, glum season but we say bundle up and enjoy
the cold, fresh winter air. Walking around our colorful city at this time of year is
uplifting and the first steps to a fun, fit and fantastic New Year.
Have a great holiday and happy New Year.

Janel Bladow


John W. Sutter PUBLISHER
145 Sixth Avenue, New York, NY 10013
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nyc PAGE 3

Back On The Trail

After knee replacement, I wondered, would I ever ski again?
BY JANEL BLADOW tain’s two double lifts. Again, at the top, I
August 2009. I thought I would never shakily looked down the slope then, encour-
ski again. aged, eased into a slow, controlled drop.
I ripped my right knee while hop- “Best way to stop, especially after a
ping rocks, boulders really, climbing knee replacement, is to snowplow,” advised
Longs Peak in the Rocky Mountains, as Randy who some of the time watched me
a 19-year old college student. as he skied backwards down the run. “Or
I had my meniscus removed less than take one ski out of the trail and single plow.
a year later and arthroscopic surgery Snow plowing uses hips.”
nearly 20 years ago. I’d been limping He also championed the new para-
around in denial ever since. bolic skis. “They are best, especially if
Now I was stretching and flexing you’ve had knee injury or replacement.
with two interns outside the operating There’s less stress on joint, because you
room at New York Downtown Hospital don’t have to work as hard at turns and
talking about our favorite skiing spots. they are more forgiving,” he explained.
I felt great. My knee felt flexible, firm The turns were smooth, easy. I dusted
and without pain. At the moment, all the away the fresh powder in my path. My
aches and groans that go with pounding confidence grew with each turn, every
the pavement were gone. All the canceled run. Randy said I was ready for interme-
dates and missed opportunities because I Photo courtesy Shanty Creek Resorts diate trails. And off we went.
didn’t want to trek up and down subway The old gang enjoys a photo break during a great ski day on Schuss Mountain. With two mountains and 49 runs,
steps were forgotten. more than 67-percent of them beginner
I was energized. I was convinced was I was a downhill skier! my spine. The only way out was down. and intermediate level, my adventure was
healthy. At my side was Randy Anderson, a level My self-talk went from take your time, limitless. The 450-feet of vertical terrain
I was about to have knee replacement three Nordic and Alpine instructor and stop if you feel scared to when doubt, sit and long, winding runs – the longest at
surgery. member of Professional Ski Instructors of it out. I slowly began my descent, making 5,280-feet – gave my intermediary skills
I was about to bolt. America (PSIA) for more than 30 years. long, wide, loopy figure S-s in the snow. plenty of options.
Thankfully, I didn’t because four With his guidance and encouragement, I It was just like getting back on a My day was perfect: downy snow-
months later, I was cross-country skiing challenged myself to take on slopes I never bicycle. flakes the size of silver dollars sailed
across a beautiful, snow-covered mead- thought I would ski again. After a couple more runs, I was sail- through the sky creating a fresh, fluffy
ow upstate. I was gliding through more The day before I warmed up and prac- ing down the hill, stopping with a jaunty carpet under my skis.
than a foot snowfall, early for the season. ticed with a two-hour trek on some of the turn. I was back! My confidence renewed, I know I’m
I was creating a path, enjoying the view resort’s 31 km of cross-country trails. I Randy said it was time to tackle a begin- ready for whatever snow this winter
and watching my dog race ahead then reverse snow-plowed (ski tips out, heels ner run so off we went to one of the moun- brings.
drop on his back and make doggie snow in) up a small incline. I floated across a
angels. field and trudged through the woods.
We were on state land, carving trails I started my downhill morning being
and looking longingly south at the
Alpine runs on Belleayre Mountain in the
Catskills. I hadn’t dared ski downhill in
outfitted with a new set of parabolic
skis, the wider, shorter boards which
have replaced the longer, narrower skis I
Go For It!
a few years, knowing that my achy knee have. Just gliding over to the bunny slope “You can do anything you did before,” taking long walks, moderate hikes,
might let me down. I noticed a difference. A larger “sweet said my orthopedic surgeon, Kenneth E. golfing and low-impact exercises. After
The next month, December, dreams spot” makes skiing a breeze, turns grace- McCulloch, M.D., who has his own that, if you have your quad muscle
of downhill danced in my head. I pushed ful and balance better. These babies were practice in Manhattan and operates at strength and range of motion back,
through three times a week physical easy to handle! NYU Hospital for Joint Diseases and there’s no reason not to experiment
therapy, earning kudos and a scaled-back I effortlessly got on the rubber “people New York Downtown Hospital, where I with what sports you can do.”
schedule. mover” – an escalator-like conveyor belt had my knee replacement surgery. Dr. McCulloch says key to a well-
February 2010. I was shushing down that hauls you up the tiny bump of a hill. Surgeons divide activities into low- functioning knee replacement is a good
intermediate trails of freshly fallen snow I disembarked without difficulty but at impact and high-impact and most don’t fit. That’s why he performs a custom
at Shanty Creek Resort in northern the top I froze, nervously looking down recommend high-impact for their knee cut procedure based on a MRI – a 3-D
Michigan. the slope. replacement patients. Nordic or cross- image of the knee that maps out the
And I was pain-free. Could I do it? Fear hotly shot through country skiing is a low-impact sport cuts on a computer.
while downhill, which places more “This gives you the best possible
pressure and stress on the knee joint, a alignment, maximum longevity and
Shanty Creek Resorts high-impact one.
But Dr. McCulloch says factors such
increases the activities you can do.”
Key is physical therapy following
Three villages (Summit, Cedar River and Schuss) with three hotels (Summit Hotel as the strength of your thigh muscles, surgery and building strong quad mus-
& Conference Center, Cedar River Lodge and Schuss Mountain) make up Shanty the skill of your surgeon and the qual- cle strength.
Creek Resorts, surrounding Lake Bellaire in northern Michigan’s Antrim County. ity of your replacement can get you “Take activities step-by-step,
Building started in the 1960s and last year saw a $10-million renovation of one back to as active a life as you once increasing your strength, control and
facility. While the resort has more than 600 rooms and four restaurants, the vibe is enjoyed. work up to tolerance,” he adds. “Start
comfortable, non-crowded and low-key. “I tell patients the first six weeks with low-impact outdoor sport like
A year-round family fun center with golf, swimming and summer sports, Shanty are recovery time,” says Dr. McCulloch cross-country skiing.
Creek is best known for is wintertime activities. Snowshoe and Nordic ski trails wind who graduated Princeton, Columbia “Success is part what the surgeon
through the woods. Three terrain parks and one half-pipe cater to snowboarders while and Stanford (among others) and is a does and part what the patient does.
downhill skiers have 49 runs on two mountains to schuss. board certified hip and knee surgeon. The harder the patient works (at physi-
For those who want to relax, try dog-sled and horse-drawn sleigh rides. And, “Three to four months after surgery cal therapy and strength building) the
there’s always the spa. Visit: is for learning how the knee functions, better the results.”
PAGE 4 D E C E M B 2010
nyc PAGE 5


Photo by Chris Oliver
Learn what we
Chef Bernard Ros in front of Meli-Melo.
can offer you.
A Go-to Chef CALL US NOW!
Shares His TTY/TDD users: 1-800-662-1220


Success SAT 9AM TO 5PM

MEMBER SERVICES: 1-888-493-5390
Chef Bernard Ros’s secret to a long, EXTENDED HOURS
happy life is in his kitchen
BY ROWANN GILMAN and he was able to start the first of five
If you’re looking for information about restaurants that he has, at one time or
the food business in New York City, Bernard another, created all over town. East side,
Ros is your go-to guy. But if it’s good west side, upper west down to Tribeca
food, easygoing neighborhood-y feeling and and now the Madison Park area, Ros has
recession-proof prices you’re after, his res- gentrified his chosen neighborhoods with A Medicare Advantage organization with a Medicare contract.
taurant, Meli-Melo, is the place to be. his uncluttered, flavor-centric menus.
Meli-Melo roughly translates as As executive chef and exclusive pastry
“mélange,” in this case, a mix of French
and Italian cuisines that combines the best
of both, with a few flourishes tucked in.
chef, Ros is a believer in letting the taste
of the main ingredient shine through,
without the interference of heaps and
The Health Plan for
The restaurant’s hand-painted wall mural
says it all: maps of France, Italy, China, and
England accompanied by portraits of native
foams of cover-up flavors. Considered
to be one of the most creative chefs in
the city, he is also known to be among
New Yorkers with
fish swimming in the surrounding ‘seas.’
Ros arrived in the U.S. a little more
than 40 years ago to see the 1967 World’s
the most good-hearted people in a hard-
driving business.
At night, Meli-Melo turns into a hiring
Medicare & Medicaid
Fair, and decided to stay. Immediately, H6264_MKM_2011_4002_v4 F&U 10/05/2010
his innovative cooking style caught on Continued on page 6
PAGE 6 D E C E M B 2010

Move It!
Live longer, stronger and happier
“Strength training also strengthens
bones to fight osteoporosis and prevent
hip, knee and leg injury and improves
bone density. You’re never too old to
build bone density.
been to Paris five times since.”
He says the key to a successful work-
out is motivation. “Exercise will make
you happier, increases confidence, help
you feel better about yourself, and feel
“I’ve had clients come in with a stronger,” he says.
slight curvature of spine, back pain. Diet, he offers, is another important
BY JANEL BLADOW Exercise can help ward off scoliosis. factor. He recommends seniors first see
If you want to feel younger, exercise. Stronger core muscles make bending a doctor for blood tests and to check
That’s the philosophy of personal trainer easier. Stronger muscles mean a better sugar and cholesterol levels. “Then,
Harry Hanson who sees seniors as his quality of life. simply stay away from sugar! There’s
favorite clients. “Most people don’t know how to pick absolutely zero benefit in sugar. Seniors
“Boomers are loyal clients,” he told up things the right way and often hurt should also cut back on carbs, anything
Thrive. “They never leave you as long their backs then can’t pick up groceries, made with flour. I’m not saying never
as you do the job they want. They their grandchildren.” eat it, but I believe in moderation to lose
care about being flexible, not getting Hanson believes that with exercise weight and live a healthier lifestyle.”
injured, slowing aging process and stay- you can cut down the number of visit you His recommended carbohydrates: oat-
ing healthy. They are great clients to make to the doctor, saving you money in meal, brown rice and sweet potatoes.
have. the long run. And by working with a per- “One time a week, eat whatever you
“Some come to lose weight or lower sonal trainer, you are less likely to injure want. Other six days, only those carbs.
blood pressure or cholesterol. All this yourself while working out than you are Give yourself a cheat day or cheat meal
can be done with a combined program alone in a gym or at home. to look forward to. It makes it easier to
of strength training, cardio and diet.” Women are more likely to come be more disciplined.
Hanson became a trainer 25 years to personal training than men, says “This is my life,” he continues enthu-
ago after a man approached in him Hanson. “Men think they can do it on siastically. “I’m here to help people. I’m
Washington Square Park and offered their own but they can’t. Women, on not a model or an actor. I’m here to help
him a job. He was 225-pouns with the other hand, find when they work people feel good about themselves.”
6-percent body fat. He didn’t even know with a personal trainer that they’ve been And with that, he cites another client
what a personal trainer was. Photo by Janel Bladow using too much weight or not enough, as an example.
“At that time it was extremely trendy,” Harry Hanson, personal trainer
and learn the correct range of motion. “A 72-year old woman, her husband
he says. “People sat around at dinner There are so many variables. This is why had been in a nursing home, started
parties and said they had a personal gets weaker as you get older,” Hanson people hire trainers.” to workout. She started to feel bet-
trainer. Now it’s built into your lifestyle. explains. “The more sedentary you are, Hanson told Thrive about one client, ter, feel better about herself. Now
I was one of seven guys hired, from the the faster your body dies. Exercise slows a very obese woman who came to him she’s met a guy and is in love. At 72!
dozens who applied.” down aging process, constantly strength- and said that she wanted to fly to Paris Exercise does that. It gives us all the
Hanson got certified and stayed at ens every cell. and walk around the City of Lights at confidence, well being, positive out-
that Soho gym for 10 months before “There are so many benefits from least once before she died. look. Imagine meeting someone and
opening his own studio. exercise: lower cholesterol, lower blood “She arrived the first time by car ser- falling in love at 72?”
“My first client was Tom Cruise. sugar, rids the body of toxins, makes the vice,” he remembers. “She was in such
He wanted me to become his exclu- heart stronger, burns calories, improves bad shape that we had to help her up For more information on senior dis-
sive trainer but I have a business here, digestion, clears mind, makes you feel the stairs. She couldn’t climb them by counts or to schedule a session, visit:
family. We still get together sometimes good about yourself,” he lists. herself. That was five years ago. She’s
when he’s in town.”
Today Hanson, the married father of
an 18-year old daughter and a 13-year
old son, has five studios – three in
Manhattan, one in Boston and one in a
private firm. He also owns two personal
trainer schools – The Academy, in New
York City and Boston.
Go-to Chef complete visual experience. Part of the way Ros keeps his costs
“We are state licensed and interna- Continued from page 5 “People aren’t interested in elegant din- down is by visiting the Hunt’s Point
tionally accredited. We graduate about ing the way they used to be,” says Ros. Market every day to stock up on his pre-
200 students a year and have 97-percent hall for anyone looking for a job, recom- “They don’t want to get dressed up for ferred ingredients rather than order them
placement.” mendations, referrals, gossip, and industry dinner. The hardships of the economy from an industry service. As a result of
But unlike most personal trainers, news. Out comes the Rolodex; phone calls push change, and you must adapt with Ros’s’ savvy, the 40-plus years he’s been in
Hanson is driven not to bulk up young, are made, appointments set. What’s more, your pocket, not your palate,” he adds. business he’s accumulated customers who
athletic bodies (although he has plenty before Ros places a chef, he trains him in “You’ll notice that the places opening now are now like family. “The idea is to be able
of those clients too!) but to strengthen his own kitchen, sharing his recipes, teach- are burger restaurants and tacquerias that to feel that anyone can walk in and find
older ones. That’s why he offers a senior ing the prospective chef how to prepare offer low-cost, casual, homey food. Before something they’d like to eat,” he says.
discount at all of his studios. them, and offering sound business advice. the recession, restaurants in need of a pick- How does Ros, who is 65, stay as
His senior program incorporates a He will even train the wait-staff. Most me-up might count on changing the chef, ebullient and active as anyone in the
basic routine that is a total body work- executive chefs guard their recipes with moving to a new location, or checking out restaurant business has to be? “You have
out. He believes that if you train two, their lives, but Ros believes that no one is what the competition is up to. to eat your cake and enjoy it,” he says
three times a week, working on differ- in business to do a bad job. Well-trained “These days, you have to be more flex- metaphorically. Ros feels that it’s all in
ent parts of the body – chest, shoulders, employees carry that message with them. ible—develop new, less-expensive menus, your head: “It is very stressful to have a
back, biceps, core and legs – you get “The eyes eat first,” Ros says. In other offer comfort foods. We serve a $22 restaurant and you have to be up on your
the proper workout to slow the aging words, food must be appealing to the eye three-course lunch and a $24 complete game. Don’t aim to project plans on your
process. as well as the palate and for that reason dinner, and our menu lists six or seven neighborhood. Instead, switch your rifle
“Pilate’s, yoga, core classes, are all he emphasizes plating and presentation. appetizers and entrées that include wild- from your left hand to your right hand.
good but strength and resistance train- In the old days, when service was per- caught salmon, hanger steak, cod, strip Be flexible. I’m always waiting for sun-
ing are the best way to slow aging, formed tableside, often in the form of steaks, and half a dozen pasta dishes” shine to walk through the door,” he says,
stimulate cells and stay stronger longer,” showy flambés and individual carvers, as well as other familiar and comfort- “so give your local restaurant a chance.”
he says. food didn’t have the same appeal on the able foods for which his customers make
Why is it important to exercise with plate. When composed for presentation repeat visits. There is always a Special of Meli-Melo is located at 110 Madison
age? “Every cell, fiber, tendon, ligament in the kitchen, it comes to the table as a the Day and a Vegetarian option. Avenue between 29th and 30th Streets.
nyc PAGE 7
PAGE 8 D E C E M B 2010

It’s all about

We provide access to a network of over

20,000 doctors and specialists
as well as on-staff Registered Nurses
who help coordinate your care.
These are just some of the things
Healthfirst Medicare Plan has to offer.

We are Healthfirst Medicare Plan.

Part of your community since 1993.

To learn more about Healthfirst Medicare Plan for 2011 or to enroll, call:

1-877-737-8450 | TDD/TTY 1-800-662-1220

(for the hearing or speech impaired)

Monday through Friday, 8:00am – 6:00pm

A Federally-Qualified HMO with a Medicare contract.
Healthfirst Medicare Plan’s service area includes the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island, and Nassau
and Westchester counties. Plans may vary by county.

©2010 HF Management Services, LLC. H3359_MKT10_40 File & Use 10232010

December 2 - 8, 2010 13


on MacDougal St. between W. Fourth and
Continued from page 3 W. Third Sts., on Sat., Dec. 11, from noon

was razed. For her part, Hurley said, Berman

to 5 p.m. There will be free cider and cookies
and live piano music. A new exhibition on the
By Emma DeVito
“dealt himself out of the conversation” on theater’s history will also be on view in the
the Provincetown Playhouse’s renovation a Provincetown Playhouse’s lobby. For those of us who work at not-for-profit organizations to provide care and help to
long time ago, and that she didn’t understand some of New York City’s neediest residents, these are extremely difficult times.
why he was getting into such detailed criticism JORMA PLAYS GREENWICH HOUSE: Most all of these organizations rely first and foremost on government funding,
now. “Whether or not Andrew thinks this was The Greenwich House Arts Benefit, on primarily Medicaid, to offer care. For long-term care providers such as VillageCare, this
a success is irrelevant,” she said of the theater Thurs., Dec. 9, at the Greenwich House includes Medicaid funds for nursing homes, home care, assisted living, adult day health
project, adding she never saw Berman’s let- Music School will be a true community care and a wide range of HIV/AIDS services for those who have no resources of their
ter to Sexton. “The university is not going to effort, and will have a special guest this year. own to access these programs.
be negotiating with Andrew Berman in any The event will feature local restaurants and As I’ve discussed here previously, long-term care providers have faced a tremendous
realm,” she added. “He’s incapable of nego- musicians at a cocktail hour, followed by load of cutbacks in state funding. Over the past three years, overall the loss of financing
tiating. At this point, it is irrelevant whatever an exclusive dinner performance by Jorma for long-term care programs is approaching $1.5 billion, which came in a total of nine
Andrew Berman says.” The preservationist Kaukonen of Jefferson Airplane and Hot rounds of cuts by the State.
wasn’t buying N.Y.U.’s seat-ends story, blasting Tuna. His performance at Greenwich House In a few short weeks, we’ll have a new Governor, and he has targeted Medicaid as
back, “I find it amazing that N.Y.U. is embark- will follow two shows celebrating his 70th one of the areas that he will look at in seeking to find “savings” to close the State’s $9
ing on a 20-year, 6-million-square-foot, multi- birthday at the Beacon Theater on the Upper billion-plus deficit in the 2011-12 fiscal year.
multi-million-dollar expansion plan, but can’t West Side. To me, the situation is dire, because so many of the organizations that have been
fasten 1940’s seat ends to new seats.” Hurley Unfortunately, the dinner for the
impacted by cuts since 2007 are not-for-profits. These organizations serve your friends,
said the tweaking of the seat-ends scenario Greenwich House Arts Benefit is nearly
your families and your neighbors, often with care that is innovative and responsive to
was broached with Stringer’s Community Task sold out, with board members already
individual needs. I fear that another round of significant cuts will severely harm the
Force on N.Y.U. Development, at a meeting reserving the remaining few. Tickets, $150,
that Berman missed. But Berman told us he for the cocktail reception — featuring
safety net that not-for-profits are primarily responsible for – jeopardizing both quality
only missed one of the task force’s 50 meetings, music by members of the Steven Oquendo and availability of care.
and that his representative at that meeting, as Latin Jazz Orchestra — are available I have always gravitated to the not-for-profit sector, coming to VillageCare almost
well as others who attended it, reported there online at http://www.greenwichhouse. 19 years ago. What motivated me most at the time was the death of a good friend from
was no mention of any change regarding the org/_blog/GH_News/post/An_Evening_ AIDS.
seat-ends scheme. At any rate, Hurley said the for_the_Senses_to_Benefit_Greenwich_ We have amazing people working for VillageCare – they are extremely committed and
community can come see for themselves and House_Arts/ or via a link on Greenwich passionate about their work, and I see every day the positive impact that our services
decide whether they approve of the renovation House’s home page, www.greenwichhouse. have on those we serve. The dedication of our staff has, in turn, been an inspiration
job, when the university hosts an open house org . Tickets can also be ordered by calling to me.
at the “refurbished” Provincetown Playhouse, 212-991-0003 ext. 403. Just as other not-for-profit providers, we serve some of New York’s frailest, and
impoverished, citizens. If we don’t do it, there really isn’t anywhere else for these people
to turn. We’re their safety net.

St. Peter’s Chelsea This is where you come in.

As much as our community relies on the everyday work of charitable organizations
and care providers, they also rely on you, especially in this era of considerable cutbacks

Episcopal Church in governmental funding.

Through your donations, you can help sustain the many worthwhile organizations in
Greenwich Village and its surrounding communities that have a mission of community
346 West 20th Street service. Community support for these organizations is vital in this day and age. In some
(between 8th & 9th Avenues) cases, I believe that without an outpouring of help now in the form of private donations,
some doors are going to have to be closed by some care providers.
212.929.2390 That would be such a loss to our community, and especially for those who are in need of care and services.
I realize that these have been difficult economic times. But I also know that New
Yorkers are among the most generous people in the nation when it comes to supporting
Christmas at St. Peter’s charitable organizations.
Those donations are extremely important today, and there’s not a single charitable
Timothy Brumfield, Director of music /organist organization in our community that isn’t facing a crisis in funding, including VillageCare.
Each one needs the help and support of the community.
David Ossenfort, renowned tenor These organizations care deeply about the needs of those who have considerably fewer
Laurel Masse, Manhattan Transfer's founding member resources than most of us are fortunate to have. If there is a particular community need
The Uptown Brass that you would like to support, you don’t have to look far for a not-for-profit that is
working hard to meet that need. And you can be sure that they need your help.
DECEMBER 24 Christmas Eve Please take time this year to show how much you care.
All not-for-profits are struggling desperately to continue to provide the basic care and
10:00 PM Christmas music services that many of our New Yorkers require – especially for frail older adults, persons
10:30 PM Blessing of the Christmas living with HIV/AIDS and others with disabilities and chronic conditions.
Crèche and Festival Choral Eucharist Let’s show those who are in need that they are not alone.
If you aren’t already a regular donor to charitable organizations, I urge you to find
DECEMBER 25 Christmas Day one that supports a community need that resonates with you, and give as generously as
10:00 AM Sung Eucharist This may be as important as anything else you do as we approach the end of 2010.
Thank you.
DECEMBER 26 (Ms. DeVito is president and chief executive officer of not-for-profit VillageCare,
Sunday after Christmas which serves some 10,500 persons annually in community-based and residential care
programs for older adults and those living with HIV/AIDS.)
10:00 AM Sung Eucharist
14 December 2 - 8, 2010


N.Y.U. ‘super’ errors Tea Partier takes on Glick to kill a pit bull with a shovel to get it to release its grip on
In two separate editorials in 2004, our newspapers their dog.
called for the 50-foot-wide strips of city-owned prop- I certainly don’t condone this behavior. I would not
erty on the eastern and western edges of New York To The Editor: advise anyone to intentionally harm a dog at the run, lest one
University’s two South Village superblocks to be trans- Re “Tea Party’s brew doesn’t go down well Downtown” find oneself in more trouble than the negligent owner who
ferred from the Department of Transportation to the (news article, Dec. 25): brought the dog into the run in the first place.
Parks Department. Dating back to a resolution passed No, Assemblymember Glick, we Tea Partiers did not say However, I would be acting irresponsibly as a community
in 1992, Greenwich Village’s Community Board 2 has we don’t want government to touch our Medicare. Rather, volunteer if I did not bring to people’s attention the degree
long been on record supporting this transfer, which we said firmly, we want our elected leaders to abolish to which individuals now feel they must go to protect them-
would protect the strips from development. Medicare. And while they’re at it, abolish Medicaid, as well, selves.
D.O.T. ownership of the strips doesn’t block their and completely privatize Social Security. Details of attacks:
development, whereas if Parks owned them, the state We want the government to get the hell out of our lives. 1.) A couple entered the dog run with their senior
Legislature would have to approve any sale. Don’t tax us, and don’t give us any stupid entitlement pro- Doberman, which was attacked by a pit bull named Bean.
Mapped as roadbed despite their current, lush, grams. Fund defense against radical Islamic terrorists, run The Doberman received $6,000 worth of injuries. Both of
leafy state in many sections, these properties remain the post office, take care of the national parks, secure our the Doberman’s owners were bitten and went to the hospital.
from planning czar Robert Moses’ plans to widen these borders and that’s about it. A lawyer for the Doberman’s owners reported that the wife
streets for the never-built Fifth Ave. connector to the may require plastic surgery to her breast, which was bitten
unrealized Lower Manhattan Expressway. Eric Dondero by the pit bull. Police arrived on the scene.
With the university now pushing ahead with its 2.) Mable, an English spaniel, was attacked in a clampdown
ambitious N.Y.U. 2031 expansion scheme — whose bite from a pit bull. Vet bill to be determined. The owner was
epicenter is the two superblocks — these strips are a key not able to get the pit bull owner’s ID or information.
battleground between the university and the community. Schwartz’s ‘whine’ wasn’t fine 3.) John and his dog Jesse, a foxhound mix, were both bit-
However, showing N.Y.U. woefully lacks official support ten by an unneutered, brown pit bull that was accompanied
for acquiring the strips, a phalanx of local politicians To The Editor: by three teenagers. The vet bill for Jesse was $215. However,
will assemble Sunday at a 1 p.m. rally on LaGuardia Re “It’s time for Obama and us to get back to basics” John had to go to the hospital for bite wounds and under-
Place between Bleecker and W. Third Sts. to voice (Progress Report article, by Arthur Z. Schwartz, Nov. 18): went a round of 10 rabies shots. John reported that after the
support for C.B. 2’s resolution that the parkland strips Mr. Obama and Mr. Schwartz, being so far left of center, attack the teenagers told him, “Our pit bull is the toughest
be preserved. The residents group Community Action feeling the ineffable rightness of their cause, became so paro- in the park and could kill any dog there.”
Alliance on N.Y.U. 2031 will join them. chial in their view, they did not raise up their heads and smell 4.) Oriol’s dog, a cocker spaniel, was attacked by a gray
N.Y.U. wants to acquire these strips for its super- the stench of dissatisfaction and dismay, but went on their male pit bull being walked by a woman named Geona. The
blocks plans. Specifically, the university hopes to incor- way, smug and self-righteous, devoid of awareness of what cocker spaniel required two surgeries to close wounds and
porate the current Mercer-Houston Dog Run site into is and what is not. Mr. Schwartz’s whine, sad to say, reveals remove dead tissue. The vet bill so far is $4,500. The pit bull
the footprint of its “Zipper Building,” planned on the that after the shellacking, he still is tone deaf. Too late to owner refuses to pay the bill. Police arrived on the scene.
site of its current Coles gym on Mercer St. N.Y.U. says save ACORN, as the squirrels have devoured it. 5.) A couple came in with a gray male pit bull and took
that by using this strip area, it could bring back some out a Frisbee. Kuma, a small cattle dog, picked up the
form of Greene St. on Coles’s west side — which was Bert Zackim Frisbee and the gray pit ran over and grabbed it tug-of-war
demapped under the superblocks’ original urban renew- style, then attacked Kuma. The pit bull clamped onto Kuma
al plan — increasing the width of the obscure alley there and would not let go. The male owner had to strangle the pit
now. If N.Y.U.’s strips bid is rejected, though, from what bull to get it to release its grip as the small cattle dog dangled
we’re told, the university wouldn’t redesign the “Zipper” Pit bulls terrorize at Tompkins from its mouth. Kuma received multiple bites and puncture
project, but would build it the same size — just without wounds. The vet bill pending. Police arrived on the scene.
widening the Greene St. pathway. To The Editor: Every time a pit bull attacks, it further maligns the breed
As we editorialized six years ago, the university Five dogs and three people have been brought to the hos- and puts us closer to breed-specific legislation in our state.
doesn’t deserve these strips, for one, for failing to step pital after pit bull attacks in the Tompkins Square dog run in Representatives from animal-control agencies must visit
in and fix up the dilapidated and sunken playground the past two months. This is too much for this community to the Tompkins Square dog run as soon as possible to defuse
and seating areas on Mercer St. between Houston and handle and I fear their level of frustration is about to blow. the situation and bring much-needed education to pit bull
Bleecker Sts. Yes, D.O.T. owns these strips — but Folks are standing around the dog park bracing them- owners about safe handling of their dogs.
given that N.Y.U. was always rumored to be stymieing selves for the next pit bull attack. I have witnessed folks Many pit bulls use the park without incident each day.
the strips’ transfer to Parks, ultimately, the university carrying knives into the park to protect themselves and their However, clearly, there is a pattern to note, since nearly all of
is responsible for them. dogs from out-of-control pit bulls in the dog run.
The first, stunning superblock setback, of course, Other individuals are standing around discussing ways Continued on page 16
came last week, when N.Y.U. announced it was abandon-
ing its plans to site a fourth tower — 400 feet tall — with-
in the landmarked Silver Towers complex. N.Y.U. had
to withdraw after Henry Cobb, partner of the complex’s
legendary designer, I.M. Pei, wrote the city’s Landmarks
Preservation Commission last month, calling the site
inappropriate. As Cobb wrote: “…[A] fourth tower is
profoundly destructive to the landmarked entity, because
it closes a composition that was intended to be open and
upsets the carefully considered balance between solid
and void.” As for the university now developing a shorter
building of equal square footage on its Morton Williams
supermarket site at the block’s northwest corner, Cobb
stated in his letter, “Ideally the corner building would be
designed so as to make it more responsive to its neighbors
and to the landmarked entity.”
Cobb’s eloquent letter is a road map for how N.Y.U.
must proceed. In short, N.Y.U. must scale back its
plans for the superblocks, which simply cannot handle
2 million-plus square feet of new development. Indeed,
“responsive” and “balance” are the key words N.Y.U.
must be supremely mindful of as it moves forward. With Black Friday sales up 10% this year, merchants are enjoying ‘holiday cheer.’
December 2 - 8, 2010 15

True confessions of a Trader Joe’s shopaholic

week; the bran cereal a third the price of All-Bran; the on the West Side. Last summer it arrived with no fanfare
NOTEBOOK Hanukkah gelt.
Not everyone shares my ardor. My husband, for one,
whatsoever, in half the former Barnes & Noble space on
Sixth Ave. and W. 21st St. It’s much like a Trader Joe’s
BY MICHELE HERMAN isn’t buying. I think he’s jealous. The more demented I in Anywhere But Manhattan, U.S.A.: big, roomy, deep,
In the spring of 2006, when my cost-conscious Manhattan grow about Trader Joe’s the more he defends Western Beef, with an enormous panhandle in the back just for the dairy
mom cohort learned that Trader Joe’s — the national chain which he used to spend half his time maligning. He started cases.
known for high-quality food at rock-bottom prices — to notice the Trader Joe’s bills on our shared credit-card At the East Village store, by the time I got to the check-
would finally establish a Manhattan beachhead, we were account. Of course, I explained. What you never saw was out, the other people on line felt like the guys in my pla-
primed. One friend plastered herself against the front the even greater amounts of cash I used to dispense to other toon. I knew the faces and piercings of all the employees.
window to monitor the store’s progress like one of those local merchants — a 20 here to the drug store, a 20 there
stuffed animals with suction cups on its paws. On opening to various health-food stores with their various loss leaders,
morning, another mom arrived at P.S. 3 with Trader Joe’s an occasional 10 to Gourmet Garage and D’Ag’s.
malted milk balls already in hand. Here, take one, she said, Actually, I’m lying. It’s what we addicts do to protect There’s an unasked question on my
practically pushing them into our mouths, as over the moon our habit. I do buy more at Trader Joe’s, all kinds of good-
as a new dad with a box of cigars. ies I would never consider anywhere else. Why? Because husband’s lips: ‘Going to Trader Joe’s
I fell hard myself. Among recent life-altering borough they’re under one roof and they’re cheap and good and I
improvements, I rank the arrival of Trader Joe’s right up have a good warm feeling because I always run into an soon?’
there with the new cantilevered segment of the Riverside old friend or two. So I bring home apple-cured bacon,
Park bike path and the parent coordinators in the public brickle-like grahams that make Nabisco’s seem like par-
schools — the departing chancellor’s one, indisputably ticle board, palmiers, candied ginger, sorbet, frozen bake-
great contribution to the system. yourself mini-croissants, brioche, sweet-crunchy-salty trail Now a funny thing has happened. I zip to the Chelsea store
mix, chocolate. My old life had room for two kinds of nut midday midweek when there’s no line. It’s so big that it’s
staples: walnuts and peanuts. Now I keep toasted almond possible not to touch a single customer. The staff hover on
slices, shelled pistachios and mixed nuts so fancy they have the horizon like figures in a Brueghel painting. It’s almost
I know I’ve fallen smack dab into no peanuts at all in the freezer alongside the spare bag of too easy, and I no longer feel heroic on the ride home. It’s
chocolate chips and the extra pound of butter. And, though also impersonal and a little suburban. But I can live with
a demographic straight out of ‘Stuff we tend to eschew prepackaged dinners, I do sneak the that.
coconut curry Thai chicken sticks and the pleasingly slip- The thing that worries me is the butter. The price has
White People Like.’ pery pot stickers into our regular menu rotation. gone up from $2.49 to $3.29 a pound, and the sticks have
Anyway, my husband talks out of both sides of his suddenly become short and squat like European butter. I’m
mouth. I see him there on the sofa when 10 p.m. rolls waiting for an e-mail reply to my query, which I know will
around. When a commercial comes on NY1, he moseys come, because Trader Joe’s is the kind of company that
This is not to say it’s been easy — shopping at the mini- to the kitchen. We both know he’s hoping to find a nice sends chummy e-mails. At least so far.
Manhattan version of a normal Trader Joe’s can be some- puffy bag of thick, ridged potato chips, or white cheddar There are few things I love more than Trader Joe’s chewy
thing of a hero’s journey, complete with the call to adven- corn puffs, or at the very least some restaurant-style tortilla bocconcini, but one of them is the hope the company gives
ture, the supreme ordeal of the line, and the triumphant chips. There’s an unasked question on his lips, the same me for that elusive third way. Usually, you have to pay
crosstown return across 14th St. with the elixir (32 ounces hopeful one the kids ask regularly: “Going to Trader Joe’s a price to get a bargain. At the Burlington Coat Factory
of maple syrup for the price of 16 at the Greenmarket!) soon?” And let’s not kid ourselves — on the day I make the on the next block, you have to sift through a hundred of
strapped onto my bike. trek, they love me better. last season’s crappy, unloved acrylic remainders. H&M is
I know I’ve fallen smack dab into a demographic and Not all the products (as he is quick to point out) are cheap, but that’s in part because the fabric is so thin and
I know I’m straight out of the book “Stuff White People first rate. The peanut butter is weirdly runny. At the bot- someone is no doubt getting exploited.
Like.” But really — what’s not to applaud about a store tom of the cheddar twists there can be an alarming amount Five years into its Manhattan run, Trader Joe’s is still
full of fresh and affordable good food (but not scary upper- of oil; the cereals are too sweet. But Trader Joe’s keeps occupying the perfect niche between the little hippie-dippy
echelon-foodie good, like that new store on Hudson St. prices low and excitement high by instantly discontinuing California convenience chain it once was and the mega-
that specializes in salt)? What’s wrong with a store where, anything that doesn’t pull its weight in sales to make way corporate, upscale sell-out I hope it will never become.
even when the line follows the entire periphery of the store for new products. I understand — it’s the same system I The company wins and the consumer wins. I have only one
and spills onto E. 14th St., the staff never grows surly? developed at Christmas and birthday time when the kids remaining wish: that it find its way into neighborhoods in
Who wouldn’t want to pay the same amount but get twice were young: Before anything new came in, something old far more desperate need than mine for good, fresh food.
as much vanilla extract, holistic dog food, grape tomatoes, had to go out.
Irish breakfast tea, eggs? The policy is adhered to without mercy, providing a
I could go on. For quite a while. The dirt-cheap salsa fine lesson in the Buddhist art of nonattachment. Goodbye
autentico tastes almost as fresh as my favorite, Tortilla
Flat’s; the citrus shampoo makes my kids smell like a
grapefruit orchard; the hummus comes in almost as many
chocolate-hazelnut spread that was cheaper and slightly
more pleasingly filberty than Nutella! Goodbye sun-dried
tomato pesto, Parisian twist Danish, pierogis, pack of eight
Sound off!
varieties as white paint at Janovic Plaza. The cheap cartons colored candles for $1.50!
of M.S.G.-free chicken broth. The big ziploc bags of brown In the four years I’ve been braving traffic to get to the E.
Write a letter to The Editor
sugar that never hardens; the milk that stays fresh for a 14th St. Trader Joe’s, I harbored one dream: a bigger store

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16 December 2 - 8, 2010

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR individual, legal vendors. Mr. Lederman’s photos illustrate
that nicely.
You can go all the way back to the removal of Bob
Bolles’s public sculptures in the small park at Broome St.
feel that distinctly defines Hudson Square, as well. and West Broadway to see that Mr. Benepe is more likely
Continued from page 14 to destroy a local artistic heritage than to preserve it. In
Ellen Baer spite of support from the community, the sculptures were
these dogs have been placed in negligent hands by New York Baer is president, Hudson Square Connection removed, with only one minor piece returning to its origi-
City Animal Care & Control or its affiliated rescue agencies. nal location, and then only after years of arm-twisting by
Let’s work together to put an end to this needless carnage community members.
before the situation escalates. Now Mr. Benepe has attempted to institute a new policy
Cobb’s letter is spot on that would harshly restrict the numbers of “artists” in the
Garrett Rosso parks. This overkill policy is clearly unconstitutional and has
To The Editor: led to more expensive legal battles for the city. Unfortunately,
Re “N.Y.U. scraps plans for fourth tower in landmark site this policy affects everyone who sets up a display in the parks
after I.M. Pei objects” (news article, Nov. 18): in exactly the same manner. In other words, an outright art
Yes, Bettina, Hudson Square is real Henry Cobb’s letter is a gem. It explains the beauty of bootlegger gets the same treatment as a bona fide artist.
University Village and provides an understanding of why The motive to remove them all and to privative the parks
To The Editor: building a tower on the supermarket site will also be destruc- is obvious.
Re “There’s no Hudson Square” (letter, by Bettina tive of the integrity of University Village. This brings us to the real problem and the one glaring
Goldstein, Nov. 4): omission from Mr. Lederman’s comments. It is a fact that
Perhaps it’s because the holiday season is rapidly Tobi Bergman after all these years of strife, no one seems to have the guts,
approaching, but when I read Bettina Goldstein’s letter brains or willpower to simply be guided by the judge’s words
regarding Hudson Square, I thought of a letter received by in the court finding that gave artists their rights in the first
The Sun in 1897 from a young girl named Virginia. place. Art, he ruled, is painting, sculpture, printmaking and
So with all due respect to the brilliant editors of The Sun, Bootleggers are not artists photography. An artist is a person who creates art.
who so powerfully assured the 8-year-old girl, “Yes, Virginia, Until someone in a position of authority gains the back-
there is a Santa Claus,” it seems appropriate to say, yes, Ms. To The Editor: bone to actually do something about art bootleggers and
Goldstein, there is a place known as Hudson Square. It exists Re “Art squeezed out of the parks” (letter, by Robert illegal vendors, Mr. Benepe and Mr. Lederman will carry on
as certain as the creative energy that flows through the minds Lederman, Nov. 25): with their war, while true artists, other legal vendors and the
and souls of the people who work here, in the synergistic Mr. Lederman makes some good points in his letter, but public will continue to be caught in the middle. Same old,
relationships developed among the companies based here, as usual he misses the point as well. same old, as they say.
and in the light-filled streets characterized by the warmth It is true that Mr. Benepe has a tin ear when it comes to
and charm of a small town. the issues of artists or art in the parks. At the same time, Lawrence White
And in the months and years ahead, as the neighborhood he does have the evident propensity to sell out the parks to
continues to progress, soon the streets will have a look and private retailers who take up much more space than private,
E-mail letters, not longer than 250 words in length, to or fax to 212-229-2790 or mail to the
East Villager, Letters to the Editor, 145 Sixth Ave., ground

I Want for Christm floor, NY, NY 10013. Please include phone number for

All d Happy Chanukah as

confirmation purposes. The East Villager reserves the right
to edit letters for space, grammar, clarity and libel. The East

an Villager does not publish anonymous letters.

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December 2 - 8, 2010 17

Baby, it’s Hot Inside
Downtown theater brims with ideas brought to boiling point
November was such a busy month
that I only saw one show from last
month’s column: but I saw it 50 times. The
show, of course, is Philip K. Dick’s “Do
Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?” —
playing at 3LD Art & Technology Center
( through December 10.
I would love to give it a glowing review,
but seeing as how I am in it that might
be construed as more than usually biased.
Therefore, we turn our attention to the
virgin snows of December….
I am luridly expectant at the prospect
of seeing “What She Knew” — playwright
and critic George Hunka’s retelling of
“Oedipus Rex” from Jocasta’s point of
view. In this production, the “First of the
Red Hot Mamas” will be played by Gabriele
Schafer. Schafer is best known as one half
of the company Thieves Theatre, which
she ran for many years with her husband
Nick Fracaro, and was most notorious for
a theatre piece they did in the early 90s in
which they lived in a teepee at the foot of
the Brooklyn Bridge for several months.
More recently, I saw Schafer play both
Hamlet’s father and mother in a Butoh-
influenced version of the Shakespeare
play (“Q1: The Bad Hamlet” — produced
by New World Theatre). The hair-raising
performances I saw makes me to think
there couldn’t be a better person to do
an “erotically transgressive” one-woman
show about Oedipus’s mother. The pro- Photo by Greg Cook
duction is under the rubric of Hunka’s Susie Perkins carries a heavy burden (see Theater for the New City).
company, Theatre Minima, and will be
playing at Manhattan Theatre Source, November 2 through 11, the move about TNC’s cavernous Johnson member of The Hooters and songwriter
December 1-11. For more info: www.thea- Incubator Arts Project will be presenting Theatre. This year’s production is entitled of Cyndi Lauper’s “Time After Time.” His “Emancipatory Politics” — written and “The Return of Ulysses to His Homeland collaborator, David Forman, has written
I am also happy to report that Theatre directed by Eric Bland and his company and the Decapitalization Circus.” Hmm…. and recorded with Bette Midler, Cyndi
Askew’s “Horatio’s Rise” — written and Old Kent Road Theater. I’d previously seen wonder if it will be political? The produc- Lauper, Aaron Neville, Jack Nitzsche, Ry
directed by Jason Jacobs — opens at and enjoyed Bland’s “The Protestants” — tion runs December 2 through 19. Also Cooder, Maryann Faithfull, Levon Helm,
The Cell ( on which had its absurd aspects, but it looks opening on the 2nd is Matt Morillo’s Taj Mahal and others. “Dollface” runs
December 1. Producer Tim Cusack has as though he is embracing Incubator “Angry Young Women in Low Rise Jeans through January 16. For info on all three
been doling out tidbits about the show Arts’ experimental mandate and trying with High Class Issues.” While its tagline, of these shows as well as others at TNC,
to me for over a year knowing as he some new things, including puppets and “Even though it’s a play, it doesn’t suck” go to
does of my abiding interest in all things “movement through the space” in this strongly inclines me to throw their press “Mapping Mobius” at LaMaMa E.T.C.’s
19th century. The titular “Horatio” is, “collage-like” story about a bunch of radi- release in the wastepaper basket, its prom- First Floor Theatre promises to be a trip-
of course, Alger — author of scores of cal leftists in Arizona (don’t they know ise of “foxy, urban women” in (let us not py experience. Taking as its inspiration
rags-to-riches novels that were consid- that’s McCain country?) Of the cast, forget) “low rise jeans” has convinced me the eponymous, technically impossible
ered inspirational in their day, if a bit Becky Byers, Gavin Starr Kendall, Iracel to do the big thing and give the produc- “strip,” it’s supposed to describe what
preposterous in our own. In Jacobs’ play, Rivero, and Alexis Sottile are well-known tion a second chance. This is the show’s happens when a scientist delves into a
a teacher introduces a wayward student and heavily endorsed by me. The others second NYC revival since its premiere model of his own mind, presumably wind-
to “Ragged Dick.”(Stop giggling now. I approved by association. The production in 2006, and it has been produced as far ing up in some sort of feedback loop. Far
mean it!) From what I can glean, the play will be at St. Mark’s Church. There’s more away as Australia, so someone must like out! (If the fuzz is reading this, I didn’t
has serious overtones without ignoring info available at it. “Angry Young Women” runs through inhale.) At any rate, if you too want to
the unavoidable humor inherent in some Several shows at Theater for the New December 12. “Dollface” — opening on have your mind blown, “Mapping Mobius”
of Alger’s work. Having enjoyed several City this month tickle my fancy. First, December 23 — is less interesting for — by The New Stage Theatre Company
of this company’s productions, including there’s the annual return of the seminal its concept (a Queens woman enrolls in ( — is playing
“I, Claudius,” “Cornbury” and “A Night in Off-Off Broadway company Bread and a comedy class and then gets involved December 2 through the 19.
the Tombs,” I feel comfortable giving this Puppet Theater. This is the 39th year with a jewel heist) than for its personnel. On December 6, Terranova Collective’s
one an advance “thumbs up.” The run is the company has come back to TNC, Several of the collaborators have interest- Groundbreakers Playwrights Group is
just one week, ending on December 5. For and it’s always impressive to see those ing music biz credits on their resumes.
tickets and info: eerie, gigantic, medieval-looking puppets Co-composer Rob Hyman is a founding Continued on page 18
18 December 2 - 8, 2010

December Downtown Theater: Hot, Hot, Hot

young heiress (and friend of Paris Hilton)
Continued from page 17 who has organic tendencies with organic
juice and a few secrets, takes over the
presenting “Bug Out!” — a bill of ten- world’s third largest communications com-
minute plays inspired by the word “bug.” pany.” I’m there! And lest there be any doubt
If you’re not a fan of creeping insects, about the subversive tendencies of this festi-
don’t fret. The organizers have given the val, all shows are FREE! Why, it’s downright
artists wide latitude as to how to interpret un-American. “The Corporate Personhood
their mandate and the products of their Play Festival” is a co-production of Horse
imaginations are just as liable to include Trade Theater Group and The Subjective
irritated humans, or hidden recording Theatre Company. More info at: www.
devices. The quintet of young scribblers
includes Lauren Feldman, Andrew Kramer, Finally, I would be remiss in my duty
Nick Mwaluko, Leah Nanako Winkler, and as a corrupter of public morals if I didn’t
Halley Feiffer (daughter of Jules and a recommend these sick, twisted holiday
multitalented artist in her own right. She shows. December 3-11, one of the funni-
not only writes, but acts. You may have est performers I know — Bradford Scobie
seen her in “The Squid and the Whale”). — brings his “Moisty the Snowman Saves
“Bug Out” plays one night only, December Christmas” to Dixon Place. This parody
6, at HERE Arts Center. For more info, go of Rankin-Bass holiday specials, penned
to by and starring Scobie, was a hit of last
year’s NY Musical Theatre Festival (www. and also stars the great Murray
Hill, among others. For info: www.dixon-
I am luridly expectant December 10-30, End Times
Productions — the folks who brought
at the prospect of seeing you “Manson: The Musical” — return to
Ace of Clubs with their 4th annual “Naked
“What She Knew” — Holidays.” This “Yuletide Bacchanalia”
promises an array of comedy sketches
playwright and critic involving Adolph Hitler, the Tea Party, and,
by my count, 13 scantily clad showfolk. Talk
George Hunka’s retelling about roasting chestnuts! For tickets: www.
of “Oedipus Rex” from Over at PS122, December 15-19,
you can catch “Brothers and Sisters and
Jocasta’s point of view. Motherf**kers.” This solo show — featur-
ing one Jibz Cameron as Dynasty Handbag
— takes us to a Handbag Family Holiday
Dinner featuring “hatred, drugs, murder, spi-
December 7 through the 15, the Kraine der, old babies, secrets, the devil, grandma
Theater will be the site of “The Corporate and explosives.” For info:
Personhood Play Festival.” I like the And on December 14, don’t miss me as
name and the theme of this festival very the titular slasher in “Jack the Ripper’s
much (it refers to recent legal decisions Holiday Spectacular” — along with my
that make it possible for corporations to chorus of cuties, The Bleeedin’ Tarts, piano
commit all manner of calumnies under man Albert Garzon of Ixion Burlesque,
the pretense that they possess the same country duo the Tall Pines, contortionist
rights as individual human beings). The Amy Harlib, burlesque side show art-
fest includes nine short plays in two sepa- ist Foxxx Trot and music hall chanteuse
Photo by Lee Wexler
rate bills, and to give you a flavor, here’s a Lorinne Lampert. It’s all at Bowery Poetry
description of “Oh, Donna” by the excellent Club. Be there or be square! See you next In an experimental ant colony, a worker ant worships a Queen Ant after the Queen
young playwright Lucille Scott Baker: “A year! gives a motivational speech. See “Mapping Mobius” on page 18.

155 1st Avenue at East 10th Street

Reservations/Info 212-254-1109 Online at


Wednesday - Sunday RISE JEANS WITH Written & performed by
December 2 - 19 steve ben israel
THE RETURN OF HIGH CLASS Fri - Sat, December 3-4
HOMELAND Written by
Wed-Sun @8pm Tickets $12 MATT MORILLO
Directed by
THE Adapted & Directed
Thursday- Sunday, by ZEN MANSLEY
CIRCUS Thurs - Sun
December 2 - 12
Perfs Sat - Sun @3pm Thu-Sat 8pm, Sun 3pm December 16 - 24
All Seats $12 All Seats $20 Thu-Sat 8p, Sun 3p
December 2 - 8, 2010 19

Stoppard’s spy thriller: Who’s got the briefcase?

‘Staggeringly brainy play’ stirs together physics, espionage, love
BY JERRY TALLMER wrong, with concepts like non-Euclidean
Think of it this way: geometry — I mean, looking at it from Euclid’s
An actor is but a particle of a person, point of view. The mathematics of physics
unless of course he (or she) is several par- turned out to be grounded on uncertainties, on
ticles of several persons — in, for instance, probability and chance. And if you’re me, you
a staggeringly brainy play by Tom Stoppard think — there’s a play in that.”
that stirs together quantum mathematics, From non-Euclidean geometry it was,
particle physics, love, death, espionage, a for Stoppard, just a hop, skip and jump to
London swimming pool and a handful of quantum mechanics. “So I started reading
post-Shakespearean twins who may or may about that.”
not be double (or triple) Cold War secret And came up with, Stoppard style —
agents — theirs and ours. uncertainties, probability and chance as such
The play is called “Hapgood” — which things might apply to characters who, in
is also the masculine-sounding name of its Smith’s words, “are able to and not be
undeniably feminine heroine and her even there.”
more feminine quasi twin sister. As, for instance, if you’re twins. One of
We are never told what dire nuclear a pair of twins.
secrets are in a briefcase that keeps changing Russian One, for instance — is he or
hands in and around the dressing rooms of isn’t he? Mrs. Hapgood, for instance — is
that London swimming pool, just that those she or isn’t she? And what will she do —
secrets are dire and that one of the partici- which Hapgood will she be — to get her
pants in this hugger-mugger is referred to as kidnapped son back from the bad guy(s)?
Russian One. The kid is, 11-year-old Joe (13-year-old actor
“We call this man Russian One,” says a Jack Tartaglia), a British schoolboy as Czech-
typical Stoppard notation, “because he is born Stoppard was once himself a British
Russian and because there are going to be schoolboy.
two of them.” Except that Joe’s father just happens to
be Joseph Kerner (actor Joseph J. Menino),
Soviet nuclear physicist and double (or
Photo by Monty Stilson
The play is called Elise Stone as Elizabeth Hapgood. Continued on page 20
“Hapgood” — which
is also the masculine- THEATER
sounding name of its
undeniably feminine Written by Tom Stoppard
Directed by John Giampietro
heroine and her even more
A Phoenix Theatre Ensemble production WORKS ON WALLS II
feminine quasi twin sister. 8 p.m. Thurs., Dec. 2 — then Tues.-Sat., 8 Hedy O'Beil Marilyn Sontag Margo Meade Arnold Wechsler Miriam Hirschhorn
p.m. & Sundays, 3 p.m. through Dec. 12 Barbara Scavone Estelle Levy Marlena Vaccaro Leslie Shaw Zadoain
Victoria Weill Anna Walter Herb Mendelsohn Liz Curtin William Jefferson
At the Wild Project Diane Rode Schneck Horst Liepolt Sheila Schwid Oscar Maxera Toni Dalton Francia
“Hapgood” was written in Orwellian
(195 E. Third St. btw. Aves. A & B)
1984 — 18years after the “Rosencrantz and
Guildenstern” that put Stoppard on the map For tickets ($25), call 212-352-3101 December 2 - December 30, 2010
as an upcoming playwright of consequence.
That was also, as it happens, one year after
Visit Tuesday - Saturday 11am-5pm
U.S. President Ronald Reagan launched his À̈ÃÌÊ,iVi«Ìˆœ˜\Ê/…ÕÀÃ`>Þ]Ê iV°Ê™]Óä£äÊUÊȇnÊ«“
pie-in-the-sky Star Wars anti-missile pro-
gram. beautiful, fiery Elise Stone) as one of its
To Craig Smith and Elise Stone, stars of most prized agents.
another kind, the acting kind — they are “With particle physics,” says Smith, “once
gAllery 307
also two of the prime movers of the seven- something is observed it is changed.” 307 7th Avenue, Suite 1401
year-old Phoenix Ensemble — no play could Einstein in a nutshell?
be more timely. Indeed Smith and Stone, “Absolutely. Meta-theater.” ­LiÌÜii˜ÊÓÇ̅Ê>˜`ÊÓn̅Ê-ÌÀiiÌî
husband and wife, are saying this to me just “Which changes from night to night,” New York City, NY 10001
a day or two after one lone U.S. senator — a says his wife.
Republican gentleman from Arizona — has “I am not a mathematician,” voracious *…œ˜i\ÊÈ{È°{ää°xÓx{
thrown a screw-you-Obama monkey wrench reader (of everything) Stoppard told an
into any renewal or extension of the nuclear- interviewer for the Paris Review in 1988, Ó£Ó°nǙ°Ç{ää
reduction START treaty. “but I was aware that for centuries math-
“Stoppard is such a careful playwright,” ematics was considered the queen of the
says big, sensible, graying Smith — who in sciences because it claimed certainty. It was >Ê«Àœ}À>“ÊœvÊ̅iÊ
this “Hapgood” portrays Blair, the head of a grounded on some fundamental certainties
CIA-type London-based intelligence opera- — axioms — that led to others.
Ê«i>ÃiÊۈÈÌʜÕÀÊÜiLÈÌiÊvœÀʈ˜vœÀ“>̈œ˜\ÊÜÜÜ° ÕÀ`i˜
tion that has Lily Hapgood (i.e., short, dark, “But then, in a sense, it all started going
20 December 2 - 8, 2010

Stoppard’s spy thriller

Continued from page 19 asks the unmarried Hapgood he still loves there were seven bridges. The river Pregel, indeed, over the years, I myself have been
so much, as they watch their son Joe kick a now Pregolya, divides around an island and engrossed and delighted by Cocteau Rep’s
rugby ball past the goalie into the net. then divides again, imagine nutcrackers attentions,” and “Night and Day.”
triple?) defecting secret agent. with one bridge across each of the handles In short, “Hapgood” fits perfectly into
Which is how Stoppard writes plays. and one across the hinge and four bridges the Phoenix Ensemble’s dedication to what
Wheels within wheels. A riddle within a on to the island which would be the walnut Smith defines as “language-oriented intel-
mystery within an enigma. So: Is she is or is she if you were cracking walnuts. ligent theater — classic classics and modern
So: Is she is or is she ain’t? Is the brisk “An ancient amusement of the people classics.”
smooth Hapgood the same physical entity ain’t? Is the brisk smooth of Konigsberg was to try to cross all seven The Smiths live in the East Village, not
as the slipshod, druggy, beatnik Hapgood, bridges without crossing any of them twice. far from the theater where they go to work
played by Elise — is she a twin or is she Hapgood the same physical It looked possible but nobody had solved nightly in “Hapgood.” (They also go to
not? it” — and then, finally, years later, the Swiss work in daytime jobs, always have, to pay
“I have a very small window of opportu- entity as the slipshod, mathematician Leonhard Euler proved it the rent, he for a publishing house, she as
nity,” says Ms. Stone of hers and the play’s can’t be done. a teacher.) If Lily Hapgood has one child,
climactic double-exposure moment. “I only druggy, beatnik Hapgood, All of which, Stoppard confessed to the well, the Smiths have three, two boys and
have seconds.” Paris Review interviewer, replicates — or one girl, all three from Ethiopia.
“As long as it takes to do a really fast played by Elise — is she a is replicated by — all that who’s-got-the- Toward the end of “Hapgood,” physi-
costume change and let your hair down,” briefcase wild-goose-chasing in and around cist Kerner is applying an anecdote about
says the sturdy Midwesterner who married twin or is she not? those swimming pool lockers in Act I. world-famous physicist Niels Bohr to
this vibrant girl from the Bronx back when Which is also how Stoppard writes explain the uncertainty principle.
they were acting together for all those years plays. Crossing over unseen rivers to imagi- “Niels Bohr,” he says, “lived in a house
at the late Eve Adamson’s now defunct nary islands via impossible bridges. with a horseshoe on the wall. When peo-
Jean Cocteau Repertory in the Bowery Lane Though the Phoenix Theatre Ensemble ple said, ‘for God’s sake, Niels, surely you
Theater on the corner of Third Avenue and “Í was born in Kaliningrad,” Kerner is a communal organization “with around don’t believe a horseshoe brings you luck,’
Bond Street. tells the boy’s mother. “So was Immanuel seven artistic directors,” Smith admits he he said, ‘no, of course not, but I’m told it
“Which is now an upscale retail store,” Kant, as a matter of fact. There is quite a might have been the first to come up works even if you don’t believe it.’ “
Stone informs me. But back in the day, nice statue of him. Of course, it was not with the idea of doing a group reading of So much for Bohr via Kerner via
Cocteau Rep devoted itself to serious pro- Kaliningrad then, it was Konigsberg, seat of “Hapgood” to hear how it might go across Stoppard. Seems to me I’ve heard that
ductions of serious plays old and new, of the Archdukes of Prussia. President Truman in 2010. same story before, only then it was
many genres, including this one — a year-to- gave Konigsberg to Stalin. My parents were Stoppard — though Smith and Stone Einstein’s wall on which the horseshoe
year wide-ranging nourishing spectrum you not consulted and I missed being German never met him or even talked with him — hung.
could seldom find anywhere else in town. by a few months. was no stranger to them. They’d been in That’s what’s called the Double
“Were you ever in Kaliningrad?” Kerner “Well, in Immanuel Kant’s Konigsberg lots of his stuff at the Bowery Lane. And Uncertainty Principle.




CUNY College

11:00 A.M. - 2:00 P.M.


Receive one-on-one counseling and information on:

N Academic and honors programs N Financial aid and scholarships
N Adult and Continuing Education N Citizenship and immigration services

December 2 - 8, 2010 21

Just Do Art!

UNSILENT NIGHT 2010 days. Concerts begin at 7:30pm, (except for

MUSIC FESTIVAL, AND HOLIDAYS, Phil Kline’s annual holiday event takes “Messiah” on Dec. 12, which starts at 3pm)
IN WASHINGTON SQUARE place in more than 27 cities around the world at Trinity Church (Broadway, at Wall St.). For
The Washington Square Music Festival — and with a stat like that, you know NYC is individual concerts, $20 general admission.
will put you in the proper holiday mood — not among the unusual suspects. “Unsilent Night $10 student/senior tickets are available only
too early, and not too late — when it presents 2010” — the local version — is celebrating at the door. Tickets for “Messiah” range from
a concert offering strings, winds and piano its 19th year of gracing our good town with a $30 to $50. To purchase, visit www.trinitywall-
(with guest artists Stanley & Naomi Drucker, boombox parade that defies description, logic or call 212-602-0800.
clarinetists). This FREE concert features music and expectations. This participatory experience
by Telemann, Mozart and others. Fri., Dec. 10, lets marchers become their own roving sound HOLIDAY EVENTS AT THE
8pm at St. Joseph’s Roman Catholic Church sculpture — as they swarm through the streets MERCHANT’S HOUSE MUSEUM
(371 Sixth Ave. at Washington Place). For info: of the Village blaring recordings on cassettes, Do you pine for a holiday experience that
212-252-3621, or www.washingtonsquaremu- CD’s, mp3’s and, of course, the humble but harks back to those days of old — as in, say, the proud boombox. Kline describes the experi- mid-19th century? If so, look no further than
The Washington Square Association offers ence as “like a Christmas caroling party except the Merchant’s House Museum. Built in 1832,
two chances to sing yuletide carols in down- we don’t sing, but rather carry boomboxes, MHM exists year-round as a lovingly curated
town’s historic park. The WSA, by the way, is each playing a separate tape or CD which is time capsule offering a glimpse into the lives
the organization that provides that spectacular part of the piece. In effect, we become a city- — and mindset — of the prosperous merchant-
45-foot Christmas tree under the Arch (lit for block-long stereo system.” Free. Sat., Dec. 18, class Tredwell family (whose various members
the season between the hours of 4pm and 1am). 7pm. Gather at the arch in Washington Square occupied the house for nearly a century).
The Washington Square Park Arch is located Park, and less than an hour and mile later, end Dec. 2 through Jan. 10, the exhibition
at the foot of Fifth Ave., one block south of up in Tompkins Square Park. For info, visit “Christmas Comes to Old New York” uses
Eighth St. recreated scenes of holiday preparation to
On Tues., Dec. 7 at 6pm, song leader Mary reveal how modern holiday customs came to
Hurlbut (accompanied by The Rob Susman CHANUKAH AT THE NEW SHUL be. Included with regular museum admission
Brass Quartet) will lead you in the singing The New Shul goes invites you to “Do the ($10, $5 for students/seniors). Tues., Dec. 7
of holiday songs (complimentary songbooks Light Thing” by helping to create a public light from 6-8pm, the “19th-Century Holiday Party”
provided). Santa Claus has promised to appear sculpture in the heart of Greenwich Village that lets you enjoy holiday decorations, savor festive
and help the children in the illumination count- will shine a light on the miracle of Chanukah delicacies, drink from the “Bowl of Bishop”
down. On Christmas Eve (Fri., Dec. 24 at and send a message of hope and peace to the and join in the caroling. ($25, free for MHM
5pm), gather again at the Washington Square world. Dance to the music of Sasson, sing members.) Reservations required. On Fri., Dec
Arch and join The Rob Susman Brass Quartet some Chanukah songs, keep warm with a cup 10 at 7pm, “To All, Wassail: A Concert of 19th-
Photo by Ken Howard
as everyone sings carols (those free songbooks of steaming hot chocolate and taste tradition Century Holiday Songs & Stories” features The
will be there too, compliments of the WSA). For with a delicious potato latke from CuisinEtc Bond Street Euterpean Singing Society (MHM
Washington Square’s the place to be for
info: 212-252-3621. Catering & Special Events. FREE. Sat., Dec. 5, artists-in-residence) in a concert of vocal quar-
holiday activities!
5pm at the Arch Plaza in Washington Square tets, solos, holiday readings and sing-alongs
Park (the area between the arch and the foun- ($25, $15 for MHM members). Reservations
tain). Visit required. On Dec. 17, 18 & 19, “An Old
Fashioned Christmas in New York: Tours by
CHANUKAH FESTIVAL: FIRE ON ICE Candlelight” offers tours beginning every 20
What holds eight candles, is really cool and minutes, Fri., 6-9pm, Sat. & Sun., 4-8pm.
comes to us courtesy of the folks who promise The halls will be decked and the rooms lit by
you “Judaism with a smile?” It’s a Menorah flickering candlelight as costumed actors relate
that a sculpturer will carve out a 500-lb. the Christmas tradition of mid-19th century
block of ice — the main draw of Chabad’s New York ($20, $15 for children 12 & under,
“Chanukah Festival.” Other activities include $10 MHM members). All events take place at
the consumption of delicious hot latkes and the Merchant’s House Museum (29 E. Fourth
the decorating of doughnuts — plus music and St. btw. Lafayette & Bowery). For info and
all-ages crafts & activities. On Sun., Dec. 5. reservations, call 212-777-1089 or visit www.
At 3pm, enjoy the sculpturing and activities.
The Menorah lighting ceremony takes place
at 4:30pm. At P.S. 89 (201 Warren St.). Free
admission. For info, call 646-770-3636. Visit
Photo by Isaac Rosenthal

Chelsea Rittenhouse and Andres Gonzales.

The 2010-2011 concert season is distin-
NUTCRACKER IN THE LOWER guished by the debut of Julian Wachner —
Like a fruitcake wrapped in ribbons and given to you annually by your least favorite rela- principal conductor of the Trinity Choir and
tive, self-professed “daring and new” productions of “The Nutcracker” come our way every Trinity Baroque Orchestra. The Choir’s annual
year and immediately proceed to overstay their welcome. So get a jump on the holiday glut destination event, on Dec. 12 and 13, is
and get your bad Downtown-minded self to the limited-time-only Urban Ballet Theater ver- a presentation of Handel’s “Messiah.” For
sion. “Nutcracker in the Lower” brims with salsa, krumping and hip-hop. The party scene, other upcoming performances, please visit
traditionally depicted as an opulent 19th-century Ball, becomes a holiday salsa party. Native With the exception
American and African styles reinvent the Angels’ and Arabian divertissements of the second of “Messiah,” concerts will be presented on
act — with enough classical ballet to retain the ballet’s traditional flavor (Tchaikovsky’s Thursday evenings.
original score remains largely intact throughout). Can’t make it? All performances other than
Performances are Dec. 2, 3 at 7:30pm, Dec. 4 at 3 & 7:30pm and December 5 at 3pm. To “Messiah” on Dec. 12th will be available for Photo courtesy of the Merchant’s House Museum
purchase tickets ($20), visit or call 212-352-3101. Group & family viewing via live webcast at www.trinitywall- Just like the ones we used to know:
discounts are available. At Abrons Arts Center, Henry Street Settlement (466 Grand St. at The Trinity Choir will also perform Holidays at the Merchant’s House
Pitt). Visit and free preview concerts at 1pm on most show Museum.
22 December 2 - 8, 2010


DEADLINE WEDNESDAY 5:00 PM MAIL 145 SIXTH AVENUE NEW YORK, NY 10013 TEL 646-452-2485 FAX 212-229-2790


FRENCH RIVIERA. Charming townhouse, Lithomatic Business
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France, near Nice, Cannes, Grasse. Established 1971 BPA & MERCURY FREE
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Mailing Services on site
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Dr. Lewis Gross, D.D.S.
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Charming 4 BR Home
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yourself TUTOR
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Furniture Refinished
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Jason Sherwood / Senior Marketing Consultant Cell: 917-837-4012
December 2 - 8, 2010 23

The agony and the ecstasy: A snapshot of my life

Central Park West with my competition in
PAPARAZZO tow. After I banged on the S.U.V.’s back
windshield to get him to move, the driver

DIARY — fresh from the Jersey Shore — hopped

out, pulled a badge and said, in no uncertain
terms, “I’m a cop! I’ll f------ kill you!”
BY J.B. NICHOLAS “Yeah, whatever man. Can you just move
Frequently, I tell people that my life is crazy, your truck? I’m trying to work here.”
just freaking crazy. If you ask me why I say that,
typically, I’ll spit out some gibberish about find-
ing myself engaged in some kind of debauchery BODY-SLAMMED BY BIEBER
on the margins of society and the city, then
standing next to some celebrity or king, with Tween pop sensation Justin Bieber was in
me reeking — of one thing or another — from town last week to sell his new book — this
the night before. Basically, living the high and is his second — “First Step 2 Forever.” I
low life, one subway or bike ride at a time. caught up with him outside his Midtown
Often, I fear, it doesn’t make sense. But for this hotel where, as he walked past his fans to
installment of Paparazzo Diary, I’m going to let his waiting S.U.V., one of his bodyguards
the photos do the talking. Here, a sample of grabbed me by the shoulders and body-
pictures from the last 10 days of my life. slammed me into the side of the vehicle. My
reaction? I kept shooting. Isn’t this the same
kid that just did an anti-bullying P.S.A.? The
PSYCHEDELIC TEA PARTY cops refused to charge him.

It was supposed to be a simple night

out. A friend’s birthday in his DUMBO S.J.P. FLASHPOINT
loft. But then I got there early and dis-
covered that another friend, who lives in J.B.’s people weren’t the only ones throw-
the same building, a building in which ing ’bows at the paparazzi last week. So, too,
some barefoot girl I met on the train years were Sarah Jessica Parker’s. As she exited the
before once lived, was having a mushroom preview premiere of the new “Spider-Man”
tea party. I go there and people are upside show on 42d St., her bodyguard panicked
down doing yoga. Then they brought out in the face of scores of theatergoers and two Photos by J.B. Nicholas
coolers of the stuff, and shamans who paparazzi, knocking down an old lady and
Capri Anderson hides from the camera, right before her lawyer, right, smacks
blessed the tea as they handed out brim- ripping the flash off of my camera. Again, the
Paparazzo Diary with his briefcase.
ming cups of the holy concoction. cops wouldn’t do anything. I hope they cut me
as much slack if I’m ever accused of breaking
somebody’s something. I doubt it, though.

Capri Anderson is her porn name. Last SUDDENLY — GWYNETH

Monday she charged about the city trying to
get the 12K that Sheen apparently promised On Monday, I was outside the Ace
her for her companionship a few weeks Hotel, at 29th St. and Broadway, staking
back, first telling her tale on “Good Morning out a French film producer with an alleged
America,” then to N.Y.P.D. detectives whom newly acquired taste for drugs and hook-
she met at her lawyer’s office. The highlight ers. Suddenly, out came Gwyneth Paltrow,
of my day was getting “parked-in” by an walking with her younger brother, Jake.
S.U.V. driver in front of Trump International Sheer beauty and no drama — nothing
Tower just as Miss Anderson took off up more to say.

Justin Bieber — before P.D. was body-slammed. Gwyneth Paltrow and her brother on W. 29th St.
24 December 2 - 8, 2010


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