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I. Multiple Choice: Read the question carefully. Write the letter of the correct answer on a separate sheet of paper.
1. These are visual elements creating a sense of unity where they relate well with one another.
a. style b. proportion c. variety d. emphasis
2. It uses several design elements to draw a viewer’s attention.
a. Style b. proportion c. variety d. emphasis
3. It makes complex data become more visually appealing to the average user.
a. Tables b. pictocharts c. infographics d. slideshows
4. The following are common image file formats used in the Internet EXCEPT
a. JPEG b. GIF c. PNG d. BMP
5. A free image manipulation tool that has batch edit, viewer, and paper print features
a. Picasa b. PhotScape c. GIMP d. IrfanView
6. It is the process of editing multiple pictures at once using one setting
a. Batch editing b. animation c. paper printing d. collage making
7. The file extension JPEG stand for
a. Joint Photographic Experts Group c. Jotter Prime Element Garnish
b. Japan Photo Excellence Guild d. None of the above
8. A file format typically used for screenshots.
a. PNG b. GIF c. RAW d. JPEG
9. A free image hosting site that allows you to share photos over the Internet.
a. Photobucket b. PhotoScape c. GIMP d. IrfanView
10. It deals with the visual weight of objects, texture, colors, and space.
a. Emphasis b. Balance c. Movement d. Proportion
11. A program designed to create spreadsheets which can later be used to analyze statistical data.
a. Microsoft Excel b. Microsoft Word c. Microsoft Publisher d. Microsoft OneNote
12. A function that adds a range of cells
a. ADD b. PLUS c. SUM d. TOTAL
13. This is the tab in the Format Cells dialog box where you can change the orientation of a text.
a. Alignment b. orientation c. file d. view
14. A function that gets the average of a range of cells.
15. A function used to count the number of cells that contains something.

II. True or False: Read each statement below carefully. Write T if you think a statement is TRUE. Write an F if you think the statement
16. Use as many slides as you can so that the audience can clearly understand your message.
17. PowerPoint Presentation is a form of visual aid.
18. Most of the contents of your report through your PowerPoint presentation and not from the speaker himself/herself
19. To insert a hyperlink, go to the Home tab then click the Hyperlink option.
20. To embed an object, go to the Insert tab and under the Text Group, click Object.
21. There are two options when inserting an object: create new from file and create new from existing file.
22. Action buttons are found in the Insert>Smart Art
23. Use dark fonts on dark backgrounds to gain proper contrast
24. Use bullets to simplify your message
25. Insert artwork in each slide of your presentation. It may not be related but at least it would draw the audience’s attention

III. Matching Type: Match column A with column B.

A. B.
26. The area designed to attract the viewer’s attention A. AVERAGEIF
27. A graphic symbolic representation of the significant B. RANGE
features of part of the surface of the earth C. ACCOUNTING NUMBER FORMAT
28. The cells where you want to look for the criteria D. Ctrl + 1
29. The shortcut key for the Format Cells dialog box E. COUNTIF
30. Storing and accessing data and program over the internet F. AVERAGEIF
31. A function used to compute for the average of the number of a range G. CLOUD COMPUTING
32. Used to compute for the summation of a range if a certain condition is met H. MAPPING
33. Used to compute for the average of a range if a certain condition is met I. AVERAGE
34. Used to count the cells with a specified content within a range J. SUMIF
35. A number format that is used for accounting k. EMPHASIS

IV. ENUMERATION: Give an example of the following online platform tools for ICT content development.
35-38 Example of Online Presentation Tool
39-41 Cloud Computing
41-43 Social Media
44-45 Web Page (Creation)
46-47 Mapping
48-50 Web Design Elements