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-Copywriting: Writing texts for advertisements

-Press kit: A set of prepared materials and documents about a particular product sent by a company
to people working for the press

-Opinion maker: A person (such as politicians) or journalists who have a lot of influence on other
people's opinions

-Sample: A small part or amount of something that is examined in order to find out something about

-Retain: To keep something or to continue to have something

-Legal liability: Responsibility for an action covered by the law

-Public affairs: Events and questions, especially political ones, which have an effect on most people

-Spokesperson: Someone who has been chosen to speak officially for a group, organisation or

-Focus group: A small group of people that a company, political party, etc. Asks questions in order to
find out what they think of their products, actions, etc.

-Survey: A set of questions which you ask a large number of people in order to find out their opinion
or behaviour (poll)

-Advocate: To publically support a particuar way of doing something

-Opinion poll: The process of asking a large group of people the same questions in order to find out
what they think about something

-Brief: Short period of time; a report with very few words or including few details

-Donor: A person, group, etc. Which gives something (mostly money) to help an

-Publicist: Someone whos job is to make sure that people know about a product or happenings

-Stakeholder: Someone who has some sort of investment in an organisation, group, etc.

-Promote: To help something to develop or increase; to give someone a higher job possition with
more responsibilities

-Public company: A company which offers their shares for sale on the stock exchange

-CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility): The idea that a company's role is not just about producing
goods, but that it has a duty to help people in society and protect the environment

-Hype: Attempts to make poeple think that something is good or important by talking about it a lot
in the media
-Spin: To describe a situation or information in a way tahat is intended to influence the way people
think about it (used especially about what politicians or business people do)

-Memo: A short official note to another person in the same company/orgaisation

-NGO (Non-Governmental Organisation): An organisation which helps people, protects the

environmentand which is not run by the government

-Press release: An official statement giving information to the media

-Movers and shakers: Powerful and influential people

-Respondent: Someone who answers questions, especially in a survey

-Social media: Ways of sharing information, opinions, images, videos, etc. Using the internet and
social networks

-Public opinion: The opinions and/or beliefs that ordinary people have about a paricular subject

-Target audiance: The type of people which broadcasters are trying to reach with a particular
program, advertisement, etc.

-Stockholder (Shareholder): Someone who owns stocks in a business

-Lobby: An attempt to persuade a government to change a law, make a new law, etc.

-Allocate: To use something for a particular purpose, give something to a particular person,
etc.especially after an official decision has been made

-Sustainability report: An organisational report which gives information about the economic,
environmental, social and governance performance

-SWOT analysis: A study undertaken by an organisation to identify its initial strenghts and
weaknesses, as well as its external opportunities and threats

-Key publics: Segmented groups of people whos support and cooperation are considered 'key' to the
long-term survival of an organisation or the short-term accomplishments of its objectives

-Commision a report: Request a report; request to do a special piece of work

-Marketing mix: A combination of marketing activities used by a company to promote a product

-Crisis management: The process of dealing with an unusually difficult or dangerous situation

-Press conference: A meeting held by a person or group at which they answer questions from

-Disseminate: To spread information or ideas to as many people as possible


Please let us know your requirements. = What do you need?

Thank you for your email received on the 12th of November. = Thanks for the email of the 12th of
I am afraid I will not be able to attend. = Sorry, I can't make it.

We regret to advise you that... = I'm sorry to tell you that...

I can assure you that... = I promise...

I was wondering if you could... = Could you...?

We note from our records that you have not... = You haven't...

We would like to remind you that... = Don't forget...

It is necessary for me to... = I need to...

Would you like me to...? = Shall I...?

However.../In addition.../Therefore... = But.../Also.../So...

I would be grateful if you could... = Please could you...

Please accept our apologies for... = I'm sorry for...

With regard to... = RE...

I look forward to meeting you next week. = See you next week.

Due to = Because of Repair = Fix Provide = Give Obtain = Get

Requirements = Needs Enquire = Ask Further = More Request = Ask for

Occupation = Job Verify = Check Inform = Tell Posses = Have

Assistance = Help Reserve = Book Information = Facts


Steps on how to write a good memo:

1. Personalize your memos: use I, you, we to make people feel directly connected
2. Use active rather than passive verbs for a more conversational, reader-friendly style
3. Prefer verbs to nouns, avoid technical terms; write sentences which 'your grandparents
would understand'
4. Make it clear and unabmbiguous what you want people to do and when
5. Focus on the benefits of the reader, not on rigid rules and procedure

1. Date
2. Name of the person /people the memo is addressed to
3. Name of the person/people sending the memo
4. Information about the content of the memo
5. Introduction to the subject matter
6. Main points
7. Conclusion
8. Closing (Name or initials)

Example memo:

TO: All staff

FROM: XYZ, (Title)

DATE: xx/xx/xxxx

SUBJECT: (e.g.) Restaurant and coffee bar

As you probably know, our company's restaurant and coffe bar are going under renovation. It is
going to be closed from the 18th of December 2019 to the 2nd of January 2020. You can have lunch
across the street in the restaurant called 'Bon Apetite' with a discount of 25%. We will also put a new
coffee machine in the break room.

Thank you for understanding.

X.X. (Full name or initials)

Collocations ( some examples)

-Crisis management -Be based in -Academic reputation

-Commision a report -Colourful city -Academic interest

-Public company -Unparalelled environment -Provide many oppertunities

-Target audience -Exceed expectations -Charity work

-Marketing mix -Education reform -Develop knowledge

-SWOT analysis -Join a comunity -Transferable skills

-Opinion makers -Dedicated faculty -Sought by employers

-Press release National leader -Employment rates