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Service Booklet
Full-Service Full Service
aus einer Hand from a Single Source
Service Booklet
Full-Service Full Service
aus einer Hand from a Single Source

Table of Contents

59 Preface

60 Key Figures

62 Onshore

76 Offshore

82 Additional Services

102 Offshore Wind Asset Management

108 Contacts

2 Deutsche Windtechnik – Servicebuch


Über 850 Mitarbeiter arbeiten bei uns an Land

und auf See.
Dänemark Deutschland
Etwa 2.800 Windenergieanlagen (3.950 MW)
verantworten wir im Rahmen von Basis- und
Weitere 3.000 Anlagen betreuen wir anlassbezogen,
z.B. durch Reparaturen und Gutachten. Großbritannien Niederlande Deutschland
An 101 Standorten (davon 69 Servicestationen)
sind wir in 8 Ländern aktiv.

Wir bieten ein weltweites Ersatzteilmanagement.

Wir sind mit 209 Servicewagen und diversen
Arbeitsbooten zu unseren Einsätzen unterwegs, Edinburgh

manchmal auch mit Helikoptern.

66 Onshore und 5 Offshore Umspannwerke (OSS) Viöl
sind unter unserer technischen Betriebsführung, Ostenfeld Kiel Polen

4 OSS im Service. Emden

Niederlande 107 WEA
190 Windenergieanlagen im Großbritannien United Kingdom

Offshore-Windparkmanagement. BREMEN
Utrecht Velp Posen 42 WEA
95 Millionen Euro Umsatz haben wir im Jahr 2015 Osnabrück Polen Poland Deutschland

Belgien Belgium

More than 850 employees work for us on land and at sea.

WEA 2127 WEA
Deutschland Germany
We are responsible for approximately 2,800 wind turbines
(3,950 MW) as part of basic and full maintenance
contracts. 35 WEA
Frankreich France
We provide services for 3,000 additional systems on an
as-needed basis, for example in the areas of repairs and Spanien

We are active at 101 locations (including 69 service centres)
in 8 countries.

We offer global spare parts management. Deutschland

We use 209 service vehicles and various work boats

to get to our job sites, sometimes we involve helicopters.
66 onshore and 5 offshore substations (OSS) are part of our
technical operations management portfolio, 4 OSS under
maintenance contract.
190 wind turbines under offshore wind asset management. 502 WEA
Spanien Spain
Zentrale Zentrale einer Einheit Servicestation
Headquarters Headquarters of a unit Service centre
In 2015, we achieved a turnover of 95 million euros. Deutsche Windtechnik
Welcome to our Service Booklet
Environmentally friendly energy and economic viability are the key issues
for your wind project, and they become increasingly important when the
political framework conditions for the expansion of wind energy are better
developed. It is no secret that having the right maintenance concept is the
most important factor for ensuring profitability over the life cycle of your
wind turbines.
Your maintenance concept needs to be ‘right’ in the sense and this means that the quality of our results is often much
that it balances economic and technical parameters and ad- higher than required. Our top priority is our common goal
apts to your individual needs. It should be designed for the to achieve the best technical operation of the turbines as
long term, starting with production or commissioning and cost-effectively as possible.
spanning operation, continued operation, and dismantling
or repowering. Portfolio and reference
This Service Booklet provides an overview of Deutsche
Our independence is your advantage Windtechnik‘s complete range of services. But that is not
Our goal is to help you utilise the available scope for action: all. It also highlights the many professional competencies
As a leading service specialist, our company is your partner that need to be mastered in order to provide proper techni-
for the complete maintenance of your wind turbines and cal maintenance and get the most out of a wind turbine for
substations on land and at sea. We are active across Europe its operator. The performance level and amount of energy
and in some cases even worldwide. Our independence from that can be sustainably produced and fed into the grid de-
manufacturers and our focus on maintenance enable us to pends to a large extent on technical maintenance.
break new ground. We develop technical innovations, use
our expertise to create concepts for improvement and tap Do you have questions or would you like to talk to us in per-
into new purchasing potential. Our good connections to the son? Please feel free to contact us. You can find the contact
wind industry allow us to make decisions and take action persons for different specialist areas in the appendix of this
quickly. These are benefits that have a direct positive effect brochure.
on your project!
Quality at a reasonable price Deutsche Windtechnik
GL Systems Certification has certified the
quality management of our services in ac-
cordance with ISO 9001:2008, BS OHSAS
18001 and ISO 14001. This is the highest
available level of certification. We always
work to achieve the best results possible,

58 Deutsche Windtechnik – Service Booklet Deutsche Windtechnik – Service Booklet 59

Our turbine expertise

2007 Vestas / NEG Micon

Entry into the market
2004/5 Start of service for rotors, towers 2011 Siemens / AN Bonus
and substations
From Specialised
Senvion / Repower
2007 Established
Discipline to Deutsche Windtechnik AG
with special unit for turbine service 2016 Gamesa

International Full Service 2010 Full service from a single source

During the past few years, we have experienced stun-

ning development. Wind energy is the driving force Increasing Other specialised units
behind the energy turnaround, and it is a key compo-
nent for a climate-friendly and secure power supply.
internationalisation 2013 established
Repowering, Control,
Number of turbines and total megawatt of systems under maintenance contract
by manufacturer and type of turbine
Poland Offshore and Consulting
Deutsche Windtechnik was very fortunate to be in the

right place at the right time during the early years. 560
Together with our customers and partners,
who are just as enthusiastic about wind power as
Spain 2014 402.4

we are, we have been able to expand and enhance
our system expertise step by step. We now provide
a comprehensive range of maintenance services for
wind turbines across Europe. All indicators point to
United Kingdom
The Netherlands
2015 100
continuing healthy growth. Denmark
2016 61

Megawatt (MW) of systems under maintenance contract Proportion of full maintenance contracts
by manufacturer in percent by manufacturer in MW and percent 9
4% 1,179
Vestas 3% 926 = 79% 163
1,118 257.8
Vestas NEG Micon Number of
211 = 19% turbines under
Other 30% 182
772 maintenance contract
1% Siemens 349 = 45% 321.2
NEG Micon 321 105
Made- 28% Fuhrländer 95 = 45% Senvion MD70/77, 3.XM, MM82/92/100 Total megawatts
197.8 of systems under
Endesa 264 maintenance contract
2% Nordex 51 = 19% Maintenance contracts 3.949 MW 96
198 thereof full maintenance 1.713 MW 77
5% Senvion
81 = 41%
Nordex 20
7% Siemens 77
Made-Endesa 0 0% 20
Fuhrländer 19%
8% Other 20
0 300 600 900 1,200 0 300 600 900 1,200

60 Deutsche Windtechnik – Service Booklet Deutsche Windtechnik – Service Booklet 61

1.1 Full Maintenance and
Additional Maintenance
1.2 Remote Data Monitoring (RDM)
1.3 Rotor
1.4 Foundation and Tower
1. Onshore 1.5 Transformer Substations Onshore

Deutsche Windtechnik – Service Booklet 63
Cost Check of a Wind Turbine over its Life Cycle

high OPEX: investment costs

revenue savings (operational expenditures)

CAPEX: operating costs
costs (capital expenditures) 1. Planning and 2. Building and
development construction
6. Disassembly purchasing wind turbines, logistics,
decommissioning project development, infrastructure,

Full Maintenance and and dismantling,

disposal /
grid connection

Additional Maintenance 5. Optional


continued operation
trend towards decreasing revenue
Early on, we recognised the potential in professional maintenance and and rising operating costs
repair of wind parks on land to ensure economical operation, and we remuneration,
direct marketing of electricity, 3. Commissioning
positioned our company accordingly to serve that need. One might additional revenue 1 y. 2 yea
say we turned our passion into our profession. Common maintenance self-consumption etc.
X 1 y.
maintenance*, ye
tasks for wind turbines are an integral part of our services: Inspection, lease,


maintenance, repair and improvement – supported by analysis, evaluation insurance,

and monitoring. manage-
As specialists for Vestas, NEG-Micon, Siemens, From the first to the last day etc.
AN Bonus, Nordex, Senvion, and Fuhrländer, we have Warranty claims are transferable, so it is not necessary to
in-depth knowledge of the turbines made by these wait until the warranty expires to commission Deutsche Optimal
Economical but technical / Maximum
manufacturers. Binding norms and standards ensure the Windtechnik with performing maintenance. The contract poor technical economical technical
high quality of our maintenance services. from the very beginning (commissioning) has a term of availability ratio availability,
20 years and includes all maintenance and service work, but costly

Our competence in repair and maintenance is based on the upgrades and repairs. We begin providing services as early
Ser v
following factors: as the design phase and during the tender. Our goal as a full ice s tra te gy
– Complete system expertise service specialist company is to provide competent advice X
– Qualified service engineers on whether to continue operating a wind turbine beyond
– Resilient organisational structure with permanent data the end of its service life and to help you make that decision.
remote monitoring and nationwide service network, Independent service from the outset provides an excellent 4. Operational phase
plus locations in neighbouring European countries option to do business cost-efficiently in the long term.
direct marketing of electricity,
– Cutting-edge service vehicles additional revenue,
– Proven spare parts management and flexible logistics self-consumption etc.

maintenance*, *servicing, inspection,

lease, repair, upgrades,
insurance, spare parts
operations to
management h u p fe .
t i
etc. wi ce l
m pl e er vi
Ex a r s
y ea
Life cycle costs for a wind farm:
Identifying and leveraging savings potential and achieving higher yields are key objectives during the service life of a wind turbine.

64 Deutsche Windtechnik – Service Booklet Deutsche Windtechnik – Service Booklet 65

Contract variations Repair of large components Maintenance Contracts
We provide services for over 2,800 wind turbines national- When faults occur during the operation of wind turbines
ly and internationally as part of long-term maintenance that require repairs or corrective maintenance, we react Basic Basic Full Maintenance Full Maintenance
agreements. More than a third of these are serviced in immediately. Our organisational structures, access to wind Plus Plus
accordance with full maintenance criteria, and this number turbine data and spare parts management system make it
incl. large incl. large components
is growing. possible to initiate appropriate measures very quickly. without large incl. large
Service components + damage caused
components components
This also applies to the repair of large components. + rotor by natural forces
We offer six types of maintenance contract: two basic
Maintenance work accor-
contracts and four contract options for full maintenance. We can replace large components within a very short time, ding to manufacturer speci-
Operators are on the safe side with a full maintenance con- including: fications, including working
materials and lubricants
tract from Deutsche Windtechnik. All services required for – yaw gears
optimal system operation are included in the contract con- – gearboxes Upgrades
cept. All services can be ordered individually or combined to – generators
meet your respective requirements and needs. – main bearings Remote data monitoring
– pitch cylinders
Repairs and spare parts management – rotor blades Technical consulting
Our proven spare parts management system ensures that – transformers
our technicians have the necessary spare parts at the instal- Availability guarantee
up to 97%
lation site on short notice. If system components are heavily As part of our Full Maintenance Plus approach, we repair
damaged or a bottleneck occurs in the procurement of all damage regardless of its cause. This includes damage to Wear parts, small parts
spare parts, our custom repair solutions enable us to ensure large components, such as the rotor, as well as a write-off
continued functionality of the system. This minimises the of the entire wind turbine. Even damage caused by external Repairs
without spare parts
downtime of wind turbines. influences such as lightning, fire or hail is repaired within
the scope of the full service contract. Repairs
incl. spare parts
All components needed for comprehensive servicing are without large components
kept at our central warehouses in Osnabrück, Ostenfeld
and Viöl as well as numerous depots at our service cent- incl. spare parts
res. In addition to large components such as gearboxes, incl. large components
generators, main bearings and transformers, we also keep
Repair of write-offs
sufficient quantities of other critical parts for control units,
computer circuit boards, brakes and hydraulic systems.
Repair of the rotor

Repair of damage caused by

natural forces

Foundation Package

included optional

Large components: Main gearbox, transformer, swing bearing, generator, main bearing and shaft, rotor blades, cast parts hub/tower

66 Deutsche Windtechnik – Service Booklet Deutsche Windtechnik – Service Booklet 67

Service Control Room Onshore and Offshore

data Personnel


monitoring system

Weather CMS*


* Condition
Big Data

Remote Data Monitoring (RDM)

1st Level
Operations Control Centre
It is important to continuously monitor the operating status of Control N

Centre Staff W O

all technical systems. Regardless whether the system is onshore, S

offshore, a wind turbine, a substation, or a corresponding

subsystem, our experts at the remote data monitoring centre
ensure it is running smoothly around the clock.
Our RDM teams manage all systems 24 hours a day, 365 RDM for customer information On- and Offshore Services Offshore Add-Ons Operational
days a year. A range of levels of involvement and work dis- RDM is also the basis for our extensive information managers
• 24/7 Operation • Switching operations, • Marine coordination
tributions between us and the customer are possible. Our management for our customers. In addition to raw data, all incl. resets
• Emergency • Sea monitoring
fundamental objective is to ensure that the wind turbine is documents, reports, events, and histories are continuously Operators
management • Network monitoring • People tracking
continuously monitored by experts. filed and updated in the RDM system. This provides us with
a wide range of individual reporting options. • Control and manage- • Documentation
ment of turbines Insurances
Remote data monitoring and fault analysis Our customers are increasingly seeking our advice to ensure
All operating conditions and alarms that are triggered are that they can efficiently manage the growing requirements
analysed and processed immediately. RDM engineers and that operators must fulfil. Direct marketing of electricity, Banks/
service technicians at Deutsche Windtechnik apply their supply management, quality and safety management are investors
many years of experience and system-specific know-how to just some of the key areas that demonstrate that close 2nd Level
•  Work preparation
identify faults and eliminate them quickly and permanently. cooperation and coordination are necessary. It is the only Network
Technicians and safety
Evaluation of an error message is carried out using all way to prevent redundant work and nonetheless ensure operators
and • Evaluation and
available data (service reports, maintenance records, responsible completion. engineers technical
statistics and other data). Our statistics show that we are Authorities
able to remedy 60 to 70 percent of incoming error messages Handling data management
through first level support. This means that turbine down- The term Big Data has become a catchphrase, but it is also Energy
time is significantly minimised. Downtime for a wind often subject to critical scrutiny. For Deutsche Windtechnik, suppliers
turbine should not exceed two hours – usually significantly Big Data is part of everyday work and at the same time a
less. The operator is informed continuously of measures challenge and an opportunity. With the further develop- Electricity
that are carried out. ment of wind energy technology, the amount of electrical, 3rd Level • Further development
Scheduling traders
electronic, control, IT and sensor technology being instal- and upgrades • Deployment Planning
RDM for improvements led (Condition Monitoring Systems are a good example) is
technicians •  Proactive safety Mo Mo Mo

Remote data monitoring is far more than just a monitoring increasing, and the amount of available data is increasing and
Di Di Di

strategies Mi Mi Mi

instrument. It also serves as a basis for numerous im- proportionately. Keeping control of these large amounts engineers Do Do Do

•  Consulting, certification Fr Fr Fr
provement processes. All relevant system data is prepared of data is not a trivial issue. Staff at Deutsche Windtechnik Sa Sa Sa
and expert reports
and stored long-term. By assessing the data using intelli- have looked into this issue in detail with various partners,
So So So

gent systems and analysis methods, it becomes a valuable including system manufacturers, manufacturers of original
indicator of improvement in system operations. Remote parts, research institutes, specialised analysts, and others.
monitoring data is often the basis for an increase in capa- They process data systematically to generate significant,
city, improvement of availability, reduction of wear, and reliable evaluations with real added value. This enables Remote data monitoring in the service control room:
improvement of work processes. The data is checked for Deutsche Windtechnik to skillfully isolate and utilise the This is where all the relevant data for the smooth operation of the wind farm is collected.
validity, evaluated, sorted, and harmonised in preparation meaningful information hidden in Big Data.
for the analysis processes by different units of Deutsche

68 Deutsche Windtechnik – Service Booklet Deutsche Windtechnik – Service Booklet 69


Rotor blades have to withstand heavier loads than almost any other
component of a wind energy system. Depending on the intensity of the load
as well as the type and quality of the manufacturing process, defects caused
by wear will occur sooner or later. Design and manufacturing defects may
also become apparent. Regular inspections, professional maintenance,
preventive repairs and, if needed, immediate repair measures are therefore
absolutely necessary to ensure the reliability of system operation.
Deutsche Windtechnik has been active in maintenance and Optimisation
repair work for rotors on a daily basis for more than twelve Rotor imbalances and incorrect blade positioning not only
years. Our rotor blade service team has the necessary cause yield losses but also a faster rate of wear of important
specialist knowledge, routine and enthusiasm to consis- components (such as damage to pitch drives, blade
tently find optimal solutions. bearings or yaw systems). Some of the first signs of rotor-
related faults include increased rotor noise, typical surface
Inspections cracks or triggering vibration monitoring units. We use
During the service life of a wind turbine, there are a variety targeted measuring technology to detect faults and initiate
of reasons that make it necessary for an authorised expert corrective measures. For analysing blade angles, we work
to perform an inspection of the rotor blades. with laser-based processes (dynamic geometry measure-
We provide technical expert opinions that are prepared by ment = DGM).
independent, accredited experts for the following situa-
tions: Repair and protective paints for rotor blades
– Commissioning Damage to the coating of rotor blades must be eliminated
– Warranty expiry quickly and permanently to ensure a long, uninterrupted
– Periodic inspections service life. Deutsche Windtechnik has developed a PU
– Actual condition inspections (polyurethane-based) paint system consisting of three paint
– Safeguarding or enforcing liability claims types.

Maintenance 1-Component repair paint:

In addition to qualified appraisals, regular maintenance Simple handling, efficient processing, even in extreme
and all necessary repairs of damaged rotor blades, we also temperatures.
implement preventive measures to protect rotor blades.
We use rope access technology and special working 2-Component repair paint:
platforms. Even severe damage can be repaired after Creates hard, closed surfaces with permanent inner
disassembly directly at the wind turbine installation site elasticity.
or in a workshop.
Leading Edge Protector LEP:
Special protective coating for flow profiles, develops
maximum elasticity and excellent erosion resistance,
also suitable for offshore usage.

70 Deutsche Windtechnik – Service Booklet Deutsche Windtechnik – Service Booklet 71


Foundation and Tower
The tower and the foundation must both function correctly
for the system to operate safely. The risk of damage, cracks,
spalling and corrosion increases the older the system gets, so
the stability of these two components must be verified regularly.
The foundation can also be systematically monitored and
documented as part of a full maintenance contract.
Inspections Foundation
Recurring inspections of the foundation base using ul- – Maintenance-free foundation sealing and coating
trasound, damage recording and crack mapping are tried- – Repair of foundation damage after qualitative appraisal
and-tested methods for detecting concealed damage in the – Preparation of drainage concepts
substrate, which can cause layers of concrete to become – Non-destructive testing of foundation using ultrasound
detached. If irregularities are detected, corresponding – Appointment of accredited experts to evaluate
measures for maintenance or refurbishing are initiated after foundations
precise analysis.

Corrosion damage to the tower and foundation is a com-
mon occurrence. If flange connections or reinforcements
are affected, then this may endanger operation and stability
of the wind energy system.
Our refurbishment concepts for the tower and foundation
provide long-term corrosion protection by preventing water
from penetrating. The concept is based on our highly elastic
sealing system CPS (Concrete Power Seal) or PPS (Protect
Power Seal): The system, which consists of liquid plastic
materials based on PMMA resins, is flexible enough to offer
reliable protection even at locations with extreme con-
ditions (onshore and offshore). The following work steps
have proven effective:

– External and internal cleaning of the tower using a dry
process (does not introduce contaminants into the
– Removal of corrosion from the tower, outside and inside
– Corrosion protection
– Tower/tower sealing

72 Deutsche Windtechnik – Service Booklet Deutsche Windtechnik – Service Booklet 73


Transformer Substations Onshore
If the transformer substation fails, then the connected power generation
systems, such as wind farms, solar parks or biogas plants, can no longer
feed power into the grid. Depending on the severity and duration of the
fault, considerable losses in earnings can be the result. The quality of
maintenance of transformer substations is therefore essential for the
feed-in balance of the wind farm.
To prevent operational failures in transformer substations Recurring inspections
and to eliminate faults quickly, we coordinate a compre- – Monthly inspections
hensive range of necessary measures: 24/7 remote moni- – Transformer tests
toring from a control centre, corresponding remote and – General inspections
on-site switching, fault elimination, regular inspection – Load tap changer maintenance
and maintenance of key components. If any irregularities
are detected, our specialists deal with them immediately. Our maintenance and test intervals for non-redundant
Proper documentation is absolutely necessary. Our services feed-in substations are designed so that emerging faults can
include: be detected as early as possible and transformer substation
failures can be prevented or minimised.
Transformer substations are constantly monitored. This Repairs
enables our personnel at the control centre in Kiel as well as If components need to be replaced or damage needs to be
our field service technicians to access current system data repaired, we carry out the repairs or coordinate large-scale
in real time directly or using laptops. The control centre is measures with suitable specialist companies.
equipped with IDS control technology and an independent
ATS fault detection system. Administration
– 24/7 remote monitoring – Preparation and forwarding of control reports and
– Stationary and mobile access to the system data documentation of special and fault elimination
– Fault management around the clock deployments
– Offer and invoice checking
Fault elimination – Logbook maintenance
– Detailed status analysis after fault signal – Archival of the transformer substation documentation
– 24/7 on-site fault elimination service

Switching and control

– Remote and on-site switching operations in
coordination with the operators of the transformer
substation, the operators of the connected systems
and the energy utility company

74 Deutsche Windtechnik – Service Booklet Deutsche Windtechnik – Service Booklet 75

2. Offshore Full Service – Above as well as Under Water
Offshore References

Deutsche Windtechnik – Service Booklet 77
Full Service Offshore

2 Turbine Service
(Siemens, Vestas, Senvion)
• Repairs, improvement,
inspection, maintenance
• Safety technology

Offshore Service – Full Service N

• Troubleshooting
• Rotor blade service

Above as well as Under Water


Maintenance work on offshore wind farms can be a significant cost • Technical
factor for operators. As an independent service provider, our company • Monitoring
• Marine
has taken on this task and successfully established itself in the offshore coordination
• Site management
market. Several factors have helped us to achieve this: focusing on the
essentials, operational flexibility and our ability to identify and utilise

synergies. Substation (OSS)
Building and
• Inspection, mainte- production monitoring,
When the high initial compensation expires, the enormous Manage interfaces - reduce costs
nance, repairs, inspections and expert
pressure on maintenance costs will force operators to Our customers can select from a range of individual service transmission of opinions, QHSE
ask themselves what the real cost of producing electricity is. packages all the way up to the maintenance of com- high and medium-
Maintenance contracts play a major role in these calcu- plete wind farms above and under water. In addition to the voltage power
lations. It is important to question old strategies and complete system environment, this also includes technical
develop new ones. management and monitoring, coordination in the wind
farm or monitoring tasks during the manufacturing of
Deutsche Windtechnik was one of the first offshore service components and their installation. We rely on synergies and
providers on the market. We have a decade of experience in flexible teams that use their training to perform a variety of incl. Transition
carrying out a wide range of tasks at sea and have con- tasks during deployments, and this minimises the amount Piece (TP)
tinued to develop this area to include the entire infrastruc- of work required. Interface management is our leverage • Servicing above
ture of offshore wind farms. Our cumulative experience, to reduce costs. In addition, we work together very closely and below water
versatile staff and network of maritime partners enable us with suppliers and obtain certification from them. This has • Corrosion protection
• Inspection,
to provide comprehensive service for offshore wind farms, advantages for everyone involved.
exchange and
including foundations, turbines, rotor blades and even retrofitting of
offshore substations. Apart from the manufacturers and cranes, winches,
several other companies in the offshore segment, we are ladders, etc.
the only company that provides maintenance for complete • Safety technology
offshore wind farms and substations.
Subsea Special
• Seabed surveys
• Cabling

Full service above and below water:

In addition to servicing, the team also offers services such as operational management and technical controlling of wind farms.

78 Deutsche Windtechnik – Service Booklet Deutsche Windtechnik – Service Booklet 79

Headquarters Offshore service centre Offshore activities
since 2006

Baltic Sea Wind farm Period of time Principal

North Sea
BANK Egmond aan Zee 2006 L&L Rotorservice
SÜD/OST OSTENFELD −− Offshore rotor blade repairs (Vestas wind turbines)
Luchterduinen since 2016 Eneco
−− Inspections of foundations above water, including coating and bolts
−− Bolt tensioning
−− Cable surveys, depth of burial assessment
−− Scour surveys
BREMEN −− Corrosion protection measures

Meerwind 2015 WindMW

Offshore References
−− Medium voltage and high voltage maintenance on OSS

(Offshore Wind Asset Management References by OutSmart page 106/107) Nordergründe since 2016 wpd
−− Supervising the large-scale project management during the manufacturing, installation
and commissioning stages
Wind farm Period of time Principal −− Technical management
−− Technical project management
Alpha Ventus from 2017 DOTI (Deutsche Offshore-Testfeld und Infrastruktur GmbH & Co. KG)
−− Coordination of divers, logistics (management of CTV crew transfer vessels)
−− Basic maintenance of 6x Senvion 5M −− Spare parts management −− Basic structural maintenance and OSS, in addition to anti-corrosion work,
−− Remote data monitoring −− Suppression underwater work
−− Repairs −− QHSE management
−− Cabling

Amrumbank 2011 e•on
−− Maintenance of the grid structure and the instru- −− Corrosion protection Nordsee Ost 2012-2016 RWE Innogy
ments on the measurement mast −− Replacement of anemometers −− Service and maintenance met mast
−− Maintenance of measuring instruments and wind vanes −− Arrester system at the boat landing

Baltic 1 2014-15 EnBW Prinses Amaliawindpark since 2009 Eneco

−− Rotor blade inspection within the scope of warranty inspection −− O&M manual for the foundations
−− Repairing of lightning damage −− Inspections of foundations above water, including coating and bolts
−− Inspections of foundations subsea
−− Cable surveys, depth of burial assessment
Butendiek since 2011 wpd −− Scour surveys and ROV inspections (Remotely Operated Vehicle)
−− Construction supervision −− Internal inspections of grouted −− Corrosion protection measures
−− Manufacturing supervision (rotorblades) connection −− Design and pilot of grout repair solution
−− Commissioning supervision −− Corrosion protection −− Platform cleaning
−− Supervision and service of e-unit, measurements
transition piece −− Cable surveys, depth of burial
−− Supervision and service of offshore substation assessment Sandbank since 2016 Vattenfall
−− Underwater inspections on the foundation −− Scour surveys −− Manufacturing and construction supervision
maintenance plan −− Technical management
−− Underwater inspections on the foundations, −− QHSE management
ROV inspections (Remotely Operated Vehicle) −− Health and safety coordinator Trianel Windpark Borkum since 2013 Trianel
−− Bolt tensioning −− Crane inspections
−− Commissioning monitoring
−− Creation of alternative concept
Dan Tysk since 2013 Vattenfall
−− Manufacturing and construction supervision −− Maintenance, inspection, repairs,
−− Emergency power supply concept incl. troubleshooting Westermeerwind since 2016 Siemens Netherlands
fault elimination and demobilisation −− Maintenance and inspection of −− Inspections of foundations under water above water
−− Maintenance and Maintenance of self-retracting Transition Pieces above and under −− Inspections of foundations under water, ROV inspections (Remotely Operated Vehicle)
−− Maintenance self retracting lifelines water −− Cable surveys, depth of burial assessment
−− Offshore Substation: creation of service concept, −− Cabling −− Scour surveys
supervision of service and commissioning −− Platform cleaning

80 Deutsche Windtechnik – Service Booklet Deutsche Windtechnik – Service Booklet 81

3. Additional 3.1 Research
and Development
Control and Power Electronics
3.3 Expert reports and Consulting
3.4 Quality Management and

Additional Services
Occupational Health and Safety
3.5 Safety and Electrical Technology
3.6 Repowering
3.7 Qualification at
Training Center Bremen

Deutsche Windtechnik – Service Booklet 83

Research and Development
Our objective is not only to ensure that systems operate safely
and securely, but also to facilitate continuous improvement.
To strengthen and enhance our innovative skills, technicians and
engineers in all divisions work daily on the further development
of our services.
Our analyses are based on a stable and growing data pool Independence is necessary
of currently over 3,000 wind turbines. This data is comple- A comparison of available improvements from manufactu-
mented by many years of expertise coupled with technical rers and independent service providers shows that indepen-
calculations, careful selection of materials and finally by dent service in particular is the driving force behind retrofits
detailed evaluation of the prototype tests. These key res- and improvement of overall servicing. We are convinced
ponsibilities are covered by more than 70 engineers, that independence from the manufacturer is in fact essenti-
foremen, technicians and staff with practical experience, al to be able to successfully manage improvement of system
and currently enhanced through our focus on system operations. The manufacturer of original parts or systems is
software/programming. often trapped within its own responsibility for design short-
We want our overall range of services to convince our comings. Independent companies can focus exclusively on
clients. All divisions must fit together perfectly to ensure maintenance and look very closely at system performance.
harmonised services. They possess key competencies because independent com-
panies have qualified service personnel for a wide range of
Improvements/Upgrade system technology system generations.
Servicing will continue to be a dynamic field of activity. This
is reflected by the wide range of creative, innovative upgra- Developing new things together with customers
des that Deutsche Windtechnik has developed to optimise We view our customers as partners in the maintenance
system operations. Each upgrade is the result of an exten- process. Together, we explore technical and economic op-
sive research and development process that is driven by portunities to further develop and increase the efficiency of

Additional Services
our enthusiasm for servicing and our entrepreneurial agility. their systems. For this purpose, we regularly host exhibition
days and workshops on new products and market trends.
With regard to new designs and further developments, We give lectures and presentations at various conferences.
our engineers apply state of the art concepts and work In our view, however, personal dialogue is the most import-
in line with the latest developments. Personal exchange ant and we rely on direct discussions with our customers.
between specialist departments within Deutsche Wind- Together with you, we ensure that our engineers develop
technik and with research facilities, partners and customers exactly what you need to sustainably improve system
ensures that improvements are developed and applied in operation.
the right context. To achieve the desired economic effects,
our engineers coordinate their work closely with sales and

84 Deutsche Windtechnik – Service Booklet Deutsche Windtechnik – Service Booklet 85

AN Bonus Fuhrländer/Nordex/Senvion
Discharge circuit board for phase compensation AN BONUS 450kW - 2MW/76 Fuhrländer FL2500
Steuerung/Control WTC1 Elimination of yaw brake squeaking Nordex MD Baureihe
Power supply mainboard Senvion Nordex N80/N90
AN Bonus 150kW-600kW
AN Bonus 2MW/76 Fuhrländer
Pitch cylinder Lightning protection Nordex
AN Bonus 1MW/54 - 1,3MW/62
Temperature monitoring generator bearings AN Bonus 150kW - 2MW/76
Temperature monitoring main bearing AN Bonus 600kW/44-3 - 2MW/76
Obstruction lights Nordex
Fuhrländer FL2500
NEG MIcon Rotor blade optimisation Nordex N90, N100
M1500 - NM48 Senvion MM92
Yaw brake system
NM60 - NM82 Fuhrländer
Main frame NM60 - NM82 Replacing ISDN with DSL Nordex
Gearbox torque arm NM72c - NM82 Senvion
Generator torque arm NM60 - NM82 Fuhrländer
Yaw system Nordex
Carbon brush holder signal transmission NM72c, NM82, V82, NM80, NM92
Retrofit of compensation NM60
Pitch cylinder NM72c, NM82 EVO I
Gearbox oil level monitoring NM48 - NM82 Nordex
Stall stripes setup NM60, NM82 Cool top and bottom box Nordex N80/N90

Temperature monitoring generator bearings M1500 - NM60 LPC Retrofit Nordex

Temperature monitoring main bearing NM48 - NM82

MD series (Fuhrländer/Repower/Senvion/ Nordex/Südwind)

MM series (Repower/Senvion)
Automatic rotor bearing lubrication

Additional Services
Yaw system V66-V80/90-2.0
Control concept Mita WP 3100 MK II
Automatic yaw lubrication system V80/90-2.0
Gearbox torque arms V66 - V80/90-2.0
High voltage transformer V66 - V90-2.0 MD series (Fuhrländer/Senvion/Nordex)
Climate package nacelle V80/90-2.0 Frequency inverter
Carbon brush holder signal transmission V80 - V100 Mk8, V112 Grid protection test at wind turbine level
Carbon brush holder for generator V52, V80/90-2.0 Location adaptation
Temperature monitoring main bearing V66 - V80/90-2.0 Inverter detail inspection
Tower vibration damper V80/90-2.0 Wear and tear prevention rotor blade gear meshing
Cooling of converter controller V52-850, V66-V80/90-2.0

86 Deutsche Windtechnik – Service Booklet Deutsche Windtechnik – Service Booklet 87

Control and Power Electronics
When wind turbines suffer failures, it is often due to problems with the
electronics. To get them running again, it is often necessary to replace
electronic components. We offer an economical, reliable alternative to
new spare parts with refurbished electronic components.
Deutsche Windtechnik Steuerung is specialised in refurbis- Proprietary Development and manufacturing
hing electronic components for wind turbines. Our experi- Process for refurbishing
enced technicians and engineers have developed a compre- Virtual Wind Turbine SKiiP-Inverter Checking Device
hensive process for refurbishment and verification of each Visual inspection We have developed a virtual wind turbine system that Diagnosing faults in inverters is time-consuming and can
component. allows us to simulate the environmental signals that a cost a lot of money. Our SKiiP -Inverter Checking Device is
Cleaning real wind turbine is subject to. In addition to the wind, this able to check IGBT power modules of inverters while they
Our work follows industrial guidelines. Each type of includes voltages and currents in the energy grid. The virtual are installed in wind turbines. This makes diagnostics more
component is refurbished in accordance with an ISO 9001 Documented receiving test wind turbine also simulates the rotational speed, which is efficient and less time consuming, thereby reducing costs.
documented process. Each individual assembly is tested in calculated using pitch angle and wind speed, as well as the The SKiiP-Inverter Checking Device can be used to check
a simulated environment after being refurbished. This ensu- Disassembly voltages and currents of the generator. We use the virtual inverter power components from the following manu-
res the functionality of our components. We give a two-year wind turbine primarily for the purpose of examining inverter facturers: Converteam, SEG-Wood ward and Vestas.
warranty on all refurbished components. Replacement of defective parts control components (VCP boards). This development makes
us the first manufacturer-independent service provider to Optical Interface for Vestas-Controller
To keep our delivery times short and to be independent Upgrade of known weak points be able to check and repair inverter control components. To provide the service for Vestas wind turbines quickly
of third parties, we have redesigned some components This allows us to repair the entire range of Vestas control and efficiently, it is necessary to connect a laptop to
and manufacture them ourselves. In addition, we develop Assembly electronics from the V29 to the V90 MK5. the turbine-controller. Our Optical Interface has this
technical upgrades to improve components with design functionality.
weaknesses. These measures enable us to act inde- Final inspection RPM Simulator
pendently and reduce our costs. The RPM (Rotations per Minute) Simulator that we have Remote Control
developed is needed to check overspeed, which is part of (Switchboard Necessary for Direct Marketing)
Support Additional steps the safety shutdown parameters of wind turbines. It allows To be eligible to market electricity directly in Germany, wind

Additional Services
In addition to refurbishing electronic components, we also VRCC & RCC Unit/Resistor technicians to verify that the overspeed safety shutdown turbines must allow remote data access and remote control
use our expertise in wind turbine electronics to support our is functioning correctly without exposing the system in real time. The switchboard that we have developed has
customers during commissioning and operation. We would to mechanical stresses and independently of wind and this capability and can give older wind turbine types the
be very happy to help you and answer any questions you weather. required functionality.
may have!
SKiiP-Packs for Vestas-Inverter V-66V90 (AGO2)
The inverter of the Vestas V66-V90 is equipped with Semi-
kron SKiiP-Packs on the power side. In cooperation with
Semikron, our engineers have developed SKiiP-Packs that
can be considered fully compatible, equivalent replacement

88 Deutsche Windtechnik – Service Booklet Deutsche Windtechnik – Service Booklet 89

Overview of # Repairs Platform 6300029 CT279 VOG V27 – V80
refurbished and 6300043 RCC Power Resistor 600kW Vestas V42, V44 6300075 CT328 VAS/RC-Module V42 – V80
rebuilt electronic 6300042 RCC Power Resistor 1500kW – 1650kW V63, V66 6300048 CT3133 DC Input V39 – V80
components 6300002 VRCC Power Resistor 600kW 6300054 CT3153 DC Output V39 – V80
6300003 RCC Power Electronic 600kW CW V42, V44 6300098 CT3220 Analog Input G V27 – V47
6300007 RCC Power Electronic 600kW CCW V42, V44 6300093 CT3220 Analog Input GFFC V52 – V80
6300004 RCC Power Electronic 1500kW – 1650kW V63, V66 6300050 CT3220 Analog Input BBFF V63 – V66
6300006 VRCC Power Electronic 600kW 6300051 CT3220 Analog Input FFFF V27 – V80
6300005 CT257 RCC Prozessor 6300092 CT3232 Analog Output V42 – V80
6300008 CT273 VRCC Prozessor 6300052 CT3234 Quad Analog Output V66 – V90
SkiiP Converter Type 2 & 3 Refurbishment 6300028 CT3218 Counter V42 – V80
div. V52, V66 – V80
depending on individual component condition
6300091 CT3251 Power Control V42 – V47
Skiip-Pack Typ 3: Skiip 1813 GB123-3DUK
63000221 V66-V90 6300100 CT218 Display V27 – V66
Skiip-Pack Typ 3: Skiip 2413 GB123-3DUK 6300016 CT3503 Processor V42 – V80
63000226 V66-V90
6300015 CT3601 Processor V52 – V80
6300037 CT1124 External Power Supply 24V V27, V29, V39
6300011 CT291.02 Terminal 230V V52 – V80
6300041 CT3305 Internal Power Supply V27, V29, V39
6300089 CT291.01 Terminal 24V V52 – V80
6300030 CT3357 Internal Power Supply V39 – V80
6300088 USV Vestas AGO 5000VA
6300013 CT3354 Power Supply V63, V66, V80
6300067 Way sensor pitch cylinder Balluff
6300014 CT3363 Power Supply V63, V66, V80
6300064 Way sensor pitch cylinder TR Electronic
6300038 CT3364 External Power Supply 24V V42, V44, V47
6300033 V110-1 KK handheld display WTC2
6300023 CT3409 Rack Unit
6300069 Relay Board WTC 2
6300010 CT3415 Rack Unit
6300070 CPU Board WTC 2
6300055 CT3614 ArcNet Module/Optic RS422 V52, V66, V80
div. CT294 /CT318 (VCP Board) V29-V90 MK5
6300017 CT3514 ArcNet
6300027 CT3230 Serial Interface

Additional Services
6300151 CT3211 Fiber Optic Port
# Redesign – Rebuild (NEW) Platform
6300053 CT3252 ArcNet Interface
Tba. RPM simulator V25-V90
6300060 CT3513 ArcNet
6400006 RCC Signalcable W584 V42 – V66
USB DFÜ Interface module
6300146 6400007 VRCC Powercable V47
Oltec - VE-0030-03B LWL
6300059 CT265 VPN Driver 6400008 VRCC Signalcable V47
6300058 CT264 VPN-Slave 6400022 CT259 RCC/VRCC IGBT Driver V42, V44, V47
div. Wind vane 6400021 RCC IGBT Driver V66, V63
div. Anemometer 2000017 CT236 Serial Adapter for PC V44 – V80
6300094 US-Windsensor FT702LT Ultrasonic V52 – V90 SkiiP Check Test case with equipment for the
Check SkiiP 2 and 3 on the wind turbine
6300018 CT217 Watchdog V27 – V80
6400016 Temperature sensor f. PTS5
6300061 PTS5 Thermostat V27 – V80
More products on request.

90 Deutsche Windtechnik – Service Booklet Deutsche Windtechnik – Service Booklet 91

Expert Reports and Consulting
Wind energy systems today are managed and serviced like large-scale po-
wer plants more than they ever have been in the past. In particular in the
offshore market, industrial standards for quality assurance are applied
and further developed as early as the construction planning phase. This
procedure can be compared to the quality management of conventional
power stations, and it is applied at an early stage in the manufacturing
processes of the system components. Key indicators for optimal main-
tenance are also determined during this phase. Industrial standards are
therefore helpful and provide guidance onshore as well as offshore.
Comprehensive quality management includes manu- wind energy turbines and their individual components. – Lightning protection system
facturing, commissioning and dismantling of the system. We provide technical expert reports with regard to turbine – Electrical operating materials of the entire wind power
Important steps are: and occupational safety that are prepared by independent, plant (for example IEC 60364, DGUV V3)
– Manufacturing monitoring authorised experts. Our expertise and inspection compe- – Optional features (visibility meter, fire alarm system etc.)
– Accompanying monitoring of pre-assembly and tences include:
installation Due diligence (DD) and consulting
– Verification of installation Expert opinions for the complete wind turbine Identifying and evaluating task areas and risks is the main
– Accompanying monitoring of commissioning – Inspections prior to commissioning priority of our multidisciplinary consulting team. As part of
– Preparation of expert reports, for example for – Inspections prior to warranty expiry our due diligence, our experts provide support in all areas
commissioning, warranty or continued operation – Periodic inspections and compliance tests with comprehensive expert knowledge and experience
– Enforcement of claims – Takeover and re-insurability inspections from numerous wind farm projects. We are at the disposal
– Testing for continued operation after 20 years of all parties involved, including the buyer, seller, planner,
Manufacturing and construction supervision investor, bank, and insurance, and we prepare a well-foun-

Additional Services
Our engineers and technicians systematically document Safety-related inspections ded risk report as a basis for making decisions. The risks are
and analyse the quality of the individual project processes – Ladders, chain hoists and cranes, service lifts structured and presented according to economical, techni-
from manufacturing to installation and commissioning of – National and international accident prevention cal as well as safety-related and environmentally relevant
the turbines. This ensures that the construction period and regulations aspects (commercial, technical and environmental due
the costs for the project stay within limits. The fulfilment – Personal protective equipment against falling diligence). Depending on the task definition, we offer these
of contractual claims and interests of the clients towards from heights services as an audit (due diligence), or as an accompanying
suppliers and manufacturers are verified. These monitoring consultation service.
activities form the basis for a safe, sustainable and efficient Specific inspections
plant operation. – Rotor (rope access technology)
– Nacelle (for example gearbox endoscopy, vibration
Technical inspections, safety-related inspections measurement)
The safe and efficient construction as well as operation of – Tower
offshore wind farms requires a variety of inspections of the – Foundation

92 Deutsche Windtechnik – Service Booklet Deutsche Windtechnik – Service Booklet 93

Quality Management and
Occupational Health and Safety
Deutsche Windtechnik provides consultation services for companies
on all aspects of QHSE (Quality, Health, Safety and Environment) both
onshore and offshore. Our work is based on understanding the QHSE
requirements of our customers and jointly implementing measures to
fulfil them.
By precisely analysing these requirements in the areas of A comprehensive understanding of the health and safety Environmental management
occupational health and safety, quality and environmental of your employees is central to success. The motivation and Our planet‘s resources are finite, and to protect them
management, we can develop reliable concepts and pro- commitment of your workforce is notably improved. should be our common concern. Our certified environmen-
cesses. In addition to consulting services, we will be glad to tal management system enables us to implement projects
put our competence and experience at your disposal during Our services include: in a way that saves resources and is environmentally friend-
operational implementation at your company. – Development of management systems for occupational ly. We help our customers to develop appropriate indicators
safety and processes to secure the sustainable success for their
Quality management – Occupational safety specialist services as well as safety companies.
The requirements of our customers are the focus of our qua- engineering
lity management system. Together with you, we develop – Qualification for carrying out Our services include:
individual strategies to achieve or even surpass your quality - Risk assessments – Development of environmental management systems
goals. - Creating operating and work instructions – Support for certification in accordance with DIN EN
The tried-and-tested tools of quality management, such ISO 14001
as the development of a continuous improvement process Operational safety (onshore and offshore) – Development of indicators and processes to improve
(CIP), offer a wide range of opportunities to increase pro- Your projects are at home in the world, and occupational sa- environmental performance
ductivity and cost-efficiency. Cooperation with customers fety knows no boundaries. As an international company, we – Creation of waste concepts and waste balances
and suppliers, internal communication channels as well as specialise in managing safety projects at home and abroad, – Concepts for the reduction of waste and waste costs

Additional Services
the overall success of the company are positively influenced. on land and at sea. An understanding of the country-specific
Our services include: working conditions of the projects is central to success-
– Development of quality management systems ful operational safety management. For this reason, our
– Support and preparation of certifications specialists perform regular audits for onshore and offshore
(for example ISO 9001) projects and develop advanced solutions that fit your occu-
– Consultation and assistance in the implementation pational safety management system.
of new regulations Our services include:
– Consultation on conducting audits (internal system – Development of protection and safety concepts as well
audits, supplier audits etc.) as rescue concepts
– Auditing and on-site inspection of projects
HSE management – Planning and execution of rescue exercises
Healthy, motivated employees are the most important part – Qualifying employees
of your business. Implementing an effective occupational - Support in determining training requirements
health and safety management system (OHSMS) allows you - Safety training
to control and monitor your occupational safety objectives. - Accident analysis

94 Deutsche Windtechnik – Service Booklet Deutsche Windtechnik – Service Booklet 95

Safety and Electrical Technology
The professionalisation of wind energy has come a long way. Laws,
standards, directives, and specifications for wind energy systems are
now largely standardised and mandatory. Numerous requirements have
resulted from this, for which the wind turbine operator is responsible.
Deutsche Windtechnik provides all necessary consultation and
conceptual support, as well as required inspections, general overhaul
work and repairs.
Safety technology – Service lifts Electrical technology We also offer medium voltage inspections
All safety-related equipment of wind turbines must be – Preparation of risk assessments, including wind farm To protect employees from dangerous electrical acci- and maintenance (including cleaning)
inspected at regular intervals in accordance with legal layout plan/flight and rescue plan/alarm plan/ dents and to ensure their safety in what is called a ‚closed – External transformer stations
requirements. This allows faults in safety-related com- inspection intervals electrical operating area‘, operators have been required to – Transformer rooms in the wind turbine (e.g. Vestas)
ponents to be eliminated in good time, and measures can carry out periodic inspections in accordance with DGUV V3 – Transmission stations for wind farms
be initiated to prevent accidents. Ensuring that all safety-related equipment functions (formerly BGV A3 or VBG 4) since 1 April 1979. In a best-case – Inspection of SF6 switchboard
Our safety experts provide comprehensive appraisals in correctly is a key issue. If malfunctions occur in this area, scenario, regular monitoring can also eliminate downtime – Inspection of protection relay
the following areas: then this often undermines any service or repair measures and repairs.
because personnel can no longer access the system. The inspection interval for these ‚special types‘ of electrical Maintenance
Safety-related inspections In addition, considerable potential for danger exists and operating areas and equipment is defined as one year in the Minor repairs, such as replacing components or retrofitting
– Inspection in accordance with the Industrial Safety the operator runs the risk of liability claims. It is therefore DIN standard VDE 0100 Group 700 or part 731. The basis is missing protective conductors, can be carried out during
Directive, as well as accident prevention regulations necessary to quickly eliminate safety hazards as soon as the risk assessment, which must be submitted in accordan- the inspection.
(UVV): Ladders, cranes, winches, service lifts, climbing they are identified. ce with the Ordinance on Industrial Health and Safety. At a Major repairs or retrofits are recommended and scheduled
protection systems, appointment of officially certified minimum, the recurring inspection for electrical equipment after the inspection is complete.
experts and materials every four years must be defined therein.
– Inspection and revision of personal protective equipment

Additional Services
against falling from heights Electrotechnical inspections
– Inspection of fire extinguisher and first aid equipment – Visual and functional inspection of all equipment
(first aid kit, eye-wash bottles) and drive units from the tower base to the hub
– Inspection of safety and health-protection labelling – Inspection of safety devices such as emergency stop
and lightning protection elements
Maintenance – Protective conductor and insulation resistance
We provide all necessary professional maintenance measurement
measures for safety-related system components. – Grounding resistance measurement in tower base,
These include: nacelle and hub controller
– Cranes and winches – Inspection of low voltage side of substation and trans
– Ladders, climbing protection and safety nets mission station
– Electronic components – Digital documentation included
– Personal protective equipment against falling from

96 Deutsche Windtechnik – Service Booklet Deutsche Windtechnik – Service Booklet 97

For many years, Deutsche Windtechnik‘s Repowering department has Use of old systems Recycling
We are always on the lookout for used wind turbines. This option should be considered on a case-by-case basis.
provided support for numerous operators in dismantling and reutilising Together with you, we decide jointly whether to continue The steel of the towers and the copper of the cables are all
their wind farms. In addition to the technical services we provide, we also operation, to dismantle or whether the project is suitable worth money. However, this revenue is offset by the costs
for repowering. for waste disposal of rotor blades and dismantling the
emphasise advanced project management as well as detailed individual foundation.
consultation with regard to the chances of success of the repowering pro- If the decision is made in favour of dismantling, on prin-
ciple three options are available for the utilisation of the Online portal for used wind turbines
ject. The objective is to achieve maximum added value as well as planning old system: sale, preparation for the spare parts trade or Deutsche Windtechnik manages an online portal for the
security with respect to the utilisation of the old system. scrapping. It is particularly important to take the mar- international sale of used wind turbines at
ket situation for used wind energy systems into account
We have already managed the dismantling and recovery during the preparation/appraisal phase to ensure smooth when selecting a recovery option. Deutsche Windtechnik
for numerous large-scale as well as small projects. Selected execution of the project: has significant experience in consultation and implemen-
examples are: – Expert appraisals of dismantling cost tation in this area.
– Preparation of a dismantling and recovery concept
– Windpark Hardebek – Tender for dismantling wind turbines International sale
12x NEG Micon NM60/1.000 – Tender for dismantling infrastructure Used wind turbines can be sold to a wide range of coun-
– Windpark Bokel – Project management for repowering tries. In past years Deutsche Windtechnik has sold units to
9x NEG Micon NM64/NTK1500 – Consultation regarding the recovery of old systems, Northern Ireland, Sweden, Finland, Belarus, Kazakhstan,
and 1 x NEG Micon NM60 /1.000 sale and contract management Poland, Italy and the Netherlands among others. The
– Windpark Meyn market is characterised by a high level of volatility and
9x Südwind S-70 1.500 kW Technical services price sensitivity. Since we are constantly offering used
– Windpark Drochtersen With its various company divisions, Deutsche Windtechnik systems, we always have a finger on the pulse of the
1x Enercon E-70 E4 2.0 MW has all the skills required for successful handling of a variety market and can estimate whether selling the systems is
and 2x NEG Micon NM64 C/1.500 of dismantling projects. an option. Tried-and-tested purchase contracts and our
These include professional handling, dismantling, finely honed skills in negotiating with potential customers
Consulting and project management storage and transport of all components of a wind farm help to carry out the sale reliably and securely.

Additional Services
Our experience shows that three factors are of central im- (rotor blades, tower, foundation, transformer station,
portance for the professional management of dismantling substation, cables and trays, paths and roads). Spare parts trade
and subsequent recovery of systems: Our extensive services in the field of Repowering include: In some cases, the best option may be to sell certain
1. The overall project should achieve the best-possible – Project management components on the second-hand market. Large-scale
economic performance. – Purchasing components in particular, such as gearboxes, generators
2. The construction stage for new turbines must not – Dismantling and transformers, can be used again after preparation.
be hindered in any manner. – Logistics Power electronics and parts of the control system can also
3. It must be ensured that applicable standards for – Recovery be reused after being overhauled. It hardly needs to be
occupational safety are adhered to during dismantling, – Renaturation mentioned that it does not make sense to use untested
loading and transport. used parts for repair purposes. Only high-quality repair
maintenance that includes a guarantee on the respective
It is very beneficial if the correct guidelines are set before- part is acceptable for professional service.
hand. We provide the following comprehensive measures

98 Deutsche Windtechnik – Service Booklet Deutsche Windtechnik – Service Booklet 99

Qualification at
Training Center Bremen
In the wind energy industry, it is vital for rope access technicians, plant
managers, mechanics and manufacturers to receive training in the field
of occupational safety. Our training concepts are based on standards
published by the Global Wind Association (GWO) and are certified
accordingly. Our experienced trainers will help you to quickly internalise
all relevant information necessary to work safely. The training simulations
are extremely realistic.
At the heart of our GWO-compliant safety training are two Safety Equipment in our PPE Shop Training in accordance with GWO standard
climbing towers in a hall in Bremen. Both offer different Safety technology and working clothing can also be ordered – Working at Heights
height platforms and training scenarios for height safety with a mouse click on the Internet. – First Aid
training, but that is not all. They are also equipped with – Fire Awareness
different types of service lifts. These can be used for learning Deutsche Windtechnik‘s portal offers – Manual Handling
how to operate them or for practising rescue situations. high-quality PPE products for safe work in all areas of wind – Sea Survival
The training centre also includes a separate area that can energy (onshore and offshore). – Special: All GWO trainings compressed into one week
be used to train rescue situations in confined spaces under Our product range is designed to fulfil the requirements of
realistic conditions. operators, operational managers and service companies for Further training offers:
wind turbines. – Training in the usage of personal protective equipment against falling (PPE) BGR 198/199
– Rope access technology Levels 1 to 3
as specified by Fach- und Interessenverband für seilunterstützte Arbeitstechniken e.V. (FISAT)
– Person instructed in working with electronic equipment (EuP)
– Rescue from confined spaces BGR 117-1 (Confined Space Training in accordance with DGUV)

Additional Services
– Individual rescue concepts
– Expertise for testing PPE in accordance with DGUV G 312-906
– Qualified person for testing ladders and climbing protection
– Qualified person for testing winches, lifting and pulling equipment
– Fastening loads

Dates and more information about each course can be found on our website at:

100 Deutsche Windtechnik – Service Booklet Deutsche Windtechnik – Service Booklet 101
Offshore Wind Asset Management
4. Offshore Wind Asset Management
Expertise and Services
Relevant Offshore References

102 Deutsche Windtechnik – Service Booklet

OutSmart – Independent Wind Asset Experts
Smart wind asset management is an important factor for reliable and
profitable wind farm operation. For more than a decade, OutSmart, which
belongs to the Deutsche Windtechnik Group, has provided a wide range of
concepts and methods to ensure optimal operation of wind turbines in the
long term. Its current and future focus is the European offshore market.
Offshore Operations Management by business planners (accountants). We rely on the best Management Services Our services:

Offshore Wind Asset Management

The generic term ‘operations’ includes a variety of tasks possible automated processes for all of our activities. The Proper planning from the beginning is a key factor for a – O&M strategic consultancy
carried out over the complete life cycle of the individual software we use ensures transparent and secure reporting successful project. Our technical and commercial – HSEQ concepts
turbines in a wind farm. For our customers, the expertise to our customers. experience spans the entire service life of wind turbines – SPC/SPV Management (TOM, COM)
the entire Deutsche Windtechnik Group brings to the table and peripheral technologies, which is one of the reasons – Due Diligence and consulting
is the deciding factor. Our customers include utilities, pro- Services for Offshore Operations Management we receive a very high number of requests for consulting – Design of business models
ject managers, energy companies, OEM companies, fund – Technical operations management and support. We understand our customers‘ objective: – Benchmarking
managers as well as institutional and private investors. Our – Commercial operations management They want to ensure that their projects are technically and – ISO 55000 consultancy
conversations with them have repeatedly shown that they – Operational readiness economically successful. – Contract development and
require very different levels of support and involvement – HSEQ monitoring and training negotiations (TSA, SMA, BOP, PPA)
from us. To a large extent, it depends on the customer‘s – and much more Increasing competitive pressure makes it essential to look – License to operate
demands and background. carefully at the entire life cycle. For this reason, project – Operational readiness
development, construction, operation, financing and all – and much more
Developing an optimal business model contracts must be optimally coordinated. OutSmart takes
Good planning and reliable forecasts that take the custo- the lead at the Deutsche Windtechnik Group in the areas of
mer‘s business strategy and economic goals into account project support and strategic consulting, and it draws upon
are often the key factors for a profitable operation of wind the expertise of the entire Deutsche Windtechnik Group.
farms. OutSmart has more than ten years of experience in
benchmarking models and provides more than 30 off-the-
shelf concepts, but developing completely new concepts is
also part of our daily business.

The input of our models is based on benchmark figures,

best practices and lessons learnt from the wind industry.
All inputs are based on detailed assumptions, auditable

104 Deutsche Windtechnik – Service Booklet Deutsche Windtechnik – Service Booklet 105
New Jersey

Operations Management
Management Services

Relevant Offshore References

– Alpha Ventus
– Amrumbank West
– BARD Offshore 1
– Global Tech I
– Meerwind Süd/Ost France
– Nordergründe
– Nordsee One
– Trianel Windpark Borkum
The Netherlands
– Borssele I & II
– Borssele III & IV

Offshore Wind Asset Management

Denmark Belgium
– Egmond aan Zee
– Gemini
– Hollandse Kust Zuid
– Luchterduinen
– Princess Amalia
– Westermeerwind

– Belwind I - II
– C-Power
– Norther
– Rentel
– Thornton Bank

United Kingdom
– Kentish Flats Germany
– Lynn and Inner Dowsing
Netherlands Germany
– Sheringham Shoal
– Walney I - II

– Le Tréport & Noirmoutier Spain
– Zèfir

– Fishermen’s Atlantic City
Uinted Kingdom

Source map: WAB e.V. ( Windenergie-Agentur),

Deutsche Windtechnik – Service Booklet 107

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Stephanitorsbollwerk 1 (Haus LEE) GmbH & Co. KG GmbH und Consulting GmbH GmbH & Co. KG GmbH & Co. KG GmbH & Co. KG Umspannwerke GmbH OutSmart B.V. Control Centre
28217 Bremen Osterport 2e Heideweg 2-4 Stephanitorsbollwerk 1 (Haus LEE) Hüttenstraße 20a Norstedter Straße 4 Stephanitorsbollwerk 1 (Haus LEE) Kiellinie 84 Markweg 1a Gorch-Fock-Straße 109
T +49 421 69 105 0 25872 Ostenfeld 49086 Osnabrück 28217 Bremen 28237 Bremen 25884 Viöl 28217 Bremen 24105 Kiel 6883 JL Velp 26721 Emden
F +49 42169 105 499 T +49 4845 79168 0 T +49 541 380 538 100 T +49 421 69 105 0 T +49 421 626 77 0 T +49 4843 20448 200 T +49 421 69 105 0 T +49 431 300 297 90 The Netherlands Germany F +49 4845 79168 29 F +49 541 380 538 199 F +49 421 421 69 105 299 F +49 421 626 77 11 F +49 4843 20448 299 F +49 42169 105 499 F +49 431 300 297 99 T +31 88 845 00 00 T +31 88 845 00 00

Vorstand Geschäftsführung Geschäftsführung Geschäftsführung Geschäftsführung Geschäftsführung Leitung Vertrieb Geschäftsführung Geschäftsführung Internationaler Vertrieb
Board Management Management Management Management Management Head of Sales Management Management International Sales
Matthias Brandt Hauke Behrends Holger Hämel Jens Landwehr Nils Peters Karl Keusgen Ole Becker Frank Lorenzen Dennis Schiricke Jörg Fuchs
T +49 421 69 105 - 0 T +49 4845 791 68 - 0 T +49 541 380 538 - 100 T +49 421 69 105 - 100 T +49 421 626 77 - 0 T +49 4843 204 48 - 200 T +49 421 69 105 - 302 T +49 431 300 297 - 90 T +31 88 845 00 00 T +49 541 380 538 - 401
Severin Mielimonka Carl-Rasmus Richardsen Melf Lorenzen
Business Leitung Vertrieb Kaufmännische Leitung Forschung und Entwicklung Leitung Technik Rechnungswesen Leitung Windparkmanagement
Development Head of Sales T +49 541 380 538 - 100 T+ 49 4845 791 68 - 100 Commercial Management Research and Development Projektmanagement Accounting Head of Operations Management T +49 4845 791 68 - 537
Head of Engineering
Ole Becker Lars Behrends Andrea Krückemeier Stefan Ingwersen Sabine Rath Remco Streppel Hristoslav Pavlov
Project Development Leitung Vertrieb Vertrieb
T +49 421 69 105 - 302 T +49 4845 791 68 - 0 Head of Sales Sales T +49 421 626 77 - 21 T +49 4843 204 48 - 215 Lars Vogler T+49 431 300 297 - 90 T +31 88 845 00 00 T +49 151 54 40 33 52
Jörg Fuchs Harm Bruns
T +49 421 69 105 - 400
PR und Unternehmenskommunikation Vertrieb Vertrieb / Rotorblatt Service Vertrieb Technische Betriebsführung Leitung Strategische Beratung Kontakt Dänemark Kontakt Polen
PR and Corporate Communications Sales T +49 541 380 538 - 401 T +49 421 69 105 - 150 Sales / Rotor Services Sales Lutz Schiermeyer Technical Operation Head of Management Services Contact Denmark Contact Polen
Karola Kletzsch Boy Kliemann Stefan Brassel Susan Jesche Tobias Jensen Femmy Wervers Jens Landwehr Wojciech Łużniak
T +49 421 69 105 - 401 Technischer Vertrieb Leitung Consulting
T +49 421 69 105 - 330 T +49 4845 791 68 - 85 Technical Sales Head of Consulting T +49 421 626 77 - 13 T +49 4845 791 68 - 980 T +49 431 300 297 - 93 T +31 88 845 00 00 T +49 421 69 105 - 100 T +48 505 975 567
Gordon Buhr Holger Pasch Carl-Rasmus Richardsen Ewa Bratschke
Rechnungswesen Rechnungswesen Sicherheits- und Elektrotechnik Rechnungswesen
und Finanzen Accounting T +49 541 380 538 - 302 T +49 421 69 105 - 122 Safety and Electrical Engineering Accounting T+ 49 4845 791 68 - 100 T +49 174 195 61 49
Accounting and Finance
Udo Hansen Peter Neunaber Katja Maibaum
Regina Jansen Leitung Finanzen Leitung Büro Management Kontakt Frankreich Kontakt Schweden T +49 4845 791 68 - 532 Head of Finances Head of Office Management T +49 421 626 77 - 15 T +49 4843 204 48 - 212 Contact France Contact Sweden
T +49 421 69 105 - 310
Sylvia Münder Nadine Olsowski Stephan Röpke Mohamed Metahri Linus Sturesson
Purchasing Management T +49 541 380 538 - 115 T +49 421 69 105 - 105 T +49 421 626 77 - 06 T + 49 6541 380538 - 410 T +46 10 78 81 800
Sascha Tiedtke Holger Hämel Leitung Service Projekt Management Schulungen
T +49 4843 204 48 - 183 Head of Services Project Management Trainings T +49 541 380 538 - 100 Kontakt Spanien
Christian Klöckner Alexander Huth Maik Hölling Contact Spain
Technik Engineering Javier Mozo Herrera
Vestas/NEG Nicon T +49 541 380 538 - 306 T +49 421 69 105 - 138 T +49 421 626 77 - 02 Kontakt Großbritannien
Kristian Petersen Contact United Kingdom T +34 976 216 038 Leitung Materialwirtschaft QHSE Projektbegleitung und Disposition Billy Stevenson José Maria Miralles Santana
T +49 4845 791 68 - 14 Head of Material Management Management Project Monitoring and Disposition b.
Jens Möller Nico Schaper Tobias Bläs T +44 131 553 4189 T +34 91 189 05 26
Technik Engineering
Siemens/AN Bonus T +49 541 380 538 - 301 T +49 421 691 05 - 112 T +49 421 626 77 - 04
Torsten Wohlert Kontakt Niederlande Technik Operational Einkauf Contact The Netherlands
T +49 4845 791 68 - 16 Engineering Management Purchasing Geert Timmers
Dirk Henning Ingo Hälke Roswitha Supke T + 31 613 78 16 69
T +49 541 380 538 - 307 T +49 421 691 05 - 139 T +49 421 626 77 - 10 Dennis Schiricke
T +31 88 845 00 00

Hotline Hotline Hotline

+49 4845 791 68 - 25 +49 541 380 538 - 0 +49 421 69 105 -199

108 Deutsche Windtechnik – Service Booklet

Deutsche Windtechnik AG
Stephanitorsbollwerk 1 (Haus LEE)
28217 Bremen – Germany
T +49 421 69 105-0