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SY 2019-2020


General Directions: I. Listening Comprehension (1-5) Blacken the circle that corresponds to the correct answer.
1. Pope Francis was born in Argentina but he is more Italian because
A B C D a. all Popes must be Italian b. his parents are both Italian immigrants c. Italy is close to Argentina d. the
Vatican is in Italy
2. Pope Francis embodies many things considered “first,” EXCEPT being
A B C D a. a Jesuit Pope b. a Non-European Pope c. from the Southern Hemisphere d. of Italian descent
3. The Pope is the absolute sovereign of the Vatican State. The underlined phrase means
A B C D a. founding father b. governing body c. ruling part d. permanent leader
4. Which of Bergoglio’s former jobs is closest to the common people?
A B C D a. Accountant b. bouncer c. chemist d. janitor
5. Who created him Cardinal in 2001?
A B C D a. Pope Benedict XVI b. Pope Gregory III c. Pope John Paul II d. Pope John Paul VI
6. II. Oral and Fluency (6-10) Match the short vowel sounds with the sentence containing words in that sound group.
A B C D A. The office /staff/ waited at the /lobby/. B. The /captain/ is a /bachelor/. C. The /agent/ was able to close the deal. D. A
/plate/ of /bacon/ and eggs is on the /table/.
E. The /weather/ is /festive/ for a picnic in the in the /meadow/.
6. /e/
7. /∑/
8. /ae/
9. /a/
10. /e/
11. III. Grammar Awareness (11-15) (Verbals) Gerund
A B C D . Identify the function of the gerund in this sentence: Although simple, refusal is similar to
the rules that prevent people from bumping into others in the streets.
a. direct object b. object of a preposition c. subject d. subject complement
12. What is the gerundial phrase in this sentence? Helping people is something that can give
A B C D you a feeling of satisfaction.
a. feeling of satisfaction b. helping people c. is something d. that can give you
13. Infinitives: Identify the function of the infinitive in this sentence: He worked to get ahead in the ladder of education.
A B C D a. adjective b. adverb c. noun d. preposition
14. What is the infinitive phrase in this sentence? Children go to school to learn new things.
A B C D a. go to school b. to school c. to learn d. to learn new things
15. Participles
A B C D Grazing on the grass, the women observed the cows. This sentence can be correctly re written as...
a. Grazing on the grass, the cows observed the women b. Grazing on the grass, the women observed the cows. c. The cows
observed the women grazing on the grass. d. The women observed the cows grazing on the grass.
16. IV. Reading Comprehension (16-20)
A B C D Without it I was like a bear in a cave
Drowsing through a shadowy winter
It rings and spring has come.
In these lines from the poem “The Telephone” by Edward Field, to what does the speaker
compare man’s situation before the advent of the device?
a. bear b. cave c. spring d. winter
17. With life in this city being what it is
A B C D Each person separated from friends
By a tangle of subways and buses
These lines suggest…
a. a maze b. transportation c. disconnection d. an overlap
18. A funny thing happened in the way to communications revolution: we stopped talking to one another.
A B C D I was walking in the park with a friend recently, and his cellphone rang, interrupting our conversation. There we were, walking and
talking on a beautiful sunny day and – poof! – I became invisible, absent from the conversation because of a gadget designed to make
communication easier.
The word “poof!” suggests…
a. conversation b. disappearance c. interruption d. invisibility
19. What happened to communication revolution is “funny" because…
A B C D a. gadgets to make human contact easy create communication gaps b. it makes people disappear
c. it makes you become invisible and absent from a conversation d. we stopped talking
20. What is the mood of the author?
A B C D a. disappointed b. regretful c. surprised d. unhappy

21. V. Writing and Composition (21-23) Arrange in correct order the events from the given literary works. Refer to the choices after
1 2 3 4 each set of events.
Romeo and Juliet
A. Juliet’s nurse calls her. B. Juliet calls Romeo’s name. C. Romeo enters the garden below Juliet’s window. D. Romeo leaves and
Juliet goes to bed E. Juliet says goodnight and Romeo climbs back down
1. A-E- B- C-D 2. A-D- E- B- C 3. B-A- D- E- C 4. D- C- B- A-E
22. Sorry, Wrong Number
1 2 3 4 A. Operator: I’m sorry. Murray Hill 4-0098 is busy
B. Mrs. Stevenson: (desperately)... You’ve got to help me... Someone’s going to murder me.
C. Mrs. Stevenson: Operator? I’ve been dialing Murray Hill 4-0098 now for the last three-quarters of an hour, and the line is
always busy...
D. George: Sorry, wrong number. (hangs up)
E. Duffy: And what makes you think the murder’s going to be committed in your neighbourhood, ma’am?
1. A-E-B-C-D 2. A-D- E- B-C 3. B-A-D-E-C 4 C –A- E- B- D
23. Driving Miss Daisy
1 2 3 4 A. Miss Daisy found out that Hoke was illiterate B. Miss Daisy taught Hoke how to read C. Miss Daisy resented Hoke’s presence
believing he would just sit around D. Miss Daisy crashed her brand-new car while backing it out of the garage E. Boolie hired
Hoke Coleburn to drive her around her hometown.
1. A- C- E- D- B 2. B- C- A- D-E 3. D-E- A- B- C 4. D-E- C- A- B
24. VI. Literature Choose the correct answer from the given choices. (24- 39)
A B C D The structure within which theatrical performance are given. Usually includes an orchestra or seating area and stage.
a. Theatre b. Thrust Stage c. In- the-round stage d. Traverse stage
25. A person who is skilled in the production of a play.
A B C D a. director b. dramatist c. actor d. one- act play
26. A division of an act, in which a certain portion of the play unfolds, usually separated by location or time.
A B C D a. playwright b. dramatist c. scene d. play
27. A play that takes place, from beginning to end in a single act.
A B C D a. scene b. play c. one- act- play d. act
28. The author of a play
A B C D a. dramatist b. director c .actor d. actress
29. ____ is the oldest known fixed type of staging in the world and it is thousands of years old.
A B C D a. play b. act c. one- act-play d. drama
30. This type of stage is good for creating an intimate atmosphere.
A B C D a. Thrust stage b. Traverse stage c. Proscenium stage d. In- the round stage
31. A stage where the audience sits on one side only is called._______. The audience faces one side of the directly, and normally sits at
A B C D a lowerheight.
a. Traverse stage b. In- the- round- stage c. Proscenium stage d. Thrust stage
32. This type of stage is positioned at the center of the audience___ e.i. there is audience around the whole stage.
A B C D a. Proscenium stage b. Traverse stage c. In –the- round-stage d. Thrust stage
33. A written version of a play or movie.
A B C D a. playwright b. scene c. script d. copy wright
34. What kind of story is “Romeo and Juliet”?
A B C D a. Comedy b. Tragic c. Divine Comedy d. suspense
35. The author of “Romeo and Juliet.”?
A B C D a. Lucille Fletched b. William Shakespeare c. Langston Hughes d. Edwin Markham
36. This is one of the literary devices which is used to suggest an upcoming outcome of the story.
A B C D a. Foreshadowing b. Personification c. Oxymoron d. Simile
37. Is significant literary device as it allows the author to use contradictory, contrasting concepts placed together in manner that actually
A B C D ends up making sense in stage, and slightly complex manner.
a. Oxymoron b. Simile c. Foreshadowing d. Personification
38. ______and ____ is a form of a verb that is used to indicate a past or present action and that can also be used like an adjective
A B C D a. Participle b. Infinitive c. Gerund d. Adverb
39. This is one of the types of verbal, a form that is derived from a verb but that functions as a noun, in English ending in –ing.
A B C D a. Infinitive b. Participle c. Adverb d. Gerund
40. VII. A. Vocabulary Development (40- 44)
A B C D Mrs. Stevenson dialled an operator to contact her husband. What is an “operator?”
a. a person who dials to contact a husband b. one who has contacts c. one who operates d. someone who connects phone calls
41. I am no Luddite. I own a cellphone, an ATM card, a voice-mail system, and an e-mail
A B C D account. A “Luddite” is a person who…
a. opposes modern technology b. appreciates modern technology c. owns a cellphone and other gadgets d. buys a lot of gadgets
42. Study this word maze:
A B C D drowsing running

sleeping tangle
credit slow gossip
Identify the synonym pairs from the above word maze.
a. appreciation-credit b. gossip-sleeping c. running-sleeping d. tangle-amble
43. a. amble-slow walk b. drowsing-sleeping c. running-sleeping d. tangle-running
44. . a. drowsing-sleeping c. running-appreciation
A B C D b. gossip-credit d. slow walk-gossip
45. C. True or False: DIRECTION: shade A- if the statement is correct and shade B- FALSE if otherwise. Write your answer on the
A B C D space provided
_________The Montagues and the Capulets are the two families who are feuding throughout the play.
46. ________When her mother first speaks to Juliet of marriage, Juliet refuses to accept Paris because she loves another.
47. ______________Tybalt is rude to Romeo at the Capulet party.
48. _____________Romeo is the only son of Lord Montague.
49. Choose the literary devices used in each item from the word pool below. A- Rhyme Scheme B- Foreshadowing
A B C D I am no pilot; yet,wert thou as far/As that vast shore wash’d with the farthest sea,/ I would adventure for such merchandise
50. This is where the author speaSks as if to himself or himself.
A B C D a. Soliloquy b. Archetype c. Fourth wall d. Foreshadowing
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