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Dr Colin Smith

Scott Killen
e-Placement Scotland
• Funded by the Scottish Funding Council, currently until
July 2020
• Makes available quality, paid placements for students
studying computing, computer science, software
engineering, IT – for students at ANY Scottish university or
• Encourages every computing student to get some practical
experience in industry while you study
Why Placement?
• Going on placement brings:
• Increased awareness of current developments in industry

• Greater experience of teamwork and development of inter-

personal skills

• Increased confidence about the ‘world of work’

• Excellent networking opportunities

…and all of this adds up to great opportunities on graduation
Why e-Placement Scotland?
• We’re a source of placements in companies that you may never have heard of
- we work with the technology sector through

• Software Engineering Summer Placement (between 3rd & 4th yrs)

• 10 weeks, full-time, paid
• Must be undertaken by students on Software Engineering (BSc) and Electronics
& Software Engineering (ESE)
• Or year-long industrial placement to graduate with MSci
• Students are personally responsible for finding an appropriate summer placement

• Or else - use us to take a placement on top of your studies, e.g. in summer, or

during term time - many are part-time and flexible
Am I eligible?

There are only two criteria:

• You must be registered as a student in Scotland – the

service is open to all Scottish Universities

• You must be returning to study on completion of the

What do I need to do?

• Go to

• Register on the website, complete a profile, upload your

CV (if you have one)

• Look at the ‘roles’ as these appear on the website, and

click a button to apply

• But first – make sure your CV is as good as it could be!
Use Your Careers Service
Expert advice on:
• CVs
• Interviews
• Other application processes
such as technical tests,
assessment centres, etc

The e-Placement website

is full of useful advice, too
Connect with us: @eplacementscot

**Register on the Website**
Register, complete the profile, upload a CV and
receive emails about vacancies

Remember – nobody sees your CV until you press