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Stimulation Therapeutic and Activity Center

In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for

Special Subject in Practical Nursing

Submitted by:

Phoebe C. Arceno

Submitted to:

Love Joy S. Soriano

January 30, 2020

Semester 2, Academic Year 2019-2020

Chapter 1

Brief History (Background of the Company)

The Stimulation Therapeutic and Activity Center in Iligan City is a non-government company.
This is a place which provides physical charity services to a person in need. According to the
staff of this STAC Center, they said that this center is move on exercise for these old parents
who has a stroke condition and also the producer is completed into several stages, starting with
the advanced 3.0 imaging to pinpoint the source of the problem. Next, the neurosurgeon tests
different spots in the brain to find the most effective placement for the electrical wires, or leads
to control symptoms. Also provides comprehensive rehabilitation services to children with

The ordinance said Article 13 section II of constitution states the inclusion of persons with
disabilities as one of the priority sectors that shall be given access to essential goods, health
and social services.

Even though this company is not under the government, they still putting disabled persons as
their top priority. Besides of that, their charity services brings up the disables person’s hope and
inspire them to live there life longer
Chapter 2

Assessment of Practicum Program

1. Describe your role in your OJT Company. What were your responsibilities? How did you feel
about doing that kind of work?

- My role mostly in this company was assisting the CI’s there and follows what the CI’s
ask me to do so. There are also times that the CI let me do and try any activities such as
things that the therapist did to their patients like doing (ROM) Range of Motion that
helps the patient exercise some bad parts of their body. I am grateful that I was given an
opportunity to help those patients in need.

2. Where you able to apply concepts you learned in school? Which ones?

- Yes, the best example there was basically getting the vital signs of the patients not only
the patients inside that clinic but also the people who lived near the STAC especially
those people who wanted to know their (BP) or Blood Pressure. I also applied wound
dressing the moment that there were a guy who got a wound on his knee and went over
the clinic even though the clinic is just a therapeutic center but we had no choice so we
also applied it as it was taught from our school.

3. the most memorable event during practicum,

- The most memorable moment in my OJT in STAC was during our last day, we are
having a reporting that time and we really do have expressed ourselves together with
my OJT mates, same as with the CI’s and to the only therapist there, we really had a
good communication together and at the same time a bonding with each other before
we end our temporary job in there.
4. What have I learned from my Practicum?

- I have learned how to handle different people, different attitude, and a different
characteristic from individuals. It has taught me that when you get a job, you should
know how to adjust yourself to every different person you’ll encounter in every single
day. You should be more responsible to your job as well as love your job for that will be
the best way to help your clients in your own little way.

5. My experiences with the people around me.

- My experiences with the people around me is actually good if we could just help one
another and avoid being selfish as we only have one goal at this moment, we all wanted
to graduate on time and all we have to do was helping each other for our better future.

6. Do you think OJT experience is an important part of your education? Why or why not?

-Of course OJT is an important part of every student’s education because it serves as our
practice so that we can’t take our job as difficult since we already practiced on it and for
that, it is easier for us to handle the job anymore.

7. My advice to those who will take their practicum in the near future

- Simply believe themselves that they can do it, there is no harm on trying things. And if
they did it, they are already near to their brightest future.

8. What I can recommend for the improvement of the apprenticeship program.

-For the improvement of their program, I think they should add their therapist as they
only have one therapist on their center, also the more they will have more therapists, the more
they could help special people.


Activity Center

I can say that in STAC, you can really learn a lot of things that you have no idea about as it
were taught by the CI’s. They would help you expand your ideas about the things we have
learned in school, they add up the information that we don’t know. They let us feel how to
be a real Caregiver in a small moment of time. There were times that they are strict, but we
all know that they just only taught us how to be responsible as a practice for our job in the
future. I am happy that I was given an opportunity to be with those special people, mostly
kids even in just a short period of time, I’m grateful that I met them, and they were the
reason why I told myself to be contented for what I have, for what I can do, for I am
completely normal and blessed that I could make most of the things that they couldn’t. We
should be very thankful for what we have today that what others don’t have, that’s what
reflects me during my training.