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ESL_ Lesson 3_Daily Routines

Read Paul’s Daily Routine –

What verbs are new for you? What are new words – vocabulary for you?

Hi, my name is Paul and I study law. This is my daily routine. First, I wake up at 6:00
a.m. and I immediately go to the bathroom and brush my teeth, wash my face, and
comb my hair. Second, I say good morning to my parents and we drink coffee. Later, I
take a shower. After, I get dressed. Next, my mom makes breakfast for my sister and
me. We eat breakfast at 6:30 am. Then I make my lunch. I walk to the MIO station. I
take the MIO bus and get to school at 7:30 a.m. I talk with my friends. I go to the
library and finish my homework. I like the library because it’s quiet. Next, I go to my
first class. I have an English class from 8 to 10 a.m. Then I take a law class from 10 am
to 12 pm. After class I have lunch with my friends. I look at my homework. I have two
more classes in the afternoon. At 5 pm I go home. I change my clothes and
immediately go to the gym. I exercise until 7 pm. I walk home. My parents, my sister,
and I have dinner at 7:30 pm. From 8 to 11 pm I do my homework, chat with my
friends, and watch TV. Finally, I go to my room and go to sleep at 11 p.m.
New Vocabulary New Verbs

Questions Answers with YES Answers with NO

Does Paul study law? Yes, he does.
Does Paul study economy? No, he doesn’t.
Does Paul make his breakfast? No he doesn’t
Does Paul’s mother make breakfast? Yes, she does.
Do Paul and his parents drink coffee? Yes, they do.
Do his parents drink chocolate? No they don’t.
Does Paul walk to the bus station? Yes, he does.
Does Paul drive his car to school? No he doesn’t.
_____ he finish his homework at school?
____ he _____ to the gym?
_____ he _____ a German class at 8 am?
_____ he have an English class at 8 am?
VERBS Singular Plural Questions Answers
Conjugation Conjugation ?????

DO I do We do Do you do your Yes, I do.

You do You do homework at night? No, I don’t.
He does They do Yes, he does.
She does No, he doesn’t.
It does Yes, they do.
HAVE I have We have Do you have a class Yes, I do.
You have You have today? No, I don’t.
He/she/it has They have Yes, he does.
No, she doesn’t
LIKE I like We like Do I like John? Yes, I do.
You like You LIKE Do you like FB? No, I don’t.
He likes They like Does he like Twitter? No, he doesn’t
She likes Yes, she does.
It likes Yes, he does.

WALK I walk He walks Does he walk to _____________

You Walk She walks school? ____________
We walk It walks Does Pablo walk to
They walk the gym?
WALK I speak He speaks Do you speak ___________
You speak She speaks English? ___________
We speak It speaks Does Mary speak ___________
They speak German?
PLAY I play He plays Do we play
You play She plays basketball?
We play It plays Does my sister play
They play video games?
HAVE I have He has Does he have
You have She has breakfast at 6 am?
We have It has Do Mary and Peter
They have have a class at 10?
LIVE I live He lives Does she live in Cali?
You live She lives Do your parents live
We live It lives in Los Angeles?