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Complete CCTV solution for

Singapore’s MRT Circle Line
Project Overview
COE Limited has completed the first phases of equipment supply to ST Electronics for the CCTV system for stages I
and II of the Circle Line (CCL), currently being constructed by the Land Transport Authority of Singapore.

Stages one and two of the Circle Line comprise a highly automated subway system of 14 six-car electric multiple-
unit trains, signalling and automated drive technology. The line runs from the city centre of Singapore towards the
East and will eventually form a circle around
Singapore city centre. On completion, the Circle Line
will have 28 stations and one depot. The trains are
fully automated and all mission critical systems are
duplicated for redundant backup operation.

ST Electronics is the main subcontractor of Contract

C830 (Communication System) for the Singapore
Circle Line Project. The company is carrying out the
design, installation, testing and commissioning of the
communications system on a turnkey basis.

Circle Line under construction

Technical Overview
Wireless Train-to-track system
As part of the wireless on-train system, COE is supplying an integrated trainborne CCTV chassis including matrix
switcher, controller card and 384Kb/s digital video codec, which will interface with the ALSTOM train-to-track
wireless transmission system. This will enable transmission from the approaching trains direct to the nearest station
and onward transmission to the Control Centres via an optical fibre network.

COE’s E-class 384kb/s digital video codec was designed especially for use in areas where bit error rates are worse
than the standard 10-9 normally expected within digital networks. Forward error correction was employed to
achieve loss-less image transmission. Additional benefits supplied by COE’s E-class solution are the comprehensive
alarm and diagnostic features which make checks and maintenance even easier.

Fibre optic transmission network

A private fibre backbone has been installed for the transmission of all signalling, video, audio and data services.
Video is transmitted from each station to the OCC (Operational Control Centre) where CCTV Operators monitor
the live video right across the system. A non-blocking COE Telecommand video matrix system provides
autonomous selection and control of the video signals by the operators via rugged CCTV keyboards.

The COE Telecommand CCTV control system provides long-term flexibility for the operator through unique
networking features allowing the system to expand and change with the minimum of reprogramming and

In order to transmit the video from each of the 28 stations to a central monitoring Operation Control
Centre (OCC), COE supplied its V-class II, state-of-the-art high quality optical analogue video transmission
technology employing Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) in order to optimise optical fibre use.
DWDM allows the multiplexing of up to 256 live video channels over a single optical fibre. The same fibre is used to
connect up to 8 stations. A dual redundant transmitter and fibre path provide the highest level of reliability.

COE provided the CCTV command and control system for the stations and OCC. A combination of dual
redundant controller card, video cards, optical fibre transmission and power supplies provide a comprehensive
CCTV system with no single point of failure.

Network Management
The CCTV system is a sub-system within the overall project and provides detailed alarm information, via a serial
protocol, to the overall system management software platform. Detailed alarm and management information is
passed via this interface; enabling macro level decisions to be made and providing comprehensive information
for the maintenance teams.

Key project application needs met by COE-net:

„ The combination of analogue, digital and optical technology, carefully applied to the project, has enabled a
cost-effective and flexible solution to be realised for the client
„ Comprehensive alarm and diagnostic features; making checks and maintenance even easier
„ A combination of dual redundant controller card, video cards, optical fibre transmission and power supplies;
providing a comprehensive CCTV system with no single point of failure
„ Support of fibre and copper infrastructure; enabling a ‘best fit’ solution

Reference Sites:
Metro, Light Rail & Underground
Manchester Light Railway, London Underground (LUL), Strasbourg Tramway, Lyon Metro, Tyne and Wear Metro,
Singapore KCRC WR & MRT, Singapore LRT, HK MTRC, St Louis Metro, JFK-NY LRT, Antwerp Metro and Malaga Light

Trunk Rail
Eurostation (Brussels), Railtrack Level Crossings (UK), SNCF (France), Renfe (Spain), Deutsche Bahn (Germany), High
Speed Railway (Korea), Queensland Railways (Australia) and Channel Tunnel Railfreight Terminal (UK).

V-class II TCD-II

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