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Display Purchase Order/Purchase Requisition Information

SAP Screen Shots

The University of Mississippi
End User Documentation – 4.6C
SAP Support: 662.915.5556 SAP Web Site

PO - SAP Menu Path: Logistics > Materials Management > Purchasing >
Purchase Order > Display [double-click]

PR – SAP Menu Path: Logistics > Materials Management > Purchasing >
Purchase Requisition > Display [double-click]

Or use Transaction Code – ME23N – Display Purchase Order

ME53N – Display Purchase Requisition

Note: The System will bring up the last Purchase Order that you displayed.

Purchase order – Left-click on Purchase Order

Purchase Order number or Purchase Requisition number – Enter either

the Purchase Order number or Requisition number.

Enter PO – Press enter or left-click on other document.

Enter PR – Press enter or left-click on other document.

Purchase Order number associate with PR – To see if a Purchase Order

has been created for the Purchase Requisition, left-click on the Status tab.
You may go straight to the Purchase Order by double-clicking on PO

Document Date – Date document was created.
Doc. Date:

Select line item by highlighting the

line. Use up and down arrow to
select appropriate line item.

Note: When displaying information on Purchase Orders, keep in mind if

you are trying to view information that it is related to a line item, you will
have to select the appropriate line item. Use the arrow to the right of Item to
select appropriate line item and/or highlight line item.

Account Assignment – To view account assignment data, left-click on the

Account assignment tab.

Account Assignment Tab

Purchase Order History – Left-click on Purchase order history tab.

GR – Good

IR – Invoice Receipt

GR - Good Receipt
103 – Received, however not released for payment. Departments have 48
hours to notify Central Receiving if item is not acceptable.
105 – Received, ready for payment.

NOTE: The Good Receipt must match the Invoice Receipt before payment
can be made to vendor. If invoice is for more than has been received, it will
not pay.

IR or IR-L – Invoice Receipt

Date invoice was received and enter by Accounts Payable.
Note: There will not be a PO history tab if there is no history (a good receipt
has not been entered or invoice information).

Note: If the invoice was paid July 1, 2002 or after, you will see an IR-L
number instead of IR number, please see page 5. If IR number, you may skip
page 5 of documentation.

Purchase Order History Tab: Double click on the IR-L number.

IR-L number

Follow-on documents: Left-click on the “Follow-on documents” icon.

Follow-on documents icon.

Accounting document: Double-click on Accounting document.

Accounting document

Accounting Documents - To view accounting documents left-click on IR

Ref. Doc. – Vendor invoice

number or date.

Ref. Doc. – Vendor invoice number. Accounts Payable enters the vendor
invoice number in this field. If there is no invoice number, the date is

Check information – Double-click on Vendor Account number.

Double-click on
Vendor Account

Environment > Check Information: Left-click on Environment and then
left-click on Check information.

Display Check Information

Check number – The number of the check

Payment date – Date of check
Amount paid – Amount paid on this check – will include all payments to the
vendor that are due at the time check is cut.
Check encashment – Date check was cashed by vendor.

Note: No check information found means payment was made by direct


Check recipient – Address of where check was mailed. To view address
information, left-click on check recipient icon.

Check issuer – To view the individual that issued the check, left-click on
Check issuer icon.

Payment Method –
P – Operating Check

Accompanying docs – To view all documents included in this check.

Example: Only includes one document.

Example: Amount paid 4,251.38, by viewing accompanying docs, you can
see that several documents were included in check number 677406.

Notice the different document numbers that make up this one check.

Cleared – Check has been cut and mailed to vendor.

Note: You will only be able to see this data if a check is the method of
payment. It will include all payments made on this one check. It may be
payment for only one invoice or several.

Status – To check the status of a P.R. or P.O. left-click on status icon.

Contact person: To view - Created by, Requisitioner, Purchaing group, etc.

Quantities/dates: To view quantities and dates.

Valuation: To view price information.