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a) The required transformer oil shall be in the scope of transformer manufacturer.

b) For transformers of capacity 50MVA & above, the supplier shall dispatch the
transformer filled with Nitrogen. The Bidder shall take care of the weight
limitation on transport and handling facility at site. Necessary arrangement shall
be ensured by the supplier to take care of pressure drop of nitrogen during transit
and storage till completion of oil filling during erection. A gas pressure-testing
valve with necessary pressure gauge and adapter valve shall be provided.
c) For transformers of capacity 25MVA & below, the Transformer shall be supplied
filled with oil.

d) The quality of the oil supplied with transformer shall conform to the oil
parameters specified in this clause.

e) No inhibitors shall be used in the oil.

f) The oil samples will be drawn as follows:

i) Prior to filling
ii) Before and after heat run test
iii) Before energizing

All tests as per IEC: 60296 shall be conducted on all samples.

g) The insulating oil shall be subjected to testing at

before supply, in the presence of the representative of MSETCL and the
representative of the transformer manufacturer.

h) Sufficient quantity of oil necessary for first filling of all tanks, coolers and
radiators at the proper level along with 10% extra oil by weight for topping up
shall be supplied in non-returnable containers suitable for outdoor storage.

i) The Bidder shall warranty that characteristic of oil furnished shall comply with
the requirements specified in IEC:60296 with the latest amendment /revision
and shall be suitable for EHV grade transformers.

j) The bidder shall submit valid type test report (conducted at ERDA/CPRI)
of the oil to be used in the transformer.

k) Acceptance tests on transformer oil which is to be used for transformers

being supplied by the successful bidder shall be carried out at the works
of transformer oil manufacturer in presence of MSETCL representative.

(Note: The color of the barrels in which Naphthenic based

transformer oil is to be supplied shall be Red)

Principal technical Parameters of New Insulating Oil and Test methods


60296 for 132 kV and above class of EHV transformers/ICTs &

MSETCL/CO/Design, C&M/D&E-S1/220KV & 132KV class TF Spec/Version-10 dated 25.04.2017

Properties Permissible limiting Method of test
values for measured

PHYSICAL: Revised (Proposed)

1 Appearance The oil shall be clear Visual.

transparent & free from (A representative
suspended matter of sample of the oil shall
sediments. be examined in a
100 mm thick layer at
ambient temperature.)

2 Kinematic Viscosity, sq mm/s ISO 3104

i)40 Deg. C i) Max. 12.0
ii)-30 Deg. C ii) Max. 1800

3 Flash point (PM) Deg. C Min. 140 ISO2719

4 Pour point Deg. C Max. -30 IS: 1448 P:10 / ISO


5 Density, g/ml at Max.0.895 IS: 1448 P16

20 Deg. C ISO 3675 / ISO
6 Interfacial tension N/m against Min 0.04 ISO 62956
water at
25 Deg. C
7 Water content PPM After final processing IEC 60814
at Refinery
i) Max. 30 in
bulk delivery
ii) Max.40 in drum


1 Dielectric dissipation factor Max. 0.002 IEC:60247

(Tan Delta) at 90 Deg. C & 50
2 Break down strength IEC 60156
Break down voltage, kVrms
i)as delivered i) Min.30
ii)After treatment ii) Min.70

3 Negative impulse strength Above 150kV ASTM method

D 3300

MSETCL/CO/Design, C&M/D&E-S1/220KV & 132KV class TF Spec/Version-10 dated 25.04.2017


1. Carbon type composition (% of a)Max.Aromatic: IEC 60590 or ASTM

Aromatic, Paraffinic and between 4% & D 2140
Naphthenic compounds) 12%
b) Parafins: <50%
c) Naphthenic
compounds: >42%
2. Total sulphur content (%) Max.0.15 BS 2000 Part 373 or
ISO 14596
3. Corrosive sulphur (%) Not corrosive IEC 62535
(1500C for 72 hrs)
4. Neutralisation value mg Max.0.01 IEC:62021-1 or 2
KOH/gm oil
5. Anti-oxidant additives Non detectable IEC:60666

6. P C B Content Absent (Zero) IEC 61619

7. Oxidation Stability after 164

Hrs. @ 1200 C, (Max) IEC 61125 (method
a) Total Acidity in mg 1.2
KOH/gm Max.
b) Total sludge % by weight 0.8
c) DDF at 90 0C 0.5

5.6 Core

a) Material to be used for the transformer core shall be made of prime grade
Imported Cold Rolled Grain Oriented M4 or higher Grade (CRGO)
laminations and not from second grade steel laminations. Only those bidders
who directly imported CRGO either from the manufacturer or through their
accredited marketing organization of repute (and not through any agent) shall
be considered. In support of this requirement the bidder shall submit an
undertaking in specified format (schedule B3) in the form of affidavit on
Rs.100/- stamp paper, duly notarized.

c) The core shall be constructed from high-grade non-ageing cold rolled Super
grain oriented silicon steel laminations.

d) The design of the magnetic circuit shall be such as to avoid static discharges,
development of short circuit paths within itself or to the earthed clamping
structure and production of flux component at right angles to the plane of
laminations, which may cause local heating.

MSETCL/CO/Design, C&M/D&E-S1/220KV & 132KV class TF Spec/Version-10 dated 25.04.2017