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Questions for College Students 31. Do you do grammar exercises based on real life situations?

32. How do you practice speaking English?

1. What made you choose UNCP? 33. What do you use to improve your listening ability?
2. When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? 34. In what ways do you expand your English vocabulary?
3. What is your favorite lecturer? And why? 35. Do you try to use what you have learned already in what you are
4. What’s the best class you’ve ever taken? learning now?
5. Do you think English is a difficult language to learn? 36. Do you sometimes communicate in English with native English
6. Have you ever spoken English on the phone? speakers? In what ways?
7. How often do you practice your English? 37. Do you do oral and written translation exercises from your native
8. What is your favorite way to practice your English? language into English?
9. What is the most difficult thing about English? 38. What is the most difficult thing about learning English?
10. Why are you learning English? 39. What area of English are you best at (pronunciation, grammar,
11. What do you think you will be able to do in English in the future? vocabulary, listening comprehension, speaking, reading or writing)?
12. Do you think that English will completely dominate all the other 40. What do you think your level is (beginning, intermediate,
languages in the future? If yes, how will it affect the world? advanced)?
13. How do you use the Internet to learn English? 41. What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?
14. What search engine do you use most often when you study? Why? 42. Who is your role model in life?
15. Do you think English is a difficult language to learn? 43. If you could instantly learn another language without studying it,
16. What is your favorite way to practice your English? which one would you pick?
17. What do you think you will be able to do in English in the future? 44. What’s the most embarrassing thing that’s happened to you?
18. How can English language help you advance in your career? 45. Where’s the best place you’ve ever gone on vacation?
19. Which country is the best place to study English? 46. When you wake up, what is the very first thing you do?
20. Are you willing to get a tutor just to further learn English? 47. What does success in the classroom mean to you?
21. What is the best way to teach vocabulary at the upper intermediate 48. What do you know about how people learn?
level EFL? 49. What’s the most creative thing you’ve ever done?
22. In your own teaching environment what forms of pronunciation of 50. How can technology be used for learning?
English are learners likely to encounter? 51. What does it mean to understand something?
23. How can I listen to conversations and improve my pronunciation? 52. When was the last time you’ve solved a problem?
24. What do you like about your classroom? 53. How do you respond to expectations?
25. Why are you learning English? How will you use the English you 54. What is your proudest moment?
learn? 55. What’s worth understanding deeply?
26. Which of these do you do: attend English classes, learn English with 56. What are your best habits as a thinker?
a tutor (private teacher) or study English yourself (on your own)? 57. What’s most important to you in life?
27. What materials do you use for learning English? 58. Who are your heroes or role models?
28. Since when (how long) have you been learning English? 59. What are you good at that nobody knows?
29. Is it effective to practice English your own with ready-made 60. What do teachers sometimes misunderstand about you as a learner?
materials and checking your own progress? 61. What does it mean to study?
30. Are there any vowels or consonants you have problems with?
62. How do you respond to complex texts or digital media?
63. Why should we teach with technology?
64. What is the difference between learning and education?
65. What made you feel successful? What was difficult?
66. What were your favorite lessons?
67. What types of assignments do you enjoy?
68. How much time do you spend on homework?
69. How does this class contribute to your stress level?
70. What is your opinion about the amount and types of technology used
in class?
71. What would your dream classroom look like?
72. What else do you want your teacher to know about you?
73. Where do you see yourself in five years?
74. What are you worried about in the future?