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Do you want your home to

end up like this?

Please be reminded of our House Rules and Regulations under General Restrictions:

 Nothing must be hung or displayed on the windows and doors outside the units or on any part of
the areas of common use. No shades, venetian blinds, awnings, or window guards shall be installed
on the exterior portion of the unit or the condominium buildings;

 No Unit Owner/ resident shall permit any clothes, sheets, blankets, rugs or laundry of any kind to
be hung or displayed on the outside of their unit and laundry cages. These restrictions shall apply
with or without provision of laundry cages. Unit owners or residents shall use their own laundry
machines with drier or avail of the laundry services specifically provided for the community.

Kindly be informed of our standard penalties for violation of the said House Rules:

 1ST – Verbal and written warning (violation tickets will be provided);

 2nd – Penalty of Php 1,000.00;
 3rd – Penalty of Php 2,000.00;
 4th – endorsement to Legal.

Thank you and if you have any questions on the foregoing, please do not hesitate to let us know.