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02/02/2020 Top 100 Entry-Level Interview Questions and Awesome Answers for Each

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100 Common Interview Questions (and

Awesome Answers for Each)
It is not enough to have solid answers for the few basic and common interview questions. You need to be
prepared for the full spectrum of questions which may be asked. Following are one hundred of the most
common interview questions you are likely to encounter. Each question has a link to detailed information on
why the interviewer is asking the question and samples and examples of awesome answers, both for entry
level and experienced job seekers. Click through on each link for all the details:

1. Tell me about yourself. (/tough-interview-questions/tell-me-about-yourself)

2. Why should I hire you? (/tough-interview-questions/why-should-i-hire-you)
3. What is your long-range objective? (/tough-interview-questions/what-is-your-long-range-objective)
4. What is your greatest accomplishment? (/tough-interview-questions/what-is-your-greatest-
5. How has your education prepared you for your career? (/tough-interview-questions/how-has-your-
6. Are you a team player? (/tough-interview-questions/are-you-a-team-player)
7. Have you ever had a con ict with a boss or professor? How did you resolve it? (/tough-interview-
questions/have-you-ever-had-a-con ict-with-a-boss-or-professor)
8. What is your greatest strength? (/tough-interview-questions/what-is-your-greatest-strength)
9. What is your greatest weakness? (/tough-interview-questions/what-is-your-greatest-weakness)
10. If I were to ask one of your professors (or a boss) to describe you, what would he or she say? (/tough-
11. What qualities do you feel a successful manager should have? (/tough-interview-questions/what-
12. If you had to live your life over again, what one thing would you change? (/tough-interview-questions/if-
13. How would you describe your ideal job? (/tough-interview-questions/how-would-you-describe-your-
14. Why did you choose this career? (/tough-interview-questions/why-did-you-choose-this-career)
15. When did you decide on this career? (/tough-interview-questions/when-did-you-decide-on-this-career)
16. What goals do you have in your career? (/tough-interview-questions/what-goals-do-you-have-in-your-
17. How do you plan to achieve your career goals? (/tough-interview-questions/how-do-you-plan-to-
18. How do you personally de ne success? (/tough-interview-questions/how-do-you-personally-de ne-
19. Describe a situation in which you were successful. (/tough-interview-questions/describe-a-situation-in-
20. What do you think it takes to be successful in this career? (/tough-interview-questions/what-do-you-
21. What accomplishments have given you the most satisfaction in your life? (/tough-interview-
22. Would you rather work with information or with people? (/tough-interview-questions/would-you-rather-
23. What motivates you? (/tough-interview-questions/what-motivates-you)
24. Tell me about some of your recent goals and what you did to achieve them. (/tough-interview-
questions/tell-me-about-some-of-your-recent-goals) 1/5
02/02/2020 Top 100 Entry-Level Interview Questions and Awesome Answers for Each

25. What are your short-term goals? (/tough-interview-questions/what-are-your-short-term-goals)

26. What are your mid-range goals? (/tough-interview-questions/what-are-your-mid-range-goals)
27. What would your past manager say about you? (/tough-interview-questions/what-would-your-past-
28. Are you a goal-oriented person? (/tough-interview-questions/are-you-a-goal-oriented-person)
29. Where do you want to be ten years from now? (/tough-interview-questions/where-do-you-want-to-be-
30. Do you handle con ict well? (/tough-interview-questions/do-you-handle-con ict-well)
31. What major problem have you had to deal with recently? (/tough-interview-questions/what-major-
32. Do you handle pressure well? (/tough-interview-questions/do-you-handle-pressure-well)
33. Why did you choose to attend this college? (/tough-interview-questions/why-did-you-choose-to-attend-
34. What changes would you make at your college? (/tough-interview-questions/what-changes-would-you-
35. What were your favorite classes? Why? (/tough-interview-questions/what-were-your-favorite-classes)
36. Do you enjoy doing independent research? (/tough-interview-questions/do-you-enjoy-doing-
37. Who were your favorite professors? Why? (/tough-interview-questions/who-were-your-favorite-
38. Why is your GPA not higher? (/tough-interview-questions/why-is-your-gpa-not-higher)
39. Do you have any plans for further education? (/tough-interview-questions/do-you-have-any-plans-for-
40. How much training do you think you'll need to become a productive employee? (/tough-interview-
41. Why do you want to work in the _____ industry? (/tough-interview-questions/why-do-you-want-to-work-
42. What do you know about our company? (/tough-interview-questions/what-do-you-know-about-our-
43. Why are you interested in our company? (/tough-interview-questions/why-are-you-interested-in-our-
44. Do you have any location preferences? (/tough-interview-questions/do-you-have-any-location-
45. How familiar are you with the community that we're located in? (/tough-interview-questions/how-
46. Are you willing to relocate? In the future? (/tough-interview-questions/are-you-willing-to-relocate)
47. Are you willing to travel? How much? (/tough-interview-questions/are-you-willing-to-travel)
48. Is money important to you? (/tough-interview-questions/is-money-important-to-you)
49. How much money do you need to make to be happy? (/tough-interview-questions/how-much-money-
50. What kind of salary are you seeking? (/tough-interview-questions/what-kind-of-salary-are-you-seeking)

Don't just read these questions—practice and rehearse the answers in advance. Don't let the employer
interview be the rst time you actually formulate an answer in spoken words. It is not enough to think about
them in your head—practice! Sit down with a friend, a signi cant other, or your roommate and go through all
of the questions. If you have not yet completed a mock interview (/interview-preparation/the-one-thing-you-
must-do-before-your- rst-interview-mock-interview), do it now. Make the most of every single interview
opportunity by being fully prepared!

Remember to answer each
(/mastering-the-interview/the-best-way-to-answer-interview-questions) interview question 2/5
02/02/2020 Top 100 Entry-Level Interview Questions and Awesome Answers for Each

behaviorally, whether it is a behavioral question or not. The easiest way to do this is to use an example from
your background and experience. Then use the S-T-A-R approach to make the answer a STAR: talk about a
Situation or Task (S-T), the Action you took (A) and the Results achieved (R). This is what makes your interview
answer uniquely yours and will make your answer a star!

And here are some additional bonus interview questions for you to review:

51. What interests you most about this job? (/tough-interview-questions/what-interests-you-most-about-

52. What is the one word that describes you best? (/tough-interview-questions/what-is-the-one-word-that-
53. What is most important to you in your job? (/tough-interview-questions/what-is-most-important-to-you-
54. Tell me about a situation in which you faced an ethical con ict. (/tough-interview-questions/tell-me-
about-a-situation-in-which-you-faced-an-ethical-con ict)
55. How do you spend your spare time? (/tough-interview-questions/how-do-you-spend-your-spare-time)
56. Tell me about how you persuade people to accept your point of view. (/tough-interview-questions/tell-
57. Describe a time when you managed a project or people. (/tough-interview-questions/describe-a-time-
58. What did you like or dislike about your previous job? (/tough-interview-questions/what-did-you-like-or-
59. Give me an example of a time when you took initiative to get things done. (/tough-interview-
60. Are your grades a good indication of your ability? (/tough-interview-questions/are-your-grades-a-good-
61. What sets you apart from other quali ed candidates? (/tough-interview-questions/what-sets-you-apart-
from-other-quali ed-candidates)
62. Tell me about the biggest risk you have taken in your life. (/tough-interview-questions/tell-me-about-the-
63. What are the most important rewards you expect in your career? (/tough-interview-questions/what-are-
64. What is the title of the most recent book you have read? (/tough-interview-questions/what-is-the-most-
65. Tell me about the hardest decision you have ever had to make. (/tough-interview-questions/tell-me-
66. Tell me about a time when you had too many things to do and you had to prioritize your tasks. (/tough-
67. Give me an example of a time when you had to make a split second decision. (/tough-interview-
68. Describe a situation where you had to request assistance on a project or assignment. (/tough-interview-
69. How do you think you can add value to our company? (/tough-interview-questions/how-can-you-add-
70. What would you look to accomplish in your rst 90 days on the job? (/tough-interview-questions/what-
would-you-look-to-accomplish-in-your- rst-90-days)
71. Tell me about a time when you went above and beyond the requirements for a project or assignment.
72. Who is your mentor? (/tough-interview-questions/who-is-your-mentor)
73. How would you describe your personal work style? (/tough-interview-questions/how-would-you-
describe-your-personal-work-style) 3/5
02/02/2020 Top 100 Entry-Level Interview Questions and Awesome Answers for Each

74. Tell me about a time when you had an unexpected event that required you to change your priorities.
75. Give me an example of a time when you had to motivate yourself. (/tough-interview-questions/give-me-
76. Give me an example of a time when you had to motivate someone else. (/tough-interview-
77. What criteria are you using to evaluate potential employers? (/tough-interview-questions/what-criteria-
78. Are you interviewing with other employers? Which ones? (/tough-interview-questions/are-you-
79. Have you ever been red from a job or asked to resign? (/tough-interview-questions/have-you-ever-
been- red)
80. Do you prefer to work for large or small employers? (/tough-interview-questions/do-you-prefer-to-work-
81. What have you done to improve yourself in the past year? (/tough-interview-questions/what-have-you-
82. What new competencies or skills have you recently developed? (/tough-interview-questions/what-new-
83. Do you prefer a structured or unstructured work environment? (/tough-interview-questions/do-you-
84. How did you nd out about this job? (/tough-interview-questions/how-did-you- nd-out-about-this-job)
85. Describe a typical work day for you. (/tough-interview-questions/describe-a-typical-work-day-for-you)
86. Why are you applying for a job in a eld outside your current career or college major? (/tough-interview-
questions/why-are-you-applying-for-a-job-in-a- eld-outside-your-college-major)
87. What type of decisions are the most di cult for you to make? (/tough-interview-questions/what-type-of-
decisions-are-the-most-di cult-for-you-to-make)
88. Give me an example of a time when you failed to meet a deadline. (/tough-interview-questions/give-me-
89. How did you learn about your company's products and services? (/tough-interview-questions/how-did-
90. What did you do in your last position to help create a positive team environment? (/tough-interview-
91. Tell me about the most signi cant written report or presentation that you've completed. (/tough-
interview-questions/tell-me-about-your-most-signi cant-written-report)
92. Describe the most di cult coworker you've worked with and tell me how you dealt with him or her.
(/tough-interview-questions/describe-the-most-di cult-coworker-youve-worked-with)
93. What other positions are you considering? (/tough-interview-questions/what-other-positions-are-you-
94. How do you decide which employers and positions to pursue and interview? (/tough-interview-
95. Do you do any volunteering in your spare time? (/tough-interview-questions/do-you-do-any-
96. Tell me about a time when you had to follow a decision with which you did not agree. (/tough-interview-
97. Are you able to multitask on several assignments at the same time? (/tough-interview-questions/are-
98. What has been your biggest professional disappointment or letdown? (/tough-interview-
99. Have you done any public speaking? (/tough-interview-questions/have-you-done-any-public-speaking)
100. Have you ever quit a job? Why? (/tough-interview-questions/have-you-ever-quit-a-job) 4/5
02/02/2020 Top 100 Entry-Level Interview Questions and Awesome Answers for Each

Did we miss a question? Request an interview question (/contact?subject=Suggested+Interview+Question) and

we'll add it to our list.

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