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Preparing Your Child for Surgery

It must also Consent for Surgery and Procedures with Anesthesia

When a child is scheduled for surgery and anesthesia at American Family Children's Hospital, a separate
consent from the surgeon and the anesthesiologist must be obtained.

Your child’s surgeon / proceduralist will explain the procedure, indications for the procedure, risks,
benefits and alternatives. The anesthesiologist will explain planned anesthetic, risks and alternatives.
You will have the opportunity to ask questions and then sign a consent for the surgery or other
procedure. Anesthesia consent is verbal.

Who can give consent for minors?

Only a parent(s), legal guardian or other authorized representative can legally give consent for a surgical
procedure (unless in an emergency situation).

Foster parents/stepparents or parents hosting children from another country, do not necessarily have
the legal authority to give consent for surgery, procedures or anesthesia. Please provide contact
information for parent(s) and/or social worker if possible – this information is extremely helpful in
obtaining the necessary consents.

If consent will need to be obtained from someone other than the person that will be with the child on
the day of surgery, please contact the surgeon’s office so arrangements can be made by both the
surgery team and the anesthesia team to obtain the necessary consents. The parent, legal guardian or
other authorized representative must be available by phone if they are not able to be present on the
day of surgery.

Remember, at age 18 years old, a child is considered to be an adult for consent purposes. The
expectation will be that they will give their own consent. If they lack decision-making capacity, that
person’s authorized representative will need to provide the consent (appropriate paper work will need
to be provided: i.e. Power of Attorney for Healthcare).
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