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I. Background of the Field

Literature in any of its form is treasured by many, especially those bookworms out

there. It’s not only the words that capture them but also the feeling they felt when reading

those magical words. If literature was a person, it would probably be the “life of the

party” for everyone.

When reading a novel, and we get attached to it, we tend to imagine things that is

beyond our imagination. We tend to place ourselves in a world we call “the safe world”.

The “safe world” is the one we’ve created through our imagination which does not limit

us. Therefore in this “safe world”, we have no limitations, we are free. The outcome of

what we think in that world does not affect what we do here in our real world. It is like

living in a simulation where the ones studying it are also us. In some instances, reading

too much novels affect how we react or respond to a given phenomena. Your choice in

life is somehow affected by your point of view that is also assumed by what you’ve

already read. It also reflects who we really are. In short, reading fictional stories can alter

our perception.

Based on a study, the act of reading fictional novel can be a source of ideas which

our brain accommodates. These ideas and contexts got kept in our mind which became

our default thinking ( Aditya Shukla 2019). It just tells that we tend to be on a situation

we’ve already read on a book and then respond to it like how the scenario happened in

the story. Our critical thinking is being affected by the actions we learned in the novel.

For example, you and your partner are still new in a relationship. At first, both are

thinking of positive scenarios that would happen to both of them, like having a movie
date or dating on a popular theme park, enjoying rides. And those expectations are the

ones we can read commonly on fictional novels which alter our perception. You are still

not aware of the negative side of the relationship both of you might encounter. To sum it

up, it is like we only believe in positive things because that’s what we normally read on

fiction stories or novels.

Most of the people at their leisure spend time reading or writing novels, may it be

fictional or based on a true story. They love reading novels. Even we can’t deny that

when reading something, we get this feeling of satisfaction. We are satisfied on just

sitting on the couch being entertained by what we are reading. But, is satisfaction the

only thing that matters? Is that all we’ve got? Of course, there is more! There are lots of

things we can benefit on reading. First, it improves our focus and concentration. In fact,

when we are reading we ought to focus our mind in the text and ignore the entire world.

Second, it is good for relaxation. When we are feeling stress and nervous, reading can

calm us. And lastly, it makes us smarter. Reading can help us store information which our

brain needs. (Why You Should Read Books – The Benefits of Reading More, 2017)

According to Oatley (1999), fiction is not simply a set of defective descriptions

made by unreliable observers. But fiction is a kind of simulation that runs on minds. As

stated earlier, people reading fictional novels tend to put themselves in “the safe world”,

it is the world they created far from reality. Most of the time, victims of depression and

those who are always alone are the ones enjoying this simulation kind of living. They

escape reality through creating a fictional world. Theorists has argued that fiction is

largely about theory of mind, which we are good at; so we enjoy fiction because we like

doing what we are good at (Zhunshine 2006). We therefore conclude that we tend to
create a safe world that we are good at because in reality, we cannot find that something

we are good at.

The bond that literature gives us is priceless. We can also interact with others easily

specially when both of you have the same favorite genre. In reading when you almost

want to kill the antagonist because it had done too much with your favorite character you

can tell it to someone who felt the same as you. And sometimes it can be your main topic

when both of you have already nothing to talk to. Or you can comment to that story when

you are reading it online instead of in books. You can interact to many audiences you

aren’t familiar with.

The difference is that when you are reading a novel online, you get the satisfaction of

having a response to your feeling by a stranger who felt the same as you. On the other

hand having a friend to talk to regarding with the novel you are reading in person is

satisfying to. Both of the interactions are satisfying. But for me, having the satisfaction of

buying yourself the version of the novel in a book is priceless. The feeling you’ll get

because you bought it using your own savings will be all worth it. You finally got to say

to yourself that you deserve this treat; and you deserve to treat yourself after that hard

work. It finally paid off.

Most of us prefer reading on mobile app because it’s free and others prefer reading on

books. Maybe that is the effect of technology nowadays. Reading and writing novels had

already been affected by modernization. Our world is different now because of modern

technologies. It’s up to everyone what way and where will they read and write novels.
After all, we can't help it. Reading and writing novels is the leisure activity we

bookworms have fun. We enjoy it.

II. The Problem and its Context

Amazing authors and their creation are everywhere nowadays. We can read

novels and other stories free online thanks to our modern technology. On the other

hand, we can still enjoy buying and reading books because of bookstores everywhere


Regarding to reading online, there is what they call the “Wattpad app”. It is an

app, website and social network sometimes described as “The Youtube of Books”. In

this platform, you can find astonishing discoveries of stories you never know they


Watppad may be belittled by others but what’s inside it is enormous. The stories

are great and so as the authors. It is obviously aligned to modern technology

nowadays. Because it uses a mobile phone to access the app. Reading stories here are

free. You can enjoy amazing stories for free if and only if you downloaded the app.

And on behalf of those bookworms who are dying to read a novel in a book, there

are also bookstores available for them. Some would say that why bother buying books

at a bookstore when you can read it free online? But what they didn’t know is the

feeling of having your own copy of the version offline. Frankly speaking, If you

really are addicted to books, there is no need for a study to be conducted between

what is more favorable between the two; reading online or reading on actual books.

You’re experience is enough to explain it.

Broadly speaking, we cannot obtain if people prefer reading online novels or on

an actual book by using our own insights. First, people have their own perception

about that. So we show respect to it. Second, reading it your own way is how you

enjoy a novel. Lastly, does it matter if you read it online or on an actual book? Does it

change the essence of the novel?

Continuing to the study and its purpose, the main focus is; what is your insight on

modern technology affecting our literature? Do you prefer it reading on an app or on

an actual book? Does the feeling or emotion of a novel in an app differ from the novel

from the book? Does reading between the two affects more of your perception or is it

the same?

Another problem is that, people tend to be confused on which to choose; reading

online or buying an actual book? Actually, there are still things that you can benefit

from the two. Reading online, you can save money and energy because it is free and

handy. You can store many books on one app. On the other hand, reading on a book

helps you experience the actual feeling of reading. You can write something on your

book or highlight words in it. And it also helps is making our brain sharp. We easily

recall things that are written on a book (Bookwars: E-books vs Printed Books, 2015)

Online novels and actual ones differ from their characteristics. It’s up from the

reader on which one to choose. We all have different preferred aspects on each

situation. Our personality, own preferences, and which format we want on a certain

situation helps us to choose between the two. This study aims not to alter others own

perception but to help differentiate the different insights and reaction on the effects of

modern technology on reading. We do respect others preference and perceptions.


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