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At the end of the lesson the student should be able to:

1. Students will develop their reading and writing skills needed for academic settings.
2. Evaluate sources for relevance to their research topics.
3. Generate new knowledge.

II. Subject Matter


B. Reference: K to 12 Books (Journeying through literature and language with world literary texts)
p. 431.
C. Materials: Powerpoint presentation

III. Learning Procedure:


- Let us all stand up for the opening - One of the students will lead the
prayer”. prayer.
- “You may now take your sit”. - Students will sit down
Checking of Attendance… - Students raise their hand and say
- Please raise your hand and say “present” as the teacher call their
“present” as I call your name. name.
- Please pick up the pieces of paper - Students pick up the pieces of paper.
under your chair.
- So, how was your weekend, Class? - It was great Ma’am!
- That’s good to know! -

a. Motivation

Ok! Before we proceed to our discussion. Let

us review our topic yesterday.
What the three parts of the Research paper? - The introduction, the body and the
Yes! Very good! The introduction, the body
and the conclusion.

b. Presentation of the Lesson

Is there anyone from the class know about our - Writing a research paper
topic this morning?
Yes! It’s all about Writing a research paper.
c. Lesson proper

Writing a research paper is an exercise in any academic endeavor. As a student,

you might ask to write a research paper on some occasions in specific areas of study.
Writing a research paper may be tedious, but the exercise is very fulfilling, most
especially when new ideas and practices are discovered.

In the hope to ease you of the rudiments of writing a research, below are a few
things that you can consider as you begin to write a research paper.


There usually are two situations that influence you in choosing a

topic. One is when it is the teacher who assigns the topic, and the other
one is when it is you who choose the topic. Either way, the topic must
be relevant and must be of great interest to you.
It is always good to start selecting a topic by brainstorming. You
may do this with a classmate or a friend. However, nothing beats a keen
interest on the topic that you wish to write about.


Purdue OWL ( offers the following

suggestions before you do actual writing.

1. Ask yourself what your purpose is for writing about the topic.

There are many “correct” things to write about for any subject, but you
need to narrow your down your choices.
For example, your topic might be “computer games”. At this point, you
and your potential reader are asking the same question, “So what?” why should
you write about this, and why should anyone read it?

Do you want the reader to enjoy the same computer games you enjoy?
Do you want to analyze large-scale manufacturing of computer gadgets and computer
Do you want to compare various compute games online?

2. Ask yourself how you are going to achieve this purpose.

How, for example, would you achieve your purpose if you wanted to
describe some movie as the best you’ve ever seen? Would you define for
yourself a specific mean doing so? Would your comments on the movie go
beyond merely telling the reader that you really like it?
3. Start ideas flowing.

Gather as many good and bad ideas, suggestions, examples, sentences,

false starts, etc. as you can. Some friends can join in. write down everything that
comes to mind, including material you are sure you will throw out. Be ready to
keep adding to the list at odd moments as ideas continue to come to mind.

Pretend that you are being interviewed by someone –nor by several

people, if possible (to give yourself the opportunity of considering a subject
from several different points of view). What questions would the other person
ask? You might also try to teach the subject to a group or class.

4. Summarize your whole idea by diagraming your major points, or by

telling it to someone in three or four sentences.

Iv. Generalization:

Class, what you have learned today?

V. Evaluation

Think of a topic you want to write about. Prepare an outline for said topic. Then, find a
partner with whom you will discuss some specific details of your outline.


Vi. Assignment

Construct a good thesis statement for the following titles.

1. Time allocation of High School Seniors for their Academic and personal Activities.
2. College Course Preferences of selected High School Seniors.