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Bodhi International School

Daily Lesson Plan 2019-20

Name of the teachers: Ms. Kirtika mehta, Ms. Alka Parihar, Ms. Shivani Bhati

Grade: Blossoms

Date Essential Learning Teacher Student-Led Technology Assessment

Element Objective Facilitated Inquiry –
learning Individual or integration
engagement group
and guiding

(include plans
for DI)
6th IB learner To make them Revising the Learners will https://www. Response
january,2020 profile- practice terms used for revise the from learners.
thinkers, addition using addition. vocabulary or watch?v=qM
Communicato play. Kids will terms used in 7B2nwpV1M Active
rs stand in a addition. involvement
circle and will in their own
Skills- Team be given Learners will learning
Building numbers from practice through play.
skills 0-10 and will addition
be assign through play. Understandin
same numbers g of the
from another Practice in concept.
team. workbook/not
The student ebook( double
from different addition like
team will 67+11 etc. Pg
come and add 92 ,83in
their numbers learners book
and whoever
says answer
first will be
7th January IB learner To make them Revising the Learners will https://www. Conceptual
,2020 profile- practice terms used for recall the understanding
Reflective subtraction subtraction. terms used in watch?v=qM and
using play. 3 hula hoops subtraction 7B2nwpV1M cooperation in
will be kept and will kids.
Skills-Social and no.s will
work in
skills. be kept in
each hula teams of 2
hoop from 1- groups
10 by practising
learners. subtraction.
practice in
page number

8th Thinking To make them Teacher will Learners will https://www.yo Understandin
January,2020 skills; understand take the collect the g of concept.
integrated the concept of learners for a materials h?v=y2- curiosity
with UOI odd even nature walk. from nature Observation
using living Then ask and name and Research
things. them to bring them . skills.
and show Learners will
them their be then asked
things and to count and
count them on make pairs of
i.e twigs , objects
leaves, writing down
flowers, etc. their count
What you and whether it
have brought? is odd or
Is this a living even.
Count how
many you
have brought?
Ask learners
to pair up the
collected .
9th January Thinking To make them Teacher will Learners will https://www.yo Understandin
,2020 skills, understand draw some g of concept.
ask them to
creativity the concept of recall the examples drawing
skills odd even. odd and even using objects skills.
integrated using some seen or used
with UOI in class in
coming from Gifted
learners. learners will
Discuss: sort some
numbers into
How do you odd and even
make an odd hula hoop/ or
number writing their
even? names and
How do you letters in it.
make an
even number

learners will
draw some
objects and
pair them up
to make
them odd or

on- Learners
will sort
numbers into
odd and even
hula hoop.

10th Thinking To sort odd Teacher will Learners will https://www.yo Understandin
january,2020 skills. and even ask the pair make g of concept
numbers learners groups of two of odd and
Reflective. using venn magic i.e one even even.
diagram. numbers and one odd
which are odd and will state Observation
and even. the reason. skills.
different Team work.
learners to
take a number
card and ask
them where
they should
13th Thinking Students will Ask learners Learners will - Pattern of
january,2020 skills, be able to use to sit in a then use the numbers i.e
tens and ones circle and building how tens and
Thinker. blocks to pass a ball blocks to ones are made
make and then make make their Thinking
numbers. a tower of tower of tens. skills.
How many Have the
blocks used to students count
make a tower the tens or
of tens? ones blocks at
Can you make their stations
two towers of and record the
tens? amounts on
What number their Guided
will it be Practice
called? Student Sheet.
What you
would say Direct your
this number? students to
rotate and
visit all four

Page no. 63

14th Communicato Students will Ask them to Learners will https://www.yo Pattern of
january,2020 r, be able to show some recall the tens numbers i.e
Communicati distinguish examples of and ones and how tens and
on skills. between the numbers practice ones are made
tens and ones using ten and making Thinking
place value. ones blocks. numbers into skills
DI- tens and ones.
learners- Slow
Give students learners will
adequate make
practice with
grouping ten
ones as a ten
having ones
before and gifted
introducing ones will
base-ten break the
blocks. numbers into
Give the
students the
Addition With
Tens Sticks
Ask them to
break some
numbers and
show on their
15th Reflective, Students can Group Learners will https://www.yo understanding
January,2020 make activity- break the of concept.
Knowledgea numbers or Teacher will numbers and
ble, see numbers ask learners identify the
as part of tens to pick a tens and ones
and ones. number and in the
split a corresponding
number in number.
tens and ones
on chart
Practice in
workbook /
page number-
book -Page

16th-17th Reflective,Thi Students will Teacher will Learner will https://www.yo Learning
january,2020 nker. make learners say the different types
recognize, recall the even counting of counting.
and create numbers i.e 2, while jumping g1K4ic&feature
4, 6, 8 etc. in two’s. =emb_title skills.
Ask them -
patterns How even They will be
verbally and numbers look
through even doing the
like? counting
and odd they Take learners
will be able during play
to the EPDM
to skip count floor and ask
i.e counting
by twos, them to jump with
5’s,10’s. on numbers in socks,shoes,
2’s,5’s ,10,s. or eyes etc.
Practice in Learners will
Learners book make the pairs
- Page no- 66. of objects
using their
creativity and
practice skip
20th Key Concept - To compare Invite your Learners will https://www.yo Familiar
january,2020 Form , and say if an students to identify the with terms “
Connection object is pick up two h?v=QCPYaTx2
objects and v0w heavy” and
heavy or light. identical, feel the same “light''.
empty in terms of Comparison
weight. of weight of
noting that the
two feel the Learners will two objects.
same in terms observe the
of weight. Fill situations
one basket and
with apples comprehend
but put only a the heavy or
few apples in light object.
the basket. They will
Allow your call out or
students to try tell the
and lift each
heavy or
Guiding light things
questions - or either
What you draw them.
Which basket
is heavy?
Which basket
is light?
Then Ask
them to call
out the
things they
know and
write their
ideas on the
board. Then
ask them to
name the
lightest things
they know
and write that
list on the
board. Write
"I am lighter
than a __. A
____ is
heavier than I
am." Ask
students to
from the lists
accurately fill
the blank.

21st Key concepts- Student will Teacher will Learners will https://www. Understanding
Reflection be able to help learners of concept by
January,2020 give some watch?v=QCP
recall the recall the examples YaTx2v0w
giving real life
concepts of concept of using the examples.
Heavy and comparison comparison
Light , long with Practice
of heavy and
and Short. in workbook.
light , long
and short ;

Draw their
answers in

practice in
workbook .