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Nations Global Compact (UNGC) since 2012, From past to present, the achievements
SCG respects the diversity of labor in the of SCG, including human rights and labor
corporate; SCG does not discriminate against practices, have been recognized through

Employee Caring
gender, age, or physical conditions; and it awards and approval in various aspects from
Number of Employee respects the rights of labor to gather up in organizations both in Thailand and at the global
the corporate. level. These include awards for sustainable
Good human rights and labor practices development, business conducting according

will promote and create opportunities for to the ‘Sufficiency Economy’ philosophy, being
building up reputation and developing a model of business governance, being the most
capabilities for sustainable success in business admired organization, social and environmental
operations. Conversely, if the human rights and responsibility, and human resources management.
labor practices proceed incorrectly, legal risks The most significant award and approval regarding
will ensure and cause losses to the economy human rights and labor practice that SCG has
and business sustainability. SCG would then received is the Thailand Corporate Excellence
be unable to achieve its vision of being the Awards, an award which SCG has achieved
leader of sustainable business in ASEAN; SCG continuously for the 13 th consecutive year.
would be unable to be a model of corporate Evaluating such achievements is a tool used
gover nance and sustainable development; in risk management and creating opportunities
SCG would be unable to be a corporation of in human rights and labor practice. Other than the
innovation which people seek to work with, human rights and labor practices of SCG which
and most importantly, all of this would impact also promote and corporate with various
the trust of stakeholders including employees, contractors to ensure that the human rights and
suppliers, contractors, customers, and the labor practices are good for the employees of
relevant government agencies. business contractors.

SCG Management Development management, as well as in labor and SCG places emphasis on involvement
Challenges of human SCG’s Labor Practices and
C o mmittee ( MD C ) l e a d s b y P re s i d e n t human rights management. and building a commitment with stakeholders.
resource management and
organizational development and CEO, initiates direction and human SCG regularly gathers employment feedbacks Human Rights Focus in Recent Years
1. P r o m o t e l a b o r resource strategy for the whole Labor Practice and and opinions through engagement surveys, as • SCG adopts a policy of hiring those with

standard and human rights organization. Business Unit human Human Rights well as surveys on other topics both formal disabilities, and consistently supports activities
to create oppor tunity. resource committees and company human SCG emphasizes on the implementation and informal activities to exchange ideas and to improve the quality of life for the disabled. In
Reduce risks in labor issues resource committees are downstream of labor laws and internal regulations, such practices with state labor agencies to ensure 2014, SCG received 4 rehabilitated workers from
and confidently guarantee organizations that are translated human as business code of conduct and strict SCG’s human rights and labor practice is the Industrial Rehabilitation Centre, Phathumthani
the congruent with laws and resource strategy into actions in labor contract compliance, as well as approved and can be used as a model for Province, Social Security Office, for 1 month. On
regulations in both local and publications to support the international other business in order to cooperate with completion of the internship, SCG hired 1 of the
re c r u i t m e n t , w a g e a n d re m u n e r a t i o n
international. declaration of human rights. Being a government sectors in the development of rehabilitated workers. At present, there are more
management, employee development,
2. Develop employees their other labor projects. than 30 disabled persons working with SCG.
performance management, career supporting participant of the United
to acquire potential and
knowledge to work in their
current jobs, as well as
preparing for business We feel that friends and seniors are very warm,
growth and future changes. helpful and offer kind advice. They sent us for
the adequate external training and treated us
like normal employees. We would like to work
at SCG until we retire.

Natchai Phukbangchak and AutoCAD Draftman

Phakawan Kullasawasdi SCG Cement-Building Materials
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Regarding the employee

care program prior to
retirement, SCG provide Happy & Comfortable - That’s 2 words describing my
excellent care and pave experience working with SCG for these almost 3 years and
the way for a happy and still counting. The working environment here makes me
healthy retirement by feel like I’ve been surrounded by my real family. A non-stop
p rov i d i n g k n ow l e d g e learning experience has also been given while working at
about health, saving, social SCG. Some different cultures that we have in the company
security, gold healthcare make us learn and exchange more knowledge between
cards, and other matters local and expatriate employees.
in so many essential areas
before retiring, including
exploring options for Nurluri Sales coordinator
generating revenue after Agustin SCG Plastics Co.,Ltd, Indonesia

retirement Relationship building activities for retired employees

• SCG emphasizes on employee formally and informally. SCG also respects Development Plan in SCG Labor welfare and benefits that are even more
c a r i n g f a i r l y a n d e q u a l l y, w i t h o u t the rights to organize and join labor unions Practices and Human Rights flexible and can be adapted according
discriminating against gender, age, or and collectively welcome feedbacks for the • Our experience from receiving to the suitability and readiness of each
ethnicity. To support this philosophy, SCG continuous improvement of appropriate rehabilitated workers for internships in business unit.
uses a personnel management system employee care. the previous year showed us that the • Planning to improve and widen
with the same principles and standards • SCG emphasizes on caring for facilities for disabled workers, in training the scope of our labor practices and
in all aspects of employee welfare, all employees, from when they first join or work areas, were insufficient. SCG human rights. By further expanding the
re c r u i t m e n t , w a g e a n d re m u n e r a t i o n the organization through to retirement. must consider improving our facilities to scope to include business partners in
management, employee development, Caring for employees before their enable wheelchair users to travel around the Business Supply Chain, SCG will set
performance management, and career retirement is one of the important aspects freely within the organization. This can be standards in labor practices and human
Sutthichai Chaitanakunmongkol management. SCG employs a large t h a t S C G p ro v i d e s c a re f o r. T h e re i s achieved by defining a plan to implement rights that are suitable and appropriate for
and continually growing ratio of female training prior to retirement to give the next improvement. our business partners in each category.
employees, while SCG also has a employees the knowledge to prepare • Reviewing and updating employee • Emphasizing our plans to create
Office Supplies and Marketing
Central Procurement Office significantly increased number of themselves to have the right mental and welfare and benefits to meet the needs opportunities for increased business, such
employees of different nationalities from physical approaches needed when they and demands of Diversity are still as activities promoting better quality of
o v e r s e a s . C u r re n t l y t h e re a re 1 5 , 4 3 7 reach their retirement age. They lear n incomplete. As a large and varied business, life for the handicapped, and requesting
overseas employees from a total of 51,100 techniques for saving and systematic the demands for designing appropriate certification of standards complying
employees. SCG foreign employees financial planning, as well as gaining an welfare and benefits create a complicated with labor laws to provide an even more
regularly participate in experience understanding of how to utilize their Health issue. In this respect, the next phase extensive and comprehensive business
e x c h a n g e p ro g r a m s w i t h S C G ’s T h a i Security and Social Benefit Security should be to emphasize the design of range.
employees and undergo training together. correctly. There are relationship building
• SCG respects employees’ rights activities for employees who will retire for
to gather up into groups, whether it could them to build strong relationships and
be the Welfare Committee or Employees’ morale. In 2014, a 4 day / 3 night activity
Committee. There are channels for was held in Chiang Mai – Chiang Rai
employees to provide their feedbacks both province.
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Employee Development has developed the New Learning Model, Other than developing New Learning This is coupled with the development of
According to SCG’s rapid expansion, w h i c h f o l l o w s t h e s a m e a p p ro a c h t o Model for SCG, we are still developing general knowledge, such as through the
the number of employees both in country personnel development as is used by programs for continuous employee T Q M , S a f e t y, C o d e o f C o n d u c t , a n d
and overseas has also increased rapidly. leading companies around the globe. The development. The board of directors, senior Innovation programs. The technical
SCG had a total of 51,100 employees in New Learning Model includes the creation management, and all employees place competency of employees in their specific
2014, an increase of 1,813 people from of individual development plans to each importance on personnel development, fields is also developed, enabling
the previous year. This number is expected employee with a focus on technical, which has been a highly valuable asset of employees to perform their work with
to increase rapidly again in the future due management, and leadership fields. This the organization from the past to present. maximum efficiency. Furthermore, SCG’s
to our continued business growth. vision includes the implementation of All employees at all levels from operations lear ning emphasizes a combination of
With this leap in employee numbers, blended learning. Our focus is to assign to management, both in country and l e a r n i n g t h ro u g h re a l w o r k p r a c t i c e s
SCG must increase our capabilities of tasks to employees so that they learn overseas, have opportunities to develop (Experienced Lear ning), teaching and
developing our employees to their full from real experience with their supervisors t h e i r o w n a b i l i t i e s t o p re p a re f o r t h e learning on the job from supervisors and
potential and abilities not only for the s e r v i n g a s c o a c h e s t o p ro v i d e m o re company’s and their own sustainable colleagues (Learning from Others), and
present, but also to develop them so that advice. Blended lear ning will combine growth from their first day as an employee, lear ning and training in the classroom
they are prepared in the future to deliver active classroom lear ning with digital such as SCG Ready Together for new (Formal Training). In 2014, employees
business solutions that keep pace with learning to be used more substantially to comers to gain SCG working environment, had on average approximately 10 days
the expansion and context of our rapidly promote a learning culture of Self-Driven build networking, emphasize on social of training
changing business. Our aim is also to Learning. It reflected caring from managers responsibility and environment, including Organizational culture of seniors
support regional employee development for people development. In addition, activity on it such as check dam projects. teaching juniors that is always observed
in terms of ensuring that course content the Company is developing a system to I n t h e a re a o f b u s i n e s s d e v e l o p m e n t by all employees, SCG recognizes the
and instructors are of the same standard accommodate the transfer of knowledge through the Abridged Business Concept importance of developing the potential
as SCG’s, and that they have the various to future generations, to teach them what (ABC) program, as well as on Leadership and abilities of all supervisors to
systems and guidelines to support them. is already good, and to develop them a n d Te a m w o r k , s u c h a s t h ro u g h t h e effectively “teach” or “coach” those under
To this end, SCG with the approval of the further. Leadership Development Program (LDP). their supervision at all times. Each business
board of directors and senior management,

SCG Employee Development Courses

Level Leadership Skill Business Knowledge Functional

New SCG Ready Together Program • Business/Function Orientation

We use the SCG training roadmap as a model, adjust it to suit
Employee • LDP1* :
the context of Indonesia, and then implement it to develop our • ABC : Abridged Business Concept • TQM/TPM/Safety
Lead Self
people. This adjusting gives our employees an overview of business
and teaches them what is necessary, especially with regard to • BCD : Business Concept Development • TRM : Training Road Map/
• LDP2* :
Supervisor • MBA Scholarship OJT : On the Job Training
what they will use in their own work. For their progress, it also Lead Team
• Technical Scholarship
teaches them how to lead others and facilitate teamwork. In my
opinion, the important thing for enhancing sustainable learning is • MDP : Management Development • TRM : Training Road Map
• LDP3* :
to make everyone work together on the projects assigned to them Manager
Program /Project Short Course
at the same time, with a supervisor closely providing instructions. • Ex MBA Scholarship

• EDP :
Senior Executive
Fauzan HR Manager • AMP : Advanced Management Program • Overseas Seminar
Executive Development
O. Inak PT. SCG Indonesia, Indonesia Program

* LDP : Leadership Development Program

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The development of foreign employees

and of Thai employees assigned to work
overseas is therefore an important
issue. As a result, SCG holds preparatory
courses for those employees assigned
to work abroad, such as the SCG Go
Regional Program consisting of 5
core components which promote
each other and are coherent. These SCG developed the culture of
comprise Business Understanding, Self-Driven Learning. One of learning
Organizational Impact, Interpersonal objectives as showed in this picture
Understanding, Global Outlook, and is to emphasize reflection from
the language of the country in environment and social responsibility
which SCG is conducting business. activities.

group prepares high quality programs to model has incorporated international SCG prepares courses for local programs. The development programs are
Five Components for develop the potential of its supervisors to courses standards such as those set in employees in the various countries intended to develop all SCG employees
SCG Regional Program be coaches known as ‘Leader as Coach’, the Abridged Business Concept (ABC) or working overseas so that they have
in which we have investments. These
w h i c h f o l l o w s a s t a n d a rd c e n t r a l i z e d Business Concept Development (BCD) in courses share the same standards as access to equal knowledge and abilities
Understanding curriculum that is applied across SCG both order to emphasize, strengthen and clarify those in Thailand, such as the Abridged as are available in Thailand. We have
at home and abroad. our Company culture. Business Concept (ABC), Business also established a threshold for foreign
Organizational Language
Impact From the solid foundation of SCG’s Concept Development (BCD), and employees of high potential (HP). SCG
People Development Abroad employee development in Thailand, we L e a d e r s h i p D e v e l o p m e n t P ro g r a m s h a l l p u t t h i s g ro u p o f e m p l o y e e s
Interpersonal Global In order to facilitate the continued have taken this approach to be applied (LDP) as International Programs, and t h ro u g h a p l a n o f c o n t i n u o u s a n d
Understanding Outlook
regional expansion of SCG business, it is to the foreign countries in which SCG o t h e r Te c h n i c a l C o m p e t e n c y a n d varied development programs that are
vital to foster organizational culture of SCG has invested so as to ensure compliance General Knowledge development both challenging and suitable.
People among both foreign employees and with our corporate vision of becoming the
Thai employees who are required to travel sustainable market leader in the region.
overseas to work. In this way, we are able The development of foreign employees
to create a working model in keeping with and of Thai employees assigned to work
SCG is always focusing on employee caring in order to obtain
SCG’s approach which holds to the SCG overseas is therefore an important issue.
business philosophy and Open and As a result, SCG holds preparatory better outcomes in employee development. As a Project Director,
Challenge in working, which SCG courses for those employees assigned I am very proud to engage and create changes for the corporate
employees have adopted for the sustainable to work abroad, such as the SCG Go sustainable development. Even knowing that I may face
operation of the company. In 2014, SCG Regional Program consisting of 5 core challenges, I feel proud to take responsibility of this position
communicated the correct knowledge and components which promote each other and have chances to apply my HR and business knowledge and
understanding to our employees, beginning and are coherent. These comprise Business
experiences and add value with work. As a female executive, I
with those operating overseas to serve Understanding, Organizational Impact,
can say that gender is not the restriction for work. Just work with
as Role Models sharing the SCG People Interpersonal Understanding, Global
philosophy and culture with the Company’s Outlook, and the language of the country efforts and full competencies
foreign employees. Additionally, our working in which SCG is conducting business.

Supaporn Director
Chanchamroen Learning and Talent Transformation Program