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Learning Objectives

At the end of the lesson, students should be able to:

 Identify the parts of a formal letter

 Discuss the contents of a formal letter
 Distinguish the style of a formal letter
 Write a letter observing the parts and content of a letter

II. Subject Matter

Topic: Formal Letter
Source: Kennedy, X.J.2005. The Bedford guide for college
writers. Bedford/St. Martin’s: Boston.
Materials: slideshow presentation, laptop, LCD, Manila paper, markers, chalk
and board
Skill (s): Writing

III. Learning Tasks

 Prayer
 Greetings
 Checking of Attendance

B. ACTIVITIES (6 mins)
1. Initial Task- Unsent Letter

Look at the set of jumbled parts of a letter on the board. The teacher calls six
volunteers to put the parts of a letter in their proper places.
C. ANALYSIS (17 mins)

Q and A

1. What are the parts of a letter? Can you name them one by one?

2. What about the content of a letter? What should be included in the introduction?
Body? And closing?

(Let’s try if you can create a letter while observing the proper parts and contents of a

1. Write me a letter

Write a letter to the Supreme Court suggesting your position on the

disqualification case of Senator Grace Poe whether she is eligible to run for the
highest electoral position.

(Selected students read output in front of the class. The teacher will ask the
students to jot down the suggestions of their classmates to the Supreme Court.)

Q and A

1. What did you notice on your letter? Structure? Style of writing?

2. What was it about? (suggestion)
3. What was the content of your letter? How was it developed? What were the
words used?

1. What are the parts of a letter? (Flash the parts of a formal letter and
their meaning.)
2. What are the contents of the introduction? Body? And conclusion?

1. Guided Practice
There are grammar mistakes, spelling mistakes, punctuation mistakes,
mistakes in the order of the paragraphs, and also mistakes in the lay-out.
Work in pairs and see how many you can find. Rewrite the correct version of
the letter on a clean bond paper.
19 avenue road
Ealing W6 OER

Majestic Hotel
Hampshire HR4 PMT

The nineteenth of January

dear Julia Rambert,

I am interesting in the job of Waitress advertised on "Metro" this morning and I am enclosing a copy
of my CV.

I hope you will consider my application carefuly and I look forward to hear from you.

I am working as waitress in my own country since five years before I came here and my former
employer can provide you with a referee.

I imagine that you cater mainly for overseas tourists so I belief my language skills would be usefull.
In addition to speak both portuguese and english, I also can understand spanish.

yours faithfully,

Maria Chagas

Maria Chagas

3. Independent Practice (5mins)

A dilemma
1. Give each student the following problem and ask them to help decide the
right choice for the whole class:

There will be a PTC this coming week. Ms. Ramos inquires on the
classroom needs which could be a possible project for the PTC.

Here are some of the suggestions of Grade 9 students:

1. Bulletin board
2. Locker
3. Ventilation
4. Water dispenser
5. Comfort room
6. Cleaning materials
7. Monitor/ Projector

2. From the suggestions given, the students will choose one which they think
would be beneficial for the needs of the whole class.
3. Students write a letter to the PTC suggesting an affordable project which
would be beneficial for the whole class.

IV. Evaluation (5mins)

Read the following statements carefully. Write True if the statement is correct and False
if the statement is incorrect.

1. When the letter starts with Dear sir we end it with Yours sincerely,
2. The first paragraph of the letter should explain your reason for writing.
3. You should start a new paragraph for each sentence.
4. You should leave a space between each paragraph.
5. If you are writing a formal letter, it is not a good idea to use contractions. (I’m is
the contraction of I am; can’t is the contraction of cannot)
6. When you are writing an application for a job, it is a good idea to say what a
wonderful person you are. For example, I am intelligent, honest and I work very
7. When you apply for a job, it is a good idea to use a recycled envelope.

V. Homework (2mins)
Surf the web and find the following standard letter format styles:
a. Block style
b. Semi-block style
c. Indented style
d. Memorandum style