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Duterte to visit top tourist sites amid nCoV outbreakl

By CATHERINE TALAVERA Pacific president and CEO tourism industry has agreed While domestic tourists fig- r^ ,/
- "' to offer discounis and 6etter uresfor20lehaveyettobe#- "' pAq1j' I "
!gl:u Cbkongwei, Philippine3an- deals to"local tourists. ' leased, Puyat said
is set to Airlines president Gilbert San- she expects
President lJuterte
l'resldent Duterte ls said'she .{ \
a- I
visit the country's toP tourisi tamaria and Air Asia Philip- "In the coming days, the the numbers to be even higher \J ,,
destinations beginning n_ext pines maiority owner Mikee tourism sector hai agieed to tJran the year before, given-that
week in a bid -to prove that Romero and its president, roll out more valud-added Boracay has been redpened.
domesfic lravel remains safe f{isl<y f5la. packages, discounted accom- Moieover, puyat iaid the
amid the novel coronavirus "Together, we'd like to as- modat"ion and marked down DOT would intensify its mar-
(nCoV) outbreak. sure the public, especially our prices on domestic flights," keting and promotioirs to mar-
At a press conference the foreign and domeitic tourists, ihe said. - kels inaffected bv the nCoV
other nijht, Toyrism_Secretary that ihe Philippines remains a Cleminte said the program, global health emeigency.
Bemadette Romulo-Puyat said safe destinatiory" Puvat said. t_entativ€ly called "Domestic
Duterte may visit Boracay, Both the Deparfment of Fun" whi;h will offer around TOUfiSm
Cebu and Bohol next week.
" Tourism (DOT) aid stakehold- so percent off pubiishJ ruie" tO lOSe P15 B
She said ihe President met ers are focusing on the dornes- for local tourisis, is targeted to This month alone, the DOT
with her and rePresentatives tic tourist marLet in view of the be rolled out this r&eef. proiects close to P15 billion in
from th9 tourism industry to sudden drop in foreign arrivals "lt depends on how fast we io"i."rre.r.r" for the tourism
discuss howboosting do.mestic dullo the tlavel
lan imposed can get
*re rates from suppli- industry.
tourism- may_ soften the im- on Chin4 Hong Kong, Macau ers. already have a 16t,,, DOT Undersecretary Ar-
pact of the nCoV scare on the and Taiwan amid the nCoV Clemente said, idding thatthe turo Boncato Jr. told th; Sen-
i"4ryttyj . -, outbreak. program already has-about 20 ate committie on tourism
"And he told us that he Duterte's order for the tem- io 3-0 partners. yesterday that the computa-
wants to start traveling around porary travel ban was issued "Tiren we're meeting with iion of piojected ,*u".,,r. lo""
the country next week to show iast week in a bid to contain Cebu Pacific later in the"week. was ma'de ifter the temporary
that.ifs safe.," Puyat said. the spread of the deadly virus, So, hopefully by Fridav (Feb. travel ban was imposed.
.She.said}rer depaftment which originated in"Hubei 14)or ir4ondiy (Feb. lziatthe ,,The foregon'e revenue,
will also release a video of province oiChina. latest, we'll be able to roll it when we stofped the flights
Duterte_encouraging Filipinos ' China remains the country,s out " he added. from China, if'o.rg fong "ana
to travel around the country. second largest source market Data from the Philippine Macau... What #e didis to
.Apart from Puyat, otherb for tourists"with a total of 1.b Statistics Authority show that look at the growth rate of those
who met with the President million arrivals in the first nine the number of domestic tour- markets iri alt Februaries in
were Tourism Congress of the -or116s o1 2919.
ists reached 111 million in 201& 2017, Z01g and, Z0l9 .

i#J8.''il?,'{fii"vil:ilii# .
Hotel Owners Association As part of the shift in the . under the Nation"al Tourism ",,y:,X.51'li:,:"pff1ti;,:
perfoinince and we came up
president Arthur Lopez, Cebu focus market, Puyat said the Development Plan. - i"itl, u ZO20 projection,,,he tolh

1l71T PA+€ PLt ".--+

other resource persons
in- Hazard pay
the committee chaired bY Sen.
Nancy Binay.
He said the DOT comPuta-
tion was based on the national iiifl?sj"ffi" "1'ti*a:.ll *'""Jr,#':r"i f,inl#,
average spending of $100.60
per night and an avetage stay
of nine nights.
"Our estima te for those
markets - China, Hong Kong
lffi-'lffffi $:tfi{il';'p;'1,;1;i$
anrl Macau - for the month of
February would be down to 'i:trfrilT:::tf F,lg:ll.l:*,:nx,:Yli'i$i"i',ls
around P14.8 billion in terms Rosemarie^ong' __^ Ii1,*".o1irrr are the most vul-
of foregone revenue," Boncato Earliet Layetanu nerable to the virus because
;'In 2018, the China mar-
noted. rhe need ,? 1_:l:$,1":'i: iiiii""11*t',. *;s" sho*ing
ket alone sPent P112 billion in
the Philippines."
ed the
hearing based
on Senate Resolution No. 316
meant to establish the effects of
the nCoV health emergency on
vr LJ's-"
Associabon (r rL-,/1'
- '-t
suld Castelo, vice chai r of
the touiism sector "iii"
about the House committee onMeho
Cesar Cruz said that
House hearin$ ;d ;;';;i;i;;;ervations in Manila development'
on tourism "Filipino nurses are not
ilt?;; CJ";"d Patawanbeing paid enough d,espite
Meanwhile, two commit- t]""-#Jt-.r""" "J due to lhe
dangers associated wrtn
tees of the House of RePre- ii*iU""." Cfti"", *ntn it the said:,-'1o^1-Te
sentatives will conduct a joint ;i."' ;;"/; ;;ond largest their iobi' :h:
tokeeP themserves
hearing today to get inPuts tourism market. they
from all concerned agencies With this develoPment' strorig aid
'healthy to,they
don t have the buy
and stakeholders with regard pfCie ,ttat tfie'tour- -means
to the impact of nCoV on tour- ".o-^,*h;-io't ut t"utt good food and vitamins tor
tar' iboosting their body's) resis-
The House committees on
' ii.ftfiOe tuia
PlO billion so
preliminary tance?" she asked: ^
that th'e With weak hodies' Caste]o

economic affairs headed,by

Rep. Sharon Garin (AAM- "r,irnr,*ie
;#;;;;;;e from 0'06 saidhealthworkerscaneasilv
J'2.;; Domestic catch life-threateni"c dI:1:"t
BIS-OWA party-list) and on ;";;; as ncoV pneumonra'
tourism chaired by ReP. Sol F;;r; ; Jo"i rrt t'ittion such"tf we lose them to the virus'
Aragones (Laguna 3rd district) '1n
rrl 0 7 nercent or about Pl33 o]rus
to take:are
will hold a joint hearing in re- uiirt"", t'}r""ia the contagion who's going
sponse to Speaker Alan Peter i.."i,ii"o'ai*rcIr, *_"L,ffi-;;:,1ffiilii1'3;
Cayetano's directive. The SDeaker said
They were instructed to .n""ra f" iJ"t t" soften the cille Suerte Felipe
identifu possible measures that impact of the nCoV Problem
can be adoPted to mitigate the Jih ;;;i.""s,h;ning domes- n 7o4 ge - P t
impact of nCoV on the tourism tic touiism and exPloring other f^I
and travel industry esPeciallY lourjsm markets. \t<J-l
in the wake of the rising num- Cavetano hoPes todaY's
ber of fatalities. hearing will Pave the waY for
Puya! Board of Airline ReP- the DdT and other tourism
resentatives chairman Genaro slakeholders to work together
Velasquez, PhilipPines AirAsia to develop viable solutions to
Global Affairs head Desiree Iessen the imPact of the nCoV
Bandal and PAA Pilot Flight outbreak on ihe livelihood of
Sa{ety chief Capt. ChristoPher informal workers dePendent
Natividad have confirmed on the tourism industrY'
their attendance.