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Graduate School

Application Instructions
Please read this information before completing the application, and retain it for future reference. Although
updated at time of publication, all information is subject to change without notice.

CONTENTS Is This Application Right for You? Admissions Office and your intended graduate
program. Mailing addresses are listed in the
Admission and Application If your previous enrollment has been in gradu- Graduate Program Application Information sec-
ate nondegree status and you now wish to apply tion at
Information for regular or special status, use these applica- Failure to send items to two offices will de-
lay the processing of your application.
1 .......... Application Checklist tion materials.
2 ......... Application Deadlines (see Have the following items sent directly to the Gradu-
Previous Ohio State degree-seeking graduate ap-
Graduate Program Application ate Admissions Office (for address, see page 2):
plicants (never enrolled)
Information at http:// 1. One official copy of transcripts or record
If you are reapplying to the same graduate pro- of marks for each university-level school
gram but for a different quarter, you may do so
attended. Include English translation of
on this application. The transcripts you submit-
2 ......... Associateships and each of any foreign documents.
ted with your original application are kept for
Fellowships one year in both the graduate program office
2. Official scores for GRE or GMAT or other
tests required by your program.
3 ......... Completing the Application and the Office of Graduate and Professional
3. Official TOEFL, IELTS or MELAB scores
Admissions. However, you will need to have
4 ......... Transcripts and Academic updated transcripts sent to both offices if ap-
for international applicants or U.S.
Records applicants whose native language is not
propriate. A new application fee is required.
English and who do not yet qualify for a
5 ......... GRE and GMAT waiver.
Important note: If you were already admitted
7 ......... Housing and Other Services to a graduate program in the past year, and your
Have the following items sent directly to the Grad-
intention is to defer your admission, please con-
uate Program Office (for address information, see
tact the graduate program to see if they can ac-
page 2.) If you are applying to multiple programs
commodate your change in plans. Deferred
you must submit a complete set of the items be-
applicants do not need to reapply.
low to each program.
1. A statement of intent, unless the program
Applying Online Previous Ohio State graduate students (previous-
specifies a different requirement for
You will not be reimbursed for multiple ly enrolled)
this item
application fees submitted in error. If you were enrolled in the Graduate School at
2. One official copy of transcripts or record
Ohio State with degree-seeking or special status,
of marks for each university-level school
do not use this application. You should not re-
attended. Include English translation of
apply or send an application fee through the
each of any foreign documents.
Graduate Admissions Office. To reenroll or
3. Three letters of recommendation submitted
change programs, contact the Graduate School
online or written on recommenders’
for advice about your eligibility for further stud-
original letterhead stationery, accompanied
by completed Ohio State Reference Forms
4. Curriculum vitae or resume (no more than
Multiple applications
two pages) is required of all applicants
You may apply to more than one graduate pro-
who wish to be considered for a Graduate
gram. A separate application, application fee,
School Fellowship.
and supporting documents are required for each
application you submit. Only one set of docu-
ments is needed by the Graduate Admissions
5. Any other items required by the graduate
Office. See application checklist for further in-
formation on requirements.

Application Checklist (degree-seeking) Your application file can be evaluated for admis-
sion to your desired program once the appropri-
ate Ohio State office has received the items
apply online at listed below. Application materials must be sent to two different university offices: the Graduate
Admission Classifications (International applicants) Admission Criteria
Graduate Admissions Office
Degree-Seeking The Ohio State University Admission criteria are established both by the
This application is intended for persons seeking P.O. Box 182083 Graduate School and by the graduate program.
a graduate degree. The specific degrees offered Columbus, OH 43218-2083 Credentials documenting prerequisite academic
by each graduate program are listed in the Grad- work that give evidence of ability to pursue a
uate Program Application Information section .....where to send graduate program-required graduate program in your chosen area are re-
at Do not use documents quired. To be considered for admission, you
this application if you have been enrolled pre- See Graduate Program Application should have completed what Ohio State consid-
viously in a graduate degree program at Ohio Information section at http:// ers the equivalent of a four-year baccalaureate
State. for addresses or higher degree from an accredited college or
of specific graduate program offices. university prior to beginning graduate studies.
Nondegree-Seeking At minimum, a cumulative grade point average
If you do not intend to pursue a graduate degree, .....where to visit the Graduate Admissions Office equivalent to at least 3.0 on a 4.0 scale (B grade)
but want to take graduate-level courses for per- or to send your Admissions Office required in all prior undergraduate level course work is
sonal enrichment, professional development, or documents using express (non-postal mail) required. If you have some graduate level work
certification, you may apply online by visiting or a completed graduate degree, a 3.0 graduate
GPA is required. The graduate and undergradu- Graduate Admissions Office
ate GPAs are not combined. The university uses
The Ohio State University
the following grades to reflect academic level of
Combined Programs SAS Building, 1st Floor
performance: A=excellent, B=good, C=fair or
Students in combined programs are enrolled 281 West Lane Avenue
average, D=poor, and E=failure.
concurrently in the Graduate School and in ei- Columbus, Ohio 43210-1132
You are required to submit GRE or GMAT
ther a professional or undergraduate college or Phone: 614-292-9444
scores if either your undergraduate GPA is be-
school. Fax: 614-292-3895
low the minimum of 3.0, or your graduate GPA
is below the minimum of 3.0, or you hold a de-
Criteria for admission into an undergraduate/
gree from an unaccredited college or university,
graduate combined program (for current OSU .....the status of your application
or your graduate program requires the scores.
students only) To check on the status of your application dur-
Since graduate programs may require higher
Completion of a minimum of 135 ing the admission process, visit http://
GPA, test scores, or additional documentation,
undergraduate credit hours. Your initial status will first you are encouraged to contact them directly for
A minimum of 3.5 cumulative grade point- become available 2–3 days after we receive your that information.
hour ratio. application.
Criteria for admission into an professional/
graduate combined program .....your graduate program Application Deadlines
An earned baccalaureate or its equivalent Contact the individual graduate program office
or completion of the first year of an Each graduate program sets its own application
directly for details about specializations, admis- deadlines and reviewing schedules. Your applica-
OSU professional program. sion criteria, the program faculty’s research
Those students who hold a bachelor’s tion must be complete with all supporting cre-
areas, and the status of your application and dentials by the application deadline. Most
degree and have not completed one financial aid considerations. Mailing address,
year in the professional program must programs make their admission and financial aid
phone, fax, web site, and e-mail information decisions between the months of January and
have a minimum of 3.5 cumulative are included in the Graduate Program Informa-
point-hour ratio in all previous March for the following autumn quarter.
tion section at You will find the deadline by which your
undergraduate work. Students who
have completed one year in their program expects to receive your application in
.....graduate courses, schedule, and more the Graduate Program Application Information
professional program must be in good
For online access to publications from the Uni- section at
academic standing without conditions,
versity Registrar and the Graduate School, visit
and approved by the professional and
college, dean, director or chair. Graduate School Costs The Course
Prerequisite training that will enable the
Offerings Bulletin describes the courses avail- For information on current tuition, fees, and
student to pursue the graduate degree
able; and the quarterly Master Schedule of other costs, please visit the Graduate Admis-
program selected.
Classes lists courses and times offered for the sions web site at
upcoming quarter as well as university deadlines Plan on 5% to 10% annual increases in all costs.
and fees. Program-specific information can be
For More Information About found at the various program web sites.
Associateships and Fellowships
.....where to send Graduate Admissions Office
.....studying and living in the United States
required documents using regular postal The Graduate School administers internal uni-
1. Contact the U.S. Education Advising
mail: versity fellowships as well as graduate fellow-
Office in your country ships and traineeships funded through national
Send your official documents to:
2. Visit the following web sites: and local agencies. Some academic units have their own endowed fellowships as well. By far,
(U.S. applicants) the largest form of financial assistance comes to
Graduate Admissions Office
3. OSU’s Office of International Affairs at graduate students in the form of graduate teach-
The Ohio State University ing, research, or administrative associateships.
P.O. Box 182004
Columbus, OH 43218-2004
If you are interested in applying for a finan- grams also offer fellowships. Please contact gram, which is limited to U.S. citizens and per-
cial award, check the “funding opportunities” your intended program for further information manent residents who qualify. Applicants
box(es) of choice on the admission application. about any program-based awards. should submit the Free Application for Federal
Consult with your intended graduate program Each graduate program selects the students Student Aid (FAFSA) by the priority deadline,
about any special financial aid application they wish to nominate for Graduate School Fel- March 1 of the award year. To obtain the FAF-
forms, requirements, deadlines, and procedures. lowships from their applicant pool. Programs SA and to learn more about the above programs
Application materials must be received by submit their list of nominees to the Graduate as well as other opportunities for loans, please
both the Graduate Admissions Office and the School in mid-February. Fellowship awards are contact:
graduate program by January 15 for U.S. stu- announced March 15th. Fellowship Awardees’ Student Consolidated Services Center
dents or November 30 for international students decisions regarding Fellowship offers are due SAS Building, 1st Floor
if you wish to be considered for a Fellowship. April 15th. 281 West Lane Avenue
Required application materials include all tran- Columbus, Ohio 43210-1132
scripts, test score reports, recommendations, Eligibility Criteria for Graduate School Fellow- USA
etc. A curriculum vitae or resume (no more than ships Phone: (614) 292-0300
two pages) is also required of all applicants Criteria for program administered or other fel- (outside the 614 area code: 1-800-678-6440)
who wish to be considered for a Graduate lowship programs may vary. The following in- E-mail:
School Fellowship. Please note that the fellow- formation is for the Graduate School Fellowship Web site:
ship process, coordinated by the Graduate awards only.
School, is highly competitive. If interested in a For U.S. applicants: To be eligible for fel-
Finding Work On and Off Campus
Fellowship, review the Eligibility Criteria for lowship consideration, you must have test
Notices of on-campus employment opportuni-
Fellowship Consideration section to see if scores and a grade point average that is higher
ties of interest to students and spouses are post-
you are qualified for consideration. than the minimum required for admission to
ed on Ohio State’s Student Financial Aid web
your graduate program. Please note that a limit-
site at In addition to
Graduate Associateships ed number of students who do not meet the cri-
teria, but who otherwise have very strong departmental graduate associate positions, job
Each year, Ohio State employs several thousand
graduate associates including graduate teaching academic records, may be nominated for a Grad- opportunities on campus may include part-time
associates (GTAs), graduate research associates uate School Fellowship at the discretion of the work in restaurants, administrative offices, or in
(GRAs), and graduate administrative associates graduate program. If you do not meet the stated other graduate departments. Placement informa-
(GAAs). GTAs may be asked to teach, assist criteria (second paragraph below), you should tion for qualifying spouses interested in full-
with laboratory work, and/or perform other re- not check the Fellowship box on the application time or part-time Civil Service or administrative
lated activities. GRAs are assigned to research form. and professional positions on campus may be
projects supervised by graduate professors. It is For international applicants: To be auto- obtained from:
usually possible to carry out thesis and disserta- matically considered eligible for University Fel- Office of Human Resources
tion research on such projects. GAAs perform a lowship nomination, applicants must present a 1590 North High Street, Suite 300
variety of administrative and management du- minimum cumulative grade point average of at Columbus, Ohio 43201-2190
ties. least 3.6 on a 4.0 scale or an equivalent on an- 614-292-9380
Most graduate associates work 20 hours per other numeric scale such as 4.5 on a 5.0 scale; 9
week for nine months and receive a monthly on a 10 point scale; or a First Class on a British-
stipend and a fee authorization for the cost of based grading system or overall percentage of a Medical Center Human Resources
tuition. Ohio State offers stipends that are com- least 88% for other international percentage- 660 Ackerman Road, First Floor
petitive with other universities of similar size based grading systems. Columbus, Ohio 43202
and scope. The GRE General Test or the GMAT is re- 614-293-4995
Associateship positions generally begin in quired if you are applying for fellowship in ei-
the autumn quarter and are renewable, depend- ther the Ph.D., M.A., M.S., or D.M.A. degree
ing upon the student’s job performance, grades, programs. Applicants must achieve a 75th per- Work Restrictions for International Students
and availability of funds. The availability of centile average on the Verbal and Quantitative By regulation, international students with F-1
graduate associateships varies from program to components and a 4.0 on the Analytical Writing immigration status may work on campus. To
program. To be eligible for consideration, you component. Applicants taking the GMAT work off campus, F-1 students must obtain per-
must meet all of the admission requirements of must achieve a 75th percentile on the Total mission from the U.S. Citizenship and Immigra-
the graduate program and apply by the appropri- Score. tion Services (USCIS). Also, except for the
ate program application deadline. See the Grad- Additional information about fellowships graduate associateship or fellowship awards,
uate Program Information section at http:// and fellowship criteria can be found on the Web international students cannot use potential em- at ployment at Ohio State as evidence of financial
support when applying for a visa. International
Graduate School Fellowships Additional Sources of Funds students with J-1 immigration status must ob-
Fellowship awards, which generally begin au- tain work authorization from their J-1 program
tumn term, are non-service appointments pro- Federal Loans and Federal Work Study Program sponsor. Holders of F-1 and J-1 visas may not
viding a monthly stipend and payment of U.S. citizens and permanent residents are eligible work more than 20 hours per week while school
resident and non-resident tuition and fees. They to apply for government-sponsored loans is in session and must maintain a full course load.
are generally regarded as the most prestigious (which must be repaid.) The maximum combina- The Office of International Affairs (OIA) will
form of support awarded to graduate students, tion of Federal Direct Subsidized Loans available provide more details regarding employment dur-
and they are offered on a highly competitive for graduate or professional study is $8,500 for ing new student orientation. Please consult the
basis. Graduate School Fellowships are limited a 12-month academic year. Graduate students OIA web site at for additional
in number, and are awarded through a centralized may be able to qualify for an additional $10,000 information.
university-wide competition to those applicants in Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loans. In addi-
who show outstanding scholarly accomplish-
tion, $4,000 per year may be earned through the Note F-2 visa holders are not permitted to work.
ment and the most outstanding potential for
government-sponsored Federal Work Study Pro-
graduate study. Some individual graduate pro-
Completing the Application most recent. Be sure to list all university-level Please note: Applicants who are recommended
work (including Ohio State) even if no degree for admission will have their cumulative grade-
Complete the application in its entirety. Failure was awarded or is expected. If the school is in point average verified before being offered ad-
to complete any section of the application form India or Pakistan, list the name of the university, mission. A misrepresentation of information
may delay the admission process. A separate not the college. concerning cumulative average from other col-
application and application fee transaction CALCULATING YOUR CUMULATIVE leges and universities will negatively impact
are required for every program to which you GRADE POINT AVERAGE—Each applicant is your admissibility.
apply. requested to provide a calculation of his or her TEST INFORMATION—Please indicate
undergraduate grade point average and graduate which tests you have taken or plan to take. No
FULL LEGAL NAME—Your family name grade point average if appropriate. Note: The official admission decision can be made without
(last name or surname) should be entered first. It undergraduate and graduate cumulative grade receipt of your official test scores sent directly
is important that you use the same spelling of point averages are not combined. from Educational Testing Services. Your official
your name on all correspondence with Ohio Enter your cumulative grade point average GRE or TOEFL score will be sent directly to
State. International applicants should list name (GPA) as it appears on your transcript and indi- Ohio State from Educational Testing Services
as it appears on passport. cate the scale used (eg., 3.4 on a 4.0 scale). If upon your request at the time you take the test,
VARIATIONS OF YOUR NAME—If your your transcript does not provide a calculated or after, if you contact the testing agency direct-
name appears differently in any way on your cumulative grade point average or you attended ly. The institutional code for Ohio State is 1592.
GRE or TOEFL score reports, or on your more than one institution, please follow the in- PROGRAM/PLAN CHOICE—See the
school records, enter the additional names or structions below to calculate a cumulative under- Graduate Program Information section at http:/
spellings in the space provided. graduate GPA and a cumulative graduate GPA if / for programs offered.
QUARTER YOU EXPECT TO BEGIN— you have already attended graduate school else- Indicate your specialization within the program,
Indicate when you plan to begin study at Ohio where. A cumulative grade point average is the if any. Consult the individual graduate program
State. Please note: not all programs accept appli- ratio of all quality points earned divided by all web site about the specializations offered.
cations for every term. credit hours (units) earned throughout the FUNDING OPPORTUNITIES—If you
U.S. SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER transcript(s). To calculate quality points, multi- believe you are eligible to be considered for a
(SSN)—This number will be used by the Grad- ply course grade by graded course credit hours graduate fellowship and/or graduate associate-
uate Admissions Office and the University Reg- (or units). ship through your graduate program, mark the
istrar to verify your attendance if you are a loan, appropriate box(es). Please note that most suc-
scholarship, or grant recipient. If you do not Number values for letter grades on a 4.0 scale cessful fellowship candidates have cumulative
have a U.S. Social Security Number, or you A = 4.0 B+ = 3.3 B- = 2.7 C = 2.0 D+ = 1.3 grade point averages well above 3.0 on a 4.0
choose not to use the SSN for identification pur- A- = 3.7 B = 3.0 C+ = 2.3 C- = 1.7 D = 1.0 scale. Please see Eligibility Criteria for Fel-
poses, or you are an international student, lowship Consideration section before you
please leave this space blank. Calculation example: check the Fellowship box.
CITIZENSHIP—Please indicate your coun- (A) 4.0 x 3 hrs. = 12.0 quality points EDUCATIONAL HISTORY (for interna-
try of citizenship, or the country whose pass- (A-) 3.7 x 2 hrs. = 7.4 quality points tional applicants)—List all details of your edu-
port you will be using, in cases of dual (B+) 3.3 x 4 hrs. = 13.2 quality points cation in reverse chronological order. Start on the
citizenship. Total 9 hrs. = 32.6 quality points first line with your most current information and
ETHNICITY—Response is optional for then proceed backward. Grade level means
U.S. applicants only. Individual information 32.6 quality points÷ 9 hrs. = 3.62 GPA “years of education.” For example, if you hold a
collected on race/ethnic background will be used 4-year bachelor’s degree your current year may
only as unidentifiable portions of statistical re- Students who attend institutions outside the be the 16th year of your education. Do not
ports requested of educational institutions under U.S. should enter the cumulative (total) average translate your degree unless your language uses a
Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. as provided on your academic record and indi- non-English alphabet.
ADDRESS OUTSIDE THE U.S. (for in- cate the scale upon which the result is based (for
ternational applicants only)—U.S. Citizen- example, 88/100 or 9/10). If your institution Application Processing Fee
ship and Immigration Services (USCIS) does not provide the average or you attended
requires that international students requesting more than one institution, please calculate your A nonrefundable $40 fee for U.S. students
an I-20 for an F-1 visa or a DS-2019 for a J-1 average using the following formula: and $50 for international students is charged
visa provide an address outside the United 1. Add all the numerical results for courses taken for each admission application you submit to
States. Applicants in this category must com- during your undergraduate study. Ohio State for graduate study. No waivers of
plete this section. Failure to complete this sec- 2. Divide the sum total number by the number this requirement are granted.
tion may result in application processing delays. of courses taken. This is your average result.
DATES LIVED IN OHIO—If you have 3. Enter this result. DO NOT CONVERT THIS Transcripts and Academic Records
lived in Ohio during several periods of your life, RESULT TO A 4-POINT SCALE.
provide the “Begin Date” and “End Date” for Ohio State requires official transcripts or records
the most recent period. Note for applicants who have attended Chinese of all university-level course work. Transcripts
The information you supply here is used to institutions: If your transcript indicates grades must be sent from the original issuing institution
determine if you qualify for the lower “Ohio on a 4-point scale and on a 100% scale, please for every university or college attended. If you
resident” tuition rate. list cumulative grade point average using per- are currently enrolled at a postsecondary institu-
E-MAIL ADDRESS—Please provide your centage scale only. tion, submit current academic transcripts by the
e-mail address so that we can send you applica- If you attended an institution that uses de- application deadline date and final transcripts
tion-related correspondence. gree classification or verbal mentions (for exam- reflecting all work as soon as these are available.
PREVIOUS EDUCATION—Provide de- ple, Second Class/Upper Division or Tres Bien), If you attended (or are currently attending) Ohio
tailed information about all previous study, be sure to enter this result here. State, be sure to list Ohio State in the “Previous
including attendance at Ohio State as an under- Failure to follow these instructions will delay Education” section on the application. Do not
graduate. List all colleges and universities attend- the processing of your application. send transcripts of course work taken at
ed (including Ohio State), beginning with the
Ohio State; Graduate Admissions staff will International Education Credentials their websites for more information.
obtain them directly from the Registrar’s Applicants will need to send official tran- *An additional copy of all documents must be
Office (at no cost to you) after your applica- scripts with degree statements (proof of degree) sent directly to the graduate program to which
tion arrives. in their original language, along with English you are applying.
Be sure to resolve any financial holds at previ- language translations that follow the format of
ous institutions prior to requesting transcripts. the originals. English translations must be certi- For University Degrees: China Academic
Please note: If you submitted transcripts in fied by the issuing institution or one of the ac- Degree and Graduate Education
support of an Ohio State University freshman ceptable officials listed in the section Development Center
or undergraduate application, you must re-order “Definition of Official or Certified Documents.” 18th Floor, Tongfang Keji Building B,
these transcripts to be sent to the Graduate Ad- The types of records that must be submit- No.1,Wangzhuang Road,
missions Office and your prospective graduate ted vary depending upon the educational sys- Haidian District, Beijing 100083
program office. We require transcripts for any tem and may include student books, exam China
course work completed in high school, for which results, diplomas, mark sheets, and transcripts.
you received university credit. In general, the records should give a complete
list of courses taken, indicating the number of Tel: 010-82379480
Request for Official Transcript Form weeks and the number of hours as well as the Fax: 010-82379491
This form is for your convenience in requesting marks given. The records should indicate any Email:
official transcripts of your records. The instruc- and all degrees earned and a clear key to the
tions listed on the form request that the registrar grading system used. For Non University Diplomas and
send one transcript to the Graduate Admissions Applicants from Pakistani or Indian Transcripts: China Higher Education
Office and one transcript to the graduate pro- universities: submit mark sheets from your Student Information & Career Center
gram to which you are applying. In addition, university certified as true copies of the origi- Box 6#, Beihang University,
you will need to provide the registrar the mail- nals. Mark sheets prepared by the college are No.37 XueYuan Road
ing address of the graduate program. Please re- not acceptable. If exams are not administered Haidian District, Beijing 100191
fer to the Graduate Program Information by the university until the final year of the China
section at for degree program, please provide an official letter
address information. Make additional copies of from the college to verify this fact.
this form if needed. The minimum qualification for consider- Email:
ation for graduate admission is a bachelor’s Tel: 010-823336099-202
Definition of Official or Certified Documents degree requiring at least four years of universi- Fax: 010-823338423
Transcripts or records are official when sent by ty study. Three-year bachelor’s degree holders
the issuing institution directly to the appropri- are not eligible to apply unless they have al-
ate Admissions Office. We also consider a tran- ready completed a master’s degree program or
script official if it is sent by the applicant in the a post-graduate diploma (PGD) program repre- Many graduate programs require applicants to
envelope sealed by the issuing institution. Tran- senting the completion of at least one year of submit official scores from the GRE (Graduate
script envelopes that show any signs of tamper- post-bachelor’s degree study. A three-year Record Examination). Some graduate programs
ing will not be considered official. Official bachelor’s degree holder must provide proof of specifically require the GMAT (Graduate Man-
documents have either a colored stamp or raised completion of a master’s degree or PGD pro- agement Admission Test), and some programs
seal affixed to them. When the policy of the in- gram before an application can be processed. A will accept the GMAT or the GRE. (See the
stitution prohibits issuing the transcripts direct- three-year degree holder with partial comple- Graduate Program Information section at http:/
ly to another institution, a photocopy of the tion of a master’s degree program or PGD is / You must submit
original document certified by an official of that not eligible for admission to graduate study. scores from one of these tests if:
educational institution, an embassy office, the • required by the program to which you are
Ministry of Education, or the Ministry of For- Applicants from China are encouraged to applying; or
eign Affairs may be submitted for review. If you request that required academic documents be • you are applying for a Ph.D., M.A., M.S.,
are in possession of the only original transcript sent directly to our office from the China or D.M.A. degree program and wish to be
your institution issues, you may submit a certi- Academic Degrees and Graduate Education considered for a University Fellowship; or
fied photocopy of that document for our review. Development Center (CDGDC). The • either your cumulative undergraduate grade
Please note you will be required to present the CDGDC is sanctioned by the Chinese point average (GPA) is below 3.0 based on a
original official document prior to enrollment. Ministry of Education and upon request will 4.0 scale, or your cumulative graduate GPA
Note: Certification by a notary public is mail the documents directly to the Ohio State is below 3.0; or
not acceptable. Also, downloaded “transcripts” University Office of Graduate and • your degree is from an unaccredited college
from the Web are not subject to institutional Professional Admissions. This preferred or university.
security controls, and are therefore not recog- method for submitting educational documents
nized as transcripts. assures the applicant that their documents You can obtain test registration and information
Course work from one institution reported as meet all the required standards of the Official packets from local universities. You
transfer credit on another school’s transcript Transcript Policy of the Office of Graduate may also register for a test or obtain general
does not meet Ohio State’s requirement for an and Professional Admissions, The Ohio State information by contacting GRE or GMAT
official transcript, even if the transfer credit is University. Documents submitted by any directly as follows:
listed with specific courses and grades. If you other method may not be considered official.
participated in a Study Abroad program, Ohio Verified graduation certificates, degree GRE
State requires official transcripts from the for- certificates, and verified academic transcripts Web site:
eign institution or from the U.S. institution that for all post-secondary programs of study may
sponsored your study abroad experience. Please be sent directly to Graduate Admissions, The GMAT
make this clear on the application and include Ohio State University by one of the Web site:
the name of the school where you studied as Ministry-authorized offices below. Each
well as the name of the sponsoring institution. office provides different services. Please visit
If you are applying for a fellowship or associ- Applicants who are citizens of or who have be required to provide the Affidavit of Support
ateship, plan to take the GRE or GMAT no received a 4-year bachelor’s degree or higher in and confidential bank statement. The Affidavit of
later than six weeks prior to your application one of the following countries are exempt from Support form will be sent to you during the ap-
deadline to allow test scores to arrive at the uni- the IELTS, TOEFL or MELAB requirement: plication process. Please do not submit finan-
versity by the deadline. When sending scores to Australia, Belize, the British Caribbean and Brit- cial documents until they are requested. After
Ohio State, refer to code #1592. ish West Indies, Canada (except Quebec), En- admission, as a nonimmigrant student you will
gland, Guyana, Ireland, Liberia, New Zealand, need a Certificate of Eligibility (I-20 for the F-1
Additional Admission Requirements Scotland, the United States, and Wales. visa or DS-2019 for the J-1 visa) issued by Ohio
No student will be considered for admission State based upon documented evidence.
Statement of Intent until proof of English proficiency is received.
Provide statement of your academic goals. In- Refugees, asylees, and permanent residents Please keep copies of all financial docu-
clude information concerning your interest in should contact the Office of Graduate and ments to present to the U.S. Consulate when
and motivations for graduate work. You may Professional Admissions. applying for your visa.
wish to include autobiographical or personal
data that may be helpful to the Graduate Studies TOEFL
Committee in considering your application. (Test of English as a Foreign Language) Estimated Expenses for international applicants
Some graduate programs provide specific guide- Ohio State’s minimum TOEFL score require-
Tuition, fees, insurance, and all other expenses
lines for what should be included in the appli- ment is 550 or 79 on the Internet-based TOEFL. are in effect beginning autumn through summer,
cant’s statement of intent. NOTE: Your program requirement may require a but are subject to change.
higher score. For information about TOEFL,
Curriculum Vitae or Resume contact: For estimated graduate student costs, please
If you are interested in applying for a Universi- Phone: 609-771-7100 visit
ty Fellowship, you are also required to submit a Web site: BufferCosts.htm It is recommended that all
curriculum vitae or resume of no more than two students have $3000 contingency funds available
pages. This should be submitted directly to the The institution code for Ohio State is #1592. A to cover any unexpected increases in expenses.
graduate program to which you are applying or department code is not necessary.
uploaded with your online application. Student Health Insurance
IELTS (International English Language Testing Ohio State requires all Columbus-based
Letters of Reference System) students enrolled at least half-time (five
Please arrange to have three recommendations/ Ohio State’s minimum IELTS score is 7.0. For credit-hours for graduate and professional
references prepared by faculty members or oth- information contact an IELTS center near you. students) to have health insurance. Interna-
ers familiar with your qualifications and poten- To locate a center, go to tional students are required to purchase Ohio
tial for graduate study. The recommendations State’s Student Health Insurance Plan. Excep-
may be submitted via the online admissions ap- MELAB (Michigan English Language tions may apply to students with nationally
plication or via hard paper copy. Each paper Assessment Battery) sponsored plans.
recommendation must include the completed Ohio State’s minimum MELAB score require- For further information call 614-688-7979;
Reference Form, as well as a separate letter writ- ment is 82. NOTE: Your program requirement email; or visit
ten and signed on academic or business letter- may be higher than 82. For information about
head stationery. MELAB, contact:
Instruct your recommenders to send the Ref-
erence Forms and letters directly to the Gradu- Phone: 734-764-2413 What to Expect During the Application Process
ate Studies Committee Chair of your chosen Web site: The Graduate Admissions Office administers
program before the program’s deadline. Please melab.htm the application process for all graduate pro-
ensure that your recommenders include your full grams. Once both the Graduate Admissions Of-
name and applicant number on all correspon- ALP (American Language Program) fice and the program’s Graduate Studies
dence with Ohio State and that they understand ALP offers full-time intensive English language Committee receive all required application mate-
the application deadlines. instruction. For information about ALP or to rials the Graduate Studies Committee will re-
Check with your intended graduate program obtain an application, please contact: view your application. The Graduate Studies
as to whether they prefer paper or electronic Committee will make a decision recommendation
letters. Phone: 614-292-1364 and correspond this recommendation to the
Web site: Graduate Admissions Office. The Graduate Ad-
English Proficiency Requirements E-mail: missions Office will prepare and send the offi-
cial notice of decision.
Success at Ohio State depends upon the stu- Acceptance to the American Language Processing your application may take several
dent’s ability to converse in, write, and under- Program does not guarantee subsequent weeks, including time needed for mail delivery—
stand English. To assure such competence, the admission to an academic program at Ohio even longer if some documents are incomplete or
university requires any applicant whose native State. missing. It is your responsibility to make sure
language is not English, and who has been edu- your documents are complete and up-to-date.
cated primarily outside of the U.S., to submit Financial Requirements for Student Visa Check the Web at
official TOEFL, MELAB, or IELTS scores. To to see if Ohio State has recently received docu-
be considered official, the scores must be sent International applicants who are determined to ments needed to complete your application file.
directly from the testing agency to Ohio State. be academically admissible will be reviewed for You can expect the following correspondence:
The test must have been taken within the last sufficient financial resources. Those who are • “acknowledgment” notice: acknowledging
two years. Ohio State does not conditionally fully funded by the university will not be re- receipt of your application
admit applicants who have not met the re- quired to submit any financial documents. Those
quirement for proof of English proficiency. who are not fully funded by the university will
• an email containing individualized informa- Student Health Services
tion and a temporary passcode so that you Student Health Services at Ohio State is an ac-
can access the university’s student services credited, outpatient organization that provides a
web sites. variety of health care services to the student
• “notice of decision”: decision letter, and if population. All students enrolled at Ohio State
admitted, will also receive an Acceptance are eligible to use Student Health Services, re-
Form. gardless of health insurance coverage. Health
care services include primary care, women’s
Housing and Other Services care, internal medicine, allergy, preventive medi-
cine, sports medicine, dentistry, dental hygiene,
The university owns and operates limited hous- and optometry. Ancillary services include labo-
ing for both single students and students with ratory, pharmacy, physical therapy athletic
families. You must complete and return the training, and radiology. A wide range of services
housing application materials before you can be and information regarding sexual health, alcohol
considered for placement in university housing. and other drug abuse prevention, stress manage-
Success in securing student housing depends on ment, nutrition, smoking cessation, HIV Test-
demand and how early you submit the housing ing, and financial counseling are offered through
application. If you are interested in family hous- the student Wellness Center located in the Wilce
ing, you are encouraged to make early contact Student Health Center.
with the Buckeye Village For further information call 614-292-2112;
Office: 614-292-6561. email:; or visit

For more information, contact: Valuing Diversity

OSU Housing
The Ohio State University The policy of The Ohio State University, both
350 Morrill Tower traditionally and currently, is that discrimina-
1910 Cannon Drive tion against any individual for reasons of race,
Columbus, Ohio 43210-1230 USA color, national origin, religion, sex, sexual
Phone: 614-292-8266 orientation, gender identity and/or expression,
Web site: age, disability or Vietnam-era veteran or other
email: veteran status is specifically prohibited.
Accordingly, equal access to employment
Off-Campus Housing opportunities, admissions, educational
The Office of Off-Campus Student Services is programs, and all other university activities is
available to all students needing assistance. extended to all persons. The university
Among other services, this office provides list- promotes equal opportunity through a positive
ings of apartments for rent, upon request. and continuing affirmative action program that
complements and supports the university’s
For more information, contact: aspirations for diversity. Larry Lewellen, Vice
President for Human Resources, is responsible
Phone: 614-292-0100 for the coordination of matters relating to equal
Fax: 614-292-4786 opportunity and affirmative action. The Vice
Web site: President can be reached at 614-292-4164.
The university adheres to federal and state
Office for Disability Services law prohibiting discrimination, including Title
Applicants with any disability who may VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, as
require special assistance are urged to contact amended, Title IX, Section 504 of the Rehabili-
the Office for Disability Services. This office tation Act and O.R.C. Section 4112. United
coordinates academic support services and States Department of Defense regulations
accommodations for individuals who have prohibit gay men, lesbians and bisexuals from
special needs as a result of a permanent or serving in the armed forces, including Reserve
temporary disability. Individuals eligible for Officers Training Corps. As a result of this
services include, but are not limited to those prohibition, ROTC programs at Ohio State are
with attention deficit disorder, mobility, inconsistent with University Policy Number
hearing, visual, speech, psychiatric, or learning 1.10 (Issued 10/1/73 and revised on 2/2/04.)
disabilities. If you want more information You are advised to keep a copy of all ap-
about these support services and accommoda- plication materials that you send to Ohio
tions, please contact the Office for Disability
State. The application and all supporting
Services. Your self-referral is the only indica-
documents become the property of The
tion of your interest and need of these services.
Ohio State University and may not be
Phone: 614-292-3307 returned to the applicant, forwarded to
Fax: 614292-4910 another institution, or duplicated for any
Web site: purpose other than the Ohio State appli-
cation review and admission process.
Inactive files are destroyed annually.