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Liwanag at Dilim

The Political Philosophy of Emilio Jacinto


Emilio Jacinto is the Brain of the Katipunan and one of the Philippine heroes, and makes me interesting
on his philosophy making me silly about politics. About his thought and ideas about philosophy making
me realize the inside and outside in practical about the word politics. I was confuse when you read his
title, the light and dark but it makes him big symbol of politics. For example, Jacinto has different two
relationship for the brightness is dazzling, destroying sight, and luxurious, light is necessary to divide the
fact of things. In politics the light of it is so shining like the absolute power of politicians. It was different
than I thought when it talks about the light, because if we talk about light its positive but for him the
light is negative. In saying that don’t be tricky in politicians who are just showing good behaviors
because the election is near but the promises that they are nailed to the one who sat in the

Also Jacinto used concrete examples to emphasize that there should not be decieved in the outward
appearance and should not be judged by both. We citizen, don’t look up the popularity of the people to
vote him, but we must look for the deepest inside to those he made and kept commitment to the
people who believe in him. That he will do his best to serve the country and the citizens. And next he
explained the result of the wrong innocent worship and rejection of light. In the field of politics that we
belief that should be wrong especially in the leadership of leader’s from the top and bottom
characteristics of a good person. While the dark is behind the politics and the truth are still in darkness

Then the idea by Jacinto, especially his belief in human equality, justified, in honesty and love in the
country. Because good politicians have a good responsibility to do a work not just a work but in
connection to the citizen and the country who they ruled. If a man without the freedom can happen to
be discouraged by the righteousness of healing and the name also do not suit him. So we have the
freedom to be more observant to the next leader of our country. Because the freedom that we enjoy is
we only used in the right that we will achieve the healthy and wealthy nation. Also the purest leadership
to lead the people and nationalism is the freedom to make gibe a lot of colors but not only white and
black of politics have seen but the colorful colors of politics gives in our life’s who makes us initiative to
love the politics in our mind and heart.