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1. Buy or borrow the books with in the first week from

the commencement of semester.
2. Collect the objective and essay type question papers
one week before first quiz. ( 3 exams = 3 X 4sets =
12sets of question papers & 2 objective papers in each

subject and quiz wise).

3. Read standard textbooks, understand the concepts, and

underline important points.
4. Prepare and write all the quiz examinations.
5. Don’t enter into the exam hall late.
6. See the valuated scripts and count the total marks and
check the valuation with correct key.
7. Don’t leave any exam as choice.
8. Don’t read too much just before the exam.
9. Don’t spend equal time on all the subjects and spend
more time in tough subjects.
10. Prepare notes for previous exam question papers.
11. Interact with the teachers during the class or after
the class, for doubts if any.
12. See the notice boards regularly.
13. Attend all the classes regularly in time.
14. Use the college library effectively.
15. Attend classes till the last working day.
16. If you are absent for a class, copy the lecture
notes from your friends and read, meet the faculty
concerned for doubts if any.
17. Interact regularly with your C.R and counselor.
18. Important formulae and points in theoretical
subjects should be noted on a paper and pasted to a
wall in your reading room, so that you don’t forget
19. Make a practice to prepare notes and solve
problems after completion of each unit.
20. Submit the given assignment regularly in time.
21. Be regularly to the lab sessions, so that you can
remember the concepts easily.
22. Before coming to lab, be prepare theory related to
that experiment, so that you can understand the
concepts practically.
23. Try to do mini projects on Saturday’s, so that it
will be useful to do project in your final semester and
make use of Electronic Hobby Center effectively.
24. Try to gather the required material for each unit
(in every subject) keeping the main exam in view,
follow what is covered in each class, from the
beginning itself.
25. While getting prepared for the quiz exam, make
that it will be useful to answer the descriptive main
end exam too.
26. Aim to present at least 2 papers in “Paper
presentation contest” at various colleges in every
semester. It helps in improving communication skills
and also you can interact with other colleges.
27. Try to participate in as many activities as possible
with in the college.
28. Teacher is a guide, don’t depend too much on
teacher, your hard work is more important
29. Read at least two to three hours in every day.
30. I listen I forget, I see I remember, I do I learn