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Edition: Illustrated
Publication date: March 13 2007
Publication place: Spain
ISBN/ISSN no: 8416239967, 9788416239962

Area of the book: Architectural Design

"Be inspired, dream away and imagine yourself living and breathing in all the
wonderment of coastal living in these spectacular of homes"

About Author:
Arian Mostaedi is a successful and multi-faceted professional that forged his career in
the Californian school and proceded to European architecture workshops. He has
more than 20 publications to his name, including The American House Today, proof
of his prestige within the profession. He currently lives in Barcelona.

Chapters include: Houses in Australia; Carribean; Bahamas; USA, Hamptons, Florida,

Canada, Netherlands; France; Italy; Spain; Ibiza; Greece; Mexico; Peru; Chile; New
Zealand, Asia.

Many of us dream of living by the sea and this is coastal living at its very best.A
collection of the world's most stunning waterfront properties. This design and lifestyle
book evokes the sound of the surf or the feel of sand between your toes - you will be
drawn to these coastal homes and the lifestyle they embody.

From house for one to a series of modules they blend the spirit of the sea into the
overall mood of the house, here there is collection of some magnificient coastal houses
designed by Architects. These works are located on seas, oceans, rivers and lakes but
do not damage their pleasing image of natural paradises.

Each new investment along the rivers, seas, lakes encourages activity, unleashes
vitality and increases land value while providing places for people to enjoy. Though in
many parts of the world there is growing interest in maintaining public access to water
front sites by keeping private ownership.
The first thing of book “Why Coastal House”?

At present time to spend one’s holiday or lead a peaceful life in a landscape with wide
view of nature, aquatic world is ideal framework. Water acts as a mirror that
multiplies the landscape it illuminates spaces with its reflections and it contributes a
countless range of shades provide applaud with a great variety of perceptions. Water
has always been a major attraction and a popular site for locating residences. Seas and
rivers have been great sources of wealth and resources.

The design of buildings that are intended as something more than a simple
inhabitable space. These buildings are dream houses for many people, the refuge to
which they can retreat from the stress of modern life.

Whether it's award-winning architecture, lavish interiors or more simply the

spectacular views, the collection of homes will inspire the reader to create their own
'coastal' abode, in their own personal style. Each location comes with a signature dish
or recipe typical of the region.

How projects were designed?

Here, the architects take full advantage of their location and to create a dialogue with
the interior and the exterior of the building so that the two concepts are merged into

Each house act as a place of attraction as in with nice views from rest space of the
owner. The elements that are given most emphasis by the architects in this selection
are the use of appropriate study materials that can withstand the hidden violence
water, the arrangement of elements or structures that provide refreshing shade for hot
summer days, the incorporation of pools as elements that benefit both the inhabitants
and the dwellings, and the careful selection of colours and textures for the facades.

There is best use of materials according to availability and climatic conditions. Each
architect deals with these elements their own way, showing their different ideas and
representing the demands of the clients and the site.

What we liked….

The first building that caught our eye was 3 single family houses stand out from
architecture of the area due to their special design arrangement.
The dwellings create a compositional rhythm in which the predominant geometry of
the floors is the square, whereas in the elevations it is the rectangle. Here, the theme
of public and private is not resolved by erecting walls or hedges, but by the interplay
of common and introverted space.
The gardens and yards are shared by all three houses, which they stitch together
into a unified whole. These three dwellings not only produce multiplicity, variety,
potentiality and virtuality, but also a way of inhabiting and combining private and
common spaces.

Another interesting project is the cleverly camouflaged on an artificial pond, which

effortlessly blends into its surrounds.
The project is a tiny building located on an old World War 2 air base, which had been
converted into a nuclear missile site after the war and then abandoned. The brief was
to create a studio for photographing wildlife on the surface of an old bomb
pond. Locals call it the dragonfly
The building was constructed using a steel structure with a ply and fiberglass roof
resting on rendered block walls. The external shade canopies are made from
perforated, galvanised steel with stainless steel rods bracing them into the water.


Large format, floor plans, technical details and architectural commentary straight
from studios of designing architects themselves make this an invaluable volume for
any design or architecture professional.
These are forward looking projects by internationally renowned architects whose work
stands as a landmark to innovation.
The reader will find a thorough explanation of materials and techniques employed in
each project.

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