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C L E – Grade 5
Second Periodical Test

Name: ______________________________

Lesson 6
Marriage a unique sacrament
- The man and the woman who recieve the sacrament of marriage fulfill the plan of the creator for
them. They answer gods cakk to love and be witnesses of gods love
- MArried couples are called toserve the lord and th ev=church together
- The bible Presents stories that show what marriage is. It points marriage as the permanent union of
a man and a woman called together to perform the work that the lord assigns to them.
- Marriage is a unique sacrament because it has been established by God from Creation and it brings
about new members to the Church and Society
Pompous-arrogant, pompous persons give so much importance to themselves
Sacrament Of Marriage- a celebration of the union of a man and a woman who freely give
themselves to each other in a life long covenant of love.
Vocation- a calling or a work done not for any payment but for service to others and to God

A. Read the following sentences then unscramble the letters of the correct answer
1. It is not good for a man to be__________________(LOANE)
2. I will make a suitable__________________(ELEPHR) for him.
3. So God formed various___________________(MAINLSA) and presented them to the man.
4. The man gave each a__________________(MNEA), but none of them proved to be the suitable
one for him
5. God cast a deep____________________(ELPES), on the man
6. While he was asleep, God took out one of his _______________________(BSIR).
7. God Created the____________________(NWAMO).
8. A man__________________(VALSES) His father and mother .
9. The man clings to his ___________________( WFIE)
10. The man and the woman become one _________________(DYOB).

B. On the space before the number draw a check if the item correctly describes marriages. If not
leave the space blank

___________________1.Marriage requires lifelong commitment

___________________2. God established marriage during creation
___________________3. God Allowed marriage during the time of Moses beacuse He realized that
this was what the people nedeed.
___________________4. MArriage brings to the church new members who will help make it groww
___________________5. The Minister of sacrament of marriage is the priest
___________________6. The love between a married couples symbolies the love of Christ for His
___________________7. The bond that exist between a married couple can be broken once ther
grow tired of each other
___________________8. Love Marriage is patient and kind
___________________9. Marriage is built into the very nature of human persons.
___________________10. Marriage grows when Jesus is made an important part of it.

Lesson 7
Marriage a Sacrament of Christ love for the church
- Love between husband and wife shoes us the kind of love Christ has for us believers the church.
The husband and wife are given the grace to love and be faithfull to each ither in the smae way that
Christ Loves and is faithful to the church
- The spiritual preparation that an engaged couple goes through before marriage is more important
than the materials ones.
- The important preparations for marriage are spiritual, noy material. The WOuld be husband and wife
should go to confession and make sure they diligently attend the pre-Cana seminars given by the
parish where they are to be married.
- When the love of the husband and wife for each other is pure, self-sacrificing, open to service, and
everlasting, it mirrors the love of Christ for His Church.
Actuation-put into action
Pre-Cana seminar- this is the seminar organized by the parish where a couple will be married. In
this seminar, speakers explain to the couples attending what marriage is all about and what their
duties and responsibilities are.

A. On the space before the number, Write c if the love that the husband and wife have go for each
other mirrors the love of Jesus for his Church. If not write w
_______________ 1. Mario patiently nurses his sick wife back to health after she was infected with a
deadly disease even if it would mean staying up late.
_______________ 2. Bernadette and Leo go to Mass together every Sunday and recite the rosary
together every day
_______________3. Lucy stays up late checking his facebook account while her husband eats and
goes to bed alone
_______________4. Isabel makes sure that she does not do any action that will put name of her
husband in a bad ligght.
_______________5. Dan and Agnes are active members of a parish organization that help the poor
members of their parish. They share their time, talent and even their small earnings with those who
are in need.
B. Supply the letters to complete the words that describe tyhe love that husband and wife should
have for each other if they arae to witness to the love Christs for His Church..

1. The love of the husband and wife should be p__ __ e

2. The love of husband and wife for each other must be __el__le__ __
3. Husband and wife must mutually re__ __ec__ each other.
4. The love of husband and wife for each other must be open to s__ r__ic__
5. The love of husband and wife for each other musr be self-__ac__ __fo__In__.

Lesson 8
- When Jesus is made an essential part of marriage couples are given the strenght to be faithful to
eachh other and to give thier commitment to each other for a lifetime.
- MArriage vows are meant to be lived throughout the life of the married couple and not simply
irecited during the marriage rite.
- God is faithful to His pei=ople and committed to the covenent He made with them. He wants that the
same kind of fidelity and commitment are present in every marriage.
- Stories in the Bible teach us that marriage is a asacrament where Christ presence is felt, that those
who get married must be faithful to each other, and that their union cannot be broken becasue it is
GOd who brings and joins them togetehr.
Indissolubility- A characteristics of marriage which means that its bond cannot be broken
Commitment- the decission to always be with someone no matter what happens
Fidelity- the equality of being true to ones words and promises.

Direction: Draw a heart on the space before the number if the characters in the items show
__________1. Virgil and Connie pass by the school chapel every day before going to their class
__________2. Katrina and Tony make up stories against a classmates they are envious of
__________3. Sebastian and Cecilia volunteer every Saturday in their schools outreach activities.
__________4. Margaret and August refuse to play with their classmates after class because they
want to go home early to help in the chores at home
__________5. Anthony and Isabel never miss Sunday Mass.
__________6. Sancho and Belinda leave their dirty uniforms on the floor because they are in a hurry
to play with their friends outsides the house.
__________7. Gladys and Tom make faces when their teacher calls their attention for talking while
she explains the lessons.
__________8. Greg and Luisa accept the hand-me-down clothes from their elder siblings because
they know that their parents do not have money to buy them new ones.
__________9. Amanda and Manny share answers in thi=eir tests when their teacher is not looking.
__________10. Jane and Paul Join their parents in preparing and distributing food to street children.

Lesson 9
- In marriage, God calls the husband and wife to cooperate with him in bringing forth new life. This
call carries with it big responsibilities but also great rewards.
- God gives the man and woman many gifts when he created them. The most special of these gifts is
the power to help in the work of creation. It is a special gift which also comes with responsibilities.
- The children that a man and a woman joined in marriage bring into the worlds, educate, and raise in
love of the Lord Become useful members of scoiety and faithful members of the Church..
Foundation- something on which another stands something that serves as base upon which another
Fruitfulness a characteristics of marriage which means that a man and woman joined by god in
marriage is given the gift and responsibility to bring into the world children that they will care for.
Educate, and raise in faith in God.
Procreation- to bring forth children of offspring

Direction: Unscramble the letters to fill in the blank with the correct word.
1. God created man and woman on the _____________(XHSTI) Day.
2. God looked at his creations and said it was__________( REVY OOGD).
3-4. God created man His own_________(MGAEI)and_______________(SSKLIEEN).
5. God instructed man and woman to have _________________(IMINODNO) over all His creations.
6. Children are_______________(RIFUTS)of marriage.
7. The man and the woman joined by god in marriage are called to
be_________________(AEPROOCRTSO) with God in the work of creation.
8. St. Monica Prayed for her son__________________(GSAUUNITE) who become a saint
9.The children that married couples care for and educate become useful members of the
10. The Children that married couples raise in love and faith in God become faithful members of the

Lesson 10
-A man and a woman joined together by God in marriage is committed to each other, to their children,
and to the service of the Church.
- The love that exist in the family should go beyond the home. It should extend to the people outside,
especially to those who need help.
- Marriage is the sacrament of life and love. In the marriage, husband and wife cooperate with God in
bringing about new life, they also lead their children, by their example, to love God and others.
Domestic Church- This a little forgiven to the Christian family which means that it is like a little
Church where the children first learn about God. About praying, and serving others
Procreation- the bearing, bringing up, educating and raising of children to be good member of the
Zeal- eagerness or enthusiasm
Direction: Complete the teachings of the church taken from PCP ii by supplying the missing words in
the text below. Choose the words from the box

Christian love Church Procreation society community

It is the task of the _________________family to reveal and communicate the_________________of

God by accomplishing four tasks,namely,forming a_________________of persons; serving life
through the________________and education of children; participating in the development of
________________; and sharing in the missions of the_________________________