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Cruz, Sophia Jen R.

BS Psychology 2-2

The Skeleton Twins (2014)


The movie shows twins that loved each other in the past but have cross different paths
and haven’t seen each other in 10 years until something terrible happen, suicide. When Milo fails
to took his own life, his sister Maggie suggest bringing him to New York with her but Milo
resisted because he thinks that Maggie is only guilty. Milo and Maggie went to New York and
Milo met his sister’s husband. He’s kind and very understanding. Milo meet someone named rich
and later he find out that he already have a wife and a kid, he tried to kill himself again but a cop
stopped him and Maggie is having sex with her scuba trainer and there’s a symptom that she’s
pregnant even when she’s taking birth control pills, she said because she doesn’t want to have
kids but it is really because she’s having sex with different men. Lance found out about the pills
because Milo gave him hints that Maggie might be hiding something from him. Maggie
confesses that she’s cheating on her and blames Milo for destroying their marriage. She told
Milo that next time he kill himself, cut himself deeper. Maggie goes to the pool where she had
scuba lessons and waits for everyone to leave. Once it’s empty, she ties weights to herself and
jumps in the pool. Before she drowns, Milo jumps in and saves her.

All of us have experienced depression. It is triggered by an obvious negative experience

like death of someone you love and losing something or someone you really value. It is a normal
reaction to dreadful loss such as loss of a loved one, loss of self-esteem, or loss of health. like in
the case of S.B, the depressed biopsychology student, Milo and Maggie has the same experience
with the student. In the first part of the movie, the twins met again because Milo tried to kill
himself, he’s suicidal and when Maggie lose her husband and their marriage is destroyed, she
also tried to kill herself. Being suicidal is not the only symptom of a depressed person but it is a
big factor. The difference between the biopsychology student to the twins, the twins did not seek
help from the professional. They help each other to be better by being there for each other. The
twins share their secret to each other to avoid repressed feelings.
For me, having someone beside you that can me you happy and take your sorrow away is
wonderful but seeking help to professionals is a must. Depressions do not happen once but it can
happen in every bad situation you encounter and that someone will not always be there for you.
It is bad to depend your happiness and mental being to other person. All of us should know how
to handle our stress and anxiety. You shouldn’t depend our self to other people but only to
yourself. There’s a lot of antidepressant drug that can help depress people be better and better for
themselves. If you don’t want to take drugs, you can seek for psycho therapy and it will help you
to become a better person for yourself. Do not be afraid for seeking help to psychiatrist. A
psychiatrist will surely help you but you must always help yourself to be better and grow happy,
your mood will improve until the day that you are already okay and you didn’t even notice. Trust
the process.