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Software Fixes for Oracle Purchasing (Receiving) RUP17 Patch

This supplement is part of My Oracle Support Knowledge <Document 2283688.1>.

The Oracle Warehouse Management and Oracle Inventory Management supplements are
separate PDF attachments on My Oracle Support Knowledge <Document 2283688.1>.

The INV/RCV RUP17 patch contains critical and recommended fixes for Oracle Inventory
Management, and Receiving (PO). This patch is recommended for all Oracle Warehouse
Management (WMS) and Oracle Inventory Management (INV) installations after you upgrade to
Oracle Applications Release 12.1+. The patches are cumulative in nature.

Receiving (Oracle Purchasing)

Bug Number Functional Resolution

25089099 Increased the length of comments to support more text.

25105581 In Oracle Inventory Management, improved the performance of Receiving Transaction

Processor while importing multiple ASNs.
25145382 In Oracle Inventory Management, for receiving transaction, set the Maxvalue of the
sequence of RT.transaction_id ,RTI.interface_transaction_id to 2^63.
25169744 In Oracle Inventory Management, the correct subinventory locator defaults when change
subinventory in receipt transaction occurs.
25202751 No RTP error is generated when receiving item with long item numbers through ROI.

25324768 Tax rate variance is not created for rate type purchase order receipts when you run the
Pay on Receipt auto-invoice.
25331948 In Oracle Inventory Management, if a positive correction against RECEIVE and a positive
correction against DELIVER of a purchase order (release) occur at the same time, either
negative correction against RECEIVE or positive correction against DELIVER fail. No extra
onhand is created.
25346804 In Oracle Inventory Management, the system displays the correct RTP error message
when you submit a receiving transaction process to create an ASN for a BPA with
multiple closed shipments.
25557844 Displayed the default subinventory and locator when performing a receipt for direct
delivery routing purchase order line.
25644051 In Oracle Inventory Management, you can print the label when performing the receipt
transactions by submitting the RTP with null group ID.
23066861 The Receiving forms correctly filter the query results when searching by RMA receipt