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Republic of the Philippines

Taguig City University

Gen. Santos Ave., Central Bicutan, Taguig City

Course Syllabus
MBA 217
3 Units

2nd Semester, A.Y. 2019-2020

CLASS SCHEDULE: Saturday, 7:30 a.m.-10:30 a.m., Room 209

PROFESSOR: Prof. Marlon B. Raquel, MBA, LPT


REFERENCE BOOK: Turabian, K. L. (2007). A Manual for Writers of Research

Papers, Theses, and Dissertations. Retrieved January 18,
2020, from


An eminent center of excellent higher education towards social advancement

To nurture a vibrant culture of academic wellness responsive to the challenges of technology
and the global community

Social transformation for a caring community and an ecologically balanced country


The University shall take care in providing the nucleus of business management that will
prepare the students in creating new venture in planning business jobs of productive capacity
through innovation.


Prepare the students in the art of business administration as future business and
entrepreneurial managers


Provide sufficient knowledge and skills that would enhance the formulation of viable business
plan which will serve as document that will help the entrepreneur finance a business

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The undertaking of this course is a very personal process, meaning, the progress of
each student may vary significantly from one another. One-on-one in-class
consultations with the professor are very important to enhance your research skills. This
courser is designed to help all of you move forward towards attaining your goal of
writing a complete scholarly work in the graduate school – an MBA Thesis.


At the end of the semester, the student is expected to:

1. Identify different writing styles and critically evaluate other researchers’ works
including your own;

2. Outline the steps in research process and apply them in your own research

3. Use the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) Software in
analyzing data;

4. Write a complete research output based on the standard format of the

Graduate School of Taguig City University;

5. Defend your research work before a panel of faculty member-researchers;


6. Submit your research output in a national or international conference for

possible paper presentation.


Resume Assignment – 1 point

I will require you to prepare and submit a resume which can be uploaded in our
class website (with your permission). The purpose of this assignment is to promote your
personal skills, experience, and professional aspirations. Your CV is normally attached
to the final copy of your research output.

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Introduction – 1 point

In this assignment, you will give a short introduction of your background with
emphasis on your professional aspirations and provide some initial thoughts on your
thesis topic, particularly on why you want to explore such topic.

Thesis Sample Discussion – 1 point

The class will discuss one previously completed MBA Thesis which can be found
in the Library. The purpose of this requirement is to build a common understanding of
what to expect in writing your thesis. You will be required to respond to at least three (3)
questions coming from other students.

Thesis Reviews 1 – 8 points

You will select and read four (4) previously completed master’s theses of the
University representing MBA, MPA, MAEd, and MSCJ programs. Subject areas of study
may be of general areas of interest or these can be related to your intended research
area. The purpose of this is to aim for a model or example of what you are aiming to
write. You will be required to submit short reviews or written summaries of these four
theses analyzing the following parts: introduction, methods, results, and discussion.
Two (2) points for each review will be given.

Thesis Reviews 2 – 4 points

In this activity, you will be selecting two (2) previously completed master’s theses
(MBA) from other universities. The topic of such theses should be close as possible to
your area of research and NOT a general topic. Again, prepare written summaries
following the IMRAD format. Two (2) points for each review will be given.

Research Abstracts – 5 points

This activity prepares you in writing your literature review. Look for article
journals that would serve as your references when your start writing your paper.
Compile 40 abstracts of these journal articles. These researches should be related to
your area of study. One (1) research abstract is equal to 0.125 point.

Initial Statement of Research – 5 points

This assignment enables you to construct a framework for your thesis. The initial
statement of research would include the following:

1. Thesis Title
2. Theoretical Framework
3. Conceptual Framework
4. Statement of the Problem

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5. Research Hypothesis
6. Survey Instrument

Revised Statement of Research – 5 points

The revised research proposal is a product of my comments and suggestions,

learning acquired in our discussions, peer review, other faculty members’ suggestions,
or your own additional research.

Initial Thesis Proposal – 5 points

Now that you have prepared a ‘skeleton’ for your research, you are ready to write
your formal research proposal using the standard format of the Graduate School of the
University which includes Chapters 1-3.

Revised Thesis Proposal – 5 points

Submit the revised proposal incorporating your professor’s comments and


Draft Thesis – 10 points

As I require you to submit the full blast research paper (not merely Chapters 1 to
3), you will be required to conduct surveys which will serve as your primary data.

Final Thesis – 10 points

Polish all the pieces and put together a final written package. This will serve as
your final output.

Oral Defense – 5 points

Two weeks before the semester ends, you are required to defend the findings of
your research before a panel of faculty juries.

Submission of Your Paper in a National or International Conference – 10 points

This requirement is quite ambitious but I will help you as much as I can to have
your paper be accepted in a national or international conference.

Seminar – 10 points

The class will organize one (1) seminar. We will invite an expert to discuss any
relevant topic of this course.

Attendance – 5 points

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2 Hardbound Copies – 5 points

Summary of Deliverables and Assigned Points

Resume Assignment 1
Introduction 1
Thesis Sample Discussion 1
Thesis Reviews 1 8
Thesis Reviews 2 4
Research Abstracts 5
Initial Statement of Research 5
Revised Statement of Research 5
Initial Thesis Proposal 5
Revised Thesis Proposal 5
Draft Thesis 10
Final Thesis 10
Oral Defense 10
Seminar 10
Submission of Your Paper in a National or International Conference 10
Attendance 5
2 Hardbound copies 5

An extra credit of 5 points shall be given to papers which I deemed excellent.

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