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07885 296 754

28 Tyrasel Walk, Bradford, BD4 8ER


I am a bright, enthusiastic and hardworking individual seeking a new
role as an apprentice or trainee field engineer.

I have demonstrable experience in working within a wide range of

environments, including traffic management and planning, in direct
contact with engineering processes and under the structure of
important operational and safety requirements. I am excellent at
coordinating both processes and people, having been responsible for
resource management of engineers at British Gas, in installing,
maintaining and removing important traffic management equipment
during roadworks and planning said works in line with traffic

The planning and validation role particularly required me to have a

sound knowledge of both the requirements of the works, as well as the
intricacies of the engineers’ roles and timescales, being able to merge
the two together in a seamless manner, identify and solve any
problems and inspect to ensure protocol is being followed as required.
I was recognised for this ability during my time at British Gas, where I
was involved in the ‘Make it Better’ project, where I contributed my
ideas to change the way in which engineers were assigned work
resulting in a more effective and efficient system.

I am equally keen to be able to carry these experiences and attributes

into a new role, and I feel that an apprentice field engineer would fit
this perfectly; I comfortable with working shifts, shadowing others to
gain invaluable knowledge and take guidance and orders from my

Thank you in advance for your consideration.

Yours faithfully,

Joshua Neves