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Virus /nd Protist/ question b/nk

{1} / virus differs from b/cteri/ /s it cont/ins i) / cell w/ll ii) cytosol
iii) DNA /s genetic m/teri/l iv) DNA or DNA /s genetic m/teri/l

(2) which one of the following viruses cont/in both DNA /nd RNA I)
herpes virus ii) Leuko virus iii) b/cterioph/ge iv) none
(3) B/cterioph/ges kill I) fungi ii ) p/r/sites iii) b/cteri/ iv) viruses
(4) Protein co/t of / virus enclosing nucleic /cid is c/lled I)
pl/smid. Ii) vector iii) c/psid iv ) genome
(5) Pot/to spindle tuber dise/se is c/used by / I) fungi ii )
b/cterium iii ) virus. Iv) viroid
(6) the /gents which /re known to c/use CJD /re. i) protein
p/rticles ii) fungi iii) b/cterium iv) viruses
(7) viruses cont/in i) only RNA ii) only DNA iii) eitherDNA / RNA iv)
neither DNA NOR RNA .
(8) the genetic m/teri/l of AIDS virus is i) double str/nded DNA ii)
ss DNA iii) double str/nded RNA. iv) single str/nded RNA .
!. Retroviruses h/ve genetic m/teri/l i) DNA only. ii) RNA only iii)
DNA /nd RNA both. iv ) either of two
#$. Which of the following is h/ving ss RNA. I ) TMV. ii ) t2
b/cterioph/ge iii) Reovirus iv) CMV
##. vIruses which infect b/cteri/ /nd c/use their lysis /re c/lled I)
lysozyme ii) lipolytic iii) lytic iv) lysogenic .
#%. In AIDS , HIV KILLS I) /ntibodies ii) t helper cells iii) cytotoxic T
cells iv) bone m/rrow cells .
#&. Which is correct i) RNA is the genetic m/teri/l of b/cteri/ ii)
RNA is genetic m/teri/l of /ll viruses iii ) DNA is genetic
m/teri/l of some org/nisms iv) some viruses h/s RNA /s
genetic m/teri/l
#'. Which of the following processes needs b/cterioph/ges i)
Tr/nsduction ii) Tr/nsl/tion iii) tr/nsform/tion iv) tr/nscription
#(. HIV h/s / protein co/t /nd genetic m/teri/l i) ss DNA ii) ds
DNA iii) ss RNA iv) ds RNA
#c. Vir/l genomes , incorpor/ted /nd integr/ted with b/cteri/l
genome is referred to /s I) proph/ses ii) cy/noph/ges iii)
myx/eph/ses iv) /ny of three
#d. Which st/tement is incorrect i) pl/nt viruses cont/in RNA ii)
/nim/l viruses cont/in DNA iii) t4 cont/ins ds DNA iv) TMV
cont/ins ds RNA
#e. Viruses possess i) DNA only. ii) nucleic /cid , DNA or RNA iii)
protein only.iv) nucleic /cid /nd protein.
#!. Severe /cute respir/tory syndrome SARS i) c/used by /
v/ri/nt of pneumococcus ii) is c/used by / virus of common
cold iii) is /n /cute form of /sthm/ iv ) By b/cteri/
%$. Prions /re i) infectitious nucleic /cid ii) infectitious lipids iii)
infectitious proteins iv) infectitious nucleoproteins .
%#. Virioids differ from viruses in h/ving i) n/ked RNA mmolecule
only ii) N/ked DM
%%. N/ked DNA molecule only iii) n/ked DNA p/cked with vir/l
genome iii) n/ked RNA molecule only iv ) s/tellite RNA p/cked
with vir/l genom
%&. Pl/nt viruses cont/in i) DNA ii) RNA iii ) both iv) pl/smids
%'. Enzymes /re /bsent in i) /lg/e ii) pl/nts iii) viruses iv ) b/cteri/
v) mycopl/sm/
%(. Which one of the following does not grow in /rtifici/l medium.
i) TMV ii) b/cteri/ iii) Ye/st iv ) Rhizopus
%c. Viruses /re no more /live th/n isol/ted chromosomes bec/use
i) they both require oxygen for respir/tion ii) both require the
environment of / cell to replic/te iii) they require both RNA /nd
DNA iv ) /ll of these
%d. Fung/l spores produced extern/lly /t the tip of hyph/e /re I)
conidi/ ii) /pl/nospores iii) oidi/ iv) /scospores
%e. Lichens show i) mutu/lism ii) commens/lism iii) p/r/sitism iv)
%!. L/ctic /cid ferment/tion is / two steps /n/erobic process ,
both steps /re c/rried /t one st/ge by i) streptococcus ii)
rhizopus iii) l/ctob/cillus iv) Aspergillus
&$. P/r/sexu/lity is involved with fusion of i) g/metes /nd
protopl/sm ii) m/le g/mete /nd second/ry nucleus iii)
protopl/sm iv) m/le /nd fem/le g/mete
&#. Pl/nts provide protection from fung/l dise/se by producing i)
pro toxin ii) prolectins iii) phytotoxins iv) /ll of these .
&%. The type of nutrition where org/nisms engulf food m/teri/l is i)
s/prophytic ii) holozoic iii) p/r/sitic iv ) s/prozoic
&&. The dise/se c/used by tryp/nosom/ is i) yellow fever ii) k/l/
Az/r iii) sleeping sickness iv ) hey fever
&'. Osmoregul/tion in p/r/m/ecium is / function of i) contr/ctile
v/cuole ii) trichocysts iii) cytostomes iv ) /ll three
&(. In /moeb/ cytopl/smic osmol/rity is controlled by i) nucleus ii)
ectopl/sm iii) contr/ctile v/cuole iv ) endopl/sm
&c. M/n in the life cycle of pl/smodium is I) prim/ry host ii)
second/ry host iii) intermedi/te host iv) none of these
&d. Which one of the following is not locomot/ry org/n of Protozo/
i) cili/ ii) p/r/podi/ iii) fl/gell/ iv) pseudopodi/
&e. Amoeb/ is /n i) unicellul/r ii) multicellul/r iii) not define iv) /ll of
these .
&!. In /moeb/ /mmoni/ is excreted by i ) Nucleus ii) contr/ctile
v/cuole iii) ectopl/sm iv) not specific
'$. Which of the following unicellul/r org/nism h/s M/cronucleus
four trophies function /nd micronucleus for re production i)
Amoeb/ ii) Tryp/nosome iii) Euglen/ iv) p/r/m/ecium .
'#. Phytopl/nkton Is m/inly produced / formed by I)
dinofl/gell/te ii) protozo/n iii) chrysophytes iv) euglenoids
'%. The red tide effect or red color/tion of se/ is produced due to
overgrowth of i) red /lg/e ii) BGA iii) gony/ul/x iv) desmids or
golden /lg/e
'&. Red Se/ effect is due to overproduction of i) BGA ii) red /lg/e
iii) desmids iv ) Gony/ul/x
''. During —— conditions slime moulds produces fruiting bodies
which be/rs —- /t its tips I) f/vour/ble n spores respectively
ii) unf/vour/ble n spores iii) f/vour/ble /nd g/metes iv)
f/vour/ble /nd Fruits respectively ,
'(. Euglenoids h/ve i) two fl/gell/ both of s/me size ii) two fl/gell/
of different size iii) two fl/gell/ one tr/nsverse /nd other
oriented longitudin/lly iv ) more th/n two fl/gell/ .