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Lesson Plan in World Literature

I. Objectives
At the end of the 30 minutes’ lesson, the students must be able to:
A. summarize the story by making a plot diagram;
B. relate the lesson of the story to their life through writing a quote about the theme
of the story.
C. predict the possible events in the story through constructing an ending.

II. Subject Matter

A. Topic: The Lady or the Tiger by Frank Stockton

B. Reference:

C. Materials: Projector, Laptop, White board, colored paper, cartolina

III. Lesson Proper

Teacher’s Activity Student’s Activity
Preliminary activity

A. Prayer: (everyone will pray)

Let us call the prayer leader for today, Jessie, Angel of God, my Guardian dear, to whom God’s love
will you please lead the prayer commits me here; Ever this day be at my side to light
and guard to rule and guide, Amen
B. Greetings:
Good afternoon English 1-2 Good Morning Mr. Olivar.

C. Classroom Management:
Before you take a seat, please pick up the (Students will pick up the litter)
pieces of litters under your chair.
You may now be seated. Thank you, sir.

D. Checking the Attendance:

Class, do we have any absent today? None sir.

E. Checking Assignments:
Pass your assignment quietly. (Student will pass their assignment quietly)

F. Review:
Let us have a recall about the class discussion
last meeting

Rico, please tell us. Yesterday we talk about the elements of a short story.

Very Good Rico

Jeth, and what are the elements of a story? The elements of a short story are characters, plot,
settings, conflict and theme.

Amazing, Jeth

G. Unlocking difficulties:
I have posted 6 doors that contains meanings and
6 keys that contains the words. The upper part of
the door is a pattern of keys. You will use the
pattern to identify the appropriate key for the door.

1.barcaric- very cruel The students will read the words and the meaings.
2. ferocious- very fierce or violent
3. devour- to eat up greedily
4. whimsical- not serious
5. decorum- correct or proper behavior that shows
6. amorous- showing strong feeling orsexual

Everyone, kindly read the words and the


Don’t forget that words because you will

encounter it when reading the story.

H. Background of the Author:

Frank Richard Stockton (April 5, 1834 – April 20, 1902)

was an American writer and humorist, best known today
for a series of innovative children's fairy tales that were
widely popular during the last decades of the 19th
century. Frank R. Stockton was one of the famous
American writers of the 1880’s and 1890’s. Known
for his fantastic settings, realistic characters, and
sly humor.

I. Motivation:
I have here 2 same boxes. The one box contains The students choose one among the two boxes.
an old sock the other one contains chocolates.
What you are going to do is to choose one box.
And your fate will depend on the choices that you
made. In 10 seconds the class will decide which
among the box will you choose.

Have you satisfied in your choices?

I gave you that kind of activity because our topic
for today is the story of “The Lady or the Tiger”.
During reading:

The teacher will call a student to read the


Archie, kindly read the first paragraph.

(Archie will read the first paragraph)
In the very old time, a half barbaric king, who was
also half-civilized, because of the influence of his distant
Latin neighbors, conceived a way of exercising justice on
offenders against his rule. He placed his suspect in a
Roman-like arena and had him choose to open one of
either of two doors that would open into the arena.
Behind one of the identical doors lurked a ferocious tiger
that would leap out and devour the accused: behind the
door awaited a lovely maid who would, if her door was the
one opened, come forth and be married at once to the
opener. (it mattered not that the man may be married or
otherwise committed, for the whimsical king would have
justice.) the fate was to be decided by chance alone, and
no one who knew the placement behind the doors was
allowed to inform him which to elect.
Thank you, Archie.

The first paragraph describes the king who is half

barbaric and half civilized. He created an arena for the
criminals. It is a court which the suspect placed and will
choose one of the two doors as a punishment. The one
door contains a hungry tiger that will eat the courtier. The
other door contains the lady which will be married the
opener once it will open. For those who knows the secret
of the door are not allowed to inform the courtier.

Kindly read the next paragraph, Juggy. (Juggy will read the next paragraph)
All of this was popular among the audience, and
even their thinking members could not deny that it was a
fair test. The public experienced pleasing suspense and an
immediate resolution. Best of all, everyone knew that the
accused person chose his own ending.
Thank you, Juggy
The people think that it was a fair test for the criminals
because they are the one who holds their fate. The
punishment is depending on their choices.

kindly read the 3rd paragraph, Betty.

(Betty will read the 3rd paragraph)
Now it happened that a handsome young courtier
dared to love the King’s daughter, who was lovely and
very dear to her father. The man, however, though of the
court, was of low station; his temerity was therefore an
offense against decorum and the King. Such a thing had
never happened in the kingdom before. The young lover
had to put in the arena to choose a door, a lady or a tiger.
However, the princess loved the young man; clearly and
openly that was the case. She did not want to lose him to
a ravenous tiger, but at the same time, could she bear to
lose him to another woman?
Thank you, Betty.

The courtier or the man dare to love the princess, the

King’s daughter. The king was become mad when he knew
the relationship of his daughter and the courtier. So he
put the young lover to the arena to choose a door that
contains the lady or the tiger. The princess loved the
young man. She did not want to lose him to a tiger nor to
another woman.

Veronica, kindly read the 4th paragraph.

(Veronica will read the 4th paragraph)
The King search the kingdom for the most savage
tigers. He also searched for the most beautiful maiden in
all his land. No matter which door the young man
selected, he would have the best that could be offered.
The public could hardly wait, and as for the king, he
reasons that chance would have its way, and in any event
Thank you Veronica.
the young man would be disposed of.

The king is determined to disposed the young man, so he

search for the most savage tiger and the most beautiful
lady in his land. So whatever the choices of the young man
are, he will surely vanish in the life of his daughter.

Alice, kindly read the last paragraph.

(Alice will read the last paragraph)

The princess achieved something no one had before. She

knew which fate was behind each door. She worked hard
to learn the secret, using the power of her will and gold to
Thank you, Alice. secure it. Moreover, the princess knew who the woman
was, a lady who had directed amorous glances toward the
Because of the princess’s power, will and gold, she young man at the court, glances that-or so the princess
knew the fate inside each door. She also knew who fancied- he had sometimes returned. For her interest in
was the lady behind the door. It was a girl who she the princess’s lovers, the princess hated the woman
jealous and she hate the most. The lady behind the
behind the door. When the man looks to the princess for
door has an interest with her lovers. When the young help, the princess discreetly indicates the door the man’s
man looked to the princess seems like asking which right, which he opens.
the door he will going to choose, the princess pointed
the right door, then the young man opened directly to
the door.

Why do you think the princess pointed out the right

I think the princess pointed out the right door because she
door for his lover? Cherryll?
knew the secret behind that doors.

Excellent, Cherryll

What do you think the right door contains? Penelope?

I think that that the right door contains the woman,
because the princess loved her young lover, she doesn’t
Amazing, Penelope. want her lover eaten by the tiger.

What do you think the young man’s fate? Mcdonalds? I think the young man’s fate is depending on his choices.

Fantastic, Mcdonalds.
The fate of the young man is depending on the choices
that he is going to make. But his fate is depending on
the princess who was knew the secret of the doors that
pointed the right door for the young man,

What is the lesson in the story? Raffia?

The lesson in the story is the power of choice.
Very good, Raffia.

The lesson of the story is the power of choice. Because

from the start, the young man and the princess choose
to pursue their relationship so the young man
punished. The king chose the most savage tiger in his
land and the most beautiful lady to put behind the
The princess chose the right door for her lover, on
the other side, the young man chose to trust the
princess so he opens the right door that contain his
fate. The young man has to choices, to be eaten by the
hungry tiger or to be married in the beautiful lady.

Do you have any questions?

If there is none let us test your understanding.

J. Application
Let us identify the characters in the story.

Describe the king, Jeth?

The king is a “semi-barbaric” man with an implacable will

Excellent, jeth

The king is a “semi-barbaric” man with an implacable will.

As part of the system of justice he has established in his
land, the king sets up a system of choice for criminals.
They must enter an arena and pick a door; the door may
lead to their freedom or to a terrible death.

Rico, kindly describe who is the princess in the story.

The princess is the lover of the young man. She is the
Fabulous, Rico. son of the King.
The princess loves a young courtier “with an ardor that had
enough of barbarism in it to make it exceedingly warm and
strong.” The couple is very happy together until the
princess’s father, the king, discovers the affair and
imprisons the courtier. His punishment is to determine his
own fate
Kindly describe the courtier or the young man, Grace.
The courtier is a young man whose love affair with the
princess results in his imprisonment and trial
Wonderful, Grace.

The courtier is a young man whose love affair with the

princess results in his imprisonment and trial. Though of
lower birth than the princess, he is “handsome and brave
to a degree unsurpassed in all this kingdom.” He trusts
absolutely in his power to charm the princess, and
realizing that she knows what is behind each door, he
opens the one she indicates “without the slightest

Did you understand the story? For better understanding,

let us now identify the plot of the story.

I have a plot diagram and pictures of the event in the plot. I

need 6 participants to do this activity. You are going to put
the picture on the proper event of the plot.
The students will post the pictures on the diagram.


Rising action Falling action

Exposition Resolution


K. Evaluation:
Get ¼ sheet of paper. Write your name, year and

1. In two sentences, create the

possible ending of the story.
2. Write a quote about the nthe
of the story.

IV. Assignment:
Read the story “The Hunchback of Notre dame” by
Victor Hugo.

Let’s call it a day. Thank you for doing your best.

Goodbye, Class. Thank you for the knowledge and patience, Teacher.

Prepared by:
Billy Joel J. Olivar