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To Whom It May Concern:

The Board of Admission

Master Program of University of Leeds
(International Law)
Re: Motivation Letter of Applicant Febry Rivisha Anjasmara

I was born in a city in Indonesia called Jambi, precisely on 14th of February 1997. Ever
since I was born, I have changed schools many times since my dad’s job requires him to move to
different cities since he is a police officer. By watching him maintain public order and enforce
the law, encourages me to follow his career path in a different way, in which by making a change
in the law perspective. The word “change” is meant to create a legal certainty that still full of
ambiguity or inadequacy in its system. For this reason, it makes me realize that I want to be a
parliament member in order to bring changes to my beloved country, Indonesia.

Based on the mentioned way of thinking, in my last year of Law school, I chose a topic
on Intellectual Property, with the title of “The Significance of Copyright Law on the Protection
of Indonesian Traditional Culture”. The reason I chose this topic was because I wanted to know
more on the protection system on culture that Indonesia, my homeland, offers. The more I did
my research, the more I realized that there is not enough certainty, as it only covers general
matter of the law. The law that governing specific subject matter is still being drafted, with
nobody knows when it will be legalized as a concrete law. This became another reason on why
the legal system, in my opinion, needs improvement.

Later on, I decide to work in a law firm named Juniver Girsang and Partners, to learn
more and to know deeper on Law in practice. Working in this law office gives the opportunity to
enhance my skills, not only on procedural matter, but also on how to transition my legal
knowledge from books into real world practice. These skills of mine on research and analysis has
improved, as I am dealing with many tasks such as making Lawsuit, Criminal Reports, Power of
Attorney Letters, Analysis on SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, and Threat) of Cases,
and many other relevant matters that shall be done to fulfill the client’s satisfaction.

I am very interested to pursue my Master’s Degree in University of Leeds. The one

program that stole my attention is International Law. I believe this program provides me with the
opportunity to develop in-depth knowledge of the law across national borders. Besides,
University of Leeds also provides me with the best lectures with a range of expertise in different
aspects of international law, such as international economic law, international human rights law,
international banking law, international economic law, alternative dispute resolution, world trade
organization law and international environmental law. I genuinely believe this program could
make me understand law in a much larger scale, thus allows me to analyze things with more
international manner as I can compare the law system in Indonesia and in other country to seek
what one country may lack of.
In short, to pursue my dream to be the “game changer” of my homeland legal system, I
believe University of Leeds, with their top-notch teaching method would bring the best of me in
terms of Legal skills and knowledge. I also convinced that this specific university and program
would provide me all the necessary tools to be a member of People’s Representative Council.
With all of those contemplation and compatibilities above, I believe that I am a fitted candidate
to study in International Law in University of Leeds.

Best Regards,

Febry Rivisha Anjasmara