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National Institute of Open Schooling

6-Month Professional Development Programme of Elementary Teachers

Programme Implementation Schedule
SI.No. Activities Date

I Identification of the Study Centres April - May , 2018

II Accreditation of Study Centres April - May , 2018

III Allocation of Learners to the Study Centres June, 2018

1. Distribution of Study Materials/I Card to the Teachers/Learners

SI.No. Activities Date

I On-Line Identity Cards to learners/teachers June , 2018

II Dispatch of SLM along with Assignments to Study Centre by NIOS June - July, 2018
for distributing to learners/teachers

2. Starting of the session : August, 2018

3. Activities

SI.No. Activities Month

I One-day orientation of Study Centre Coordinators, Resource Nov. 2018 (20th Nov,
Persons and State Functionaries 2018)

II PCP Sessions - 10 days( 10AM-5 PM)-Course-521,522,523 &524 Nov. - Dec. 2018

III Submission of Assignments of Course-521,522,532 and 524 During PCP

( Learner will submit the assignments to the Study Centre during
the PCP)

IV Evaluation of Assignments on Courses-521,522,532 and 524 by the During PCP, to be

Study Centre( Evaluation work will be done by RPs during PCP) completed by 31st
Dec. 2018
V School Based Activities (SBA)
(Learners will do the SBA in the working days at their Workplace)
VI. Workshop Based Activities (WBA) (10-Days) at the Study Dec. 2018 - Jan 2019
VII. Practice Teaching

VIII. Online submission of TMA, SBA, WBA and Practice Teaching By 31st Jan.2019
IX. Term-End Examination Will be notified as per
the schedule

Status of the Study Material

1. Study Material is available at NIOS official PDPET portal
under Teacher Login as well as through NIOS_PDPET Mobile App which can be
downloaded from Playstore.
2. DVD of study materials already sent to all the Study centre through Regional
Centre for further distribution to teacher trainee.