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Heavenly Father, thank you that Your word enlightens my eyes, purifies my soul and preserves me for
eternal life. Please watch over my business, protect me from danger and lead me on the path to
prosperity and success. Your word says that I can do all things through You who strengthens me. Please
give me the strength I need to succeed in our business, “Meg’s Reéfreshment”. Bless my work with
prosperity for my good and for Your glory. My success will come from aligning my plans with your will.
Let me hear your voice clearly as you give me wisdom and guidance. Remind me that success is not
found in the world but is found in you. I commit my business into your hands Lord as I know that you are
the source of success and prosperity. Give me strength to resist the temptations of wealth and glorify
you in every aspect of my business. May the peace of God enfold me, the love of God uphold me and
the wisdom of God control me. May the love of the Father, the tenderness of the Son, and the presence
of the Spirit, gladden my heart and bring peace to my soul, today and for all days. Through Jesus Christ
our Lord, Amen.


1. Understand as fully as possible the goals and aims of the Meg’s Reéfreshment manages. Meg’s
Reéfreshment must be able to see and embrace the ideal attainment of the goal as envisioned
by a goal maker. The business must be able to tolerate and better the practical attainments and
advances of which the group and its members may be capable. The business, Meg’s
Reéfreshment must strive to narrow, always, the ever-existing gulf between the ideal and
the practical.
2. The business must realize that a primary mission is the full and honest interpretation of the
ideal ethics, the goals, and aims to the subordinates and the group itself. Meg’s Reéfreshment
must lead, creatively and persuasively, toward these goals the subordinates, the group itself and
the individuals of the group.

3. He must embrace the organization and act solely for the entire organization and never form or favor
cliques. His judgment of individuals of the group should be solely in the light of their worth to the
entire group.

4. He must never falter in sacrificing individuals to the good of the group, both in planning and execution
and in his justice.

5. He must protect all established communication lines and complement them where necessary.

6. He must protect all affinity in his charge and have, himself, an affinity for the group itself.
7. He must attain always to the highest creative reality.

8. His planning must accomplish, in the light of goals and aims, the activity of the entire group. He must
never let organizations grow and sprawl but, learning by pilots, must keep organizational planning fresh
and flexible.

9. He must recognize in himself the rationale of the group and receive and evaluate the data out of
which he makes his solutions with the highest attention to the truth of that data.

10. He must constitute himself on the orders of service to the group.

11. He must permit himself to be served well as to his individual requirements, practicing an economy of
his own efforts and enjoying certain comforts to the end of keeping high his rationale.

12. He should require of his subordinates that they relay into their own spheres of management the
whole and entire of his true feelings and the reasons for his decisions as clearly as they can be relayed
and expanded and interpreted only for the greater understanding of the individuals governed by
those subordinates.

13. He must never permit himself to pervert or mask any portion of the ideal and ethic on which the
group operates, nor must he permit the ideal and ethic to grow old and outmoded and unworkable. He
must never permit his planning to be perverted or censored by subordinates. He must never permit the
ideal and ethic of the group’s individual members to deteriorate, using always reason to interrupt such
a deterioration.

14. He must have faith in the goals, faith in himself and faith in the group.

15. He must lead by demonstrating always creative and constructive subgoals. He must not drive by
threat and fear.

16. He must realize that every individual in the group is engaged in some degree in the managing of
other men, life and the physical universe and that a liberty of management within this code should be
allowed to every such submanager.

We are in business for our customers; students, teachers, school and the faculties. Meg’s Reéfreshment
aims to continually provide the best customer experience to generations of Filipinos here in Saint Francis
College-Guihulngan and the entire Guihulngan City as well as the whole Negros Province.

We are a leading service refreshments restaurant group with a global presence committed to delivering
a whole range of quality products and services that will create value and enrich the lives of our
customers, the school (SFC-G) and the communities we serve.

Megs Reéfreshment, we believe that good food is the primary source of good health throughout life. We
strive to bring consumers foods that are safe, of high quality and provide optimal nutrition to meet the
needs of the people especially the students, teachers, staff’s, and the faculties in Saint Francis College-

In addition Meg’s Reéfreshment products bring consumers the vital ingredients of taste and pleasure. As
consumers continue to make choices regarding foods they consume, Meg’s Reéfreshment helps provide
selections for all individual taste and lifestyle preferences.


The Megs Refreshment consist on selling snacks, fast food and some refreshments to be able to quench
the customers' cravings. The store focused on meeting the customers' wants specifically the school’s
students, faculties, teachers and staff. The Megs Refreshment is made possible in compliance for the
Accountancy Business and Management (ABM) students business simulation at Saint Francis College-

The Megs Refreshment want to unleashed the inner creativeness, through working the innovative mind
as business entrepreneurs. The Megs Refreshment is able to create the product efficient and effective.
Though the store is new but it could satisfy the customers' need.

The Megs Refreshment create several products for the customers to enjoy. The products include fries,
hotdog, tempura, burger, iced tea and other snacks. The store could provide a high degree service with
proper sanitation and good interaction with the customers.

The entrepreneurs need to comply to the DepEd order through business simulation for the completion
of ABM students. For the Megs Refreshment fulfillment in their Business simulation, they need to meet
the customer’s satisfaction and to gain experience in business for the future investment.

The Megs Refreshment will morally serve good foods. The foods will bring enjoyment to the buyers that
will surely maximize their satisfactory level. This is specially to its attractive foods that will certainly get
the customers' attention. Megs Refreshment will provide fresh and clean foods to ensure customers'
health and to avoid food contamination. These implies that Megs Refreshment does not only focus on
earning profit but also giving high quality of services.

The entrepreneurs’ top priority is to cater the potential customers’ extensive wants making the business
more flexible in terms of service quality. As well as highlighting work ethics efficiency to be able to attain
the goal on time. All in all, Megs Refreshment will look after not just the safety but also the happiness to
its valued customers.

Megs Refreshment would compete to the school canteen fairly in terms of providing the customers'
needs in snack and refreshment. In terms of the price of each products, all products are very affordable.
Yet, it can provide high level of satisfaction to the customers after purchasing any of the Megs
Refreshment’s products.


Perhaps the most important factor in the success of any company, especially a new one, is customer
service. It's a proven fact that a restaurant with good food and great customer service will be very
successful, while a restaurant with great food but poor service will be out of business before you can say
"reservation, please."

The business simulation project provided the students with an opportunity to learn, experience
professional management practice and implement the theories and business frameworks that were
learnt during the taught course and are practised in a real and actual organisation. Kleinrichert (2005)
outlines the importance and signifies the understanding of theories for the integration of training of
business professionals is an important measure for the study of the education of professionals as
decision makers. However simulations can be expensive (Chun-Hung,, 2010).