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ere m Dear Readers, pression that all is well with my family, as a parent me and my wife have our own challenges. Most ofthe issues which parent face | have also experienced some of it. My learning comes from ‘observing my own kids and thousands of other kids whom | had chance to interact during my professional career at various Coaching where | have served. | am thankful to all the parents Who have shown faith in me time and again | am also thankful to all my seniots, colleagues and family members for their support and trust. This book is a collection of selected videos which ‘Were put on FB page and you tube channel. was suggested by well-wishers to compile these videos inthe form of book. | hope it serves its intended purpose. You can mail your suggestion to me ‘ Entre profit om the sales of ths book will goto Koshish NGO working for providing the better education to underprivileged. MRP : 120/- ‘As | write this book on parenting this should not give the iano HS3TIN, ae KICK THEM BEFORE SOMEBODY ELSE DOES IT "A Practical Approach to Parenting” o*