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Postgraduate Summer School 2009: Social Science Research Methods

Reading List – Qualitative Module

Selected Readings

- Martyn Hammersley: 'Recent radical criticism of interview studies: any implications

for the sociology of education?', British Journal of Sociology of Education, 24, 1,
2003, pp119-126. (unpublished version of this later article)

- Mason, J. (2002), Qualitative Researching, Sage

Chapter 3 ‘Generating Qualitative Data’
Chapter 5 ‘Sampling and selecting’

- Ritchie, J., and Lewis J. (2003) Qualitative Research Practice, Sage

Chapter 4 ‘Designing and Selecting Samples’
Chapter 5 ‘Designing Fieldwork Strategies and Materials’
Chapter 9 ‘Carrying out Qualitative Analysis’

- Bloor, M. et al (2001) Focus Groups in Social Research, Sage

Chapter 1 ‘Trends and Uses of Focus Groups’

- Silverman, D. (2000) Doing Qualitative Research

Chapter 12 (Seale) ‘Using Computers to Analyse Qualitative Data’

- Ann Lewins and Christina Silver ‘Choosing a CAQDAS Package’


Further Reading

Qualitative research - general

- Mason, J. (2002) Qualitative Researching. 2nd edition Sage (Excellent discussion of

stages of a qualitative research project, posing key questions the researcher must
address throughout the research process. Does not cover focus groups)

- Ritchie, J., and Lewis, J. (2003) Qualitative Research Practice Sage (Extremely
practical book on how to design, conduct and analyse interview and focus group
based studies – if you only buy one book, buy this one!)

- Seale, C., (1999) The Quality of Qualitative Research. Sage. (A discussion of how to
judge the quality of qualitative research and the relevance of concepts like ‘validity’,
‘reliability’ and ‘generalisability’, rather than advice on how to conduct it)

- Silverman, D. (2000) Doing Qualitative Research London: Sage. (Designed

specifically for students, covering literature reviews, design issues, analysis and
writing up rather than data collection skills)
- Spencer, L., Ritchie, J., Lewis, J., and Dillon, L (2003) Quality in qualitative
evaluation: a framework for assessing research evidence London: Government Chief
Social Researcher’s Office. Also available on line – see


- Kvale, S., (1996) InterViews: An Introduction to Qualitative Research Interviewing.

Sage. (Discussion of epistemological basis of qualitative interviews and practical
tips on interviewing skills)

- Rubin, H.J., and Rubin, I. S., (2004) Qualitative Interviewing: The Art of Hearing
Data. 2nd Edition. Sage. (Covers design, interviewing techniques and analysis)

- Ritchie, J., and Lewis, J. (2003) Qualitative Research Practice Sage - Chapter 6
(Very much a ‘how to’ interview chapter)

Focus groups

- Bloor, M., Frankland, J., Thomas, M., and Robson, K. (2001) Focus Groups in
Social Research. London: Sage

- Kreuger, R.A. (1997) Moderating Focus Groups. Sage (Practical advice)

- Morgan, D.L. (1997) Focus Groups as Qualitative Research. Sage (Practical advice)

- Ritchie, J., and Lewis, J. (2003) Qualitative Research Practice Sage – Chapter 7
( A ‘how to’ chapter)

Analysis and reporting

- Bryman, A. and Burgess, R.G. (1994) Analyzing Qualitative Data London:

Routledge. Introduction and Chapters 9 and 11

- Hammersley, M. and Atkinson, P. (2003) Ethnography: Principles and Practice (2nd

edition) London: Routledge. Chapter 8

- Hammersley, M. (1998) What’s wrong with Ethnography? London: Routledge

- Holliday, A. (2002) Doing and Writing Qualitative Research, Sage

- Lewins, A and Silver, C (2007) Using software in qualitative research - a

step-by-step guide. London: Sage

- Mason, J. (2002) Qualitative Researching London: Sage. Chapter 6 and 7

- Miles, M. B. and Huberman, A. M. (1994) Qualitative data analysis: An expanded

sourcebook London: Sage (if interested in matrix based analysis)
- Patton, M.Q. (2002) Qualitative Evaluation and Research Methods Sage.
Chapters 8 and 9

- Ritchie, J., and Lewis, J. (2003) Qualitative Research Practice. London: Sage.
Chapters 8, 9 and 10

- Strauss, A. L. and Corbin (1998) Basics of Qualitative Research. Thousand Oaks:

Sage (if interested in grounded theory) Part II

- Wolcott, H.F. (2001) Writing up qualitative research, Newbury Park: Sage