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Levi Neely

wThe Solo and Ensemble of Death

I was exited. Not nervous, excited. I was trying to read a book, but the zooming

cars and the superfluous amount of motion around me prevented the accomplishment of

such a task. The adults were talking up front and to my side, but I felt no desire to join in.

I tried to turn back to the book in my hand, but the nausea insisted otherwise.

We arrived at the entrance to the school by a Taco Bell, but the construction that

had started at the beginning of town now blocked our way to the high school. We drove

over the sagging yellow caution tape without a backward glance.

It was 5:32, an hour early. I sighed. We were always early. I looked around to find

the Seminary building, where I would perform first. My observation didn’t bring back too

much information, just a rather small campus of bland and depressing buildings. So we

asked for directions. Our little group consisting of my Mother, my Father and my piano

teacher/accompanist all moved at different speeds to the plain brown Seminary building.

I entered first and began looking for the room which I would be in first. I

eventually found it, but we were early and people were still performing. I gathered our

group and we began to walk towards the school for a little tour.

All the people practicing their flutes, oboes, clarinets, cellos, violins and violas all

turned and stared at our odd modge-podge group. The strange symphony of random

sounds surrounded us in a strangely beautiful way. Each person’s individual piece, of

varying degrees of virtuosity, stood out while they all blended well together.

looking for the source. but was stopped by a suddenly vocal judge. She pulled out the lent viola with as many scratches and cuts as a worn penny and walked into the cold and windowless Seminary room. I looked for the source and saw a few people in a large van beckoning me forward. Abbey Hafen was first on the agenda. It leaped from the instrument and pierced the audience. double stops and dynamics progressed through the song and became faster and louder until an intense climax ended the song. I headed back towards the high school when I heard my name called. heading back to the Seminary building. We talked for quite some time and about many subjects. The runs. “This piece is too beautiful to be ruined because you didn’t tune!” she cried in mock pain. Levi Neely 2B We moved past the sound and exited the school. we all migrated to the Seminary building to begin our performances. I walked over and joined my orchestra friends that had come together. computer programs and driving. but I chose to walk around some more. Soon we were all talking. but decided that I was hearing things. She breathed in and pulled the first chord out of the red-brown viola. . octaves. Abbey again drew in a deep breath and released the eager chord. Then my name was vociferated again. Abbey and I both laughed as we tuned the viola to the mellow and stiff upright piano. All of my group entered the room and began to listen. After we had discussed words. She announced herself and prepared for the launch. I turned around.

Levi Neely 2B I looked back at my agenda. We called both of their phones frantically trying to get a hold of either of them. After I asked her if she knew where Rachel was she got a worried look on her face. We were supposed to be onstage in seven minutes. . but now we're lost. we're right by it. “She went with John. Actually in the parking lot. and saw that John Figuerido. Finally. Rachel answered. “Nothing too serious. Since John was signed up for his solo at the same time as Abbey. I found him not. after numerous calls. I ran to the school's parking lot to get a better view. after congratulating Abbey. I decided to go and find him. “Can you just run over the fence?” I pleaded. So we're a bit late.” If only I had known how serious it really was. When we got there. “He is probably already waiting for us. “Can you find the Taco Bell?!” “Yes.” I sighed in relief. there was a fence.” I thought to myself. It was then that I found that Rachel could not be located either. a fence in the way of our unity. I finally found Rachel's mother. “Hello?” “Rachel! Where are you guys?!” Rachel paused for a moment. They're not here yet?!” Then we both started to panic. My panic began to increase.” Three minutes. I began to ask around as to where John was. Alas. his sister had colored and cut all of it. “We had to go and get John's original copy of music. I could see the green Subaru driving in circles in the Taco Bell parking lot. Rachel Prisby and I were next on the agenda in a Piano Trio.

I tried to make my cue as big as possible. Her silver hair nodded for us to begin. I sighed. We entered the.” I sighed. I ran. “Is there an Allegro Quartet here?” The Allegro Quartet included me. . Our entrances failed to impress. trying not to be so angry. I rushed to go to the Seminary building to calm myself along the way. She looked almost seventy-five and had a face that looked as if it would crack if she smiled. but we still did not come in together. I had not performed so badly in quite a long while. We were five minutes late now. I rushed with them as they got their instruments and music out. Then began to give them the complicated directions to get them from Taco Bell to the school. stored in the Seminary building. but it didn't help at all. auditorium and gave the music and judging sheet to the judge. It was 7:17 and my solo was at 7:18. The rest of my quartet was in the auditorium. I ran. luckily empty. We got on stage. Levi Neely 2B “Sorry Levi. but the judge spoke six words that sparked it right back up. invited a spontaneous page turner to come help and introduced ourselves. A mere twenty-five feet! I laughed in spite of the depressing situation when John ran over and onto the sidewalk and grass because of the newly erected road block into the school parking lot. I was quite angry with myself and John and Rachel and the world in general at that moment. arranged the piano to the front. our notes quite sour and to anybody listening we sounded as if we had just got the music. the Subaru can barely go above fifty. I walked off the stage in defeat. I told them to get set up and give the music to the judge while I went to get my violin.

I calmed myself and announced my song. I breathed in deeply and announced us to the judge. “I'm Levi Neely. will you please not take it as fast as we've been taking it when we practiced?” I sighed and tried to calm myself. . We played well. As I walked up onto the stage. the second violinist. We will be playing Allegro in G by Antonio Vivaldi. My accompanist will be Lois Hulme. We began and the sweet melody flowed around the room. our cellist is Jaden Boatright. faster than we had ever taken it. She accepted with much sarcasm. by Jules Massenet. Abbey Hafen is on the viola and Kathryn Erickson will be our second violinist. However. It just went by as a blur. in turn. “Levi. ready to go. I left. gave my accompanist a nod. Kathryn Erickson. “I'm Levi Neely and I will be playing Meditation from Thais. petitioned.” With sweat streaming down my face I began the song. By then I had experienced to much to really feel it. the judge gave me a nod and I.” With that. It was off to the Seminary building for my solo. It felt so calming and peaceful. but it didn't really matter. Then it was off to perform with the orchestra. I finished and felt a little better. Levi Neely 2B I arrived in the auditorium with my violin in hand. our notes were accurate and we sounded very well. My accompanist and I entered after Rachel finished her late solo and asked for forgiveness from the judge. but I had no time to savor it. we played excellently! We were together. My emotional capacities had been exceeded. I grabbed my family and we left. The day's troubles melted away and I felt serenity and my anger was no more. After I let the last harmonic flutter away.

Then we came home and sleep over took me. but that was no surprise. had not. I was rather surprised. I had done well. Whitney had with her violin solo. but the Allegro Quartet. so was everybody else. I was appalled! Oddly enough. . He may be late all the time. Levi Neely 2B My family all got into the car and drove home. Then he called out that the Oblivion trio had made it to state. Then he announced that I had with my solo. it was no surprise either. There our orchestra teacher Mr. We went and got ice cream at Dairy Queen before going to pick up my little brother and sister from my sister Kelsy's house. Reimer told us who had made it to state. but he was amazing. Abbey had. John had with his cello solo. but I didn't think that I was state material. she had played amazingly. I woke up the next day and went to school.