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Is Jesus divine?

Or is He the first and greatest creature created by

God? This outline summarizes my study of what the Bible has to say
about the deity of Christ.

I found that the Bible consistently presents Jesus as God the Son; in
some places Jesus is directly called God, but in many other places He
is described by titles or actions which belong exclusively to God.
The philosophical understanding of the deity of Christ is difficult.
But there is no reason for us to assume that the nature of God would
be completely understandable by finite and limited human minds. When
The Bible presents God as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, we should bear
in mind that the father-son relationship is probably only an
approximate human picture of the relationship between God the Father
and God the Son, just as other Biblical passages describe God in human

Note that the individual persons of the Godhead may have separate
roles while still being of equal worth and being equally God. This is
no more contradictory than the idea of male headship in a marriage or
the submission of a US citizen to his president, since, in both
examples, the persons involved may be equals in every way except that
one agrees to submit to the leadership of the other. Philippians
2:5-11 exhorts us to emulate Christ's humility, since even though He
is God, He submitted to the Father and gave up His divine rights for a
time, in order to die on a cross to reconcile us to Himself (see also
Titus 2:14). Another N.T. example of Christ as servant is Luke 22:27,
where He washes the disciples' feet. Clearly, taking the role of a
servant here does not make Jesus inferior to the disciples!

The following are verses which I've looked up, gathered from my own
word studies of the Bible and from other sources. I've used the NAS
Bible throughout this study; any typos or other errors are mine.
I've chosen to render the divine name YHWH (which most English
translations render "LORD" in capital letters) as Yahweh.

--David J. Finton,
March 11, 1995

1. Names of Jesus

Immanuel, Emmanuel -- literally "God with us"

(Isaiah 7:14, Matthew 1:21-23)
The righteous Branch -- called "the LORD our righteousness"
(LORD = Yahweh) (Jeremiah 23:5,6)
Eternal Father (Isaiah 9:6)
Lord of glory -- 1 Cor 2:8

2. Jesus called God

"and the Word was God" (John 1:1, 1:14)

Note: compare with 1:18, which is also correctly translated as
"God," not "a God." These must be translated consistently.
"the only begotten God" (John 1:18) -- (the Greek word used is THEOS)
Jesus accepts Thomas' acclamation: "my Lord and my God" (John 20:28)
God calls him "O God" (Hebrews 1:8)
Jesus' shed blood called God's blood (Acts 20:28)
All the fullness of Deity in bodily form (Colossians 2:9)
"our God and Savior, Jesus Christ" (2 Peter 1:1)
Jesus is "the true God and eternal life" (1 John 5:20)
Jesus applies to Himself words praising Yahweh in Psalm 8:2 --- "Out
of the mouth of infants and nursing babes Thou hast prepared praise
for Thyself" (Matthew 21:16)

3. Jesus is worshipped

No other gods than Yahweh

There is no God other than Yahweh -- Deut 4:35

"See now that I, I am He, and there is no god besides Me" -- Deut 32:39
There is none like Yahweh, and no God besides Him -- 2 Samuel 7:22
Yahweh declares: "Before Me there was no God formed, and there
will be none after Me. I, even I, am the LORD; and there
is no savior besides Me." -- Isaiah 43: 10-11
"And there is no other God besides Me," -- Isaiah 45:5,21,22

Note that the Bible commands us to worship God alone:

First of the 10 Commandments -- Exodus 20:3-5

God is one; fear and worship Yahweh only -- Deuteronomy 6:4, 6:13-15;
Jesus quotes Deuteronomy 6:13 in Matthew 4:10:
"For it is written, `You shall worship the Lord your God
and serve Him only.'"
Yahweh of hosts is the one you should fear -- Isaiah 8:13-15

God will not give His glory to another (Isaiah 42:8, 48:11),
but He does give it to Christ (John 17:5)

Jesus worshipped by ...

... the wise men (Matthew 2:11)

... the disciples in the boat (Matthew 14:33)
... the women at the empty tomb (Matthew 28:10)
... the disciples at His ascension (Matthew 28:17)
(Note in the Great Commission that the "name" of the Father,
Son, and Holy Spirit is singular -- Matthew 28:19)
... the man born blind, who Jesus healed (John 9:38)
... all God's angels (Hebrews 1:6)

Worship of God's angelic messengers prohibited -- Rev 19:10, 22:8,9

Herod killed because he didn't give God the glory -- Acts 2:20-23

4. Jesus/God everlasting

Note that any created being must have been created at some time;
that is, there was a time when it did not exist. Therefore, to
exist from eternity past is a mark of divinity.

His goings forth from the days of eternity -- Micah 5:2
Called "everlasting Father" -- Isaiah 9:6
The Alpha and the Omega -- Rev 1:8, 22:13
The first and the last -- Rev 1:17, 22:13
The beginning and the end" -- Rev 22:13

"I, the LORD, am the first, and with the last. I am He."
-- Isaiah 41:4
"I am the first and I am the last, and there is no God besides Me"
-- Isaiah 44:6
"I am He, I am the first, I am also the last." -- Isaiah 48:12
God enthroned: "I am the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and
the end" -- Rev 21:5-7

Note: Although Jesus is from all eternity, His earthly body is not
-- Hebrews 10:5-10

5. Jesus/God the creator


Yahweh created man -- Gen 2:7

Yahweh of hosts created heaven and earth -- Isaiah 37:16
Note: This verse says He is the God alone, of all the kingdoms
The Almighty gives me life -- Job 33:4
Yahweh created the heavens, all their host -- Psalm 33:6-9
The creator is the Everlasting God, Yahweh -- Isaiah 40:28
Yahweh alone is the maker of all things; He stretched out the heavens
by Himself, and spread out the earth all alone -- Isaiah 44:24
Yahweh, Who created the heavens: "He is the God who formed the earth,"
and says "I am the LORD, and there is none else." -- Isaiah 45:18-22
One God created us -- Malachi 2:10
God enthroned: "For Thou didst create all things, and because of Thy
will they existed and were created." -- Rev 4:11


All things that were created were created through Christ -- John 1:3
The world was made through Him -- John 1:10
All things created by Him and for Him -- Colossians 1:15-17
-- including everything in the heavens and earth, visible and
invisible, whether thrones or dominions or rulers or authorities
The heavens and earth are the work of His hands -- Heb 1:10-12
Note: This passage describes the Son in the words of Psalm 102:25-27,
which refer to Yahweh.

6. Jesus/God the King (of Kings)

Jesus, the Anointed King -- Psalm 2:4-12

He will reign forever on David's throne and over his kingdom -- Isaiah 9:7
Called the righteous Branch, reigns as king -- Jeremiah 23:5,6
The Son of Man given a kingdom, glory, everlasting dominion.
He is served by all peoples and nations. -- Daniel 7:14
Zion/Jerusalem's king coming on a donkey - Zechariah 9:9, Matthew 21:5
Gabriel announces that Jesus will reign over Israel forever -- Luke 1:32,33
Jesus is king -- Matthew 25:34,40, Luke 19:38
Jesus is the King of Israel -- John 1:49,50
Jesus confesses that He is the King of the Jews
-- Luke 23:3, John 18:37, John 19:21
Jesus is "the blessed and only Sovereign, the King of kings and
Lord of lords" -- 1 Tim 6:15
Jesus, the Lamb, is "Lord of lords and King of kings" -- Rev 17:14
Jesus has written on His robe and on His thigh, "king of kings and
lord of lords" -- Rev 19:16

Yahweh is Lord of lords -- Deut 10:17

The LORD Most High is King over all the earth -- Psalm 47:2
Yahweh of hosts is the King, Whom Isaiah saw -- Isaiah 6:5
Note: The reference in John 12:41 appears to identify this as Christ
Yahweh of hosts will reign on Mount Zion and in Jerusalem -- Isaiah 24:23
Yahweh is King of Israel -- Isaiah 43:15, 44:6
Yahweh is the everlasting King -- Jeremiah 10:10
Yahweh will be king over all the earth -- Zechariah 14:9
7. Jesus/God the Judge

"For God will bring every act to judgment" -- Ecclesiastes 12:14
The day of judgment is called the day of Yahweh -- Joel 2:31-3:2
(See also Isaiah 2:12, 13:9-13, Jeremiah 46:10, 2 Peter 3:7-10)
God judges: 2 Peter 2:4-11


Jesus enthroned in glory, judges the nations -- Matthew 25:31-46

"For not even the Father judges anyone, but He has given all
judgment to the Son, in order that all may honor the Son, even
as they honor the Father." -- John 5:22-30
We must all appear before the judgement seat of Christ -- 2 Cor 5:10
Jesus judges -- 2 Thess 1:7-12

8. Jesus/God our Savior/Redeemer


The Most High God is Rock and Redeemer -- Psalm 78:34,35

"They forgot God their Savior" -- Psalm 106:21
Yahweh is Savior -- Isaiah 43:3-11
Note verse 11: "I, even I, am the LORD; and there is no savior
besides Me."
Yahweh: "And there is no other God besides Me, a righteous God
and a Savior; There is none except Me." -- Isaiah 45:21
Our Redeemer is the LORD of hosts -- Isaiah 44:6, 47:4, 55:8
Yahweh is your Savior -- Isaiah 49:26
Maker, Yahweh of hosts, Redeemer, Holy One, called God of all the earth
-- Isaiah 54:5
Mary rejoices in "God my Savior" -- Luke 1:47
Our hope is fixed on "the living God, who is the Savior of all men"
-- 1 Tim 4:10 (See also 1 Tim 1:1-3 -- "Jesus our hope")
Glory "to the only God our Savior" -- Jude 1:25


Christ proclaimed as Savior by the angels -- Luke 2:10,11

Testified of as Savior of the world -- John 4:40-42
We "wait for a Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ" -- Philippians 3:20
Sent to be the Savior of the world -- 1 John 4:14
Bore our sins in His body on the cross...that we may return to
the Shepherd and Guardian of our souls -- 1 Peter 2:24-25
(Listed above: 2 Peter 1:1 -- "our God and Savior, Jesus Christ")
"God our Savior...Christ Jesus our Savior" -- Titus 1:1-4
"God our Savior...our great God and Savior, Christ Jesus; who gave
himself for us that he might redeem us from every lawless deed
and purify for himself a people for his own possession, zealous
for good deeds." -- Titus 2:10-14

9. Jesus/God the Rock


Yahweh is the Rock -- Deut 32:1-4

Yahweh is the only God, and the only Rock -- 2 Samuel 22:32,
Isaiah 44:8
God is my rock -- Psalm 18:2, 31:3, 78:34-35
The rock of my salvation -- Psalm 89:26
Yahweh of hosts is sanctuary and rock to stumble over -- Isaiah 8:13-15
God is our salvation and the rock of our refuge -- Isaiah 17:10
In Yahweh we have an everlasting Rock -- Isaiah 26:4


Jesus is the cornerstone -- Isaiah 28:16, Acts 4:10,11, Ephesians 2:20

Christ was the spiritual rock which followed the Israelites
-- 1 Cor 10:4
Jesus is both the cornerstone and the rock to stumble over
-- 1 Peter 2:4-8. Note the reference to Isaiah 8:14,
which refers to Yahweh, the rock to stumble over.

10. Who raised Christ?


Christ raised from the dead by the glory of the Father -- Romans 6:4
God the Father raised Jesus from the dead -- Galations 1:1

"Destroy this temple [His body, verse 2:21], and in three days
I will raise it up." -- John 2:19

"I lay down My life that I may take it again. No one has taken it
away from Me, but I lay it down on My own initiative. I have
authority to lay it down, and I have authority to take it up again.
This commandment I received from My Father." -- John 10:17-18
12. Whose witnesses?

"You are My witnesses" -- Isaiah 43:10, 44:8
"you shall be My witnesses" -- Acts 1:8


And I looked, and I heard the voice of many angels around the
throne and the living creatures and the elders; and the number of them
was myriads of myriads, and thousands of thousands,

saying with a loud voice,

"Worthy is the Lamb that was slain

To receive power and riches and wisdom and might
and honor and glory and blessing."

And every created thing which is in heaven and on the earth and
under the earth and on the sea, and all things in them, I heard

"To Him who sits on the throne, and to the Lamb,

Be blessing and honor and glory and dominion forever and ever."

And the four living creatures kept saying, "Amen." And the elders
fell down and worshipped.

--Revelation 5:11-14