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Specific Power Tools

Key steps to reclaiming your power and living an extraordinary life

The Seven Empowerments are seven key priciples which—when you actively apply them to
your life—will transform your world and the relationship you have with yourself, with other
people, and with essentially everything you experience and perceive, into an empowering and
life-giving experience.

They are called "Empowerments" because this is what they will do for you when you use them.
Situations that you once found disempowering will no longer rob you of your energy and
power—rather all situations in your life will serve as a source of power and leave you more
empowered than before the situation arose or was faced and experienced.

To be disempowered is to slip into a state that is no longer true to who and what you are. This
brings about a state of misperception which results in a loss of power. Power is energy or
life-force that you have in your sphere of influence or under your control. In reality it is not
actually possible for you to lose or gain power per say. Rather, what happens is that you can let
it move beyond the "reach" of your conscious awareness. This happens primarily as a result of
you forgeting the Truth of who and what you really are in any given moment, situation,
relationship, circumstance, or experience, or even in your entire life. Your true nature is that you
are a Divine Being.

When this power leaves your reach or conscious influence it slides into the hands of intelligent,
other-wordly, non-physical forces. It might help to think of these forces as entities or life-forms.
The Kahuna shaman-priests of Ancient Hawaii called them Malu which means "life-taking
spirits". These other-worldly Beings will hold and use your power (your life-force) until such time
as you are ready to claim it back. Because this power doesn't ultimately belong in their hands
they will play out and co-create various dramas in your life in order to bring about an experience
of pain. This pain is a gift, for it is what enables you—if you are willing and ready—to recognise
what is taking place in this moment—that you are facing a moment of disempowerment—and
then reclaim your power.

The Seven Empowerments will greatly accellerate this process of reclaiming your power. In
numerous Native American and South American cultures this process has also been referred to
calling back your Spirit or reclaiming the fragments of Self.

The Seven Empowerments is the subject matter of my second book, which goes by that title.

Specific Power Tools

The Seven Empowerments are as follows:

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The First Empowerment

"I apply myself to each moment, right now"—The empowerment of being impeccably present to
all life

The Second Empowerment

"I take nothing personally"—The empowerment of personal sovereignty

The Third Empowerment

"I make no assumptions"—The empowerment of stalking the truth and expanding perception

The Forth Empowerment

"I am the path with a heart"—The empowerment of inclusivity and intelligent co-operation

Specific Power Tools

The Firth Empowerment

"My Word is Law"—The empowerment of using your word wisely

The Sixth Empowerment

"The world is my mirror"—The empowerment of stalking your perception for transformation

The Seventh Empowerment

"I am a light unto the world"—The empowerment of evolving your awareness for the benefit of
all Beings