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PGPMX Mumbai Batch 2012-14 Course Design

Term-I (Core Courses)

 Managerial Communication
 Marketing- I
 Management Accounting -I (Financial Accounting)

 Management Accounting -II (Cost Accounting)
 Microeconomics for Managers
 Decision Analysis
 Organizational Behavior – I
 Analytical Orientation (Workshop)

Term-II (Core Courses)

 Operations Management
 Financial Management
 Management of Digital Enterprises
 Financial Systems and Resources
 Strategic Management
 Organizational Behavior- II
 Macroeconomic Environment and Policy
 Marketing - II

Term-III (Advanced Courses)

 Transformational Leadership
 Operations Strategy
 Business Analysis and Valuation
 Mergers and Acquisitions Strategy
 Portfolio Management
 Organizational Change and Development
 Brand Management
 Corporate Governance
 Business Intelligence & Data Mining

Term-IV (Advanced Courses)

 Treasury Management
 Managing by Negotiation
 Business Models
 Project Appraisal and Finance
 Internet Based Platform Strategies
 Advanced Marketing Research
 Pricing and Revenue Management
 Simulation in Marketing
 Emerging Business Trends (Workshop)
 Performance Management (Workshop)


 International / Rural Immersion


 Industry Module